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    Farewell to Eden :-(

    Hi Everyone,

    Cheers to Sunday and the arrival of what can only be called SUMMER!  Who cares if the calendar says October…the weather is saying DECEMBER!  Just as well those new whirly birds have been installed, right?

    Bit of a different blog this week as we are saying farewell to Eden after 4-years working at Round 1.  Way (way) back in 2014 he kicked of his Round 1 adventure at a time which seems like a lifetime ago…he came on-board based on the recommendation of Lloyd (those two were practically brother-in-law’s back then – which only reinforces to me just how much time has passed) fresh off finishing his certs at a gym over in St Kilda.

    I think it is pretty fair to say that I think he is an amazing person and he has certainly been brilliant for Round 1.  I will never forget picking him up one day as we headed off to watch a Crossfit competition where there were a few teams competing…I was taking myself, Eden was taking himself AND a massive fruit platter because “It’s hot – who doesn’t want cold watermelon when they are competing on a hot day like this”…he is just a better, more considerate person than me.   I also think it is pretty fair to say that at least once (most times twice) each day he has me shaking my head with (take your pick of) frustration or fury.  Only Eden would *think* to take a photo of a new product and promote it on Social Media…which would make me happy.  Unfortunately for me, only Eden would need to take the photo 376 times in order to get the ‘image’ just right….which would (funnily enough) lead to the frustration/fury part.  But you don’t get one without the other!

    He has an incredibly unique way of making simple things sound complicated (no one who was there will ever forget him trying to explain the concept of a ‘team challenge’ to a class at 5pm one afternoon) and ‘complicated’ (as complicated as they can get in the gym, anyway) things seem like the first step should be ‘go away and apply for a research grant…or better yet, engage a focus group!’…but at the same time his positive ‘you can do it’ attitude (as captured by the photo below – it’s a screen shot, not a photo so don’t press ‘play’!!!) really helped everyone get through the sessions with maximum benefit.

    He is good at a lot of things – for example,  I think there will be a sharp decline in quirky, artistic Instagram posts on the @Round1FitnessGym account! – but most of all he is an EXCELLENT trainer.  He is technically sound, encouraging and well prepared.  When he is engaged and focussed on his coaching, he really is amazing…I am really hoping in his new position he gets the chance to coach and help as many people as he has been able to do at Round 1.  And he is prepared to ‘Walk the Walk’.  As trainers we track the number of group sessions we do every week and his name is always near the top of the list…it is probably ALSO near the top of the list for ‘most complaining during a session’ (not out of the trainers, out of EVERYONE!) as well I suppose (again, I will never forget Eden pedalling away on the assault bike mid session and moaning that he was ‘stuck in the mud’) but he 100% put himself through everything he put each of you guys through which I have always admired!

    What else?  He is always ‘up for anything’.  I will never forget him announcing to people in his first week on the job “Come down on Sunday – I am running the sessions”…I wasn’t sure he should be running sessions but he instinctively knew if he wanted to be a good trainer, well, he had to get in there, challenge himself and COACH people.  No matter what is going on, he is the first one to say “Let’s do it” and jump in and have a go.  I guess that’s one thing I am certainly going to miss as the gym challenges ITSELF to step up and expand our service offering with the move next door…Eden has always been willing (and always will be I suspect) to really step outside of his comfort zone and just ‘have a go’ at new things…always been prepared to risk falling on his face in an effort to be successful.  Sure, sometimes you end up with bruises on your chin, but most of the time you stick the landing and everything is OK!!

    One thing is for certain – I’m going to miss having him around.  He has been a great asset to our gym and leaves me with a big hole to fill!  The image of him below really summarises the Eden I will remember the most – working closely together with Elie and Kirei (and Alex but I couldn’t find a photo of the 4 of them!!!) all of them happy and smiling, to make the gym a better place!

    Best of luck on your new adventures mate – wherever they take you!

    See you in the gym,



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