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    Screen Time App – How much time is ENOUGH?

    Hi Team,

    So – last week was amazing with last Friday being our single busiest ‘morning’ (5am + 6am +7am + 9:15am) since all the way back in February…then it was backed up again on Saturday with some more incredibly busy sessions – we really do appreciate you guys taking the time out to come and train with us!  It also has me dreaming of when the unit next-door is opened so we can open up some more ‘SPACE’ for our boxing circuits…

    I am going to beat the drum for a moment though and say that I reckon the sessions last week made getting to the gym 100% worth it…I’m am still not sure how (or why) we had partner classes scheduled twice in just 3-day…what I am sure about is that both were AWESOME and that whole “I bet move it ‘cos my partner is waiting” feeling always pushes my effort up 10% or so.  Then (of course) we trialled 4-minute rounds for ‘Rolling Thunder’ which seemed to work pretty well – there was a tonne of cardio efforts in that class BUT at least they were ‘sort of’ broken up to make it a bit more achievable…

    In the week ahead, we will see the return of both 1-minute rounds AND 6-minute rounds, a mini-circuit style session (these are always fun but somehow also confusing!)…and we also have one of the ‘escalating body weight exercise’ sessions aka ‘classes of death’.  I don’t know about you guys but I both love them and hate them.  Actually, I just plain hate them when I am doing it – but the sense of achievement when you get to the end is really pretty amazing!

    What else?  For everyone doing the challenge (and congrats for having a crack) I hope you have pushed through your week#1 classes and challenges and are starting to get in a rhythm with regards your food.  Remember, the only reason you will fail is because you aren’t prepared – meaning you are forced to have an extra cheat day (or two) because you found yourself in a situation with no ready meal and no ‘healthy options’.  Don’t do it!  Spend an extra 30-minutes at night making sure your next day is ‘under control’ – and even if it means packing an extra piece of fruit and a handful of nuts to ‘tide you over’ in the case of an emergency, well, so be it!  4-weeks to go…we got this!

    Before I move onto the blog and the story of this week, I did just want to add in a quick note about the installation of the WhirlyBirds into the gym this week.  I know there has been a bit of discussion about the $ required to expand Round 1 into the adjacent unit…please don’t think that change means the end of the investment into our current footprint.  No matter what happens, our main business will remain our Boxing for Fitness and Body Work sessions – and we will continue to invest in upgrades and new equipment in that environment…we have a pretty cool upgrade coming for the speedball area in the next couple of weeks as well…

    So.  I’ve changed gears a bit after last week’s ‘survey’ blog and I have a bit of a story about technology and ‘stuff’.  Just over a week ago, I updated my iPhone to v12 of iOS (yes, I can hear the “Tell me more, Grandpa” comments as I type) and – together with a whole heap of stuff I will never used, I have found it has a new feature called ‘Screen Time’.  This gives you a report on what you have been doing on your phone…which in turn gives you an idea of exactly how much time in your life you have been WASTING!

    So what did mine say?  It said that I am spending 1 hour and 17 minutes per day on my phone.  Admittedly, some of that it attributes to ‘work’ applications (we use ‘SLACK’ as a  ‘Team Messenger’ tool and I use the ‘PAGES’ app to run the Round 1 Facebook account)…but I am also using Twitter (19 minutes per day) and Facebook (8 minutes per day) as well as the AFL app (4 minutes per day), the NEWS app (7 minutes per day) and Chrome (9 minutes per day).  Then I am using ‘Pocket Casts’ (which manages my podcasts) 6-minutes per day…all up, that is 53-minutes per day  – EVERY day – that is being blown on stuff that is NOT WORK RELATED.  Is 53-minutes a lot?  Is it not much?  Well, when I say it out loud it sure feels like a lot to me!  I can’t help but think I could find a LOT better things to do with my time than spend 53-minutes every day on my phone!

    What things?  Well…here goes:

    • My guitar needs practicing, I’ve been talking (for ages) about doing a daily mobility program, 53-minutes is MORE than enough time to do some extra strength work (or, to do a core program 3x over), I have a long-term plan for the next footy season that needs work, I always run out of time for the class plans – an extra hour each day would quickly see me 3-months in FRONT rather than scrambling to finish week-by-week, the staff manual (bible) has a heap of updates and they need to be integrated and published…the list is pretty much endless. And that is only stuff I need to do for ME…imagine if I decided to use the 53 minutes to work on stuff for other people?

    All is not lost though – the new app (Screen Time) does more than report on use…it allows you to set LIMITS for each application.  So if you decided that 53 minutes (or whatever your number is) is too much, well, you can actually DO SOMETHING about it – you can set a LIMIT on the use of each and every app in your phone.

    So I have done that.  I have set a limit on TWITTER and FACEBOOK – 5-minutes per day – and whilst that wont do a single thing about the other ‘time sucks’ installed on that device in my pocket (the NEWS app, the AFL app, CHROME) it will quickly make me aware when time is just being WASTED…which will hopefully remind me to get back on with the stuff that will help me move forward!

    That’s it for today.  Big tick for the ‘Screen Time’ app.  Install it – read the reports…use those reports for good (and not evil aka ignoring what they tell you) and let’s ALL reap the benefits.

    See you in the gym,



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