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    Imaging life 10-years from now and the ‘Health Check’ process

    So – I know I blogged yesterday (and it was all about the upcoming challenge)…but thinking about the upcoming ‘Summer Slam’, how our challenges evolved from a simple barbell challenge (go as fast as you can, let’s find out who the ‘BEST’ is) to what is (hopefully) a more holistic, inclusive challenge that provides real benefits for everyone who participates…well, that got me thinking about a whole heap of stuff.  The fact that my birthday is coming up probably contributed to all of this ‘thinking’ as well…I am not really a ‘birthday present’ person (I don’t like them – getting stuff makes me feel uncomfortable) but I do ‘think back’ or reflect when milestones come around…so I have been reflecting.

    Back when I was an I.T. person, I was getting to be pretty out of shape.  I was drinking W-A-Y too much.  I wasn’t eating very well.  I remember joining a gym close to work (it was the one at Loftus Centre in case you need the details!) for 3-months with the intention of going along at lunch-time.  In three months I would have only gone 5 or 6 times.  Every day was a new excuse as to why I couldn’t go – and to be fair, each of those excuses were work-related ‘REASONS’.  All my work mates still talked about me as if I was in shape – after all, once upon a time I HAD been and most of them had known me for more than 5-minutes…and I guess I did still roll out every few weeks for a game of Masters footy…and wearing a suit every day sure covers up a lot of what is going on.  The sad part is that when they talked about me as being ‘fit’, there was a part of me that believed them!  Deep down (actually, it probably wasn’t all that deep!) I knew the truth.  I remember heading out for a run around Lake Monger after work one day and having to stop (repeatedly) on the way around…in case you aren’t familiar with Lake Monger, it is not very big and that run is not very far!

    (Down at Lorne with Dempsey back in 2008).


    I was spending a fair bit of time really thinking about my life.  My work life was frustrating– I was overpaid and stressed to the eye-balls and beyond…everything that happened in a work day was ‘priority#1’ and searching for ‘real solutions’ to problems was not really a consideration…creating a nice story about each problem and how by implementing some ‘process changes’ the same issue wouldn’t happen again (aka BS) well, that was more the job description.  And I was thinking (a lot) about my health and wondering exactly where I would be in 10-years if I didn’t take some action…to be truthful, I was surrounded by examples of where I would be in 10 years (I was in my mid-30’s back then and a lot of my colleagues were in their late 40’s) and I did NOT like the answer.

    And I know I’ve told this story one thousand times before, but that doesn’t make it any less true – all of these things in my life– being stressed at work and unhappy with my health – contributed to the birth of Round 1.

    So what’s the purpose of this note?  Well, whether you are training with us at Round 1 at the moment or not (and thanks so much to those who are!), have a think about your own ‘best-case’/ ’worst case’ scenarios for your own health over the next 10-years…where the ‘Best Case’ is a world where you take firm, positive consistent action – and the ‘Worst Case’ is where you let life just ‘roll along’ as you are today?  Which vision do you want?  What are you prepared to do to make a change?  You might not have to go as far as I did – pack in the corporate gig and open a gym! – just to lose a couple of kilos and cut down on the drinking!  You WILL need to make a bit of time in your life for exercise and start making some healthy eating choices!  You WILL need to prioritise your own health and well-being somewhere in the work/family mish-mash we are all dealing with.

    I always worry that letters like this come across as really ‘preachy’.  I hope you understand it isn’t supposed to be that way – I have just been reflecting on my own journey and the changes I had to make in my life in order to get back on a fit, healthy and active path and wanted to share…Of course, if YOU need help with this stuff, we are here to help.  At the moment, we have a cool ‘Health Check’ process available where you receive a Body Scan, 30-minutes with a trainer going over some goal setting, diet planning and weekly workout planning…AND one of our group training sessions…and a follow-up Body Scan…and a pair of hand-wraps (you can book in for $29 here:

    Now all of that stuff is normally more than $100 – hell, the group class, 2x body scans and hand-wraps are $90 without getting 30-minutes 1-on-1 with a trainer…and then we chuck in the eating plan as well – so we think it is awesome value.  Plus, you will leave the session with a CLEAR PLAN – day-by-day – as to how your ‘workout week’ will look like based on YOUR goals and YOUR constraints (be they work, kids, whatever).  Now, for you cynics out there, Of COURSE we are doing this to try and get some new members/get some of our old members back in the gym…but this process has really been 8 ½ years in the making AND it really does set you up for success…

    That’s it.  Sorry for the second blog in two (2) days.  But please remember we are here to help…if you have questions, please ask them (email: and if you are thinking about making a start, then the Health Check process is absolutely amazing in terms of setting you up with the BEST chance of success:

    See you in the gym,







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