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    Summer Slam is COMING!

    Hi Everyone – and welcome to another week,

    Awesome sessions last week – I know that I opened up last week’s blog talking about how tough one of the sessions was…this week the Monday 8-minute rounds was tough, the Wednesday bike challenge was tough, Thursday ‘Rolling Thunder’ was tough, the Friday ‘do this every 20-seconds’ was tough…it was just a hard week.  From my perspective, I really liked it – those sessions that I like the best are those where I find myself ‘counting the stations’ after 15-20 minutes or so and wondering exactly HOW I am going to make it to the end.  Of course, it isn’t a great feeling when I am doing it – that feeling of discomfort, of ‘how can I make it to the end’ – but the sense of achievement at the end?  That feeling?  That’s what training is about.

    I spoke a bit last week about the gym expansion – thanks to everyone for their comments, questions and feedback (and as I know more, you guys will all know more!) – but that isn’t the only thing happening at the gym.  It is officially mid-September which means that it is NEARLY time for ‘SUMMER SLAM’!

    ‘Summer Slam’ was introduced for the first time in 2017 as a ‘twin-challenge’ to the long-running ’28-days Later’ challenge (’28-Days Later’ has run each February since 2013).  The original intent of ’28-days Later’ was to give everyone a ‘reset’ post ‘Christmas/New Year’ – a chance to get their diet and training back on track at the end of the most social time of the year – a way to lose a couple of those Christmas kilos and establish some positive habits that would set them up for success over the winter months.  ‘Summer Slam’ is one of those ‘same, same, but different’ situations.  YES, it is all about a ‘one month diet and training focus’.  But rather than a post-Christmas reset, it is a chance to really dial in your food and training – and hopefully drop a couple of kilos – right before summer starts.

    Now the principles of ‘Summer Slam’ and ’28-Days Later’ are pretty much the same.  Food rules (No bread, No pasta, No sweeteners of any kind, No alcohol) and Training rules (3x classes + 3x extras per week)…and over the past six years we have had just over 700 people participate in and 550 people complete these challenges…When all the results from EVERYONE who has participated is mashed up into a spreadsheet, these are the results that we have seen:

    What these results always remind me of is how HARD it is to actually change your body composition.  Average change of around-about 2kgs of fat loss?  After 30-days of ultra consistent training and super disciplined eating?  Sure – some people did a LOT better but there are no guarantees…well, there is ONE guarantee.  Having a genuine crack at making a change for the better will give you an amazing sense of achievement AND much more confidence in yourself and the ‘path’ you are on than that just ‘rolling along’.  I love these challenges despite the (well documented) fact that every time I do one I lose a bit of muscle which in turn causes my body fat % to move up…I love these challenges because regardless of outcome, the EFFORT I have to put in to complete them gives me an amazing sense of satisfaction when I get to the end.  I also love these challenges because they give so many Round 1’ers the push they need to really get out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves…



    Our gym challenges have evolved so much since we ran our very first one back in November 2010 – that month, all you had to do was try to finish (what is now called) ‘The November Challenge’ barbell circuit (20x reps of Clean and Press, Barbell pushups, Upright Rows, Bicep Curls, Bentover Rows and Back Squats’ THREE times in the fastest time possible.  Everyone just rolled into the gym when they had a spare 10-minutes and the results were written on the wall in chalk.  From there, we introduced monthly class participation challenges (classes only), then added body measurements (initially using callipers + scales), THEN added ‘EXTRAS’ to be finished as well as classes, THEN we introduced diet rules…

    Now?  Well, I think the booklet for the new Summer Slam is up to 23 pages (I am still finishing the recipes), there are sign-off sheets, Body Scans to do before and after, ‘EXTRA’ workout challenges with video explanations, performance and fitness scaling options for the extras, a meal prep guide to go along with the recipe guide, …All up, I would estimate around 80 hours of work goes into putting together a challenge these days.  I know I say this every time – but that’s only because it is true – because we learn more about the things that WORK and don’t work as each challenge passes by, each new challenge that we put together ends up being ‘BETTER’ than the one before…simple case of keeping IN those things that work and prove to be effective at achieving results, and upgrading/replacing those that DON’T.

    One NEW thing with Summer Slam this year?  It will be rolling DIRECTLY into another ‘weekly weigh-in’ challenge (similar to what we did with the PLEDGE challenge rolling into ‘Down with July’).  How come?  Well, it has been shown time-and-time again that the ‘REAL’ challenge is not in getting through the month but rather in maintaining focus/staying on-track once the challenge is over…we will be including this as a zero cost option to all members who participate in the ‘Summer Slam’…

    When’s it all start?  Sign-up for the ‘Summer Slam’ challenge will be open from September 20th and a sign-up link will be sent out via email AND social media.  The challenge itself will commence with weigh-ins on the weekend of September 29th/30th with the Challenge itself commencing on Monday, October 1st.  Final weigh-ins will be held on the weekend of November 3rd/4th.

    If you are interested in making one last push to improve your fitness/body comp during 2018, well, Summer Slam is it.  In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gym! J

    Let me know if any of this sounds good (or not) with an email to

    See you in the gym,




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