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    Your ‘TRAINING LIFE’ Scorecard

    Hi Everyone – and welcome to another week,

    I think it is pretty safe to say that last Wednesday’s ‘class’ (more like a blood bath) was the toughest session we have rolled out in a few months…that bike/plyo lunges station – well, except for those people who trained at 6am and did some ‘manual adjustment’ of the targets listed on the white board – was EASILY the toughest 6-minutes any of us have experienced for even longer than that…who writes these session plans, that’s what I wanna know!

    In the week ahead we have our first ever session constructed around 8-minute stations (since we have done 1, 1:30, 2, 2:30, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9…as well us untimed stations before this seems a bit weird!), a ‘hang on to your kettlebell’ session, a bit of a ‘different’ take on “ROLLING THUNDER” (whilst we are still testing this out I want to try a couple of different class structures out) and one of our “20 Hard straights + 2 Burpees every 20 seconds” specials.  The current Body Work “block” continues to roll along – I know I am really enjoying the flexibility the programming gives each trainer to put their own individual ‘bent’ on each of the SIX (6) sessions AND our TANKS people – having just come out of 8-weeks of cardio work – are now 2-weeks into a real strength/power focussed set of training.

    I am getting a pretty steady stream of questions about what is happening ‘next door’…I will try and give you all a brief overview in the following couple of dot points.

    Progress is ‘steady’. Way too much money has been spent ordering equipment for the new facility (another 650m2) and that will start arriving in October.

    A hole will be cut in the wall between the two units in the area where the power racks are today. The power racks will be moved to the new unit (together with the GHD and the Leg Press from upstairs) to create more SPACE in our existing footprint for boxing sessions.

    Entry to the new gym will be through the current front door – there will be no additional access point to the gym set up.

    Membership pricing hasn’t been ‘set’ (still trying to finalise costings) but essentially current rates will not be impacted. For people wishing to use the new facility, a premium of around $8-$10/week on top of their existing fees is what we are looking at (so in the range of $110-$120 per month).

    Boxing and Body Work classes will ‘stay’ inside the current Round 1 footprint. TANKS and other specialty sessions (Developing Athlete, Strength Fundamentals, SPARTAN) will be relocated to the new area.

    In the initial instance, we will be looking to run 2x classes each day in the new facility (think of the TANKS programming to understand where this is going) – one at 6am and one at 6pm. Yes, consideration to do ‘more’ is always there…but we already run > 70 sessions per week…

    Thought has been given to going 24×7 but that is 100% on the back-burner. Getting the facility opened and establishing both the new environment and the interaction between our current gym and the ‘new’ gym is the priority.

    I have 1000000 concerns about everything that is happening with the expansion – but the primary one is trying to maintain (what I believe is) a fun and supportive gym environment where staff and members alike are all pulling for one another to be successful…there is no doubt that things are going to change – but I want those changes to be in terms of EQUIPMENT and training options and NOT in terms of culture.  Feel free to ask me as many questions as you like – but please also understand that in some (many?) cases I just don’t know the exact answers…the gym and the exact offerings are going to evolve over time.

    So – enough of that.  What else?  Well, apologies to those people (all three of them) who missed the blog last week.  I had made some Fathers’ Day related time promises to the family and in order to meet those, well, something had to give (and it was the blog).  As it turned out I got to go and watch Jason Statham battle against a giant shark in one of the greatest five (5) – maybe greatest three! – movies ever made so it was time well spent!

    My footy stuff is pretty much OVER at the moment – well, games are over and I am in the middle of doing 1100000 player reviews.  The reviews are pretty much like ‘school reports’ – they include data based results (stats) as well as a commentary on what things are going well, what not so well and what the focus moving forward should be… – all with the intention of creating a pathway of improvement!  All of this reporting has got me wondering how – if I put my ‘gym life’ in a ‘capsule’ – what my report card would look like for the last couple of weeks?  Or the last month?  Or the past 12-months?

    Going through all of the elements of my gym life, I guess I would be assessing myself in the following categories:

    Group sessions (Participated + Effort); Mobility, Recovery and stretching; Strength work; Cardio; Food; Cheat Days and Alcohol; Sleep

    In a table, I guess it would kind of look like this:

    The exact categories would – of course – be your own…some people might not have a ‘Cardio’ category, others might not have a strength category.  Some might want to track ‘STRESS’ and how they are feeling…unlike a school report (or a footy report), this report card/scorecard is YOURS.

    What about scoring?  Well again, that will be your own and will be dependent on what YOU are trying to achieve.  If getting ready to bowl 20-overs every Saturday during the upcoming cricket system is your focus, then cardio and mobility will be your priority.  If losing a couple of kilos because you have an upcoming special event or are just getting ready for ‘beach season’, then group classes, food and cheat days will be your focus.  And the scoring assessments might change from week to week to month to month.  At some stages in your life, getting along to TWO (2) group training sessions will be 5/5 (or 100%).  At other times, that same number of sessions might be a score of 2/5…it is going to depend on what other things you have going on in your life and your ability to honestly assess the impact of those things.

    And what about the little bit at the bottom?  You know, the bit that says: “My Big WIN for the Week was…”?

    This is the MOST IMPORTANT PART!  You have to remember that motivation comes from SUCCESS…not the other way around.  You don’t get excited about something that you don’t feel ‘confident’ about.  Confidence is an outcome of ACTION – and ACTION comes from…well, ACTION is the stuff you actually DO.  In simple terms, you can’t start feeling confident about your training or your ability to get your food right etc until you just put your head down and DO them…then, once they are done, you will be able to see yourself as successful and, that’s where confidence comes from!

    Is this something we all need to do?  Well…probably not.  But one thing I have found through the recent client Health Checks we have been doing is that having a plan and sticking too it pretty much brings you results…whereas just rolling along and doing what you think you can, well, that tends to lead to inconsistent outcomes and a bit of frustration.

    Me?  I love training so getting my group sessions done is always going to be the easy bit…where my life needs a bit of focus is in committing to get my ‘extra’ strength and cardio efforts done each week AND sticking to a plan when it comes to food…so whilst doing four (4) group classes in a week would be a 3/5 (or a pass), limiting myself to one (1) x cheat meal and one (1) x cheat snack per week would be an amazing score of 27/5…it is all about YOU, understanding what your habits are and assessing performance in light of the things you are hoping to achieve.

    Anyway, this whole personal score-card idea has got me thinking a bit and I hope you have gotten an idea (or two) out of it as well.

    Let me know if any of this sounds good (or not) with an email to

    See you in the gym,




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