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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Three cheers to everyone who got along to Round 1 last week – it sure was a great week of classes with the ‘tabata-based’ sessions we ran on Wednesday and Friday clear highlights for me.  I have to admit to having flashbacks during Wednesday’s class to ‘old-old-school’ Round 1 when completing the instructor led ‘tabata’ efforts on the assault bikes – once upon a time I swear we used to do these pretty much every single day…holding 100rpm for 20 seconds then getting a break for 10-seconds and doing it all over again to the instructors call on the old spin bikes.

    I don’t think I need to tell anyone that it was more of a ‘nightmare’ based flash-back than a memory of a better time…I guess that means I need to find a way to do this a little more often!

    I am really looking forward to continuing my training this week – first off it is the final week of the 28-days Later challenge (don’t forget to come down to the Quarie NEXT SUNDAY – March 4th – around 3pm for a celebratory beer!) and second we have the ‘big’ barbells out for deadlifts for a couple of days.  Always fun to do some ‘real’ strength work in a boxing session and whilst it isn’t everyone’s cup-of-tea remember that it doesn’t happen TOO often so just have a real crack and get something out of it.

    For the second week in a row I have finished work in the gym around 11am on Saturday then raced off ‘somewhere’ for an overnight stay.  Last week was to attend David and Tash’s awesome wedding in Margaret River…this week was a bit different as I headed away on camp with the footy team I am coaching.  Somehow in around 28 hours we drove to Lancelin and back, ran 3x ‘football’ sessions, a beach session, a strength session, a 6km scavenger hunt, 2x ‘film’ sessions and what I guess you would call a ‘leadership’ or trademark session.  All this fuelled by a few sausages cooked on a bbq and the sweet, sweet recovery time found sleeping on the floor of what would be loosely called a ‘Community Centre’ but on closer examination was a Badminton Centre.

    Suffice to say I am tired, hungry and my back is beyond sore…it doesn’t deal all that well with sleeping on a bed and my sciatica is in full force this afternoon – nothing like having shooting pains all the way up and down your left leg as you drive back down the highway with a car filled with sleeping 17 year olds to improve your mood!

    The leadership session or values session or call it what you will consisted of us sitting around a white board in the middle of the badminton court talking about all the things we (well, the players) have heard their opponents saying about them over the past 12-months or so.  Last year was a challenging one on-field and to say that the comments were not flattering would be an understatement with comments like ‘soft’ and ‘undisciplined’ and ‘I don’t know why you would waste your time’ quickly being written on the white board.

    From there, things got slightly more interesting.

    The players were asked what those same opponents would say in an ‘ideal’ world.  None of them talked in terms of winning games or premierships or even in terms of tangible skills like ‘skill levels’…they talked about wanting to be ‘respected’.  They really just wanted to be seen as ‘PEERS’ of their opponents – thought of as ‘worthy competitors’ and nothing more than that.  If they were seen as ‘undisciplined’ when they wanted to be ‘respected’, then the question is of course, what was stopping them from turning it around?

    It was – of course – their BEHAVIOURS that were holding them back.  They KNOW what they need to do – but too often they let their standards slip at training (or miss training sessions for less than ‘impeccable’ reasons), they didn’t prepare ‘properly’ for matches and allowed ‘little things’ like food choices, weights sessions and recovery protocols etc to slip.

    The session finished up around 11:30pm with many a vow being taken about how things were going to change…up we jumped at 5am to complete a beach session, back for early breakfast then a ‘video’ session, off to train, back to clean-up before heading into town for lunch before heading home.  Simple enough right…but with each person in the group in charge of organising their own lunch, the new ‘behaviours’ were going to be clearly on display.

    Most of it was pretty good.  The IGA supermarket got quite a bit of traffic and the variety of food included hot chickens, sushi and some pre-made salads (the salads looked pretty much like plastic tubs filled with mayonnaise to me but I guess the thought was there!) being the choices.  AThe bakery was also busy with some pre-made rolls being a hot item.  Those were actually a pretty good idea.  Not such a great idea were the pies and sausage rolls (though they looked completely amazing).  A worse idea still were the jam and cream donuts which seemed to accompany a few of the pies.

    So much for eating right and ‘sacrifice’.  As it turned out, the selection of donuts was ‘apparently’ related to the $10 eftpos minimum…if you added a donut to your pie purchase, well, that brought the total to $10 so you could pay with card.  Which seems like a perfectly good explanation for eating a donut to me…

    The reality is of course that even if you WIN the argument about the eftpos limit being a good reason to first buy and second eat a donut, well, you have still LOST.  Because you haven’t taken any steps forward in terms of addressing the perception held by others that we were ‘soft’, ‘weak’, ‘lacked discipline’ etc.  That only by changing our ACTIONS can we gain the ‘RESPECT’ of the other teams…in other words, it isn’t an argument worth winning.  It isn’t even an argument worth having.  If things are going to change then they will only change by us doing things differently.

    If any of this makes sense to you, I would love to hear about how you think it might apply to your life.  Maybe about how the food restrictions of the 28-days Later challenge have got you thinking about how YOU need to do things differently, or how you are planning on making some changes that might impact your whole family.  I know that the last 3-weeks have certainly revealed – as they always do – some fuzziness around the edges of my own diet choices that I guess I KNEW weren’t great but hadn’t realised exactly how much they had crept into my life.

    Let me know if any of this sounds good (or not) with an email to

    See you in the gym,


    p.s.  Special thanks to everyone who arrived at the gym for the 9:15am session last Friday to participate in our photo-shoot for the new website…it really has been a lot of work pulling it all together and I cannot wait to show it too you all in the next couple of weeks or so!


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