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    What are YOU training for?

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    What an awesome week in the gym.  I really had a great week of training and I do hope you all enjoyed it as well – somehow I found time to do 6x classes, 2x cardio blocks and 2x ‘tanks-style’ programs (programming preparation)…on an ‘unrelated’ note, I think I consumed approximately 1200000 calories during the week as well.  Not sure why I was so hungry all the time!

    There is tonnes going on behind the scenes at the gym at the moment – it is actually hard to put everything that is happening into words suffice to say I find myself getting stretched pretty thinly across a number of different projects…two in particular are bigger than anything we have tried to do ever before.  Once I get things to the point where I can share I will be excited to do so – unfortunately need a little more water to pass under the bridge first.

    I started off this week talking about the training that I managed to get through last week – and this week I wanted to try and go for a bit of mind dump of all the reasons that get me to train.  I (of course) can’t put words into each of your mouths as to why each of you shows up in the gym and slogs through a session or sweats it out under a squat bar, but hopefully there is something in this list that means something to you.  Keep in mind when you read this that I am not really training FOR anything anymore – my marathon running days are (I think) over (my knee does NOT like running much these days), I am not interested in the crossfit contests than come up, I am not going to play veterans footy (glory days are well in the rearview mirror)…but I still think I have a heap of reasons to get in the gym every day.

    – For mental health.  When I train all I think about is what I am doing – the rest of my day I have thoughts of work and footy and family swirling through my mind and I can feel frustrated and distracted.  My mind clears when I train and I can really approach the rest of the day from a positive headspace.

    – Because I want to have a couple of beers on Friday night and – whilst I am old enough to NOT have to justify it somehow a hard week of classes make them a LOT more enjoyable.

    – To be physically fit – it is great to be rising 50 years old and still able to (mostly) do the stuff I could do when I was 18.  Sure, I can’t play footy any more (and yep, I miss it every day) but there isn’t much else I can’t at least have a good crack at.

    – Because it is HARD.  Because there is nothing like the feeling you get when you have 100000 reasons not too, 1000000 things standing in your way but you grit your teeth and do it anyway.  The feeling of satisfaction when you have ‘DONE’ something despite the obstacles is well worth it.

    – To set a good example to my kids – so that they understand that training is something you do forever and something you CAN do forever.

    – Because as I get older I see more and more of my friends having health problems, missing work, unable to ‘DO’ things with their families.  Sure – training every day doesn’t guarantee you wont be struck down by illness, but good diet and a challenging exercise routine seem to be the best defense available…and I do have a family who I want to be around for.

    – Because my food and my training are connected – when my training is good, my food is good.  When my training slips away, my food slips away.  If I want to maintain a healthy body weight, the food/training connection is the connection that enables it.

    – Because sometimes I need to prove to myself that I can change myself/improve myself by putting in time and effort.  Before the October challenge started last year I had my worst Body Scan ever – the challenge of turning that around, of really ‘putting in’ for a month or so and making some changes was possibly the best thing I did for myself all year.

    – Because there is simply no downside to being a little bit stronger today than I was yesterday – there is no downside to being a little bit better conditioned today than I was yesterday.  No downside.  NONE.

    – For the challenge.  In this day and age none of us exactly have to ‘fight’ for our next meal – but everywhere I look in the gym there is something I can’t quite do…pushing to be a bit better, working towards being able to ‘do’ something I once couldn’t – or get better at something…it just doesn’t exist in other parts of my life.  (Except my guitar of course, but this blog isn’t related to a music shop!)

    Like I said – I can’t speak for each of you but I am sure you can think of a reason or two not on my list.  Getting in the gym and training hard is just part of the life all of us have created for yourself – when someone asks you ‘What are you training for?’ don’t feel that you have to talk about an event or anything specific in the future…as the cliché goes, you are training for LIFE!

    Let me know if any of this sounds good (or not) with an email to

    See you in the gym,


    p.s.  Please read on guys – first block of info on 28-Days Later 2018 is below, as are the details of our ‘NEW YOU’ membership special which includes a body scan and a diet consult!

    p.p.s.:  For people asking when the next ‘BLOCK’ of the Developing Athlete Program will be running, the answer is ‘when school goes back’.  I am just trying to get the 28-Days Later stuff done and I will re-open this program for registration.

    Gym Update #1 – 28-Days Later Challenge (Coming Soon)

    Mpround12 (1)

    So the New Year is here which means that the 28-Days Later challenge is just around the corner.  Having been spending (more than) a little bit of time dragging it all together, I am 1000% confident this will be the best challenge we have EVER done.  That is because:

    – It is SCALED for performance and beginners JUST LIKE the classes you do in the gym every day.  This means that people new to challenges can get started and work through a simple, effective, weight loss focussed challenge whereas those people who have done it a few times before can elect to follow a route more focussed on muscle growth…

    – It includes a goal-setting sheet that we will be more than happy to help you with.  So you will be participating in the challenge with a CLEARLY DEFINED target in mind.  The goal-setting sheet is cool.  It has been set up so you can identify possible road-bumps and plan a response, so you have some room to ‘plan out’ your timetable…it is a great addition.

    – It includes a ‘meal prep’ plan.  So not only do you get the 10-day meal plan and recipes, but for those of you wanting to adopt a meal prep based approach there is a complete ‘how to’ guide for making your daily ‘lunch boxes’ – this of course will be of most use to experienced participants who have decided to go down the ‘muscle gain’ path.

    – For the first time in ANY challenge, you can ‘buy’ a cheat day.  Now – you can only buy one – but you can buy one.  And you might not like the price – but you CAN buy one.

    And all of that stuff is in addition to everything that was included 12-months ago…which was a big upgrade on 2016, which was an upgrade on 2015…truthfully, I don’t know where this will end up in 12-months time!

    Early Bird Registration will be opening TOMORROW (January 15th) – link will be up on our Facebook site and via email sometime in the afternoon – and I know that I for one am started to get a bit excited about it all kicking off.

    Gym Update #2 – New You Membership Special

    New Year New You

    We have an awesome new membership special running this month – well, up until Australia Day in any case.  It works like this:

    Join Round 1 on a direct debit membership before Australia Day and receive:

    • Free Body Scan
    • Free Diet Consult and Eating Plan
    • Free 30-minute Get Started PT session
    • 1x 30-minute Massage

    If you want to make a change in 2018, well, have a think about coming to train with us at Round 1.  At our gym you wont be walking around trying to figure out what to do – an instructor will guide you through every workout. And we program our own sessions – they change EVERY SINGLE DAY – so you wont get bored or tired by doing the same routine over and over again.

    We believe a great gym is made up of is supportive members and caring coaches – not by ‘rows’ of equipment that no-one knows how to use. We believe a positive change comes from taking positive action – and everyone at Round 1 (staff and members!!) are here to help you on your journey.

    So if you are looking to get off to a new start this year jump onto our NEW YOU special.

    Gym Update #3 – New Heavy Bags (and now, new Floor to Ceiling Balls)

    So the project to upgrade the Heavy Bags is almost complete…and once that is done, we will start on the next project which is to replace all of the Floor to Ceiling balls.  Hopefully all of this stuff is done before next weekend rolls around…would be amazing if it could be.  When it is done it will mean that every ‘bag’ in the gym except the light/combo area would have been replaced in the last 12-months.  One thing we can’t be accused of is not continually investing in the gym and upgrading our equipment!

    Link of the Week

    Such a great article and one that really does point directly at many of the ‘problems’ in the lifestyles we all lead these days.  ‘Why is it so HARD to be Healthy?’.  I hadn’t heard the term ‘obesogenic environment’ before reading this but it makes so much sense…anyway, rather than continue to ramble I will give you guys the link:


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