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    Get Motivated for 2018!

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Well, it’s a new year so I guess the BLOG-CATION is officially over.  I do hope each of you enjoyed a bit of time over the break with your friends and family and got at least a little bit of ‘relax’ time.  From a gym perspective I think we will have all staff back on deck for the first time in what seems like forever by the middle of this week – which will be AWESOME!  Remember, if you need help with stuff, that’s why we are all here.

    I got in a bit of planning time over the ‘break’ and – if I can pull it off – 2018 is looking like the biggest year of change for our gym since we opened…it is equal parts nerve-wracking and exciting.  Hopefully I will soon be in a position to share at least some of the plans but for now I will just leave you with this tease…

    I have been busily working on the booklet/recipes/training plans etc for the 28-Days Later Challenge (kicking off in Feb – more details below) and – as always when it comes to this challenge – my head is spinning with all the details of past successes.  How is it that as a gym community we can collectively ‘kick arse’ in the gym for 11-months of the year with people working super hard on the assault bikes, smashing the bags and lifting ever heavier weights week by week – but ultimately we make the most progress on our weight loss/body composition changes during February each year.

    I guess it comes down to one simple thing:  MOTIVATION.

    (I would like to say it comes down to one simple thing – my amazing programing but I can’t say that with a straight face!).

    Motivation is a truly mysterious thing.  One day you are over-flowing with energy, desperate to get to the gym, watching your food…the next day at the same time you are on the couch eating icecream.  I guess on a ‘scientific’ level when you are ‘excited’ to do something (motivated) then dopamine is released into your system – which feels awesome – but at the same time you need to understand that it is simple biology…the body is reacting to what it believes will be a ‘reward’.

    In other words, when you are ‘motivated’ you get to the gym/watch your food/etc because you FEEL that a reward is coming on the back of it.  Then if you happen to jump on the scales and notice they have dropped by a couple of kegs, well, that feeds the process as well.  I guess you could say that your imagination FUELS motivation – and any success you might have along the way helps ‘TOP UP THE TANK’.  But ultimately what most of us call ‘feeling motivated’ is no more than a biological reaction to a reward that is only real somewhere in our subconscious.  The question of course is how you KEEP that feeling – or more to the point, how you keep fighting on – when those ‘happy’ feelings have gone??  How to you keep going when those ‘good feelings’ are gone?  When it gets hard or the results aren’t coming or you get blindsided with new tasks that sap your strength and energy?

    In other words, how do you STAY motivated?????

    Ultimately, whether you remain motivated or whether you fall away is up to you and it is dependent on one simple principle.  You are going to shake your head at me sadly when I tell you what it is though.  The principle is DISCIPLINE!

    It is DISCIPLINE that keeps you on track.  It is DISCIPLINE that keeps you moving forward.  It is DISCIPLINE that enables you to TAKE ADVANTAGE of those good feelings associated with motivation when they strike from time to time.  Being organised, getting out of bed early, preparing your meals, not sitting up too late doing ‘nothing much’, getting to the gym, saying ‘NO’ in order to focus on your long-term goals…all of these things are matters of DISCIPLINE.

    And when your discipline ‘slips away’, so will your successes.  And as I have already said, whilst it might be motivation that puts fuel in the car, it is SUCCESS that keeps it topped up!

    Now when you read this next bit please don’t think I am telling you not to have any fun.  I am not saying that.  What I am trying to say is that if you want to achieve the stuff you SAY you want to achieve then you have to be disciplined…and that means (in what will seem like a contradiction in terms) disciplined in making time for FUN as well as for work.

    So what does DISCIPLINE look like?

    Setting your alarm and getting out of bed WITH THAT ALARM on the days you have chosen each week.  Every Week.  No matter what.  (And yes, you can – of course – factor a ‘sleep in’ or two into your plan.)

    Going to the gym at a set time on a set day EVERY WEEK.  No Matter What.  (And I can hear the rebellion from the shift workers…you guys have to reset your plans every week/every roster…but the rules still apply!).

    Make time in your life to relax, stretch, spend time with friends.  Every Week.  No Matter What.

    When the ‘little voice’ in the back of your mind starts telling you that ignoring the above rules is ‘OK – just this once’ (for the 21st time today!!) then count to 10, tell it to shut up and get back to executing ‘the plan’.  No Matter What.

    All this stuff is possible (and I haven’t even mentioned ‘other stuff’ in your life like work, kids, partners etc) but it takes a lot of perseverance and self-awareness to get started…but believe it or not, once you have set your disciplines in place, until something external comes along and throws you ‘off-course’ (overseas holiday, new baby, changing job hours etc) then it will be easier to stay on track rather than change course…your disciplined life will just be ‘what you do’.

    So what’s the message?  Don’t wait for motivation to drive you to eat well, train hard and live a balanced life in 2018.  Put in place a path of DISCIPLINE first and your motivation will follow.  J

    Let me know if any of this sounds good (or not) with an email to

    See you in the gym,


    p.s.  Please read on guys – first block of info on 28-Days Later 2018 is below, as are the details of our ‘NEW YOU’ membership special which includes a body scan and a diet consult!

    Gym Update #1 – Opening Hours  

    So as of TOMORROW (Monday, January 8th) our opening hours are back to normal.  We are going to continue with our 6am sessions on Saturday mornings until at least Australia Day weekend anyway…

    Gym Update #2 – 28-Days Later Challenge (Coming Soon)

    Mpround12 (1)

    So the new year is here which means that the 28-Days Later challenge is just around the corner.  I have been spending way too much time putting together a new block of recipes, new workouts, new…well lot’s of stuff really.  The challenge this year has evolved AGAIN – now the Challenge includes Performance and Fitness options, it includes goal-setting sheets…it includes a LOT of stuff.  I am not really all that sure why I feel compelled to add more work to my life as every year goes by, but I am convinced of one thing – this is going to be the best 28-Days Later Challenge EVER!  There is no doubt that with this latest program we have put together a program that is more than just a “quick fix”  – it is something that WILL set the foundation for healthy habits that will last throughout the entire year.

    Early Bird Registration will be opening NEXT WEEK (January 15th) and I know that I for one am started to get a bit excited about it all kicking off.

    Gym Update #3 – New You Membership Special

    New Year New You

    We have an awesome new membership special running this month – well, up until Australia Day in any case.  It works like this:

    Join Round 1 on a direct debit membership before Australia Day and receive:

    • Free Body Scan
    • Free Diet Consult and Eating Plan
    • Free 30-minute Get Started PT session
    • 1x 30-minute Massage

    If you want to make a change in 2018, well, have a think about coming to train with us at Round 1.  At our gym you wont be walking around trying to figure out what to do – an instructor will guide you through every workout. And we program our own sessions – they change EVERY SINGLE DAY – so you wont get bored or tired by doing the same routine over and over again.

    We believe a great gym is made up of is supportive members and caring coaches – not by ‘rows’ of equipment that no-one knows how to use. We believe a positive change comes from taking positive action – and everyone at Round 1 (staff and members!!) are here to help you on your journey.

    So if you are looking to get off to a new start this year jump onto our NEW YOU special.

    Gym Update #4 – New Heavy Bags

    So you know how we just had that big upgrade project down in our speed ball area – all new speedballs from COMMITTED (what a great bunch of people work there!), new swivels etc?  Well, the heavy bags are next.  The project is underway and we will be looking to upgrade every single one of the before the end of January.

    The bags have been amazing but are sagging badly these days – whilst we can ‘top them up’ – which has been done a few times, believe me – the bags aren’t made to support an extra 30kgs + of stuffing…so at some point topping them up starts causing different problems (breaking straps and tearing seams) which make things worse rather than better…anyway, it is time and we will soon have an awesome new solution in place!

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