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    So, What are the “GYM RULES” again? M.S. Fundraising Day.

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Thanks to one and all who got along to train with us last week – special thanks (of course) to everyone who got along to our M.S. Fundraising Day on Saturday.  I have tried to wrap the fundraiser day up a bit later in the blog but so thankful to everyone for the support and generosity.

    I am really looking forward to my training this week – somehow I have managed to (pretty much) stick to the rules of the challenge all week (there are still unopened bags of choc coated liquorice in my cupboard at work and on my desk at home…and somehow with everyday I resist opening them it gets a little easier to just not open them!  And if I can keep my training going, through to the end of November then it will be time for the Christmas challenge which should see me through to the new year…and that would be awesome!

    I wanted to talk (a bit) about the gym rules a bit today.  Which is pretty boring I know but it is also kind of important.  The rules of the gym exist for ONE reason and ONE reason only – to make the gym SAFE and FUN for everyone.  And they have been written with TWO (2) simple principles in mind:

    1/.  Respect for others.

    2/.  Respect for the equipment.

    So here goes – I will try and give a 2 second update at the end of each of the little ‘sections’:

    (Click the photo to ‘view’ the RULES!).

    Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 5.02.03 pm

    This stuff is pretty simple really.  We need you to check in to validate your membership, is is just plain good manners to bring a towel and we are happy to have your kids in – but it is only fair that they behave in the same respectful way that you do!  The only contentious one is that there are people out there who insist/persist in hitting the Floor to Ceiling balls and Speedballs without gloves/wraps respectively.  These rules are about looking after YOU – you have small bones in your hands and a misplaced punch on the F2C ball will have you contacting with a steel d-bolt…and giving you a broken bone in your hand/finger.  Which means no training.  And for us, we are responsible for looking out for you even when you don’t want to look after yourself!

    (Click the photo to ‘view’ the RULES!).

    Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 5.03.25 pm

    This stuff is all about ‘How we do things at Round 1’ and it is about getting the ‘RIGHT’ outcomes for you.  We want you training hard and we want everyone in the group training according to the ‘SAME’ rules.  To be fair, most of these rules are as much about ‘FUN’ as anything else – as much as they give guidance to new people about the way “we do things here” they also enable the trainers to engage in a bit of banter with the regulars (as in, “did your chest touch the ground for that burpee?”).  Of course, you aren’t going to get ‘hammered’ if you aren’t getting all the way down on your squats if you are battling with a hip injury…but if you are simply cheating your reps to ‘get through it’, well, a couple of burpees is a positive reminder to stay the course!

    (Click the photo to ‘view’ the RULES!).

    Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 5.05.37 pm

    Lastly, the forbidden words are all about the ‘ATTITUDE’ we want in our gym.  We want everyone thinking about their workout – and more particularly themselves – in a POSITIVE way.  We don’t “HATE” exercises – but there are a few things we sure as heck have to battle through.  And on it goes – We aren’t going to “TRY” – we are going to get on with it and “DO”.  You get the idea!  Of course, this also leads to a bit of fun banter between trainer and trainee (just ask the Saturday morning TANKS crew about exactly HOW MANY penalities they owe me for using the “CAN’T” word) and the ‘RULE’ is more about being a ‘Fun Reminder’ of the way we want to approach our training than an ‘IRON CLAD’ contract about what is and isn’t acceptable…if that makes sense!

    Remember, OUR “Gym Rules” are driven by just two simple things:

    1/.  Respect for others.

    2/.  Respect for the equipment.

    …if you are doing those things, then there is no doubt that you are 100% doing the right thing!

    Let me know if any of this sounds good (or not) with an email to

    See you in the gym,


    p.s.  I have arrived home from footy training today to the news of the incident down at the MotorPlex involving Anita Board.  Thoughts of everyone at Round 1 are with Ian, Sonja and Zara and the rest of the Board family.  Hard to believe that the little girl who has been running around the gym pretty much since we opened is fighting for her life right now.  Really struggling to understand how such a terrible thing can happen to such an amazing family.

    Gym Update #1 – M.S. Fundraiser, November 11th

    A million thanks to everyone who supporter our M.S. Day yesterday.  Final tallies are not in yet but I think we will end up raising around the $3K mark which I am pretty satisfied with.  So whether you bought in some cakes for the sale, purchased a cake, a raffle ticket, a sausage or bid in the silent ‘Train the Trainer’ auction, many. many thanks to you!

    Congrats to everyone who programmed the ‘Train the Trainer’ stuff – the workouts were tough but (in the main) pretty fair and set everyone a good challenge to fight through.  Special congrats to Elie, Kirei, Lauren and Eden for taking their punishment with such good humour…unfortunately Alex was sick and unable to participate yesterday and fortunately my challenge most involved blowing a whistle and making fun of Eden…so not much of a change from my normal operating mode!

    Biggest thanks of all to Kirei for driving this event – to be truthful apart from buying a few sausages I have barely lifted a finger in support of this event…she has pretty much run it from top to bottom.  It was a fun day and we look forward to doing something similar towards the back-end of 2018!

    Gym Update #2 – 12-Days of Christmas Challenge (is COMING)

    It is hard to believe I know, but our ever popular ’12-days of Christmas’ challenge is only a couple of short weeks away.  Remember that the idea of the annual December challenge is NOT to ruin everyone’s social lives – it is quite the opposite really.  What we try to do in the ’12-days of Christmas’ challenge is ACKNOWLEDGE that it is a busy time for everyone – but at the same time provide people with a way to focus on maintaining their training during what is a chaotic time of the year.


    This year’s challenge will be similar to last year (in that there will be 12x classes to complete between December 4th (a Monday) and Christmas eve (a Sunday).  Unlike last year though this year you will need to complete 12x ‘extra’ workouts – each of which has been named after one of Santa’s reindeer.  Now, you can do the same workout ’12-times’ or you can mix them up however you like.  Some of the workouts are easy – some are very difficult (they have been rated for difficulty with a score /10.


    Registration for the challenge will be available from Wednesday, November 22nd.


    Gym Update #3 – Developing Athlete Program

    Developing Athletes Logo

    Why do we lift weights as part of our training?  So that our bodies are challenged to maintain POSTURE and POSITION (UAP) under stress – which means that when challenged on the sporting field, we can STILL maintain posture and position…and ultimately, the player who is the ‘strongest’ (who best maintains posture and position) will be successful whereas those who are unable to maintain balance will fail.


    The weights are starting to get heavy for the DAP crew – they are really starting to understand what it is like to train, how you need to get used to waking up every day with ‘good-sore’ muscles and still saddle up and go again!


    2-weeks to go!


    Gym Update #4 – New Speedballs

    So – all of our new Speedballs are now UP and hanging (thanks to those amazing guys at Committed Gym Equipment lol) and for the first time in forever I feel like we have a genuine solution for our Speedball issues!  Only time will tell I guess but I at least feel like our days of being the crash test dummies for leather thickness, strap lengths, strap thickness, number of panels, valve location etc might be over.

    Next thing to address – the steps we stand on to hit the things!  Watch this space.

    Link of the Week

    This is awesome:


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