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    Getting Fit People Fitter???

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Thanks to everyone who helped us to a successful month of September.  Overall, attendance was slightly down on August (6 less people per day) but that is pretty typical when comparing a month when there IS a gym challenge (like August) to one without (like September).  This September (2017) was 10x people per day up on last September though…which continued our run of having a higher daily average attendance this year for EVERY SINGLE MONTH versus last year.

    Now – I have quoted numbers like this in the past and I generally get at least one or two ‘No one cares’ emails.  I get that.  But I measure these things because I think the best way to assess whether we are maintaining our energy levels in the gym, whether we are running positive classes and helping people achieve their goals is that people are actually showing up in the gym.  We all have a friend (or two) with a gym membership they never use…we want people USING their memberships and getting value for the money they spend.

    Now all of this ties in pretty well to what I wanted to talk about today.  A week or so back I managed to get an hour or so with our new Fitness Australia State Manager (well, SA + WA) Scott Rose.  It was great to be able to catch up with Scott and have a chat about what is happening in the industry and what kind of things are happening in the fitness industry.  I am not sure how interesting this is going to be to everyone but please try and hang with me.

    As I type this there are NINETEEN – 19 – other gyms within 6kms of Round 1.  NINETEEN.  That seems to me like an awful lot, particularly since when we opened back in 2010 there were only five (5) others and one of those (The Cell Crossfit) has closed down in the interim.  Despite that – and despite the recent stories going around of a couple of those local gyms ‘losing’ more than 1000 members when the ARC opened up, only around 18% of people in the Cockburn area have gym memberships.  And whilst I agree that a heap of that 80% will either be very young or very old and not in the market for a membership, I think it is fair to say that a fundamental issue with what gyms are doing these days is that we get ‘Fit people Fitter’ and aren’t able to ‘reach’ the vast majority of the population.  It is true of us – around 50% of people who come and trial the gym on a 7-day pass are members of other gyms who are ‘looking around’.  Even if they sign up with us (and why wouldn’t they!) that number (18% of people in the area who have a gym membership) doesn’t change – our new clients have just swapped one gym for another as – again – the ‘Fit people get Fitter’ and everyone else stays the same (at best).

    It is one thing we have really been trying hard to do over the past 12-18 months with our restructured Beginners sessions and implementation of the ‘SCALED’ model – ‘Fitness’ vs ‘Performance’ – create an environment where people who want to train every day can workout alongside people who are happy with 2-3 sessions per week (1-session per week?) in a trainer led environment.  I guess part of the problem we have is that our use of ‘Boxing’ as a primary element intimidates a lot of people who could benefit from what we offer…but I am not really sure exactly what we can do about that.  The real problem itself though can be found in my ‘happy with 2-3 sessions per week’ statement.

    Once upon a time I had a corporate job and if I got to the gym twice a week I was so happy with myself I celebrated with extra beers after work on Friday.  I mean, I had earnt them, right?  These days if I had a week where I had ONLY done two (2) sessions by Friday, I would be trying to figure out how to get in three more between Friday night and Sunday.  In fact, I pretty much do three sessions during that time period regardless of what I have done during the rest of the week.  The gym life so many of us are leading – in the gym 4-5 times every week, watching what we eat and basically looking after ourselves is simply NOT normal.  Gym’s are getting fit people fitter…and everyone else is falling further behind.  The fact I can even say ‘happy with 2-3 sessions per week’ is proof that I simply do not ‘GET IT’ when it comes to the majority of people out there…for so many, 3x sessions per week would be bordering on obsession (and I am sure many of you can relate to that reaction).

    I have talked about this next point before but when I was growing up – and I am pretty old remember – there simply were no gyms.  But the world was a different place and food quantities were smaller, fast food comparatively non-existent.  Not only that, but the café culture of a cappuccino and a muffin (chocolate gateau anyone?) didn’t exist either…if you wanted a coffee and a piece of cake, it was international roast and Arnotts fruit cake out of the tin.  Oddly enough, those things aren’t as nice and therefore weren’t as popular.

    Gyms are getting Fit people Fitter.  I know for me we want to try and help more people – that I think if you are fitter and healthier you will be able to live a happier, more active, more enjoyable life.  That you will spend less time in hospitals and more time at the beach if you just look after yourself a bit more.  That if you can form a habit in your life of getting out and getting active 4-5 times per week (and, this might look like 3x in the gym, 1x run around Bibra Lake and one ocean swim between the two jetties and back down at Coogee!) that you are going to benefit from it in the long-term.  Of course I hope it means 5x sessions at Round 1…but why wouldn’t I hope for that????

    The industry is in an interesting place as the ‘top end’ of people becomes ever fitter and stronger and needs to be continually challenged to push the limits further and further.  I mean, have you seen how many kgs of bumper plates we have in our gym?  If you had told me before we opened what the gym would look like in 2017 I would not have believed you…things have gone completely crazy!  Meanwhile, the majority of the population is a few kg’s heavier than they were this time last year and not moving around too much as their back is constantly sore due to their computer based job.  I don’t know what to do to help to be truthful.  We would love (love) to try and help a few more of those people – we think that our Beginners è  Fitness scaled classes option is a great way to on-board them…but how to reach them…and – as per my meeting with Fitness Australia, gyms are just getting Fit People Fitter!

    Anyway – I don’t want to turn this into a giant ‘plea for referrals’ because it isn’t meant to be that…but after spending time with Scott and listening to what is happening in the industry at large, I guess I would like to think that we are doing more than making fit people fitter – after all, as it says on the wall of the gym our whole purpose for existing (our ‘Mission Statement’) is ‘WE HELP CHANGE LIVES’.  This isn’t supposed to be BS.  This is really why we are here.  If you do know someone who you think needs a change, well, point them at the 7-day free pass.  It wont cost them a cent to give it a go and you never know, in 12-months time they might be ‘one of us’!

    See you in the gym,


    P.S.  Be sure to sign up for the Summer Slam challenge HERE – I think there are already around 50 or so people who are in (including me of course!) and I am pretty excited about the idea of cutting sugar/changing my body composition for the better BEFORE Christmas comes around!

    P.P.S.  We are planning a Fundraising Day on Saturday November 11th to raise funds for M.S.  This is the fundraising being done by Kirei and her team of intrepid cyclists who will be heading off on a bike ride of some unspeakable distance later in November.  We will have some raffles etc to run but the main focus of the day will be a WARRIOR WORKOUT which we will be chasing some participation ‘donations’ for as well as a ‘Train the Trainer’ session where ‘the people’ will have the opportunity to ‘Train the Trainers’.  The plan at this time is that you can BID to ‘Train the Trainer’ via silent auction – and not only are syndicates allowed, they are encouraged!

    Gym Update #1 – SUMMER SLAM (October Challenge) is HERE

    Summer SLAM is GO – and all the details are UP on the website and you can read all about it HERE!

    We spent the morning today doing weigh-ins (I think we got through about 70 people and thanks to them for their patience) and the challenge itself – the classes, the food, the challenges – all kicks off from tomorrow.  What I saw at the weigh-ins today were kind of 3x different ‘groups’ of people:

    If you are new to these sort of challenges and  super nervous about what is going to happen, about whether or not you will be able to manage the food side of things and whether or not YOU will get the results you are after, well my only comment here is ‘just follow the food plan and turn up to the gym…if you do everything you are supposed to, the results will look after themselves.  I am saying this with confidence because we have run a very similar ‘styled’ challenge 3x in the past (Feb 2015, Feb 2016 and Feb 2017) and the average weight loss is 3.47kg.  Some people have done a lot better, others not so well…of course, starting points and adherence to the rules and food quantities etc all play a big part in the results.  If you are thinking of getting involved, it isn’t too late to jump aboard…we will figure out the whens and whys and hows of getting your pre-challenge scan done – the important part is getting you started.

    If you are STILL unsure what is involved, here’s what it is about:

    1-month of food restrictions

    Group Class participation target (20 sessions or 4/week).

    3x ‘Summer Slam’ workouts which each must be completed EACH WEEK of the challenge.  (Estimated time for completing the workouts is between 12-15 minutes).  The video for these can be found HERE!

    Here’s what you will get for your participation:

    10-Day eating plan with ALL NEW recipes

    Challenge Survival Guide

    2x Body Scans

    Folder containing the Class signoff sheet, workout recording sheet AND food compliance tracking sheet.

    Workout booklet detailing each of the Summer Slam workouts

    Video demonstrations of all workouts

    Dedicated Challenge Facebook group for coaching support/recipe exchange etc

    Keen to do it?  Sign up for the challenge HERE!

    More details can be found HERE!

    Register for the challenge HERE!

    Gym Update #2 – New Gear

    Not much new under the sun here to be truthful.  I mentioned the ‘No STINK’ last week and have been getting great results from this already.  Admittedly, my gloves live in a plastic tub rather than a gym bag, but the ‘No Stink’ sachets (I guess that’s what you call them) seem to be doing a great job of keeping the inside of the gloves dry and odour free.

    I also mentioned the speed ball changes last week – the new swivels have now arrived and I hope to get some of those installed during the week.  From there I will be addressing the ongoing issues with the speedballs AND the speedball steps.  As I mentioned last week, I just think the whole area needs a bit of a refit and am focussed on getting it sorted out (hopefully more focussed now that the challenge is ‘DONE’ from the perspective of getting the recipes and challenges all written and typed up).

    Once the speedball area is done the focus is going to go onto the heavy bags…that will be the next change to the gym and (with the exception of the audio upgrades I mentioned last week) the final one done in 2017.

    Gym Update #3 – Football, Developing Athletes and Other Stuff

    So – there is all sorts of stuff happening in the background at the gym.  As a few people would be aware I am a fair way down the rabbit hole in creating a specialist sports preparation program for ‘Developing’ athletes – specifically teenagers playing physical sports (football, basketball, rugby) who want to get faster, stronger and generally ‘move’ better.  The programming has all been put together and I am just sort of holding off for all of the traditional ‘winter’ sports to finish before announcing the program and starting to take enrollments…so if you know a random teenager who wants to be better at their sport and believes getting stronger/faster could help, stay tuned.

    Just to add a little bit more information to the above, here is what it is going to look like:

    –       3x sessions per week for 6-weeks (each session around 60 minutes).

    –       Session times:  Tuesday (5pm), Thursday (5pm) and Saturday (8:30am)

    –       Cost:  $180 (which includes gym membership for the duration of the program)

    –       Maximum of 8x participants.

    Further to that, there is also going to be a football specific skills program announced in the next couple of weeks.  This will be offered either as an extension to the above ‘Developing Athletes Program’ or as a stand-alone skills assessment/skills tutoring.  Again, stay tuned.

    All up, pretty excited about the work that has been done to this point and (hopefully) what we can do to help people!

    Gym Update #4 – Product Pricing

    For some time now we have been from a few retailers about the place for the price of a couple of our products – most specifically Boomers Protein.  Did you know that you can buy Boomers from us for a lower price ($50) than you can buy it off Boomers for ($52 + $4.95 postage = $56.95) and that most retailers sell it for $65?

    Well, we are going to compromise.  Members of the gym will still be able to buy it for $50.  If you aren’t a member though, it is going to cost $60 which is still cheaper than other retail outlets BUT not as cheap as the members rate.  Apologies for anyone who might be inconvenienced by this but in all honesty we are here to support our members who support us, not to provide cheap protein to the community.

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