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    Complete and Direct Control (Ben Bergeron), Summer Slam Challenge

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Thanks to everyone who made it to the gym in the last week or so – the weather has been mostly miserable and laying on the couch no doubt seemed as appealing to all of you as it did to me (VERY appealing).  Somehow I managed to slog my way through 7x classes last week and based on our little attendance log, a lot of other people found a way to ‘GET IT DONE’ as well.

    The sessions in the week ahead look pretty cool – we had the partners session today (awesome – I love those classes and wish I could have participated!) and coming up with have 3-minute rounds, 2x lots of 5-minute rounds and 1x lot of 6-minute rounds.  I am not sure why the programming has fallen this way but there have certainly been a lot of -5+ minute rounds in the last few weeks…I had actually made a note to review the plans a couple of weeks back but have somehow not done it yet – and those ‘long’ rounds (I know a lot of people love them because it means only one lap of the gym) keep on coming up.  In any case, I am certainly looking forward to trying to back up my effort from last week and hit the ‘SUMMER SLAM’ challenge running.

    Speaking of the Summer Slam challenge – you can register HERE.  Please (please) register soon…this registration link will be DEAD on Thursday which will give me a couple of days to pull together all of the paperwork for the individual folders.  With all of the new recipes and the new ‘SNACKS’ menu included in this challenge the current pages count for each folder is 14…there is a LOT of content you get with this challenge!  If you still want to sign up after Wednesday I will create a new link but – please be aware of this – it is going to cost you an extra $10 for the privilege… (so $70 instead of $60)…if you want in – join Wednesday (if not sooner).

    Anyway – I feel like I have been writing for 15 minutes and I haven’t covered any of the stuff I needed to/wanted to cover!  This week I wanted to post about Ben Bergeron who is a pretty (well, very!) famous CrossFit Coach who has published a book called ‘Chasing Excellence’.  (You can read about Ben and purchase his book HERE:  Anyway, in his book he talks about a pyramid and talks about the ‘characteristics of a competitor’ fit into said pyramid.  And whilst that is interesting and sounds cool, because I am not a competitor and spend most of my days coaching and planning to coach other people who aren’t competitors (you guys!), it wasn’t all that relevant to me.  But he goes on to talk about ‘Maximising your Minutes’ by ‘controlling the things you can control’…and for me (and you guys) who has very little time available and lots of things to complete, that sounded cool.  And when I kept reading, it was cool.

    Bergeron talks about there being a SET NUMBER of things (he lists FIVE) that each of us have DIRECT and COMPLETE control over in order to ‘Maximise your Minutes’.  These FIVE things are:

    Nutrition – Training – Sleep – Recovery – Mindset

    And when you read it like that, as quickly as that, it really does seem as simple as that.  There is stuff we have control over and if we get those things ‘RIGHT’, well, we are going to get amazing outcomes.  On a negative side, to get them right is going to be exceedingly HARD.  On a positive side, to get them RIGHT is completely within our control.

    When I read through the list, I have to admit I find the ‘TRAINING’ part the easiest.  Getting to the gym and slogging through a session usually falls into the ‘FUN’ category for me.  There are days when getting started is a little tougher (mindset??) but once I have gotten myself going, well, I am fine.

    Nutrition is HARD.  Food is DELICIOUS and beer is deliciouser (I know that isn’t a word) and what I should do isn’t always what I do.  That’s why events like the upcoming challenge are so good for me – it gets me 100% on track for a month or so…and once I get on the ‘tracks’ I find it pretty easy to ‘stay on there’ for a while.  Once I lose my way though, getting back to having good eating habits is really tricky (again, mindset??) which isn’t great because it is the single largest determinate of our body composition (Body Fat %).

    Sleep is hard for me – but in so many ways, it is what it is.  My alarm goes off at 4am from Monday to Friday, 52x weeks of the year.  I regularly leave work or footy after 9pm and have to be back and working at 5am…6-hours per night is pushing it.  I have to admit, I kind of shrug my shoulders about this now whilst also making sure that if and when I can get a couple of extra hours sleep, I go to bed and sleep.  Saturday or Sunday afternoon ‘sleeps’ are regular events in my house.  If I do have a night off, I get to sleep before 8:30pm…I know I need sleep so when the chance to sleep presents itself, I sleep.  If you are like me with long work hours or dealing with sleep that is regularly interrupted due to work call-outs or a baby crying, well, you just have to sneak in those catch-ups.  If you are sitting up watching NetFlix, take charge of it – go too bed!

    Recovery is not something I am great at.  I have great intentions (and a MobilityWOD subscription) but rarely follow through with those intentions (mindset???).  I usually blame time (lack of) or work (too much of) or something…but too rarely do I get it done.  If it was important to me and if I was truly ‘Maximising every minute’ I would find the 10minutes each day I need to get it done…I am sure so many of you are the same, intending to roll or stretch at the conclusion of a session but somehow finding yourself in your car and half-way home before you know it.  Take control!

    All of which brings me to the last ‘thing’ that I have ‘COMPLETE and DIRECT’ control over – MINDSET.  I cannot help but think that every point already introduced here comes back to this one element:  Mindset.  If you are 100% determined to achieve something and if that thing is COMPLETELY and DIRECTLY in your control (like training, sleep, nutrition and recovery are) then you CAN do it.  You CAN.  That is the approach I am going to take towards this new challenge (which is looking equal parts tough and amazing!) but since I am in control of whether or not I can do it…

    See you in the gym,


    P.S.  Be sure to sign up for the Summer Slam challenge HERE – I think there are already around 50 or so people who are in (including me of course!) and I am pretty excited about the idea of cutting sugar/changing my body composition for the better BEFORE Christmas comes around!

    P.P.S.  We are planning a Fundraising Day on Saturday November 11th to raise funds for M.S.  This is the fundraising being done by Kirei and her team of intrepid cyclists who will be heading off on a bike ride of some unspeakable distance later in November.  We will have some raffles etc to run but the main focus of the day will be a WARRIOR WORKOUT which we will be chasing some participation ‘donations’ for as well as a ‘Train the Trainer’ session where ‘the people’ will have the opportunity to ‘Train the Trainers’.  The plan at this time is that you can BID to ‘Train the Trainer’ via silent auction – and not only are syndicates allowed, they are encouraged!

    Gym Update #1 – SUMMER SLAM (October Challenge) is COMING

    Summer SLAM is GO – and all the details are UP on the website and you can read all about it HERE!

    Here’s what the challenge will entail:

    1-month of food restrictions

    Group Class participation target (20 sessions or 4/week).

    3x ‘Summer Slam’ workouts which each must be completed EACH WEEK of the challenge.  (Estimated time for completing the workouts is between 12-15 minutes).

    Here’s what you will get for your participation:

    7-Day eating plan with ALL NEW recipes

    Challenge Survival Guide

    2x Body Scans

    Folder containing the Class signoff sheet, workout recording sheet AND food compliance tracking sheet.

    Workout booklet detailing each of the Summer Slam workouts

    Video demonstrations of all workouts

    Dedicated Challenge Facebook group for coaching support/recipe exchange etc

    Keen to do it?  Sign up for the challenge HERE!

    I am not sure why I didn’t decide to do this 7-years ago – after all, since the main reason we all – well, most of us! –  get ourselves into the gym each day is to hopefully look a little bit better come summer time, it makes sense for us all to get into super shape as summer comes around.

    Costs for participation are as follows:

    • $60 – Challenge participation (including body scans, diet plan etc!)
    • $80 – Challenge participation (including body scans, diet plan etc!) AND your own ‘Challenge T-shirt’
    • $180 – Option for non-members – one month membership at Round 1 PLUS Challenge participation (including body scans, diet plan etc!) AND your own ‘Challenge T-shirt’

    Please note that these prices will be available UNTIL WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 27th at which point they will all be going up by $20/package…apologies for this but it gets way too hectic trying to put all of the packs together, getting folders organised etc…so get in early, save $ and make my life just a little bit easier.

    More details can be found HERE!

    Register for the challenge HERE!


    Gym Update #2 – New Gear

    So – we have a cool new product in the gym now called ‘No Stink’ and it is the solution for anyone who has been battling with smelly boxing gloves for weeks/months/years.  The ‘no stink’ bags slip inside your gloves and both deodorises and absorbs moisture – keeping them fresh and ready for next time!

    There are also a heap of new speed ball swivels on the way – really keen to get the speedball area a bit of a refresh in the next couple of weeks.

    AND – there is a bit of a stereo upgrade about to happen.  When we upgraded all of the stereo gear about 18-months or so back, we added some new speakers but didn’t replace any of the old ones…this latest change will see all of the ‘old’ speakers replaced and (hopefully) improve the sound quality in the gym.  Actually, because the guys at SAVI Systems are involved, I am 100% sure that it will improve the sound quality in the gym.  If you have any home audio visual setup problems or want to do some upgrades, be sure to give Dom and his team a call on 9451 1730 or catch them on the interwebs at

    Gym Update #3 – Football, Developing Athletes and Other Stuff

    So – there is all sorts of stuff happening in the background at the gym.  As a few people would be aware I am a fair way down the rabbit hole in creating a specialist sports preparation program for ‘Developing’ athletes – specifically teenagers playing physical sports (football, basketball, rugby) who want to get faster, stronger and generally ‘move’ better.  The programming has all been put together and I am just sort of holding off for all of the traditional ‘winter’ sports to finish before announcing the program and starting to take enrollments…so if you know a random teenager who wants to be better at their sport and believes getting stronger/faster could help, stay tuned.

    Just to add a little bit more information to the above, here is what it is going to look like:

    –       3x sessions per week for 6-weeks (each session around 60 minutes).

    –       Session times:  Tuesday (5pm), Thursday (5pm) and Saturday (8:30am)

    –       Cost:  $180 (which includes gym membership for the duration of the program)

    –       Maximum of 8x participants.

    Further to that, there is also going to be a football specific skills program announced in the next couple of weeks.  This will be offered either as an extension to the above ‘Developing Athletes Program’ or as a stand-alone skills assessment/skills tutoring.  Again, stay tuned.

    All up, pretty excited about the work that has been done to this point and (hopefully) what we can do to help people!


    Gym Update #4 – Product Pricing

    For some time now we have been from a few retailers about the place for the price of a couple of our products – most specifically Boomers Protein.  Did you know that you can buy Boomers from us for a lower price ($50) than you can buy it off Boomers for ($52 + $4.95 postage = $56.95) and that most retailers sell it for $65?

    Well, we are going to compromise.  Members of the gym will still be able to buy it for $50.  If you aren’t a member though, it is going to cost $60 which is still cheaper than other retail outlets BUT not as cheap as the members rate.  Apologies for anyone who might be inconvenienced by this but in all honesty we are here to support our members who support us, not to provide cheap protein to the community.

    Link of the Week

    Cool little video – only a couple of minutes long – on hip rotation for power in your punching.  If you want to punch a bit harder and get more out of every workout you do, it is 100% worth the time:


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