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    InBody Scanner Upgrades and How Often Should YOU Use It??

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Awesome week of classes last week and some super busy sessions – really proud of how many people dragged themselves out of bed last Wednesday – when it was freezing – to get into the gym and get a session done.  I have to say (and more about this later) that I really love it when we have challenges with ‘EXTRAS’ going – to see people hanging around doing their cardio/strength/core after their session (or doing it before) really is awesome for the entire R1 team!

    So – our InBody 570 Body Scanner is back from the garage with a couple of cool new upgrades.  When you scan now, there is some added stuff on the report – specifically, circumference measurements of (I am trying to remember!) 8-different points on the body.  I am super happy about this because it allows us to quantify the whole ‘but my clothes feel looser’ conversation for the first time in what must be YEARS since we used to do tape measure based measurements and calliper based skin-fold assessments as part of our gym challenges/fitness assessments.

    The circumference numbers give a real, tangible feel to what is often a pretty challenging process – as I am sure everyone knows, jumping on the scanner and watching the muscle-mass/body fat % numbers going up as the scan is in process can be a stressful situation…then at the end, when the results are printed out, they just seemed to be reflective of something that was completely ‘internal’.  Now you can see the circumference changes – for example, your body fat has dropped by 2% and that equates to 3cm around your waist – which is WAY better than ‘your body fat has dropped by 2% and your pants maybe/probably/might feel looser.

    All of which brings me to the eternal question about the body scanner – how often should you use it?  Well, to me, this is a very personal thing and it depends to a large degree what motivates you to stay on track with your diet and training.  I was chatting with someone in the gym a couple of weeks ago who said ‘I weigh myself every Sunday morning – if the scales show a number that is more than 60kgs, I know I need to pull my head in.’  Fair enough – chatting to them it seemed a healthy enough approach – it wasn’t ‘obsessive’, just a matter of fact assessment.  That kind of thing wouldn’t work too well for me though.

    I do scan – every 2-3 months or so.  But I am not really very motivated by weight or body fat % numbers or any of those kind of things when it comes to my training/diet.  Don’t get me wrong – I want to be ‘in shape’ (and it is kind of important for the business that I make at least some effort to eat my own dog food by regularly participating in the sessions at the gym and sticking to a pretty simple food plan consisting primarily of fresh meat and veggies but that is kind of where it ends.  I do my assessments based a little more on a performance basis – if my performance on the assault bike in classes drops noticeably, if my ability to do push-ups and pull-ups falls away, if I can’t put as much weight on the squat bar…well, much like our client who had a 60kg weight threshold I have a chat with the man in the mirror and tell him to pull his head in.

    The point is, you need to use the tools available to you in the way that works for you.  If you need to do monthly body scans to stay on track, well, the $25 charge for jumping on is NOTHING compared to the effort you are going to have to put in to regain your fitness, muscle, body fat numbers if you let it slip.  In other words, if what the scales say or what the scanner says is a motivator for you, then use those tools sensibly (more on this in a minute) for your benefit.

    If you are better motivated by ‘other’ stuff – be it by performance metrics the way that I am or, perhaps by something as seemingly insignificant as how easy it is to pull on your favourite jeans, well, stay off the scanner and pay close attention to those ‘metrics’ instead.

    As with everything though, none of this stuff is worth obsessing over.   Remember that a number on a set of scales or body scanner – or on the screen of an assault bike if you are performance motivated – is still only a number and it can be changed…all it takes is a couple of moments worth of reflection on where you might have been going wrong and a little bit of commitment to the process of setting things straight!

    See you in the gym,


    Gym Update #1 – August Challenge…All GO!

    Really loving how hard everyone has been working on their challenge extras so far – the sessions are certainly not easy and take a fair whack of commitment to get through – so well done to everyone for fighting through it.

    One week isn’t it though – we have FIVE weeks to get through.  So make sure you plan out your sessions this week so that you aren’t caught short for time.  I know for me it is about noting down the days when I am going to do the extras and just not compromising on it – my problem of course is I will always prioritise doing a class over anything else (‘cos it is more FUN) but that doesn’t get the challenge workouts done.  This week I need to be really strong with my time management to make sure I get all of the core stuff done…likewise you guys who are on cardio or strength tracks.

    For the core people, I got a video up for the Spiderman Walks during the week – if you are stuck for an exercise, don’t forget to check our YouTube channel (HERE:  Round 1 Videos on YouTube) and/or ask one of the trainers in the gym for some help.

    Gym Update #2 – Running Club Off and Running

    Congrats to the group who completed the Zamia Trail run at Bold Park (+ a few extra hills) this morning – a tough but very fun outing for everyone I think.  My phone tells me we travelled a touch over 10kms BUT no-one in the group thinks we went that far.  My right calf muscle feels like we went at least twice as far as that…made it all the more awesome trying to deliver messages for the u15’s footy team later in the day!

    As per tradition (well, two times = tradition right) we headed off to the Shorehouse for coffee and breakfast afterwards…the nice weather today meant we got to sit on the balcony outside overlooking the ocean which was completely amazing…if you haven’t been up to this place yet, well, you should 100% go!  Check it out here:

    Unfortunately next week we are back to Anning Park (down the road from the gym) for the drudgery of interval runs…apparently (apparently??) they are good for you!

    Gym Update #3 – New Members Business #1

    So I have a couple of new businesses to spruik!  The first of these has been set up by Ellen Allardice and it is called Adventure Racing Tours.  Adventure Racing Tours will be arranging tours to different Adventure Races around the world, mainly – but not limited to – mountain bike and trail running eventsI

    The first tour I’ve put together is a South African 6 day tour to go do Sani2C, a 3 day, 265 km mountain bike event for May 2018! The package starts at $1890 which includes guaranteed race entry, 6 Nights accommodation (3 nights race accom and 3 nights 3-4 star hotel accom), all transport in South Africa and all meals (except 2 lunches and 1 dinner) as well as a day tour up Sani Pass to the highest pub in Africa. The international flights are not included.

    Gym Update #4 – New Members Business #2

    Dale Godsell also has a new gig – with his magical massage machine called the ‘Thumper’!  Sounds painful, feels amazing though.  As part of his launch, Dale will be doing some sample massages at the gym on Monday, August 14th from around 4pm until 8pm’ish…so that is the time to get along and try it!  I will hand the rest of this over to Dale to talk about the ‘Thumper’:

    “Come and try out “Thumper massage”, the most relaxing and unique massage experience you’ll ever discover. Thumper massage is a hands free, clothes on, massage experience delivering a pulsating , vibrating sensation that reduces muscle tension in the body, leaving you completely relaxed in just 30 minutes. An amazing feeling from start to finish, theres no better way to relax.No oils, rough hands or painful pressure applied, you’ll be amazed with how good you feel when the machine stops. Thumper massage is mobile and can visit you in the comfort of your own home. Free trials at Round 1,  Monday 14 August from 4pm.”

    Gym Update – Footy Tipping and Fantasy

    So – we had 4 people (Michael C, Craig B, Sionna and Justin) nail all NINE games this weekend…which means the competition is well and truly ON.  Michael has vaulted back into the lead, Craig is up into 2nd and there is now a clear split between the top 6 and the rest…with just 3x weeks left, it seems pretty clear the winner will come from Michael, Ryan, Craig, Kentucky (???), Xavier and Dazza.

    Over in the Fantasy comp, the first week of finals is over and done with and a couple more teams have bitten the dust.  This week’s results were 100% “chalk” with the higher ranked team in each matchup finishing on top – which I guess is the way finals are meant to work after a long season…unless of course the Bulldogs are involved in which case they just beat everyone! J

    Out of the comp this week go Kim and Justin which means Ash (3rd) will play Craig (6th) in one semi final next week whilst Brett (4th) plays Liam (5th) in the other…Brian is one of a couple of coaches to be enjoying a well earned week off!

    Link of the Week

    Awesome combo here (which she has called “on the ropes”) which you might want to try out next time we program “KO’s” in one of the boxing classes  – 1-2, Step right – Left hook, Left uppercut, Reset, Straight right.  It is a lot of fun!


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