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    Simple Stuff – Dan John, Kostya Tsyzu, Rocky and The White Stripes can’t all be wrong!

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Thanks to everyone who got along to the gym during the week.  It has been a really positive winter for us so far with an average attendance of more than 10 people per day up on 2016 numbers.  Sometimes I think that is a lot until I remember it really is only ONE extra person at each session throughout the day…remember there are approximately 2 million sessions running every day at Round 1  – the first one is at 5am and the last one is at 8pm – so there really is no reason that you can’t get to the gym and get it done no matter how busy you are.  I think I understand as well as anyone that there are times that life simply gets in the way – but oftentimes it is the sessions we MISS because of choices made that are the ones we cannot pick back up at the end of the week. A classic example of this is my Wednesday – I run the sessions at 5am, 6am, 7am, 9:15am and 12pm – then need to be back in the gym to run the 4pm and have a ‘full book’ of personal training until 8:30pm at night.  Literally the ONLY class I can physically participate in is the 1pm session.  What seems to be happening lately is that I am using the excuse of what is effectively a 14 hour work day to miss my class – but then what happens when something goes wrong on Thursday (like it did last week) and I miss that session as well?  All of a sudden I have missed TWO days training…sometimes you just have to commit and follow through!

    I have a bit of a ‘different’ blog to write today and it came from a White Stripes song I was listening too this week:

    Well you’re in your little room
    and you’re working on something good
    but if it’s really good
    you’re gonna need a bigger room
    and when you’re in the bigger room
    you might not know what to do
    you might have to think of
    how you got started
    sitting in your little room

    (If you love The White Stripes, the song is HERE!)

    Listening to the words reminded me of something I read the other day from Dan John who wrote in this little blog piece (HERE):  “We tend to overcomplicate everything in life. Tell someone to “eat clean” and you need a 500-page manual to explain it. To get ‘in shape’ might take several thick volumes of work to detail everything.”

    This training stuff is simply not that complicated.  Sometimes you have to mess around a little bit with the balance of your workouts but for the most part a simple approach where you do some cardio work (and the bikes and rowers are awesome here), some strength work (as simple as body weight squats, lunges, push-ups and pull-ups) and do some power development (hit the heavy bag, throw some medicine balls, swing a kettlebell) will bring you awesome results.

    Now, given we change our circuit every single day and keep introducing new and interesting movements to keep you guys on your toes this advice (just keep it simple) might seem a bit contradictory…and it some respects it is.  But a large part of the ‘new stuff’ and the ‘constant variation’ is to keep everyone’s minds active and make things interesting…sometimes I wonder if all the variety in the sessions is as much to keep things interesting for the trainers as it is for the participants because – as I keep telling the guys when they are writing the sessions for Saturday and Sunday – things don’t need to be complicated for the workout to be awesome!

    Once upon a time – back before I was a gym owner and was working in the I.T Industry, I was a member of a Boxing for Fitness gym where we did the SAME WORKOUT EVERY DAY.  In fact, the trainers didn’t really have much to explain what we would be doing at the start of each session because every day it was the SAME.  The EXACT SAME.  We would roll through 8x 3 minute rounds over 35 minutes or so:  Skipping, Heavy Bag, Floor to Ceiling Ball, Combo Bag, Body weight (Pushups, situps and Burpees) and Speed ball.  That’s only 6?  Yep, well, you just repeated whatever ‘extra’ sessions there were to make up the 30 minutes!  Sorry – there was a group warmup as well with some punching and pushups similar to what we do in our Beginners sessions.  It was great – and to be truthful for someone who enjoys the boxing side of things like me, it was perfect.  If you wanted to do some weights well there was a couple of squat racks in the corner which got some sporadic use in between sessions…Now I don’t know if that sounds great or horrible to anyone out there, but if you are results/outcome focused, you don’t really need to do much more if you want to get in shape.  What you do need to do is focus on your technique (do things right) and maximise your effort.

    Don’t get me wrong – all the stuff we have added to the gym since opening have been awesome and I have to admit that we have some cool stuff to ‘play with’ – but I do wonder sometimes if the essence of ‘simple’ training has been lost sometimes.  I know that Kostya Tszu used to say ‘If you have got a bag, you have got a gym’ (meaning punching bag – you will find this reference in his book ‘Fighting Fit’ still available on Amazon!) with reference to the training he received as a teenager whilst growing up in Serov – which my 5x seconds of Googling tells me is in what is now Russia but back in his time was part of the Soviet Union.  He didn’t say this to dismiss the training techniques he was exposed to after arriving in Australia in the early 1990’s – rather he was making the point that it was hard work and focus on correct techniques that were the basis of success, not whether or not the gym you attended had shiny new dumbbells and hot showers.  (Though I admit, hot showers can be nice!).

    Since I have been talking all about getting back to basics and prioritising substance over style, it is probably also the perfect time to also go back to the greatest training montage EVER made – Rocky in Rocky 3.  The training montage of course followed Rocky getting beaten by Clubber Lang (now there’s a fighting name) which followed on from Rocky’s trainer telling him that the worst thing had happened to him that could happen to any fighter – he had got civilized!  Anyway, here’s the link to the montage which is awesome and hilarious (mostly for the beach racing scenes!):  Rocky Montage.  Remember, the whole point of the training program was Rocky going back to basics – simplifying things and working hard in a no frills environment.

    So what’s the point of all this ‘back to basics’ stuff?  Just that the key to success in your training is the person in mirror – and sometimes it is hard to remember that when there are flashing lights and shiny things all around.

    See you in the gym,


    Gym Update #1 – August Challenge…Get READY

    The August Challenge is HERE and the signup link is HERE:
    Signup for the August Challenge

    This one will be an exercise only challenge and will offer three ‘tracks’ for participants to enrol in:

    –       Track one:  Cardio

    –       Track two:  Strength

    –       Track three: Core

    Both the Cardio and Strength tracks will offer participants multiple options for each day in an effort to make allowances for people managing injuries.  The training rhythm will be based on 3x group sessions each week + 3x ‘EXTRA’ workouts each week.

    I am going to try and do the ‘CORE’ track and as part of that will be doing exercise demos for anyone interested in joining me on that track at 9am on Sunday, July 30th 2017.  The Challenge itself will kick off on July 31st (Monday) and will run until Sunday, August 27th.  Cost for registration will be $10 to participate and $30 to participate with 2x Body Scans.  There is a non-members option here which will give people access to the challenge and unlimited class/gym use for the duration of the challenge – cost for that is $150.  In terms of value, Body Scans are usually $25 each so the $30 for 2x scans and the challenge is a bit of a mega deal…$150 usually buys you a 10-round pass – now it buys you unlimited classes for one month AND a bonus month of programming!

    Gym Update #2 – Running Club Off and Running

    Well done again to the running club today who worked through a series of 1km intervals split by a series of 40m sprints.  As everyone who took part will (I think) agree, it was the toughest session so far and everyone CTS prep is well on track!

    This week’s homework:

    Day 1:  30 minute run.  Run for 5 minutes (steady pace) then complete 20x 30-30 surge/jog efforts.  Finish with a 5-minute jog at a comfortable pace.

    Day 2:  Complete 12x 400m surge – 200m jog efforts.  Time cap for each of the efforts is 3:30 seconds (must restart the 400m surge within 3:30 of the previous one).

    Gym Update #3 – Hoodies

    OK – the order has gone in but I will keep the link up for ONE MORE WEEK.  If you still want to buy one of the 2017 hoodies, you can place the orders here:

    2017 ‘TRAINING’ Hoodies Order Link

    These orders will go up next Sunday (July 30th).

    Gym Update #4 – New Gear and other Stuff

    So – our latest delivery is just about to arrive…and this time it will be pretty unexciting stuff in many ways.  Keen eyed members would have noticed that our latest order of gloves and MMA gloves all features new Round 1 ‘carry’ bags which make it a helluva lot easier to keep your gloves together in your gym bag/boot of car as well as just LOOKING better.

    We have bags arriving for every pair of gloves on the shelves and can’t wait to make the reception area look just that little bit better.

    Probably worth mentioning that not only has the price of our gloves not changed despite the additional cost of the new packaging, BUT the price of our bag mitts, MMA gloves etc hasn’t changed since we opened!  And that doesn’t even take into account the value offered by our Perkville rewards scheme…

    As always, our plan with this stuff is to offer quality, well priced products that deliver the best value to our clients.  If you aren’t wearing Round 1 gloves, well, let’s just say you should be! J

    Gym Update #5 – Round 1 “Help Line”

    This is a repeat of last week’s note – as mentioned, stay tuned as we continue to build our database!

    Been spending a bit of time working on getting a database of specialist services together lately – trying to use the experience we have garnered in the past Seven (7) years in Cockburn to be able to offer pretty basic consults for people who need help with medical services, external training services and a few other things.  The way I see this working is that if you need some physio help, we connect you with the physio and are able to discuss the issue with them directly before you arrive for your appointment (and in theory we can set up the appointments but that is a bit more of a work in progress).  Same for chiro, podiatry, OT…you name it.  Same for specialist training services (sprint coaching, olympic lifting etc).  Whilst I wish we could cover EVERYTHING in house, it simply isn’t realistic given the wide range of specialist services people are chasing…

    Anyway, in the short-term, if you need help with something and you are a member of the gym, dont be shy about asking for help and we can get you in touch with the people best positioned to help you.

    Gym Update – Footy Tipping and Fantasy

    Awesome work by 5am regular Claire Spagnolo who nailed 9 out of 9 in the tips this week.  I genuinely have no idea how she did this or that it was even possible in what seemed to be a hugely unpredictable round…but I guess that explains why I have fallen from grace over the past few weeks and now trail the leaders by FOUR POINTS.  Which kinda sucks!
    Speaking of the leaders, the competition now has DUAL LEADERS with ‘Rhino’ joining ‘Dazza’ at the head of the table.  There are 15 others within 4 points of the lead so it is far from over…

    Pretty low scores in the Fantasy competition this weekend with some of the competitions big names returning ‘so-so’ scores.  Best results in our league were Ash (Never Never Land) on 2159, Craig (Cat-astrophic) on 2143 and Liam (JaegerBomb) on 2136…so nothing great really.  The competition is still alive and well with both Brendan (KD) and John Hand in striking distance of the final 8 as finals approach.

    Link of the Week

    I referred to this during the blog and thought I should give Kostya his due.  Whilst I am sure he would prefer you to buy the DVD, his fitness video is actually all available online here:


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