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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Really thankful to have so many people training with us last week.  At this point in May (and it is basically the end of the month if you can believe it) we are seeing attendance around 10people per day up on last year which is simply awesome…it has been freezing and I know heaps of people have been suffering from the lergy.  So thanks for all the support and keep up the good work!

    Before I go any further in the blog, I do want to alert everyone to a pretty unique fundraising idea put together by 5am/6am regular, Shaun Miller.  Shaun is heading off to Vietnam to raise money to help provide education to disadvantaged and impoverished children in that country…and if you donate to support this very worthy cause he will COVER YOUR CALORIES on the assault bike in the gym.  You will get to rest – he will do the work for you!  It is explained way better on Shaun’s site ‘’ so head over there to better understand how to bypass the bike stations when you are next in the gym!

    So I have been doing lot’s of thinking about things lately – a lot of it inspired by trying to get together everything for our new ‘The ONE’ challenge.  The reality is our focus at the gym is group training – but there are times when that just doesn’t ‘FIT IN’ with what everyone wants to do.  I mean, I guess we all want the ‘SAME THINGS’ in many ways – to lose a couple of kilos and look a little bit better in our boardshorts/bikini – but those ‘SAME THINGS’ can also kind of oscillate a fair bit depending on what is going on in your life.  I mean, you might be pregnant, injured, training for a specific goal (marathon, Rottnest swim, triathlon, scrabble tournament) or maybe you just have decided you want to focus only on getting stronger, or you have a real weight loss goal and have become frustrated that you aren’t ‘GETTING THERE’…or anything really.  And in those cases, you probably feel that whilst the classes are awesome they aren’t necessarily helping you get exactly where you want to go.

    Does that mean you don’t want to do ANY classes any more?  Or that you shouldn’t?  Well – everyone is different and it is a difficult question to answer.  Certainly the general, broadly based approach in our boxing sessions (and Body Work sessions, and B+ sessions…you get the idea) is an awesome way to get yourself ‘FIT’.  But those sessions wont help you bench press 125kgs and they wont help you run a marathon.  Well – they will ‘HELP’ – certainly when I banged out those 3x marathons in 3-years a few years back, the boxing classes remained my ‘Go To’ daily training method…but in situations where you are chasing a specific goal, well, you need to have a plan to attack that specific goal.  And those plans are most often going to be found in a personal/personalised approach to your training.  Like I said, that personalised plan probably will mean you still do some classes…but you might need to get out of your comfort zone a couple of times each week and push through a running program/squat program/core program in order to achieve what you are chasing…and that might be under the direct supervision of a trainer (a PT session) OR it might mean running through a program that a trainer has put together for you that you ‘report back’ on once every month or so…Honestly, this ‘do the program as homework and report back to the trainer’ approach is what I do with my own weights program as I follow a weights program with a trainer based in the US.

    Why don’t I follow my own program I hear you ask?  Well, the answer is because sometimes I need to do things like 1km interval efforts on the rower…and I would never program that for myself because it doesn’t sound like a very good time…but when you have a COACH (like I hope you guys all figure you do in the trainers at ROUND 1) they don’t program what you will like to do – they program the things you need to do in order to achieve the goals you have said you want to achieve…so that’s the answer to that question!

    I have said before, the reason I love our ‘The One’ challenge so much is that it means I get to sit down with a whole heap of people for some little 15-minute blocks of time and get to really understand what their goals are, what they are trying to achieve – and importantly, how they think they are travelling right now.  It is the same reason I loved running the Food Matters sessions.  I get to get a bit closer to you guys and the things you are chasing – and because of that, I can become more invested in helping you get where you want to go.  Remember, my DEFAULT target – and that of every one of our trainers – is to get you to complete a group session to the absolute BEST of your ability EVERY time you walk through the doors…but that personal knowledge about what it is you are chasing can really help us poke and prod you in the direct of THAT goal instead of the generic “Let’s get you FITTER!”

    Remember that one-on-one sessions don’t need to be on a weekly rhythm – it might be a once a month thing where you work out a program with a trainer and report back on how you have been going…I hope as many people as possible take advantage of this methodology during this next challenge and think about it as a strategy for their training for the next 12-months/2-years/lifetime!  We are all going to go through ‘STUFF’ in our lives – times when we are keen to train HARDER, or train for something SPECIFIC or – in contrast – need to back things off and go to a lower intensity model.  I guess the point here is no matter WHAT the circumstances, all of the trainers at the gym are here to help and want to help…let us know so that we CAN help!

    See you in the gym,


    Gym Update #1 – New Lights and other gear.

    Thanks to the quite amazing Boris Pacey – ping him HERE if you need any work done at all ‘cos he seems to have a solution to every problem I can ever think of – we have our new LED lights in and the difference is pretty amazing.  I guess my main hope is that there will be an amazing difference in the gym’s power bill, but the side benefit – awesome lighting that let’s me see everyone hiding in random corners slacking off – is pretty cool.

    Last week a heap of new Wall Balls (9kg which is the closest I can get to 20lb now that everything has turned metric) arrived AND I installed a number of new rubber floor mats in the upstairs gym area.

    On the way at the moment are new bag mitts, MMA gloves and (hopefully) some new hoodies…get excited team!

    Gym Update #2 – Running Club – Coming Soon

    OK.  Running club starts NEXT SUNDAY at 7am…we will be meeting at the gym for the first couple of weeks at least.  As mentioned, it will a ‘free’ session – but it is for R1 Members only.

    Our longest run in week #1 will be 200m and it will be an interval style session  – plan on running around about 2.5kms on the day…it wont be super taxing but as time progresses towards the City to Surf, we will be increasing the distances we cover each week…to support that, we will be putting up some running work ‘to do’ in between our group sessions and will publish it here.

    Finally, if we aren’t consistently getting 10+ people to the sessions, we aren’t going to run them.  Happy to get out of bed extra early on a Sunday to run the sessions, but it is a demand based system…if there is only one or two people who are interested, let’s just give it away and I will write up a couple of individual programs for you to follow.

    Gym Update #3 – ‘The ONE’ Challenge – Starts next Week

    Now – there will be a separate email on our new ‘The ONE’ Challenge on Wednesday detailing the registration info and all the ins and outs of the challenge.  Remember – it is all about getting BETTER at ONE THING – one thing in your training and one thing in your eating (and yes, I know that is two things but consider the second ‘ONE’ a bonus).

    As I noted in last week’s blog, my improvement points are going to be:

    –       Training:  Front Squats

    –       Eating:  Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner EVERY day.  (A lot of the time I eat 1-2 meals each day…not great!).

    I am really keen to hear your stories and help put some plans together!

    Gym Update #4 – Phase 2 1%’er

    Week 5 of our strength/muscular development program is up and rolling.  Hopefully everyone who wants in has asked all the rack set up questions etc that they might have had…if not, track down a trainer and ask them this week!

    Now, this program is again intended only to take up to 15-minutes of your time either before or after class…if you want a bit more, well, try the strength program (on the whiteboard in the power rack area) or the full-body program (on the whiteboard in the upstairs gym) OR get to Body Works OR get to TANKS (yes, I know it costs an extra $13.50 but it is pretty good!) or a PT session or 2.  Anyway, here goes:

    Day 1:

    Squat:  Warm-up with 2-3 light sets of 10 reps.  Pause at the bottom of each rep (count of 1) to work through your mobility.

    Pull-ups:  Complete 3x sets of 5 strict pull-ups (10x fencepulls) to prepare your back for squats.

    Squat:  Complete 3x sets of 5x HEAVY reps of back squats.  Pretty simple – add between 2.5kgs and 5kgs to the bar from the weight you used last session.

    Day 2:

    Bench Press:  Warm-up with 3x sets of 10-12 reps of bench press.  Focus on the bar going down ‘steady’, fast UP!

    Push-ups:  Complete 3x sets of 10 strict pushups.

    Bench Press:  Complete 3x sets of 5x HEAVY reps of Bench Press.  As with the squat, add between 2.5kgs and 5kgs to the weight you used last week.

    Day 3:

    Squat:  Repeat the warm-up from Day 1 (light squats and Pull-ups).

    Pull-ups:  Complete 3x sets of 5 strict pull-ups (10x fencepulls) to prepare your back for squats.

    Day 3:

    Squat:  Repeat the warm-up from Day 1 (light squats and Pull-ups).

    Squat:  Complete 3x sets of 5x HEAVY reps of back squats.  Pretty simple – add between 2.5kgs and 5kgs to the bar from the weight you used last session.

    This is the last week of the Strength phase – back to the cardio efforts next month!  If you have worked your way through this, please let me know what improvements you saw in these three (squat, dead, bench) lifts over the 5-weeks!

    Gym Update – Footy Tipping and Fantasy

    The tipping competition was a bit of a ‘wash’ this week with SEVENTEEN people tying for first place with 7-correct tips!  Further to that, every single one of those SEVENTEEN people missed out on the Hawthorn upset over Sydney…and THIRTEEN of those people were also so misguided that they selected West Coast to beat the Giants!

    Overall, Michael Campbell is holding on to a two point lead from Pete Brear, Craig Burleigh and ‘Dazza’!

    In the Fantasy competition, last week’s scoring explosion seems to have been a one-off with most participants a good 200 or so points down on what they were able to produce the week before.  Craig Burleigh continued his good form top scoring with a little under 2150.  Special mention to Liam who managed to win his match by a solitary point…sucks to be you Blinky! J

    Link of the Week

    So – all you guys out there with sore backs/hips/shoulders etc…it might be worth signing up to a program like this:

    It isn’t free (nothing really good is) but it is just $10per month (admittedly, that is U.S. $10!) but the value is pretty good and it WILL have you a lot more supple/flexible/moving better in pretty short time.

    As per the notes in the start of the blog, I am thinking of running a 14-day mobility challenge based on the Mobility WOD activities (I have been a subscriber for a couple of years now – I subscribe an online strength and conditioning template as well!) if there are a few people interested…as always, let me know with an email to


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