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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Happy Mothers Day everyone.  I hope you have all had a great weekend, enjoyed the Freo win (boooo) and got to spend some time with your families!  For me, it has been a fun day with junior sport and family time – Vanessa (as usual) stepped up and went into work at the gym on Mother’s Day so I could get along and watch boy child#1 play footy…given the outcome of that game, I probably got the short end of the deal but that aside her willingness to do stuff that saves me from doing stuff (if any of that makes sense) is why she is better than me, why girls are better people than boys, and why Mother’s Day is so important to so many of us!

    With the gym stuff, I know a few people have been knocked on their butt by the flu that has been swirling around and we saw a few quieter sessions in the afternoons last week – particularly in that 6pm time-slot.  Here’s hoping everyone is feeling a little bit better this week and is back smashing out there training…remember, that the habit to get to the gym and get your training done is hard won – and particularly as the weather gets colder it does get easier and easier to bypass the daily grind in favour of the couch, a tv and a warm fire.  Battle through guys – you will be thankful you did by the time the warmer days come back!

    If you miss a few days (or weeks) of your training, no-one at the gym is upset or disappointed in you.  We just aren’t.  We ABSOLUTELY want you to come back and train with us – that is the truth…but when you do, we aren’t looking to ‘punish you’ for time lost…we are just glad you are making the effort to get back on track!  Your training – and the THOUGHT of getting to the gym and working out – should not be stressful to you in any way.  It is supposed to be a fun, positive part of your life.  If you are getting stressed out at the thought of doing a class because you haven’t done any exercise for two weeks and even BEFORE you took a break you were struggling to hit your targets on the assault bikes (for example), well, you are thinking about stuff the wrong way.  After all, even if you MISS the target – and get a little puffed out and ‘uncomfortable’ in the process – you would have done a darn sight more work than had you decided to take another day off.  Think about your efforts in a POSITIVE way.

    The whole reason you come to the gym is to feel better about yourself – positive about your self – because of the effort that YOU have made to do something that is HARD and out of the ordinary.  Yeah – you might get a bit sweaty (and you might even have a few thoughts of the ‘I wish this was over’ nature) for 45-minutes or so…but you should be thinking back at the end and thinking about everything you achieved in a positive way.  Training/working out/going to the gym/whatever you want to call it is a POSITIVE part of your daily/weekly routine and something you should be proud of…it isn’t something that should be raising stress levels or making you think any negative thoughts about!

    If you are injured and finding you can’t do ‘everything’ – well, just be proud that you are still doing SOMETHING.  If you have been coming for ages and are still following the ‘FITNESS’ track in the gym, that isn’t something to feel BAD about – you should be feeling satisfied that you have been coming for ages!  Showing up consistently and having a genuine crack at it (or even having an 80% crack at it and spending the rest of the time – when the trainer isn’t looking – catching up with friends) is a GOOD thing.  Your time at the gym is time well spent – it should be making you feel BETTER and – dare I say it – be something you are able to look back at the end of the week as one of the single BEST things you were able to ‘Get Done’.

    So all of this comes back to the one simple point I tried to make back at the start…missing a couple of sessions (or weeks, or months, or years…) should not make thoughts of a return STRESSFUL.  It shouldn’t be like that at all.  You should be thinking positive thoughts about getting back into it, getting back to having a real positive element in your life again, getting back those 45-minute blocks where the whole focus is YOU and that bag (or barbell, or bike, or whatever) and the rests of life’s problems are elsewhere…just for a little while anyway.

    See you all in the gym!


    p.s.  We have an awesome special really designed for casual users/people new to the gym at the moment – 5 Sessions for $49.  The offer ends at the end of this week and the passes can be used right up until the end of June 2017.

    Gym Update #1 – New Gear and other stuff

    So I have a bit of ground to cover here so let’s go.

    First, we have a great new product in the drinks fridge in ‘Life Aid’.  This stuff is awesome and has a heap of products that many of you will already be supplementing with – ginger, cayenne and turmeric for anti-inflammatory, magnesium, vitamin c…only 45 calories and – as with the other products in the Fit Aid range, no artificial colours or sweeteners.  This product is designed to be a daily supplement…it is pretty awesome (and delicious!).

    Heap of new Floor to Ceiling balls are about to go up.  And some new speedballs as well.

    New range of MMA gloves is on the way.

    New range of Bag Mitts (particularly in SMALL and XXL sizes) are on the way.

    Working on getting in some new hoodies for winter…Black is the colour!

    Gym Update #2 – Running Club – Coming Soon

    OK.  Lot’s of questions lately about where this is at and it will all be kicking off on the first Sunday in June (June 3) at 7am.  Apologies for the early start on a Sunday morning, but with the gym open from 8am it is kind of the only opportunity we will get to do it…plus, most of the events we are talking about will be early Sunday morning starts and you may as well get used to it.

    As noted last week, in week #1 we will meet at the gym and will base ourselves there for a couple of weeks – longest run in week #1 will be 200m (but there will be a few of them!).  As time progresses towards the City to Surf, we will be increasing the distances we cover each week…to support that, we will be putting up some running work ‘to do’ in between our group sessions and will publish it here.

    Just a couple of points to note:

    There is no charge for the running club but it is for members only.  Please don’t ask if your significant other/brother/sister/friend/whomever can come along…it just gets uncomfortable saying no to good clients.

    If we aren’t consistently getting 10+ people to the sessions, we aren’t going to run them.  Happy to get out of bed extra early on a Sunday to run the sessions, but it is a demand based system…if there is only one or two people who are interested, let’s just give it away and I will write up a couple of individual programs for you to follow.

    Gym Update #3 – ‘The ONE’ Challenge – Coming Soon

    As mentioned last week, our new challenge ‘The ONE’ will be kicking off in May.  This challenge is a bit special as participating gives you a 15-minute ‘sit down’ with one of the trainers to work through your food and training goals/plans – remember, it is all about getting BETTER at one training element and SACRIFICING one food element.

    I am thinking that my ‘get better’ exercise is going to be barbell front squats – I tend to avoid them because of the stress on my wrists but the real solution would be to do them MORE not less…let’s see how it goes!

    Gym Update #4 – Phase 2 1%’er

    Week 3 of our strength/muscular development program is up and rolling.  Hopefully everyone who wants in has asked all the rack set up questions etc that they might have had…if not, track down a trainer and ask them this week!

    Now, this program is again intended only to take up to 15-minutes of your time either before or after class…if you want a bit more, well, try the strength program (on the whiteboard in the power rack area) or the full-body program (on the whiteboard in the upstairs gym) OR get to Body Works OR get to TANKS (yes, I know it costs an extra $13.50 but it is pretty good!) or a PT session or 2.  Anyway, here goes:

    Day 1:

    Squat:  Warm-up with 2-3 light sets of 10 reps.  Pause at the bottom of each rep (count of 1) to work through your mobility.

    Pull-ups:  Complete 3x sets of 5 strict pull-ups (10x fencepulls) to prepare your back for squats.

    Squat:  Complete 3x sets of 5x HEAVY reps of back squats.  Pretty simple – add between 2.5kgs and 5kgs to the bar from the weight you used last session.

    Day 2:

    Bench Press:  Warm-up with 3x sets of 10-12 reps of bench press.  Focus on the bar going down ‘steady’, fast UP!

    Push-ups:  Complete 3x sets of 10 strict pushups.

    Bench Press:  Complete 3x sets of 5x HEAVY reps of Bench Press.  As with the squat, add between 2.5kgs and 5kgs to the weight you used last week.

    Day 3:

    Squat:  Repeat the warm-up from Day 1 (light squats and Pull-ups).

    Pull-ups:  Complete 3x sets of 5 strict pull-ups (10x fencepulls) to prepare your back for squats.

    Squat:  Complete 3x sets of 5x HEAVY reps of back squats.  Pretty simple – add between 2.5kgs and 5kgs to the bar from the weight you used last session (back on day 1).  I don’t really like to deadlift too often so the dead’s will only be an ‘every second week’ effort.

    Gym Update – Footy Tipping and Fantasy

    Another disastrous week for most tipsters with Brad Merendino and ‘Guzz’ (whomever that might be!) winning the week on just 7 points.  Overall, Michael Campbell and Craig Burleigh retain a slight edge on what seems like 110000 tipsters just a point or so back…it definitely is ‘anyones’ as we pass the 1/3 mark of the 2017 season.

    Over in fantasy, scores were ‘OK’ and there was not much change on top of the ladder.  Good scores this week by Daniel ‘Pity about my Basketball team’ Augustine on 2213 and Craig ‘I will win the tipping and the fantasy but Geelong still wont win the flag’ Burleigh on 2226.

    Good luck next week everyone.

    Link of the Week

    I was going to blog about client expectations this week…but as it turned out, Mike Robertson already did it!


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