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    Farewells, Hellos, 28-Days Later and Beach Workouts

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Last week was completely crazy and I feel I have one million things I need to say.  First off though, 1000 thank-yous to everyone who got into the gym to train during the week…with a special thanks to everyone who came in on the ‘unofficial public holiday’ that was Friday!  It can be super hard staying enthusiastic to run classes by the end of a week – particularly when it seems everyone else in the world is taking the day off…luckily for Elie and myself who ran the sessions on Friday everyone who did come in decided to absolutely bust their butt which made our jobs super easy.

    I spent all of last week’s blog talking about the 28-days Later challenge (register HERE if you haven’t done it yet) and don’t want to do the same today…I have to admit to being excited to find out what I can achieve during the month personally AND what we can achieve as a gym together.  I have said over and over that the 3.47kg of weight loss per person last year was a great effort…but one we ARE going to beat this year.  And the 400g of muscle gained per person last year was impressive…but not as impressive as what we ARE going to do this year.  I couldn’t be happier with the progression of this challenge from 2015 to now – it has improved so much in such a short time – and (as Vanessa will attest) have spent hours and hours creating a menu for you guys that is healthy and super delicious.  And yes, it is OK to laugh at recipe names like ‘Chicken Wings Done Good’ and ‘Lamb Delicious’ but what can I say…that lamb recipe IS delicious.  And those chicken wings are ‘DONE GOOD’.  I also hope the fact that a middle aged ex-IT manager like myself can come up with a few recipes to eat will inspire you guys to experiment in the kitchen and come up with your own versions of ‘everything’ – healthy and good to eat.

    So.  On to something that is a bit hard for me to write about.  Last Wednesday night (Jan 25th) Lloyd ran his last group training session at Round One Fitness – well, his last one for a while anyway.  He is moving on to browner pastures (splitter) and whilst I of course wish him well, I also hope he regrets leaving us forever and a day.  Lloyd has been the longest serving employee we have ever had at the gym and I guess in many ways he paved the way for so many of our staff – start as a member, move into training, coaching and teaching…this is the same path that Kirei, Zara, Elie, Eden and Sarah have all followed.

    I still remember when I first met Lloyd.  He showed up on morning to do a 7am class – supposedly with a buddy of his who was a no-show.  He didn’t seem super keen to do the session since that would have meant he was the only participant…I said I would train ‘side-by-side’ with him as a show of solidarity…that didn’t really alleviate the nervous look on his face but he agreed to go ahead with it – and then came back again the next day.  I guess you can say the two of us have been friends ever since and I am really proud of the positive impact he has had on so many people in his role as a trainer at the gym (and I hope he is as well).  You will still see him around a bit of course – he is going to continue working with people needing one-on-one assistance with their nutrition via the ‘Food Matters’ program AND with those people who want to do some specific strength training, but to all intents and purposes he wont ‘work’ at R1 anymore (which is sadder than sad) and I for one am really going to miss him.

    So we have some hours at the gym to fill…and I am pretty excited to say that one of my favourite people in the world has agreed to come back and help us out by running some sessions every Tuesday and Thursday night – Zara.  Z really is an amazing person and has been training/working/training at Round One pretty much since we opened back in early 2010.  She has told me it might take a few sessions before she “gets her voice back” (meaning that ability to yell out and ‘encourage’ everyone to get moving when the classes are rolling)…somehow I think she is going to be just fine!  For anyone who doesn’t know Z, she is a super impressive athlete and incredibly strong – and works very hard in her own training.  She also has a great understanding of nutrition and will be a valuable resource for us at R1 moving forward.

    What else do I want to say this week?  Not much really – except that I am genuinely excited about a couple of the sessions on the agenda over the next couple of weeks – with this coming Friday’s team challenge one I am particularly looking forward too.  Those sessions are so much fun and – just like the partners classes (something that Lloyd introduced at the gym whilst we are talking about him!) really encourage me to get myself in gear in order that the rest of my ‘team’ can also move on…a little bit of an extra push – particularly one that is coming from ‘within’ – is always worth its weight.  This is also the last week of our current Body Work block and I have really enjoyed this group of classes…here’s hoping the next set (we are moving to a split lifting protocol of 5’s and 8’s versus the 4’s in this current block) works out just as well.  Also looking forward to another one-minute rounds class Thursday week (Feb 9th) – I thought the session that ran on Australia Day was EPIC!

    That’s it,

    See you all in the gym!


    Gym Update #1 – 28-Days Later – The ‘LINKS’

    So the challenge (obviously) kicks off tomorrow – but it is not too late to get involved if you want to.  Registration is done online and the info videos are available from our YouTube channel….all the info is below:

    1/.  Registration link:

    2/.  Info Video:

    3/.  ‘Extras’ video:

    Any questions about the challenge, please email me at

    Gym Update #2 – Beach Workout

    We are planning a Beach Workout for SUNDAY FEBRUARY 19th…so please put it in your diary.  On that day (which is a Sunday), the gym will be CLOSED and we will be running a BEACH SESSION from 8:30am followed by a BEACH BBQ.

    So, put the date in your calendars – we will be taking registrations for the day (and it will be members only) via the website once the registration stuff for 28-days Later is done.  Planning to get registrations up NEXT WEEK!

    Gym Update #3 – New Warm-up Process

    So – we are a couple of weeks into our new warm-up process and I am super happy with the way it is going.  I have to admit getting a real kick out of walking into the main gym area at about 4:55am each day and seeing everyone in the gym active and getting ready to train.  Really impressed with the way everyone has adapted themselves to the new regime so quickly…and the other side of it – that our classes are now pretty much kicking off ‘on the dot’ – has been great.  We start on time = we finish on time = everyone gets into the gym, gets their training done and gets on with their lives in the most efficient possible way.

    Sure – if a couple of people are late then they miss a round or two of the session whilst they finish their warm-up before joining in…but an impact on one person who got caught up in traffic (or whatever!) is better than slowing things down for everyone else who arrived on time.

    As noted, the trial will continue until the end of February but results so far have been very promising – please let me know what you think by email to

    Gym Update #4 – New Gear

    So, last week I previewed the new SPARC trainers that are coming to a boxing/body work class near you soon.  Today I wanted to preview the ARC trainer that is coming to a cardio area near you soon!  Have a look and get excited!

    (Please be aware, this is a L-O-N-G video rather than the ‘pump-up’ video I used last week to feature the SPARC.  If you want to understand why the SPARC is different to traditional elliptical/cross-trainers and why we have gone this way, then I would encourage you to have a look though).

    Link of the Week

    Received a suggestion through earlier today that given the challenge is now go, perhaps directing a few people to go off and watch ‘That Sugar Film’ might not be a bad idea…so, go off and watch ‘That Sugar Film’!


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