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    Round 1 Member Survey – Feedback

    Hey Everyone,

    Bit of a different blog this week.  I have read through all of the feedback that has been sent to us via our client survey and tried to put together a bit of a response to each one.  This has proven a tricky process and I did the survey in order to try and understand what everyone was looking for/had issues with rather than to respond…but I figured I would just share everything and you can all make up your own minds.

    I haven’t edited the responses at all.  If someone mentioned a trainer by name, I left it in.  If someone misspelt a word or used incorrect grammar…I left it in.  All of the feedback was anonymous so what does it matter?  You will see in my responses I do ask a few times for whoever wrote it to get in touch so we can try and get to the bottom of it…I really hope you do.  All of us at the gym want to get better and if you aren’t honest and specific with your feedback it is difficult for us to know what we should be working on.

    Here goes:

    Specific Improvements needed to the running of the GYM

    I really like getting emails, facebook pics/vids, instagram pics/vids. More communication the better I think.

    Response:  Thanks.  We work pretty hard on this stuff and are glad you like it.

    Have heard feedback from people that they met Michael when they stopped by to check out the gym and he was grumpy so they didn’t go any further!

    Response:  Thanks.  No idea what to say here.  I guess it must be true though and can only apologise to whomever they were.

    I often to my ‘own thing’ while classes are running. Classes definitely take priority and I sometimes find it hard to work out where I can train that will not be in the way. Maybe a Board / one of the cupboards in the office can be used for “free space” like if boxing is on and there isn’t anything happening on the grass out the front or the rubber it could say “free space” Power Racks, Rubber, Grass or something… just so that people do not get in the way or have to interrupt the trainer taking the class

    Response:  We probably aren’t going to do this.  Engaging with the trainer when you get here is the best way to identify an area to do things ‘other’ than classes.

    I think the running of the gym is good, it does probably need a good clean a little more regularly especially the floor were we spend a lot of time.

    Response:  Thanks.  We have just replaced all of the rubber floor which is what I assume you are referring too (the tiles have been crumbling away for a while now).  Believe it or not, if you come to the gym outside of class times all you will see is us running around cleaning things!

    There is always room for improvement but I am very happy with how things run and think over time problems that have come up have always been resolved… except the heat in summer 😉

    Response:  Thanks.  Would have been good to understand the issues you are referring too but glad they are resolved.

    The only area for improvement has been implemented already – food.

    Response:  Thanks.  Hopefully the food blog and the food matters program can help a few people.

    Bring back Thursday 1-Minute Rounds

    Response:  Unfortunately this one is all about giving the people what they want!  Since we stopped running one-minute rounds on Thurday’s, attendance has gone up by just over 26%.  It is a class I love and one that everyone ‘SAYS’ they love…but the ‘silent majority’ were voting with their feet.

    Way too expensive

    Response:  Thanks.  Not sure what else to say except that prices are more likely to go UP in the future than down.

    There are too many Assault Bikes  🙂

    Response:  Appreciate the smiley face.  I do feel my aerobic capacity has increased significantly since we installed them.

    The only additional considerations would be the mandatory enforcement of towels for all personnel and additional disinfectant bottles to wipe down equipment post use.

    Response:  Thanks.  Towels are mandatory.  If you see someone without one, let a trainer know and we will get onto it.

    Room ventilation. In summer it gets extremely hot and stuffy, really hard to get fresh air!

    Response:  Thanks.  It does get hot in Perth!  One of the members has started a collection to get a whirly bird…he tells me if everyone donates $3 we will have one!  The gym is spending money on the new rubber and an upgrade to our cardio equipment.

    at times there isn’t anyone available to assist at the front desk but this is much better than it used to be

    Response:  Thanks.  We know – but try to spend our money on equipment and trainers rather than having people there to run ‘a shop’.  Always best to try and grab the trainer straight after the session and ‘let them know’ you need something…better that than all membership prices go up to cover the extra staff.

    Treadmills could be cleaner, old chux clothes usually in the drink holders. Belt tensions also to be maintained “slip with heavier people”

    Response:  Thanks.  The treadmills are cleaned regularly and we were only made away of the belt slipping issue earlier this week…are working on a solution with the vendor.

    Changing rooom/showers need an upgrade.

    Response:  Thanks.  I really wish you could elaborate on this a little more…what sort of upgrade do they need???  To me they are always clean and tidy.

    sometimes space is a little cramped if sessions are busy or if multiple sessions running at once (or individuals doing own thing)

    Response:  Thanks.  We know – I guess the building is only ‘so big’ and there is a lot of equipment in there.  There are certainly quieter times on the time-table which might suit you better?

    One small comment – has been a bit squishy as of late could utilize the out side a bit more especially in the warmer months. A couple of bin runs never hurt any one HA!

    Response:  Thanks.  For every person who is happy to run, there are a couple who actively (and loudly) complain about it…using the space outside is a good idea but training in direct sun is not always a great plan either.

    The blogs and emails are great, they increase engagement and are a reminder to get back if I have had a few days off- they are always full of insightful content- appreciate the effort involved. Never had a problem with payments- although I think that for your own benefit you should pass on rate increases to existing members. The gym is worth it and everything else goes up annually. I don’t think regular members would begrudge a few dollars per year when you clearly put so much time, effort and money into the gym for us.   Class times are good- plenty of choice  Equipment maintenance always seems to be a priority and has never affected me- but who doesn’t mind the bikes being out of service now and again anyway!

    Response:  Thanks for all of that.  The maintenance on the gear sees us strip down each bike every week and each rower/ski every two weeks to try and keep them all in good working order…our equipment can certainly cop a hammering.

    High number of classes makes it accessible for me to go to gym regularly, provides no excuses. Great not having any 2 days of classes identical – keeps the body guessing

    Response:  Thanks. 

    Class times are GREAT!!!

    Response:  Thanks. 

    Some equipment (bags ad wall balls) leaks sand. Overall pretty good.

    Response:  Thanks.  We do source replacement covers for the wall balls (all the ones with ‘RX’ written on them are replacement covers…every single ball in the gym has one of those on it as of today!) so these are usually fixed asap…these replacement covers are $US80 each in case you were curious.  The sandbags are an issue and I feel like we have been searching for a good solution for several years now.

    Needs a good clean, con webs and toilets need more regular cleaning plus the floor area.

    Response:  Thanks.  Would be really keen to talk about this – the toilets and bathrooms are cleaned a minimum of twice each day (well, once per day on weekends) so I am disappointed to hear you have found issues.  Hopefully the replacement rubber floor resolves some of your other issues.

    The rubber mats are horrible leaving you covered in black dust and grime.

    Response:  Thanks.  How bad was it?  Hopefully the new matting that has been installed makes life a bit better for everyone…

    The blogs and videos posted are great motivation and reminder to go to the gym

    Response:  Thanks.  We spend a lot of time and effort on this stuff so glad someone is able to benefit.

    I have joined for a yearly membership 4 times and have yet to receive a bag etc. In your defence, each time you have been out of bags, or bits etc. I don’t really care so much about it, it does however highlight some deficiencies in your record keeping.

    Response:  Thanks for letting us know.  We obviously discontinued handing out the bags earlier this year but there is heaps of them in stock and available – please just let us know what you are missing and we can arrange the packs to be supplied.  I appreciate your comments about record keeping but remember, a quick email or question from you would really have helped in this situation.

    Not the gyms fault but the processing fees charged by Ezy Debit for direct debits is a little excessive, totalling more than $100 a year for a 12mth membership.

    Response:  Thanks…but there is no way that is true.  Ezidebit will charge you $1.10 per transaction for processing the payment…which even on a fortnightly membership is less than $30 per year.  Please get in touch so I can figure out what is happening.

    Maybe introduce a 7:15am class on Sunday

    Response:  Thanks…two MUCH BIGGER gyms than us (Roar and GoodLife) that are also local – one does zero sessions on a Sunday, the other doesn’t start till 08:30am.  Sunday numbers are very low generally speaking and adding a 7:15am class would only split the numbers who attend 08:15am – we would end up with no more people coming along and more costs in terms of wages etc.  Not saying we will ‘NEVER’ do this, but it is not part of our current plans.

    Just the floors are an issue.  Black crumbling… grass dirty with fluff and grime.

    Response:  Thanks.  The rubber matting has been replaced so hopefully that helps.  I am not sure what we can do with the grass…it does get swept but we cannot vacuum it (it is ‘held down’ by white sand!) so I am not sure what to do here.

    The only issue sometimes is space, when All the racks are full and a class is on, sometimes it’s a bit hard to find an area where we aren’t in the way. Whack in a mezzanine level above the rubber and you’ll be sweet! 🙂 haha…. still the best gym ever though…. won’t deter me to go elsewhere….. I love my gym

    Response:  Thanks.  Sounds good.  Just send through the cheque, organize everything with the ‘City of Cockburn’ and we will be good to go.

    Fantastic choice of class times and I don’t think a better value gym exists in Perth. Mike is great with email communication and the rest of the staff are pretty approachable.

    Response:  Thanks. 

    I feel the added trainer in the mornings has been fantastic, especially when wanting to purchase things or ask questions.

    Response:  Thanks.  I am not sure we can sustain having two people on and working forever in what are really challenging times financially but it has certainly improved things around having someone in the ‘shop’..

    Theres never anyone available after classes to accommodate the purchasing of items or body scans

    Response:  Thanks.  Firstly, you can’t do a Body Scan after a class so forget that one – and how good is it that we have a Body Scanning service??.  Next, honestly we are here to train people/run a gym and not a shop.  I really wish we could employ more people to ensure reception is staffed at all times but unless we really bump up fees that isn’t something that is on the agenda.

    Yes! Awesome gym but it’s quite filthy it needs a really good clean!!!

    Response:  Thanks.  As noted a couple of times, hopefully the replacement of the rubber floor addresses some of your concerns.

    Things to IMPROVE CLASSES!

    Really really love the sessions. Maybe a second trainer during the busy morning/afternoon classes would be good idea having a trainer close by is always good for me pushing me that bit harder. One thing I am not fond of is seeing people train without shoes on. 1 I think it can be a little dangerous, 2 its a bit gross. I always try to keep sweat off the equiptment and I do try wiping it up if I get some somewhere, forcing everyone to carry a towel (99% of people I see do have a towel) and clean up after themselves would be nice. I really love it there none of these things would stop me coming but just little 1% things

    Response:  Thanks.  We do have multiple trainers in the gym for the morning and afternoon sessions…more than one person will be involved with the class unless they are working with a PT client.  Shoes?  People CAN deadlift and squat without shoes on – no issues with that.  They CANNOT do anything else without shoes on…shouldn’t be happening.  As I think I mentioned in another response, towels ARE compulsory – if someone doesn’t have one, tell the trainers and they will sort it out…they are only $5 from reception if worst comes to worst!

    When explaining the exceed Isra with weights eg dead lifts etc could you mention which muscle groups are targeted. I think this helps with my technique esp with new exercises.

    Response:  Thanks.  I have no idea what ‘Exceed ISRA’ means but good on you for trying to expand my vocab!  With exercise demos and such, we have a real mix of responses with people saying ‘just get on with it’ and others (like you) saying ‘slow down and explain in more detail’.  We are trying to hit the balance and are looking to take all of this feedback on board.

    A great gym, fun classes and motivational trainers! The like how every class is different and always challenging. Thank you!!

    Response:  Thanks. 

    I find some  of the trainers are very motivating and I do try to attend classes they are taking. One or two of the trainers often seem more worried about chatting to people who are not even participating in the class which means that class participants are left to there own devices. Hence I try to avoid those classes.

    Response:  Thanks for letting us know – would really appreciate if you got in touch and let us know exactly what is happening – everyone is keen for feedback and wants to do a good job…the better this kind of thing is communicated the better the outcomes for everyone.

    Great gym and classes. Honestly hard to think of any real area of improvement that you haven’t already addressed. Yet to find a better / as good offering as R1.

    Response:  Thanks. 

    I think it depends on the trainer combination. When Michael is there people definitely train harder and the intensity of the workouts are felt. There are times when some trainers hover around their friends too much. It would be good for them to remember the other gym goers especially beginners.     Outside the class all trainers are approachable and friendly which helps maintain the great vibe the gym has.

    Response:  Thanks.  Again, would love it if you could get in touch and share your specific feedback.

    Not much needs changing, only one thing and that’s only because I’m so busy. If the instructions to class can be quick so we start by 9.20, sometimes it’s 9.30 before we start.  I do love the new warmups starting straight away but then feel there is a big break with the explanation of class

    Response:  Thanks.  This really is tricky – we have people saying they want us to spend MORE time on technique and going through things, yet others just want to go-go-go.  Trying to maintain a balance between the two is tough and I have no doubt at times we miss the mark.

    Most trainers have high energy and interact well, a few are not as in to it.

    Response:  Thanks.  Again, would love it if you could get in touch and share your specific feedback.

    Space is a bit of an issue in terms of safety and getting past the guys using the power racks. But I understand that more space means less equipment or bigger premises which means more cost.

    Response:  Thanks.  Guys and Girls I hope you mean.  Certainly at those peak time sessions (6am, 5pm) the place does get packed to the rafters…most other class times this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

    The trainers are excellent and the energy and atmosphere at the gym is fantastic. However, perhaps a small area of improvement would be to do a bit more to make sure that new members feel welcome to the Round1 ‘community’ for the first few weeks that they join. Because it’s mainly group classes and the regular people know each other and have conversations/fun with each other and the trainers during class, it can be a bit lonely/daunting for new people. If there was a bit more effort to make them feel included right from the start it might make the difference for people who attend casual classes to join on a more permanent basis.

    Response:  Thanks.  Any suggestions?

    Can’t really hear the trainers and explain things very quickly. Don’t really account for first timers

    Response:  Thanks.  You would have seen the feedback above about the demos taking too long from another respondee…it is so hard to get the balance right here.  Hopefully first timers are attending a Beginners class so this isn’t an issue – that is, after all, why we run Beginners classes!

    A couple of times during the last few weeks, there have been “Pro” options on the wall (aside from Performance/Fitness).  I LIKE IT!

    Response:  Thanks.  This will pop in and out over the weeks but wont be a permanent/everyday thing.

    Heightened focus on cool-down and stretching. I feel this is an area for improvement and will also assist personnel in warming up.

    Response:  Thanks.  We do stretch after every session…what else are you really looking for.  We have invested heavily in foam rolling equipment from BlackRoll as well so that gear is always available to our members.

    more leg work. to develop better running or cycling. or more cardio

    Response:  Thanks.  I am writing thing on a day where participants have 2x 2 minute rounds of weighted walking lunges…and earlier today the Body Work people hit back squat doubles (so VERY HEAVY)…I might need some more info on this one.  As for more cardio – more than the rowing, ski-ing, running and assault bikes?  Yesterday’s 6-minute rounds was jammed packed with it…again, we might need to get together and chat.

    Only sometimes a bit more motivation would be good but most time it’s all good

    Response:  Thanks.  Again, would love it if you could get in touch and share your feedback – if energy isn’t high and motivation isn’t UP, I want to know..

    Still more technique work needed. More focus on cool down, stretching etc. Also focus less on socialising during the session – the beginnings or a clique type vibe is forming.

    Response:  Thanks.  Again, would love it if you could get in touch and share your feedback about the clique!  What technique focus do you particularly want to see.

    Some trainers are good, some are weak. Certain warm ups take too long and are a waste of workout time

    Response:  Thanks.  Again, would love it if you could get in touch and share your feedback…as for your comments about the ‘warm-up’, when does the warm-up stop and the work-out start???  What is called a warm-up is part of the work-out if the bell has gone!

    Only thing is more emphasis on technique would be great during the actual class

    Response:  Thanks.  Really keen to understand more on this as I feel all I do is wander around adjusting peoples technique in every class…would really appreciate it if you got in touch.

    I love how the trainers get involved and how michael raises his voice. A rocket under the ass is great motivation!

    Response:  Thanks.  Some people dislike this though…trying to pick who is in which category can be tricky.

    I like being put in a group with people that are approx similar or better fitness levels to push me

    Response:  Thanks.  You will probably end up in a group with people who you are standing with during demos…if you know who you want to train with in order to get that ‘push’, probably a good idea to go and stand with them!

    I have only just started training and do early mornings often and I have felt very welcomed which as a new comer is often half the battle to go back, good job especially when I go alone

    Response:  Thanks.  Great – it is not easy to chat with the regulars (who deserve our time) AND still make anyone who is new feel welcome…at least in your case we got it a little bit right but if you read some earlier feedback you will see we are missing at least as much as we are hitting.

    Most of the time its great. Personally I get more of out of being pushed by the trainers so am keen to see plenty of that.

    Response:  Thanks.  If you aren’t getting a push along, please be sure to let us know.

    Very well run / organised / well structured / positive / well programmed

    Response:  Thanks.

    Beginners class – ok for a complete beginner however those coming from other gyms may get put off. I think it is best when the beginners class are based on technique and the circuit, not games. I know people that want to try the 7 day free pass but know they will not be convinced from having to do the beginners class first if it was more of a games session.

    Response:  Thanks. Beginners has undergone a big revamp and I suggest you give it a go.  People coming from other gyms are more than welcome to attend any class they like – we do offer casual sessions which I think is pretty cool!

    Id like Boxing classes to be run earlier on Sat morning rather than the current 7.15am earliest.

    Response:  Thanks.  The gym is open from 6am and TANKS is on and running…adding Boxing to the plan at 6:15am is just not in our plans at the moment – we already run Boxing three times on Saturday and that is enough…if you don’t want to do Tanks, we do publish weekly workouts that are available to all our members – a cardio session, full-body session, strength session and WOD – so you could come in and train on Saturday from 6am even if there is not a class scheduled.

    More cardio.

    Response:  Thanks.  I did laugh at this one (sorry) because it was from someone who also said it was too hot…I want more cardio but I don’t want to sweat!  Again – sorry, I shouldn’t be laughing as I type.  Please get in touch and let me know what you mean – between all the boxing PLUS the skis, rowers and bikes I am not sure what else to add.

    Trainers always coming around. Would get at least 2 comments per session from a trainer. Great work!

    Response:  Thanks.

    Love it when trainers closely observe technique and correct you and motivate you when needed.

    Response:  Thanks.

    Mike, passive trainer?-HAHA  I love the variety of the class content, yet sometimes there is a ‘theme’ for a while which allows you to get better at things.

    Response:  Thanks.

    When there are beginners in a class (who haven’t done beginners sessions) it would be good if the trainers could try to put them in a group together (rather than mixed up in other groups) and spend some time with them.

    Response:  Thanks.  So…this is a bugbear of mine.  We run Beginners sessions for a reason – when we have people who bypass that process and then need ‘extra’ help in the class they do attend, that help comes at the expense of the trainer being unable to focus on the rest of the clients.  Yes – new people just coming through the Beginners process might need a bit of a helping hand but we really push people through the Beginners process for a really (really) good reason.  I simply don’t think it is fair for gym regulars to miss out on the attention/scrutiny of the trainer because there are people short-circuiting the Beginners class process.

    I’ve never heard a trainer ask if anybody is injured/pregnant or needs to modify an exercise- maybe just assuming everyone is 100% or assume that people will come to them and tell them upfront?

    Response:  Thanks.  It is a requirement of attending that you let us know of any/all medical issues you have – everyone who comes to the gym signs and agreement which commits them to do this.  Now…we try to fulfill our part of things by running every class on the timetable (have a look at any other gyms Facebook site and track the number of sessions cancelled or replaced with a different session), running them on time, maintaining a safe environment etc…all we really need from our clients is a little bit of up-front communication about any injuries or medical conditions they are suffering from.  Our last words after completing demos are always ‘are there any questions’ and hopefully that is a trigger for anyone who needs to replace exercises to seek out the trainer individually if necessary.  Again, happy to discuss…

    Great variety & diversity for all levels, it’s fantastic having ‘performance’ & ‘fitness’ levels for std boxing classes as well as more intense level & beginner classes.

    Response:  Thanks.

    All of the trainers have very different attributes and the style by which they run classes. I would say the one thing I feel they can improve on is correcting peoples techniques and keeping a closer eye on clients who may not be as fit/knowledgeable with exercises. I also think its important to identify those clients who may not be as fit/strong and ensure they don’t do more than they are capable of as some aspects of the classes are quite hard and people may feel they are ready to do performance but their body isn’t.

    Response:  Thanks.  You obviously have some concerns here and I would love to discuss them – particularly the “people may feel they are ready to do performance but their body isn’t” point.

    Some trainers tend to get more involved then others. Its always great when you ALL push for more effort…although I may regret saying that.

    Response:  Thanks.  You should always get a push – let us know if you don’t.

    Maybe a little bit of pad work at a station

    Response:  Thanks.  When two trainers are available in the morning sessions we certainly do padwork (though my busted shoulder has slowed this down over the past couple of weeks).  I did a boxing workout at another gym two weeks back though and all I did was hold the pads for my ‘partner’ (who I had never met before) for twenty minutes…then they did the same for me.  I will never have clients holding pads in Boxing for Fitness at Round 1 – maybe a little bit in the occasional B+ class – but NOT in a Boxing class.

    Sometimes the trainers just talk to other members who are not in group class. More help with technique would be good and a second trainer in bigger groups may help? A second trainer in groups holding pads for some 1×1 boxing is fun.

    Response:  Thanks.  Trainers should NOT be idly chatting to people and they know that – not acceptable.  Please get in touch to talk about the technique issues.

    One trainer used to spend a lot of time on his phone and others who weren’t in the class. Another doesn’t talk to you or interact with you if you aren’t friends with them. 2 out of 6 let the rest down and I prefer not to do their classes if I can help it. The others are amazing and I love doing their classes and being pushed by them.

    Response:  Thanks.  Would appreciate you getting in touch to discuss your specific feedback.

    Some trainers to be more involved in correcting technique/encouragement during session

    Response:  Thanks.  Would appreciate you getting in touch to discuss your specific feedback.

    Not sure how to put this? It feels like (and it may be intentional for reasons I am not aware of) when the trainers pick the groups they tend to put guys together and girls together (not all the time, it just seems to be a trend)? They also tend to keep the really fit people together in their own groups.   Perhaps by mixing the groups up, the more experienced members can help the newer members? Make it more inclusive and perhaps allowed the new members to feel less excluded?    Having said all that, please note, yours is the best environment I have experienced in a gym and the trainers are super friendly and helpful. Taking the time to learn everyones name is also noted and appreciated, although perhaps at times it would be nice to be anonymous.  🙂

    Response:  Thanks.  I would say I try to make sure that I don’t isolate one girl in a group of guys or one guy in a group of girls…beyond that, I don’t really care who is in each group (though some groups of friends are at the gym to train ‘together’ and as long as they kept the chatter to a dull roar the previous day, I try to let them be in the same group).  No real guidelines beyond that…again, if you want to train in a group with a few other specific people, be sure to stand with them during the demos!

    I notice that some trainers are biased against others, it can make you feel uncomfortable at times.

    Response:  Thanks.  Would appreciate you getting in touch to discuss your specific feedback.  Are you saying some trainers are biased against other trainers because that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

    Keep doing what you are doing it fantastic.   Maybe more mobility and stretching type activities could be a plus.

    Response:  Thanks – appreciate it.  With the mobility stuff, we tried running all the mobility workshops and no-one ever came!.

    There is definitely some trainers that ‘push’ or ‘punish’ harder than others…. but generally it should be up to the participant to work as hard as they are capable.

    Response:  Thanks.  The trainers should be pushing and motivating so please let me know if you aren’t getting that.  They are always happy to receive feedback.

    Most trainers good, Lloyd spends too much time on his phone during classes where there are fewer members.

    Response:  Thanks.  The trainers shouldn’t be on their phones at all (well, maybe 2 minutes to upload a class video) so please continue to let us know if you see this behavior.

    For me personally there is no improvements.  Definitely the best thing I have ever done for my training is to be part of this gym.  The one thing I notice is the attention to technique and getting through the reps/calories etc.  This I feel could be a bit more of a focus – particularly the technique ie hands on head and feet on ground for situps, mountain climbers hands to feet!, knees to ground on plyos, chest to ground on pushups – just all the little things and a real focus on people completing what is on the board and not doing their own thing – but then again I’m not a trainer – this is just what I notice –

    Response:  Thanks.  I feel a lot of that stuff is getting SAID by the trainers…but you are right, how ‘enforced’ is any of it…

    This varies from trainer to trainer and class to class as you would expect. Some trainers seem to focus on some participants more than others depending on who (of their mates) are in the sessions. I love classes where the trainers are engaged and offer individual or small group challenges or ‘punishments’ within the session. Over the last three years this seems to have become less frequent – around 2014 it happened a lot more and was a huge motivating factor for me. I understand it isn’t for everyone, but engaged trainers know the clients well and offering extension challenges from time to time is very valuable. No need for ‘nice’ trainers – they can be ‘nice’ after class!!

    Response:  Thanks.  There has certainly been a big push to DROP the punishments – things got out of control there for a while and – truthfully – most people come to the gym to do the class rather than to do penalties.  There is a balance there though ‘If this, then that’ and we do probably need to re-adjust the balance somewhat.

    More involvement from arvo/evening/Saturday coaches with participants during the class would be great (I still remember the Jason/Sean days when they would correct technique, encourage better performance & hand out heaps of penalties – made for tough but awesome classes!)

    Response:  Thanks.

    The classes are very good but sometimes the explanation of exercises feels a bit rushed. In the beginner classes, it would be good to have 2 different levels at the stations for those who aren’t beginners but can only come at 8pm.

    Response:  Thanks.  Again – you would have seen from previous feedback that we are damned if we do, damned if we don’t here – some people want shorter intros, other people more detailed ones.  With Beginners, we only run 5x classes per week and that needs to be the focus.  We do have the cardio plan of the week, strength plan of the week, WOD of the week etc up on the white boards around the gym (with the full-body workout of the week on the board upstairs).  Have you thought of giving one of those a try for 20 minutes before joining in the 2nd half of the class when the circuit starts?

    2 laps of the gym suck

    Response:  Thanks.  Clearly an opinion – I like it as I can challenge myself to beat my times/lifts etc on lap 2…just need to get your head right and get after it.

    DO NOT change a thing!

    Response:  Thanks.

    I can only go by when I attended a few years back & the trainers constantly left the area to chat and left the class’s often. Michael was always the most motivating & active in the class’s 🙂

    Response:  Thanks.  Would love your perspective on how things are now…please get in touch to arrange this with me.

    This can be dependant on day sometimes

    Response:  Thanks.  Things to improve depend on the day?  That is both pleasing and worrying I suppose – please get in touch if you want to chat.

    Only thing is knowing what each ‘body work’ main muscle trained is mabey in the blog ?. ( ie. Back squats, push press, floor press )  Sometime you train legs   on a Wednesday and rock up to body work on a Thursday and it’s squats

    Response:  Thanks.  Well, you could always just check the white-boards when you are in training legs?

    like when trainers challenge you (ie go heavier with kettlebells) during a session or dish out penalties.

    Response:  Thanks.


    second trainer present at the busy classes.

    Response:  Thanks.  We do have multiple trainers in the gym for the morning and afternoon sessions…more than one person will be involved with the class unless they are working with a PT client.

    It tanks were part of membership I would probably do that more.

    Response:  Thanks.  We did offer a super membership for a while where people paid the extra $ for TANKS as part of their membership.  We have to dedicate a trainer to TANKS sessions – with a maximum of SEVEN people all using very expensive equipment – for an hour.  It is also individually programmed….all of this stuff is clearly over and above the standard membership costs that people pay at R1.  I just don’t think $13.50 for the session is a lot to ask considering what goes into it.

    Less bags and bag work, floor to ceiling and speedball seem to be “rest and relax” stations for most people.

    Response:  Thanks.  Well, the gym is about Boxing for Fitness so taking out boxing stations is not really on the agenda – particularly in the ‘Boxing for Fitness’ classes.  Maybe try Body Work, No Rules or Tanks – there is no boxing component in those sessions.

    Only thing i would change is maybe to be open later on weekends, but i know its probably not worth it. Plus you guys all deserve a break

    Response:  Thanks.  We sort of like there is a lock on the door.  Weekends?  Get in early, get a class done and go.  Once upon a time we stayed open on Saturday avo but, simply put, no-one came to the gym.  The opening hours expanded during the week to include 5am because people came along…they reduced on Saturday avo’s because no-one ever came.

    there is little extra space, but I know nothing can be done about it without moving to a bigger premise which will cost more. We sometimes get the cramped feeling and occasionally bump on to others.

    Response:  Thanks.  We know.  Remember, some class times are busier than others and by tweeking your own attendance times you might find a quieter session to go to.  5am is quieter than 6am.  6pm is quieter than 5pm.  4pm is quieter than 5pm.  8pm is quieter than all the other night time sessions etc.

    the gym needs a bit of a clean up! The toilets are always cleaned but there is constantly spiders on the treadills, the cobwebs up on the roof, dirt on the floor etc.

    Response:  Thanks.  Well, we have new rubber so hopefully that makes a difference…the grass we sweep but it is not all that effective – unfortunately as it is held down by sand we cannot vacuum it.  The treadmills = issue.  The cob-webs on the roof?  Well…just would like to understand how a cobweb 6m above your head makes YOU ineffective.  Ultimately the problem with cobwebs is there is a problem with spiders.  And the spiders come because there are 10000000 mosquitos that fly in every day because of the lake…I wish I had a better answer here but all I can suggest is drop by during the day sometime and I promise you will find people cleaning and doing equipment maintenance.

    The music was more high tempo. Sometime it can be a bit slow.

    Response:  Thanks.  All I can ask is you let us know what you want – please don’t say any of the EDM stuff which Harley listens too as that is a crime against human life…we play music from the FitRADIO service which is put together specifically to train to…

    I knew which trainer was taking the class.

    Response:  Thanks.  Not sure how the trainer makes YOU more effective, but the details of who is working when is up on the whiteboards in the office area.

    More room for functional movements.

    Response:  Thanks.  There is tonnes of room for functional movements…just not during class times (and classes are our focus).  What is a ‘functional’ movement anyway…doesn’t get more functional than a punch!  And bicep curls are pretty functional if the function you are after is bigger biceps!  If you want unlimited space to clean and jerk, coming to the gym outside of peak hours is really the only solution.

    There was a tall rope climb.

    Response:  Thanks.  We aren’t a crossfit gym and this probably isn’t going to happen.  I did upgrade the insurance this year so we COULD get them but having a crashmat is a restriction of the policy…I have no idea where we could even store one of those….

    One day a week was body work at 5pm

    Response:  Thanks.  Unfortunately this will most likely never happen.  Body Work has about 30% (at best) participation of boxing (as anyone who comes to the 5am classes can attest – we experience a massive drop off on Thursday when Body Work is scheduled) and 5pm is our busiest night-time session.  Can’t upset the majority for the minority I am sorry (though we do it at 4pm Thursday!).

    If I moved closer to Cockburn!

    Response:  Thanks.  There are a couple of pretty good guys working in the Real Estate industry who are Round 1 regulars…let me know if you need their contact info.

    A crossfit style dedicated WOD class a couple of times a week

    Response:  Thanks.  We do – it’s called ‘No Rules’.

    I was given punishments for slacking off.

    Response:  Thanks.  You should be…I will spread the word.

    Yoga classes occasionally

    Response:  Thanks.  We will leave the Yoga to the yoga studios!

    I went more often!

    Response:  Thanks.  Can’t really help you much there!

    Morning classes could start at 9am

    Response:  Thanks.  Morning classes actually start at FIVE am!  They used to start at 9.00 – the time was changed to support everyone trying to get to the gym after school drop off…9:15am is the time for that reason.

    I would like it o attend a starting strength class, would like to do more independent weights but don’t have the skills or know where to start

    Response:  Thanks.  We used to run starting strength but no-one ever came…a couple of PT sessions will put you on the right track.

    Get off my backside and attend 4 sessions per week instead of 2-3, nothing more you guys can do if I don’t do tha

    Response:  Thanks.  Can’t really help you much there!

    we had one partner session a week to get to know more fellow gym goers and keep me honest when working to complete my component of the round.

    Response:  Thanks.  Partner sessions come around every few weeks…rarely do they help anyone ‘Get to Know’ each other though as everyone picks a partner from their little training buddy group…I like the idea of it but not sure it would achieve the outcome you mention.

    I got my lazy arse down there on a regular basis

    Response:  Thanks.  Can’t really help you much there!

    I continued to lived in Perth and continued with attending the great setup at R1. I have not been able to find a replacement gym in Melb with the same energy, vibe, fun and effective workouts as experienced at R1. Miss it greatly.

    Response:  Thanks.  There are a couple of pretty good guys working in the Real Estate industry who are Round 1 regulars…let me know if you need their contact info.  You guys can live on bread and water right?

    I dunno dude. Maybe more focus on boxing footwork? I know its not a fight gym though so doesn’t really matter. Still a killer place

    Response:  Thanks – Good idea.

    Tha Fans where on when its hot 🙂

    Response:  Thanks.  If the temperature hits 28degreees, the fans go on…it is pretty simple.

    If there was a longer rope to climb

    Response:  Thanks.  This isn’t really in the immediate plans.  We aren’t a crossfit gym and this isn’t something I can see us using in classes.

    Some of the trainers tend to give the majority of their attention to the station of very high performing gym members at the expense of the rest of the class. I feel that this group of people are highly motivated without necessarily having a trainer present, whereas other groups in the class may benefit from more attention and motivation to push harder.

    Response:  Thanks.  All of us are keen for feedback and this is very helpful..

    No bikes …lol ???

    Response:  Thanks.

    I had a better understanding of the focus of each class. What benefit am I getting from the workout.

    Response:  Thanks.  OK – would love to get a better understanding of what you are looking for here…please get in touch.  It is not as if a class has a singular focus.


    Response:  Thanks.  Not sure how the price the gym charges impacts your effectiveness in the gym, but OK.

    work didnt get in the way (over time and lack of sleep mainly)

    Response:  Thanks.  Yep – that thing called life often gets in the way.

    could push harder during summer months if there was air con and two working showers in the ladies for quicker ‘getting ready’ before work

    Response:  Thanks.  The gym will never be air conditioned – how hard you push is inside your head.  The shower runs but doesn’t flow strongly…it is a building issue they continue to say they cannot and will not fix.  I have never see anyone use the ladies showers after a 5am session so that might be an option?

    Kiz came up with another fire-cracker combo!

    Response:  Thanks.  Kiz over to you??

    Lloyd didn’t sing 🙂

    Response:  Thanks.  Lloyd, over to you??

    There was a gym in Dunedin NZ

    Response:  Thanks.  We miss you too Chris!

    I continued to lived in Perth and continued with attending the great setup at R1. I have not been able to find a replacement gym in Melb with the same energy, vibe, fun and effective workouts as experienced at R1. Miss it greatly.

    Response:  Thanks.  There are a couple of pretty good guys working in the Real Estate industry who are Round 1 regulars…let me know if you need their contact info.

    extra type of class for core body work, more pilates style floor exericese would be good but also attract extra clientel

    Response:  Thanks.  We ran the core workshops and no-one came along – none of our members came along let along new people who you suggest would be interested.  Given that experience I am not sure we shouldn’t just leave the pilates to the pilates guys and try to do our thing ‘better’.

    you could have a creche, so i could come back and join

    Response:  Thanks.  No room for a crèche I am afraid.

    Warm ups and class descriptions were brief(3-6min)

    Response:  Thanks.  As you would have seen – some people want them longer and more detailed, others want them shorter…it is hard for us to win here.

    The ventilation system improved for summer sessions

    Response:  Thanks.  One of the members (Boris) is trying to take up a collection for this – he has assured me that if ‘everyone’ puts in $3, we can afford it…me?  I am focussed on replacing the rubber floor area (done) and upgrade our cardio equipment.  Unfortunately $ will only go so far.

    there was a seated calf raise machine

    Response:  Thanks.  Again, I am not sure how that would make you more ‘EFFECTIVE’.

    Small group classes with specific topics to improve some areas

    Response:  Thanks.  Like…TANKS?  We also ran the small group workshops we changing focus areas every week on a Friday…but no-one ever came along.  I guess I appreciate the idea but we did try doing this only to get a resounding thumbs down from our members.

    there were less assault bikes programmed for the classes 🙂

    Response:  Thanks.

    more weights components in the class – although I do understand I can do Bodywork (which is on the cards) classes for that

    Response:  Thanks.  You got it in one.  That’s what Body Work is for!

    the fans were turned on more often.. 🙂

    Response:  Thanks.  If the temperature hits 28degreees, the fans go on…it is pretty simple.

    If the music was a but more energised and less radio pop songs

    Response:  Thanks.  I am not really sure what this means…if I had my way we would play ‘The Clash’ and ‘The Ramones’ 24×7 but I am not sure we should…what music do you want to hear?

    Not everyone is on Facebook….being able to see what workouts are in the session.

    Response:  Thanks.  Facebook is a free service…you could always create an account just to look at gym stuff if you were keen!  You know, Jane Doe (or John Doe) who has no friends but ‘LIKES’ and ‘FOLLOWS’ Round 1 Fitness…

    Maybe design some sort of phone app that will be able to tell you what the work out is for the day, or put in on your website

    Response:  Thanks.  We use social media to fill this void…spending a few thousand dollars on an app when we can provide images and video at no cost seems a little unnecessary.  We also get comments from people that they don’t want to know what is in the workout – if it looks too hard they wont want to come…

    More time between classes to stretch and warm up

    Response:  Thanks.  That would mean less classes though…would you be happy with that

    I was pushed a bit harder at times

    Response:  Thanks.  You should be getting pushed…have you asked?  That might not be the vibe you are giving off???

    some more weights during boxing now and then (deadlifts, cleans etc.)

    Response:  Thanks.  Those lifts are a bit tricky for most boxing people…we are talking Body Work here when we do that stuff all the time – and TANKS as well.

    despite being terrible at it.  I do like the 1-on-1 boxing Mike does with the pads

    Response:  Thanks.  It’s pretty cool…my shoulder is feeling better so hopefully a bit more of it next week.

    I could get to the gym on Saturday or Sunday afternoon

    Response:  Thanks.  Cost-Benefit for us I am sorry…as I said above, once upon a time we were open on Saturday afternoons but abandoned it as no-one came.

    I could learn olympic lifting and other crossfit tehniques in more detail

    Response:  Thanks – That’s called personal training and I am sure the guys would be keen to help.

    I was little more self motivated!

    Response:  Thanks.  Well, if you want to have a chat, we might be able to help.

    Nothing – the gym, trainers and Mike your dedication is second to none! Fantastic gym to be a member of.

    Response:  Thanks.It was cooler with airconditioning

    Response:  Thanks.  If the temperature hits 28degreees, the fans go on…it is pretty simple.  The gym will NEVER be air conditioned.

    Sometimes morning classes can run alit over – perhaps have the warm up included in the clock running time. Not very often this happens!

    Response:  Thanks.  NO WAY – classes always start on time and for them to start on time the one before MUST have finished on time.  Classes run from between 45 and 55 minutes.I didn’t let my work/study commitments get in the way of turning up

    Response:  Thanks.  Well, if you want to have a chat, we might be able to help but sometimes life gets in the way.

    I didn’t talk to Michelle and brought more personal energy to the workout

    Response:  Thanks.  Well, don’t stand near Michelle when we are setting out the groups…

    There were less assault bikes!!

    Response:  Thanks.

    would love to see more padwork during sessions when there is more than one trainer available

    Response:  Thanks.  Just doesn’t happen often when there is more than one trainer really but agreed!


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