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    Do you deserve to achieve your goals? Beach Fit 2016.

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Thanks for all the support in the gym last week.  Our class participation numbers continue to grow – attendance has been up on the same time last year in every single month of this year so far (in August it was up by 15%) and it is just amazing to think that this trend has continued all year.  It is interesting because we actually have less members this year than last – but participation is up…this is probably a terrible outcome in terms of running a business but a great outcome in terms of having a whole bunch of fit and healthy people running around the gym!  I wrote about this a few weeks back but the whole ‘just show up every day and get it done’ idea is the single most effective way I know to get fitter, stronger and work towards changing your body composition…good to see so many people adopting this approach!

    Before I start on this week’s little blog topic, I did want to do a little bit of promotion.  Our Beach Fit program – which includes a 10-week membership, 2x Body Scans, 10-days healthy eating plan (with recipes) and 10x DIY Beach Blast workouts is up and available – you can sign-up HERE.  This program is a great chance for anyone looking to get fit and strong (and hopefully even lose a couple of kgs!) over summer to do it in what is a really supportive environment down at Round 1…if you know anyone who is thinking about getting in shape or has spoken about giving the gym ‘a go’, there probably wont be a better value for money package offered by us ‘ever’…I still don’t really understand how I came up with the number of $250 for something that really should be closer to $500 based on what I am seeing offered elsewhere but there you go…anyway – if you know anyone who is ‘thinking’ about it, this would be a great way for them to jump in.

    Enough of the ‘come train at Round 1’ stuff ‘cos I am sure most people reading this don’t need to (or want to) hear about it – this is supposed to be about a bit of fun and motivation for the week ahead right?  So on to this week’s topic.

    During the average week I would have conversations with maybe 20 people about their training, what they are doing, how they are doing it and what they are trying to achieve.  Footy has started again for me (yep, already!) and now that is on you can probably add another 10 people to that number – I guess what I am trying to say is I feel like I talk to a LOT of people about the things they are doing and the things they are hoping to achieve.  Which is nice and I like to think that I even help a couple of them!

    One thing has struck me about all of these conversations lately – and this is probably not the ‘nicest’ way to think – but I have been starting to wonder whether the first question I should be asking someone when they tell me what they are trying to do is ‘Do you think you deserve that?’  As in, I understand what it is you want to do/where you want to get to, but have you REALLY been doing everything you need to in order to get it?

    Like I said – that can be thought of a pretty harsh judgement but when I have been applying that question to my own life lately – to my training I suppose but more specifically to my business – I have to say that some of the things I want to achieve I haven’t been able too and, if I was truly honest with myself, the reason is because that I just don’t deserve the outcome I ‘WANT’ because I haven’t done all of the work that I should have done.  Too often there are tasks left un-done or at best half finished, conversations not had (or at best, half finished)…I am sure you get the idea.  So when I sit down to review where things are at, what has/hasn’t happened and what I have/haven’t been able to achieve, well, very rarely can I look back at things and say ‘You did everything you could have to get there’.  Usually when I look back with a critical view, the reason I didn’t quite make it is a simple one – ME.  I was lazy, inefficient, lacked attention to detail..whatever.  I didn’t get what I wanted because I didn’t deserve the outcome I wanted based on my actions.

    Is everything as simple as that?  Of course not.  Sometimes it isn’t your actions that hold you back – but rather a lack of knowledge.  I guess the easiest example of this comes from the gym – someone who is getting to the gym every day but haven’t quite ‘figured out’ their food yet – still too much sugar, carbs, etc – so whilst they are doing ‘everything right’ haven’t been able to lose the 5kgs they had hoped to lose.  Now this situation is not as easy as ‘your actions didn’t deserve the outcome you wanted’ – but at some point there has to be a ‘look in the mirror’ moment where you say to yourself ‘Maybe I am missing something here?’ and go and find out what the missing piece of the puzzle is…if you don’t do that, well I know you know what I am going to say.

    If you really want something you CAN have it – I will always believe this – but make sure your actions deserve the outcome you want.  I need to start doing the same.

    See you all in the gym.


    Gym Update #1 – Beach Fit 2016

    So, we announced Beach Fit last week and it is now good to go.  There are three options available:

    1/.  (This is the option for anyone who is NOT a member of Round 1).

    10 weeks gym membership, 10 day eating plan, 10x bonus beach blast DIY workouts, before and after Body Scans:  $250.

    2/.  (You need to be a Round 1 member to access this package).

    10 day eating plan, 10x bonus beach blast DIY workouts, before and after Body Scans:  $40.

    3/.  (You need to be a Round 1 member to access this package).

    10 day eating plan, 10x bonus beach blast DIY workouts:  $10.

    We will be creating the Beach Fit ‘PACKS’ on an ‘On-Demand’ basis…each person who registers will receive a pack which contains all of the documentation they need to be successful inside a plastic sleeve where they can store everything, keep it all together, keep their body scans etc.  I am really happy with the way this program has come together and truly believe if you were to commit to the clean eating, do 3-4 classes each week and follow every class with a ‘Beach Blast’ you are going to make pretty amazing progress in 10-weeks.

    Here is the Beach Fit Registration link:  Register for Beach Fit

    Gym Update #2 – Christmas Party with Boris!

    Boris (4pm regular and R1 legend!) is holding his annual Christmas this coming Saturday night – November 19th.  There are a few flyers for the event up around the gym, but in simple terms:

    –       Angels tribute band

    –       Boris’ place – 356 Wattleup Road

    –       7:30pm till ‘Late’

    –       $25 per head – BYO drinks, food etc.  There is a pizza oven there so bring whatever you like to eat!

    Should be an awesome night – great music and great people.

    Gym Update #3 – Food Matters Blog

    So – week #2 of the food matters blog went out – this weeks recipe was all about the lasagne without noodles.  Hopefully a few people thought to themselves “I could do the same thing with ALL my pasta favorites – just replace the noodles with some extra veggies!”  The answer of course is “YES, YES you can”.  Shredded cabbage makes a great pasta replacement, you can use a spiralizer to turn zucchini or even carrot and sweet potato into ‘spaghetti’…the options really are endless.

    If you didn’t get a chance to check the recipe or the challenge of the week, here is another link to the blog:

    Link of the Week

    Here we go – great link this week about the importance of GPP and how it means different things depending on what exactly you might be preparing for.  It is a really cool little back-and-forth video that I got quite a bit out of:


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