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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Thanks to everyone who came along and trained with us last week.  I know a couple of those sessions almost qualified for the ‘all-timers’ category – particularly if you (like me) absolutely insist on finishing ALL of the requisite calories on the cardio equipment inside the allocated time cap.  I felt that on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had moments when the most I could do was sit on the floor and recover mid-circuit – good times.  It all has to be making us better, right?

    It was during Saturday’s session – which due to Elie’s ‘fun changes’ to the class became little more than a smash session for a few of us – that I really did get a reminder of the different fitness journeys that each of us are on.  Or should I say, both the different fitness journeys and the different stages of fitness journeys that each of us are on!  None of that is meant to sound as a criticism of anyone – but the reality is that whilst we are all training together there really is NO expectation that you achieve what the person next to you has – the only expectation is that you are doing the best you can and not trying to take any short cuts…the more consistently you put out maximum effort during each session the better the outcomes you will get.

    ‘Fitness’ is a long-term challenge and not one that is conquered in a matter of days, weeks or months.  I admit, I often finish a session and get disheartened when I catch a glance of my reflection in the mirror as I walk by – after all, surely after having just done ‘all that work’ there should be some kind of immediate transformative effect, right?  But it doesn’t work that way (which is a real shame I have to say – it would be WAY more motivating if there was).  And this next part is stating the bleeding obvious but if you are getting to the gym twice per week, whilst you CAN (and WILL) make progress but comparing your results to someone getting in three or four times each week is not a good plan – assuming all else is equal (diet, stress, sleep) the person who gets in a bit more will become “FITTER” than you quickly – after all, in a 3-month period training twice per week would be 26x sessions…three times per week would be 39 sessions and four times per week would be 52 sessions…I know it is stating the bleeding obvious to say that training four times each week is DOUBLE training twice each week, but it isn’t until you start dealing in the ‘end game’ numbers that you can see exactly what the impact of ‘more sessions’ per week can be.  Just the fact the person getting in twice as much has been able to PRACTICE the ‘skills’ involved in training twice as much will give them a significant advantage when it comes to how well they are able to train…

    I am not saying all of this to suggest that everyone ‘MUST’ get into the gym more often – having lived the corporate life for the majority of my adult years I really DO understand that sometimes getting to the gym even ONCE in a week is a miracle for a lot of you with work and family commitments – but to say that you need to be careful the way you are judging yourself, perceiving your own efforts and abilities when in the gym.  If you are looking at the person next to you and feeling a bit of disappointment that they are fitter/stronger/more flexible etc than you seem to be, you should consider that you are comparing yourself to someone who might be training a whole lot more than you are, who might have been training a LOT longer than you have been – and you are also comparing yourself to someone who might be in their own little internal circle of discomfort but are just doing a really good job of keeping it hidden from you!  Don’t get down on yourself – stay positive – it is a journey and as long as you have made the effort to train and are (honestly) doing the best your can, well, stick at it – you WILL get better.

    Fitness is a long-term challenge.  As anyone who has done one of our training/food challenges before can attest, spending a few weeks committing to your training and diet WILL get you some results (and might get you some AMAZING results if you are lucky) – but unless you maintain the focus for the long term you will find yourself right back where you started within a few short months of the challenge being over.  (I guess that pretty simple statement is a reason why we initiated the ‘Food Matters’ program).  Fitness is a long-term challenge.  You can achieve great and amazing things in a short timeframe – but ongoing success only comes with ongoing focus and commitment.  If you allow negative thoughts to enter your head about ‘Where you are at’, well, I am pretty confident you are ahead of the person you would be if you had decided to stay at home that day!

    Take every session for what it is worth – one step in what is a long journey.  If you are ‘only’ able to do a Beginners session, well, it is one step in the journey.  So get to the gym, take that step and apply the lessons learned.  If you are ‘only’ able to make it to a Body Work class due to your work/family schedule (or come to that timeslot by mistake) then take the same approach – treat it as a learning opportunity, do the absolute best you can, and apply the lessons learned in the rest of your training.  I understand that you might feel you are ‘beyond’ Beginners or ‘not up to’ Body Work but both of those feelings have very little to do with the outcome you can achieve by just taking the chance to complete the session and treat it as a stepping stone to whatever is going to come next.

    See you all in the gym.


    p.s.  Thanks to everyone who congratulated me on the Bulldogs’ win in the AFL this year.  I never thought this day would come and really appreciate the kind words shared by everyone (even though I didn’t actually play!).

    p.p.s.  Please be SURE to check the rules for the challenge this week.  Breakfast is a MUST and the training requirements go UP!

    p.p.p.s  Be sure to check out the details of the ‘Love for Lachie’ day on October 29th.

    p.p.p.p.s:  We are planning a Halloween Party at the gym for October 29th (yep, same day as Love for Lachie).  So get excited, get your costumes and let’s all get along to the gym dressed in something other than our training gear and enjoy one-anothers company.

    Gym Update #1 – Love For Lachie Fundraising Day

    What are we raising money for?

    The gym will be hosting a Love for Lachie charity day on Saturday the 29th of October with all proceeds going to children’s brain cancer research.  Our member Rossy (who I think most of you would know or at least recognize!) is of organising the event as she is involved with running the “Love for Lachie Foundation”.  The foundation was set up in honor of her close friend Lachie Muldoon who passed away from Brain Cancer last October – at just 10yrs of age. Brain cancer is the number 1 killer of Australian children and receives less than 1% of all government cancer funding so their mission is to raise funds to support research, the cure is just dollars away.

    What is the event?

    On October 29th, we will have a ‘modified’ program in the gym with ‘normal’ classes running at 7:15am/8:15am and 9:15am.  After that, we wont be running any more ‘Round 1’ classes and instead have a coaching clinic being run from 10:30am until 12:30pm.   The clinic will be run by two (2) guest coaches – Olympic Gymnast Jen Smith and CrossFIt games athlete Brian Beck.  These clinics have been designed to offer something for everyone for those of you who are keen to develop their gymnastic skills ie: pull ups, muscle ups, hand stands and also a lifting session focused on some lifting technique and a couple of workouts one of which will be a WORKOUT FOR LACHIE designed as a tribute to him.

    How much does it cost?

    You can buy tickets for $50 for the guest coaching clinic at the following link

    There will be food stalls running all day starting with brekky from 7am, naughty and nice treat stalls so we will really see if the Round 1’ers are naughty or nice the sales on the day will tell all! Also following the special coaching clinic there will be a carpark recovery lunch available for those wanting to refuel with a gourmet burger and a few beers / wines for sale too.


    On Love for Lachie Day you can bring a friend, family member, work colleague anyone for a $5 donation to Love for Lachie so come along and bring a training buddy to any of the 7.15am, 8.15am and 9.15am boxing classes – they can train for just $5 and all of that money will be donated directly to the ‘Love for Lachie Foundation’.

    What else?  Well,  a holiday to BALI is up for grabs!!!!!

    Throughout the morning sessions we will be running some raffles, games and challenges and have some awesome prizes up for grabs including : Kettlebell and merchandise pack from Black Wolf Kettlebells, Nimble Activewear $100 and $150 vouchers, The Quarrie Bar and Bistro $100 voucher, RXD Unbroken recovery pack, 4 x double passes for stand up paddle lessons from Stand Up Surf North Fremantle. We also have a major prize which is a Bali Holiday including 5 nights deluxe accommodation and a $250 travel voucher from Attadale Travel, tickets for the Bali raffle will go on sale the week before the event so bring a few dollars to the gym with you to get on to that great prize too!

     Gym Update #2 – Skate Innovation Start-up

    One of our long-term members – Dan De Gaye – has a really exciting new business called ‘Skate Innovation’.  What’s the innovation?  Well – Dan is a clever bloke and has managed to design a skateboard that kids from just TWO (2) years old can ride.  Not a scooter and not a tricycle – a SKATEBOARD.

    His company has a ‘Crowd Funding’ campaign that launches TOMORROW (Monday, October 10th) and if you want to be part of this amazing new product you can…when you see the videos and understand that the product scales and can be used in different ‘modes’ as your kids become more adept, well – you will be amazed and will want to be involved!  Have a look at Daniel’s website (link is below) to see the videos and get involved.

    Gym Update #3 – October ‘Hit IT’ Challenge

    Our October Challenge (the HIT IT Challenge) is now one week down and I hope everyone is going well.  I have to admit that this time I didn’t really struggle too much with the sugar cravings – I guess after regularly doing these sort of things for a few years now I have now gotten the sugars in my ‘regular’ diet down low enough so that when I do have to ‘cut it out’ I don’t suffer all that much.  I have been hearing a few stories of headaches and ‘fatigue’ though and all I can promise you is ‘stick at it’ and you WILL feel better…not just better than ‘no headaches’ but actually better than EVER!

    This week’s new challenge is ‘Must Eat Breakfast’ and we know that presents a bit of a time challenge for a lot of you – cooking breakfast is hard due to time and taking the ‘quick option’ (commercial breakfast cereal) doesn’t work because of the added sweeteners in those products.  To try and provide you with a bit of support, our own ‘Food Matters’ queen, Sez, has put together a quick video on how to make overnight oats which we put up on our YouTube channel last Thursday….if you haven’t seen it, check the link below before you go to bed tonight and you will be all set for breakfast on MONDAY MORNING (which is tomorrow!!!).

    Here’s the link:  (…and I am guessing it is pretty good to click on a Round 1 video without having to stare at my ugly mug!)

    Gym Update #4 – Food Matters is GO

    The Food Matters program is ‘GO’ and consists of 4x 1-on-1 consultations over a 2-month period.  There will be a one-hour kick-off session then 30-minute follow-up meetings every 2-weeks thereafter.  The cost of all these sessions – and the before and after body scans AND the program hand-book – is all included in the program price of $200 (do the sums…this is a pretty good value package!).

    We have sent out invitations to the first group of TEN (10) registered people asking them if they would like to participate – please let us know ASAP if you want to take up the offer of a place in the program OR if you would rather ‘WAIT’ and do it later or ‘WITHDRAW’ from the waiting list altogether!  There is a big group of people keen to participate so whilst this might all sound a bit ‘abrupt’ the idea is that we want to get started helping people who are in a position to be ‘helped’ as soon as possible!

    If you are interested in ‘Food Matters’ and haven’t told us about it yet, please register your interest in the program via email to

    Gym Update #5 – New Website coming soon

    Just a quick note that the new Round 1 Fitness website is getting ‘close’ to being ready to go live.  The biggest change is in look and feel I guess – most of the content we ‘want/need’ is already there – but in terms of modernising the site, make it more easily viewable from iPads and mobile devices…well, the current format leaves a lot to be desired!

    Hopefully more info in the week but it is getting to the ‘Get Excited’ stage!

    Link of the Week

    A bit of a fun link this week.  Highlights of TripleG training followed by another link for the diehards featuring 18 minutes of fight footage…just the thing to get you into the gym fired up for the week ahead!

    Training link – a bit of fun really:

    This one is the fight link –


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