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    You WILL be OK! October Challenge, Boxing Motivation

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Thanks to everyone who supported us by getting along to the gym last week – especially everyone who got along on the public holiday today.  To have more than 130 people in doing classes this morning really makes getting up and into work feel worthwhile.  The sessions have been pretty tough as well and just so pleased to see how much effort everyone has been putting in.

    Before I go any further with the blog this week, just a couple of announcements.

    Firstly, our plans to host an AFL Grand Final bbq at the gym have been abandoned.  It falls into one of the ‘seemed like a good idea’ categories I guess, but when we ask for numbers in order to cater for the event and don’t get a single reply, I guess that means we just misread the day and that everyone has their own plans and events already organised.

    Secondly, we are trying something a bit ‘different’ with our classes this week.  Each day, the punching combinations on each of the bag stations will be the ‘same’ – so what you do on the heavy bag Monday will be what you do on the heavy bag on Tuesday.  We are really hoping to encourage a focus on punching technique with this small change in focus for the week…check this video (or come along to one of our Beginners sessions! J ) if you ever want to really get some help with your technique:

    OK.  Onto the blog.  We have the challenge coming up next week and I am getting the usual barrage of questions – which is all good.  But before I start to answer them (and I will answer a few here) can I just say one simple thing:  ‘You are going to be OK’ – or rather ‘If you commit to the challenge, you are going to be OK’.  I understand that taking the plunge into what is a little bit of the unknown might be a bit freaky, but you will be alright.  You might find some of the food stuff tough – you might need to give up a couple of your ‘favorite’ foods because they have sugar or sweeteners in them (the usual suspects in this category are yoghurts, breakfast cereal, processed meats including bacon and sausages, pre-packaged sauces like pasta sauce and taco seasoning) but you will be alright.  You might even learn a few things about what foods are helping you get closer to your training/body/health goals and which ones aren’t.

    When it comes to completing the training associated with the challenge – you are going to be OK.  I know it is a bit scary and you are probably hearing stories from others in the gym who have done challenges in the past and are saying how ‘tough’ they are to get through.  Well, yep – sure.  Some challenges have been incredibly tough (and some not so bad) and whilst this one tends to the ‘not so bad’ side of things – the challenges incorporating food are usually a bit ‘lighter’ on the training expectations! – I think everyone telling you how ‘HARD’ the challenges are got to the end and everything was OK.  They probably learned – just like you will – that doing an extra 10-15minutes focussed training either BEFORE or AFTER a Boxing Class is a great way to get yourself a little bit closer to your fitness goals…if you can imagine the impact of keeping your heart-rate up, pushing through for an extra 10-minutes or so every time that you come to the gym?  I am sure all of you regularly see each of the trainers in the gym lifting, doing extra cardio…well, they all look to be in pretty great shape if you ask me and it is the little extras that they do that make ALL of the difference.

    You are going to be OK.  If you commit to the challenge you are also committing to giving up alcohol for 4-weeks.  Well – you will get two cheat days throughout when you will be able to indulge, but in ‘real’ terms you are giving up alcohol for 4-weeks and you will be OK.  I know this is a hard concept for so many people to wrap their heads around because it seems every social engagement these days revolves around drinking – but if you have a few nights out and can only drink soda water with a bit of lemon (or lime!) you will be alright.  Not only that, you might find it a little easier to jump out of bed and get into the gym the next morning after a night on the sodas than you might after a night on the beers/wines.  And you will be OK!  And remember, you do get those two cheat nights during the month, so if the occasion REALLY is a special one (for example, I have a wedding anniversary during the month) then you are allowed a drink or two…but be careful on those cheat days not to have enough calories (alcohol, food and whatever else!) to compromise a couple of weeks of clean eating (and yes, it IS possible!).

    You will be OK.  The challenge is called a ‘CHALLENGE’ because it is a bit ‘harder’ than normal – but in real terms, the only thing that is ‘HARD’ is that you are making a commitment to get to the gym and watch your diet for FOUR weeks…the rest of the time, I am pretty sure everyone has ‘conversations’ with themselves about refocussing on their diet and training and ‘getting to the gym’ and ‘laying off the beers’ but with the challenges you are signing up to REALLY DO IT.  And if you do – you will be OK.

    That’s it.  See you all in the gym.


    Gym Update #1 – October ‘Hit IT’ Challenge

    The October 2016 challenge starts Monday week – you can sign up to do the challenge here:

    With the sign-up, there are four (4) options:

    – Members who want to do the challenge:  $15

    –       Members who want to do the challenge and get a t-shirt:  $35

    –       Members who want to do the challenge and get a t-shirt and do 2x Body Scans:  $55

    –       NON-Members who want to do the challenge:  $99

    I have added in the ‘non-members’ option because we regularly get asked by people about their friends joining if for the challenge but without a membership it quickly becomes a bit of a question of economics – at $18 per casual class completing the challenge for a non-member is a big ask.  But if you could access all the classes you need for $99, well, hopefully that is something that might make it possible for your best buddy who isn’t ‘sure’ about wanting to join the gym long-term but DOES want to have a go at the challenge to get involved.

    Good luck everyone – I have done my registration and am keen to get started!

    Gym Update #2 – Food Matters is ‘NEARLY’ Ready.

    We have more than 50-people on a waiting list for ‘Food Matters’ – our program that is about helping teach you to make better food choices to fuel your body for your lifestyle – not about a ‘one size fits all’ eating plan.

    If you have registered interest, please understand that we WILL be firming up start dates (or proposed start dates) for everyone who has registered within the next week-ten days.  The reason this is taking so long is that it is complicated – as noted previously, Food Matters is not one-size fits all and it is NOT a quick fix.  Each person who starts the program will complete 4x 1-on-1 consultations over a 2-month period.  There will be a one-hour kick-off session then 30-minute follow-up meetings every 2-weeks thereafter….we can only really cope with around 10x people at a time (which is one of the things we have been working out as part of the pilot).  So please be patient with us – this is a big initiative and what in principle seems ‘simple’ is not necessarily simple to implement…

    Why is it called ‘Food Matters’?  Well, I guess as a gym we are just struggling with so many people working so hard on their training, yet only making ‘real’ progress towards their body goals when they really ‘knuckle down’ and limit themselves whilst participating in a challenge.  There has to be (and there is!) a better way.  The ‘Food Matters’ plan is about education – teaching you how to make consistently good choices no matter what time of day, what social events are on and how much training you have been able to squeeze in.  The name of the program – ‘Food Matters’ – really says it all to us.  It isn’t that you can just throw your training in the bin and worry ‘just’ about what goes in your mouth…that isn’t it.  But the food choices you make are equally important and sometimes it might be a small change that makes a big difference.

    The program itself will consist of 4x 1-on-1 consultations over a 2-month period.  There will be a one-hour kick-off session then 30-minute follow-up meetings every 2-weeks thereafter.  The cost of all these sessions – and the before and after body scans AND the program hand-book – is all included in the program price of $200 (do the sums…this is a pretty good value package!).

    If you haven’t done so already, please register your interest in the program via email to

    Gym Update #3 – New Website coming soon

    Just a quick note that the new Round 1 Fitness website is getting ‘close’ to being ready to go live.  The biggest change is in look and feel I guess – most of the content we ‘want/need’ is already there – but in terms of modernising the site, make it more easily viewable from iPads and mobile devices…well, the current format leaves a lot to be desired!

    Hopefully more info in the next couple of weeks but it is getting to the ‘Get Excited’ stage!

    Gym Update #4 – Product of the WEEK

    Our POW this week is Gymnastic Grips.  Did you know we had our own amazing Round 1 designed Gymnastic Grips?  These are super if you are doing high volume bar work, kettlebell work or pull-ups – they protect your palms from blisters and help prevent callouses.  They are awesome!  Just $20 from the gym.

    Link of the week

    Since our focus in the classes this week is back on the boxing and getting more out of the ‘boxing’/’bag work’ portion of every class, here is an awesome boxing video that came out a few months back:


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