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    Injury = Imagination, Food Matters, AFL Grand Final BBq

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Cheers to everyone who got along to the gym last week.  The weather was fine (at last) and it seems we had a few ‘absent friends’ return for the first time in a little while (and for some people, the first time in a little more than a little while!).  Regardless of whether it is your first session, you are back after a break or have barely missed a day in months, we really do appreciate you getting along to the gym and look forward to working with you again in the week ahead.

    I really enjoyed my sessions throughout last week – I think I managed 4x Boxing classes and 2x Body Work classes (more about both of them in a minute) and also managed to get myself under the bar to do some weights for 3x 30-odd minute blocks…all in all, a good weeks training for me…Highlight for me was definitely the Friday session with that big calorie challenge on the bike…I really had to set myself to make it on the second lap and I find those sorts of things really drive me to push just a little bit harder right throughout the class.  I would love to hear about how your training week looks – anytime you want to give me some feedback about your training, your progress, your struggles just type ‘’ in the address bar of your email client and type away!

    I said ‘more about that in a moment’ with regards to my training because – as I mentioned last week – I am struggling with a shoulder ‘problem’ of sorts at the moment and the boxing classes in particular are causing me some aggravation.  I am finding that pushing is ‘not too bad’ – so push-ups, bench press etc are relatively OK on the pain scale.  Pulling motions on the other hand – pull-ups, rows, fence-pulls…well, those cause some spiking pains through my joint which are ‘not fun’.  So I have been dodging them.  As for punching, well – it doesn’t hurt when I am doing it but it certainly ‘leaves a mark’ and I find myself having difficulty sleeping because of my aching shoulder after doing a boxing class.  So – here is where the ‘But you just said you did 4x boxing classes’ comment needs a bit more explanation.

    My shoulder hurts so I have been doing boxing classes without boxing.  Instead of punching, I skip.  Hard punches and ‘knock outs’ are double skips (or ‘double unders’), combinations and ‘fast’ punches are ‘knees up’ running style skipping.  I am able to complete the session as planned, my cardio is up through the roof and whilst I would much PREFER to be able to fully participate in the session with all my lunch-time training buddies, doing a modified session is one heck of a lot better than doing no session at all.

    Sometimes you just have to use a bit of imagination to get through.  My reconstructed knee can ‘blow up’ on random days – for no reason whatsoever.  On those days, I still do a class – but am careful to do lower body movements like squat and lunches ‘carefully’…or, depending on how sore it is, replace them with upper body movements such as pushups, dips, kettlebell presses, dumbbell flyes…the options are almost unlimited.  You don’t have to miss out because you have a sore spot – you DO have to have a commitment to your training and a willingness to get outside of your comfort zone and use some imagination to get through each session.

    That’s it for this week.  I look forward to seeing everyone in the gym during the week…and to everyone who lived through the ‘West Coast Eagles Supporters’ “EXTRA” training last Thursday, I hope you all took it in the good humour that it was intended…and remember, now that you guys are ‘OUT’ there is heaps of room on the Red, White and Blue bandwagon for the rest of the finals series

    See you all in the gym,


    p.s.  The AFL Grand Final bbq at the gym is drawing ever closer…if you are keen on coming along I will be putting a registration form in the reception area for you to record your name…this isn’t a commitment to attend, but it WILL help us know exactly how much food to buy so please help us out by letting us know if you are interested in coming along.

    Gym Update #1 – October ‘Hit IT’ Challenge

    The next challenge – the October ‘HIT IT’ Challenge – is getting ever closer.  This challenge will involve a set number of classes AND set extras to be completed in each ‘WEEK’ of October (it all kicks off on Monday October 3rd).  It also includes escalating food challenges/restrictions – again, week by week.  As anyone who has completed 28-Days Later in the past might be able to anticipate, the old favourite ‘No Added Sweeteners of Any KIND’ is part of this challenge from the start, but a couple of the others are new to our challenges and have been inspired by the pilot participants in our new ‘Food Matters’ program.  So if you are thinking ‘Food Matters’ might be the way to a long-term ‘better food choices’ plan, then maybe (just maybe) the “Hit It” challenge will be a bit of a window into ‘Food Matters’…

    I am a bit of a challenge ‘junky’ I guess and jump in on all of them, but this one does look cool – and because of the ‘escalating’ nature of it, looks more than achievable for pretty much everyone…it really does ‘start slow’ and ‘get rolling’ and for me anyway I always find that structure the most ‘fun’ challenges to do.

    Can.  Not.  Wait.

    Gym Update #2 – Food Matters is ‘NEARLY’ Ready.

    Our latest initiative – ‘Food Matters’ – really is close to becoming a reality.  The program has been in pilot phase for several weeks now and we are already seeing some amazing results.  It is important to note that the program is about helping teach you to make better food choices to fuel your body for your lifestyle – not about a ‘one size fits all’ eating plan.

    Why ‘Food Matters’?  Well, I guess as a gym we are just struggling with so many people working so hard on their training, yet only making ‘real’ progress towards their body goals when they really ‘knuckle down’ and limit themselves whilst participating in a challenge.  There has to be (and there is!) a better way.  The ‘Food Matters’ plan is about education – teaching you how to make consistently good choices no matter what time of day, what social events are on and how much training you have been able to squeeze in.  The name of the program – ‘Food Matters’ – really says it all to us.  It isn’t that you can just throw your training in the bin and worry ‘just’ about what goes in your mouth…that isn’t it.  But the food choices you make are equally important and sometimes it might be a small change that makes a big difference.

    The program itself will consist of 4x 1-on-1 consultations over a 2-month period.  There will be a one-hour kick-off session then 30-minute follow-up meetings every 2-weeks thereafter.  The cost of all these sessions – and the before and after body scans AND the program hand-book – is all included in the program price of $200 (do the sums…this is a pretty good value package!).

    Please register your interest in the program via email to  Please also understand that this is a very resource intensive program and we are still in the process of working out exactly ‘how many’ participants we can cope with at any given time (we think that the number is around about 12 people!).  So whilst we are pretty excited about the program and driving it forward, it is important to let everyone know that even if you ‘sign up’ on September 30th, you might not actually be able to access your first consultation until a month or so later…

    Gym Update #3 – AFL Grand Final Day @ Round 1

    The AFL Grand Final is almost upon us and we are looking to have a bit of a day at the gym to watch the game.  Stay tuned for details but if you are looking for somewhere to watch the game, we have heaps of room, heaps of TV’s and there will be some sausages and burgers on the go…more info over the next couple of weeks.

    Gym Update #4– New Website coming soon

    Just a quick note that the new Round 1 Fitness website is getting ‘close’ to being ready to go live.  The biggest change is in look and feel I guess – most of the content we ‘want/need’ is already there – but in terms of modernising the site, make it more easily viewable from iPads and mobile devices…well, the current format leaves a lot to be desired!

    Hopefully more info in the next couple of weeks but it is getting to the ‘Get Excited’ stage!

    Gym Update #5 – Product of the WEEK

    Our POW this week is Rock Tape – that amazingly versatile tape that is just the thing for strapping knees, shoulders, feet, elbows and whatever you might haves right before a training session.  Because RockTape is ‘stretchy’ it is less restrictive and better allows you to ‘move’ whilst still allowing you to ‘strap up’ and support your injuries.  It is also water resistant…which importantly means it is stretch resistant so that it is likely to ‘hold strong’ right throughout your session.

    Rolls of RockTape are available in the gym for $20!

    Link of the week

    With the NFL (Grid Iron) season kicking off this weekend, here is a bit of a treat for everyone.  One of the most amazing athletes in the world – Giant’s received Odell Beckham Jr – has put out a training ‘highlights’ video.  There is some amazing footage here – both working on his physical development AND the skill minutae of the sport he plays.  Enjoy.

    (It is worth watching just for the fluro orange training shorts over red leggings outfit he puts together – trust me on that!)


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