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    1 Minutes (or 2, or 3, or 4) minute rounds, New Hoodies, 1608 Challenge

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Cheers to everyone for supporting us at the gym last week.  I know for me that the mornings were C-O-L-D and having to jump out of bed, hose the ice off the windscreen and get to work was only possible due to the knowledge that so many of you guys were WILLINGLY jumping out of bed to train.  It is a bit of a trick the world plays on us really – I much prefer TRAINING in winter, but I am more motivated to do it in summer…the time of year when I am motivated to hit the gym is the time when training is the hardest due to the heat and misery…at the moment, once I am going I am pretty happy to be there, moving around, hitting bags and lifting weights.  But getting ‘UP’ to get there is hard.  Like I say, a cruel trick the world plays on us!

    So, we ran a day of ‘1-minute-rounds’ last Wednesday to the usual ‘those are my favourite classes/I hate 1-minute rounds’ ying and yang and that has inspired me (well, LOOSELY inspired me!) to write about it.

    I know (after all, my emails always tell me!) that not everyone loves every session we run at the gym.  And I also know that some classes are (undoubtedly) ‘better’ than others.  This is just part of creating a new session plan every day for more than six (6) years and also part of the fact that not everyone is the same and not everyone likes the same things.  But I have to say I don’t really understand the whole ‘I love x-minute rounds but I hate y-minute rounds’ thing – the classes are all different I suppose but they are still variations on a theme…in some you will do more boxing, others more lifting, others more abs, others more cardio – but if you stay the course you will find that over a few weeks all of these ‘biases’ even out and you will experience your ‘favourite’ whilst at the same time becoming better equipped to cope with the things you don’t enjoy quite so much.  To me it really is a case of ‘listen to the trainer, do the exercises as well as I can’ and after 45minutes or so it is all going to be over – as Duane would say, I can do ‘5 reps of anything’ (or in this case 45 minutes of anything) – so I try to just get on with it and do it as best as I can.  I would say that I try to keep my mouth shut and get on with it but I think everyone who trains with me knows that I certainly don’t keep my mouth shut (though I do try to ‘get on with it’).  I know going in there are going to be a few moments where I am praying to be struck by lightening throughout the class (generally when I am getting calories on the bike!) but those will pass and it will be onto the next challenge.

    In terms of the classes, sometimes not ‘liking’ what you are doing is not necessarily a bad thing.  Sometimes being uncertain of what you are supposed to do can actually help you get a good outcome because it forces you to concentrate.  It is one reason I love doing a Beginners class every month or so – it gets me concentrating on my technique again which means I get just a little bit more out of every session I do over the following few weeks…I hit a bit harder, get better extension, turn my hips, keep my hands up…the enemy of good results is ‘going through the motions’.  Doing the session as well as you can – nailing your technique – really does give you the best chance of coming out of it well.  We all know that throwing half-hearted hooks with your elbows down will ‘look’ like ‘knock-outs’ to a casual observer and get through the routine with the lowest possible personal investment…but we should also know that if there is a way to make it harder then that will be the way to achieve a better outcome.

    Further to that, there is a reason that we have a ‘RULE’ in the gym to “Don’t look at the clock – Work to the bell” (check the board – the penalty is 5x burpees!) and it is for the same reason.  If you look at the clock and see there is only 15-seconds to the bell, most people will put their weights/rope away, stop their punching (or slow down/drop the power), drop their bridge, whatever it is and start getting ready to move to the next station.  No matter how long the rounds are – remembering even in 5-minute or 6-minute round classes, each of the one-minute bells during a round often means changing exercises! – if you do this half of the time during a 45-minute session, well, there is 22×10 seconds = nearly 10% of your time just thrown away.  Now, I know once the workout starts the main goal is just to ‘get to the end’ but it would probably be good to get some positive results in the meantime, right?  Those missed 10-seconds might be the spots where your results are hiding?

    See you all in the gym,


    Gym Update #1 – Product of the WEEK (or POW – cheers Sarah)

    OK – apparently the product of the week is a ‘Wednesday’ thing so I am going to post about our amazing Black-Roll rollers again.

    I have two pieces of rehab equipment in my back-pack – a Black Roll ‘duo-ball’ and a little lacrosse ball thing that I use to do pressure point work on my glutes with occasionally.  The duo-ball is by far the most used piece of equipment in my bag (to be fair, my boxing gloves stay in the gym in my locker) and the thing I depend on the most to keep myself mobile and feeling good.  If you don’t have one, well, try one of the ones sitting in our ‘Black Roll’ rack (next to the red pigeon holes) and think about getting one for yourself…they are an awesome bit of kit.

    p.s.  If you do have one of the gyms little BlackRoll massage balls at home or in your gym bag, please bring it back.  We are down to just 5x balls out of a starting number of 12!!!

    Gym Update #2 – The 1608 Challenge

    Summer Bodies are made in Winter and the August Challenge is UP and ready for registrations.  You can sign up HERE!

    This is a training only challenge – there is no food/diet component this time – and the way it works is pretty simple:

    Classes – There will be 16x Boxing classes (or Body Work, or B+, or TANKS, or Beginners) to slog through during the month…it works out to a touch over 3 sessions per week.

    Extras – There will be 8x ‘EXTRAS’ to complete during the month.  We will be setting this up so that you have a choice of 16x extra workouts to push through – none will be scheduled to take more than 20minutes.  Eight of the challenges will be (predominantly) cardio based, the other eight will be predominantly strength-based and you will be able to mix and match the extras you do to suit yourself!  Actually, reading that back it should probably read ‘BIASED’ rather than ‘based’ because the majority of them are about a 70%-30% mix (or vice versa) of cardio/strength…

    The challenge does look amazing – the ‘extras’ give you options from the ‘simple’ to the ‘complicated’ with a couple of them designated for ‘experienced trainers only’.  In terms of creating a challenge that gives EVERYONE a real shot at finishing the challenge whilst still maintaining a close watch on their ‘other’ training efforts I really do think this is the best one we have ever put together…I think we learned a lot from creating the programs in our last challenge (‘THE ONE’) and it has really helped us put together a great schedule for August.

    Remember, ‘Summer bodies are made in Winter’ – jump on the 1608 Challenge!

    Gym Update #3 – Squat Therapy

    If you have ever wanted to get your squat ‘RIGHT’ – to be able to use the power racks, squat weight for reps, understand how to manage a linear progression, understand how to add supplementary exercises in order to ‘push past’ plateaus in that linear progression, well, our ‘SQUAT THERAPY’ program might be for you.

    It will be limited to 8x participants and will consist of FIVE WEEKS of weekly ‘hands on’ group training sessions + weekly ‘homework’ and access to individual coaching/q+a as required.

    Expressions of interest to

    Gym Update #3 – Reception area changes

    So, the second phase of our refurb is pretty well done and I would like to say a big thanks to everyone with their patience with us over the past week or so.  We still have a little bit (well, quite a bit but it is good for my sanity to say ‘a little bit’!) or work to be done before we are ‘finished’ but I hope everyone agrees we now have a reception/office area that is more welcoming and functional.

    Gym Update #4 – MMA Gloves AND Small bag mitts.

    As promised, all of the new MMA-gloves and the small bag mitts are now back in stock.  All of the products are available in a range of colours and I am sure you will be able to find something that suits!  As mentioned last week, our MMA gloves in particular are an amazing bargain at just $40 – leather grappling gloves similar to these are more than double the price at most other outlets…

    Gym Update #5 – Gym Attire – Hoodies

    I am expecting our new Hoodies to be in the gym this week.  These hoodies are ALL in the pull-over style and we have gone with a different colour scheme/logo this time.  The new logo is supposed to be a bit of fun and point to everyone’s commitment to still be training on these freezing cold winter mornings/evenings…

    When they arrive, they will be $65.

    In addition to that, please watch out for our new ‘Earned Not Given’ muscle tee’s (boys) and singlets (girls) in the gym over the next couple of weeks.

    Footy Tips and DreamTeam

    Pretty straight forward week of tips with the ‘big decider’ being whether you backed the Hawks or Swans last Thursday night (but North vs Port tripped up even more people!).  Winners on the week picked 8/9 – Kristy continued her strong form, Dave Mac and Jamie Jones both ‘returned to form’ or ‘found some form’ depending on how you see things.  Not a lot of change at the top of the ladder – Justin had a bad week and fell out of the top 3, replaced by Michelle.

    Some big scores this week in Dream Team with Rocco consolidating his spot in the top 8 with a massive 2400 + total – the biggest score I have seen this year.  Others to perform well include John with his EasyBeatz (2250), the unlucky Justin (Beeliar Bogans) who scored 2247 but still lost, Craig celebrating Geelong’s return to the winners list with 2284 and Xavier – 2nd last on the ladder but also banging out a big 2247 points!  Where have you been Xavier!

    Finals in a few weeks everyone so be sure to consolidate your squads sooner rather than later.

    Link of the week

    Great article.  Great, great article.


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