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    Define your INTENT, Pricing changes this week, Hannibal for King

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Once again, just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who got along to the gym last week.  With the exception of what was a very quiet Thursday night, we had a great week in terms of attendance – just 8% down in terms of check-ins on our usual February peak…usually late June and July are our QUIETEST times of the year but it seems like there isn’t going to be a ‘quiet’ time in 2016.  Just so proud of the hard work everyone is putting in lately – it has been (very) cold and wet and we do train HARD…it isn’t easy to get out of bed/off the couch in the middle of winter to do something ‘uncomfortable’ but it seems more and more people are happy with being uncomfortable these days?

    Also wanted to say thanks to everyone who got along to our little get together at the Merrywell yesterday.  There was a great turn-out and my only regrets are not being able to get there earlier and stay later (and drink more beer but that is in another category!).  It really is tough for so many of us to find time to catch up with friends on the weekend due to work, sport, kids sport, you name it but everytime I get the chance to do it I always wish I could find more time in my life to just ‘be social’…never mind – maybe that becomes one of the goals for 2017?

    In terms of goals, I guess that was the whole basis of our ‘The ONE’ challenge – defining what things you want to get better at and really focussing in on it for one month (well, a little more than a month but whatever! J)  This stuff does start in the mind (for me, it was noticing that I had been dropping off in terms of my ability to ‘keep working’ during classes over the past couple of months) and starts with just ‘acknowledging’ that there is something you would like to do better that you can do today.  In order to make it ‘REAL’ though, I think it is important to do two things:

    –       Write it down.

    –       Define a plan (with a timeframe) to fix it.

    Again, this is why this challenge has been so great for me.  It forced me to honestly identify something to work on, it gave me a plan (either thanks to Eden or ‘I hate you’ Eden) and – most importantly – defined a timeline within which to achieve it.  The timeframe has removed the procrastination factor which impacts on so many of the things I want to accomplish in life (not just gym life)…and for me at least, procrastination hides behind the veil of being ‘busy’ – I am so ‘busy’ doing other stuff I don’t have time to get some of the things I ‘want’ to do, done.  Or, being ‘busy’ gives me a good excuse not to undertake an uncomfortable course of action when there is no guarantee of success.

    Whether you have been part of the challenge or not, the lessons apply.  If you have been thinking about your training or body composition goals lately and have been ‘I just wish-ing…’, then maybe just write down what you wish and get after it during the month of July.  If you want to drop a couple of kilos before summer, don’t wait for October – do it NOW.  You can do it now and it is way easier to drop 2kgs each month from July to October (total = 8kgs for anyone counting) with just a little bit of extra training commitment + food discipline than it is to try and solve the problem in October when you need to do ‘everything’ in such a compressed time-frame.  If you need help, that’s what we are here for and it can be done with just 3x group sessions per week and maybe a couple of extra 30-minute sessions – mostly walking and recovery – on your ‘days off’.  Well, that and being smart with your food of course!

    Anyway, that’s it from me.  Keep reading on for details about the price changes, the new reception refurb, the mma gloves and bag mitts that are on the way, some of the discounted attire that is available AND a cool Hannibal the King video!

    See you all in the gym,


    Gym Update #1 – Price Changes, July 2016 

    As per our notes over the past couple of weeks, our membership prices will be going up from this FRIDAY, July 1st.  As I have also been saying, the changes will not impact existing members (in terms of pricing) either NOW or when it becomes time to renew your contract.  If you are a member of the gym today and your contract expires next month, the month after or in the foreseeable future, we will continue to honour your current membership rate if you renew it when it expires.

    We will ALSO be changing the structure of the contracts to try and make things even easier to understand…I mean, I think it is easy to understand but if it confuses others (and the current ‘fixed term/unlimited’ concept does seem to cause confusion), then it clearly needs to change.  A couple of the membership types we have today will no longer be available (from Friday July 1st)..again, this will not impact current members (again, even at renewal time).

    What WILL impact current members?  We will no longer be providing Round 1 packs (Bag, gloves, wraps, towel) with 12-month contracts.  This just came down to a case of simple economics in that we are both providing the packs and supporting the Perkville rewards scheme which allows people to get vouchers for gym discounts simply by paying their membership + attending classes…one out of the two things had to go – we chose to retain Perkville because it is available to everyone (the packs were for 12-month members only) AND because it gave people the opportunity to buy the products they wanted (hoodies, protein, personal training etc) rather being all about a bag and a pair of gloves.

    Gym Update #2 – ‘THE ONE’ Challenge, June 2016           

    Four weeks down, one to go.  (I have to say, I wish it was 5x weeks down as one week to go means I still have to do three x extra conditioning session in the week ahead – and the conditioning sessions SUCK!).

    I hope that (like me) you have managed to stay ‘on track’ with this challenge and are looking good for a good body scan next weekend (we will do these on Saturday and Sunday so just get to the gym over the weekend and we will tick your name off the list if you registered for a scan!).  The past week has been a real battle for me – first I got sick then hurt my back – and just to get the sessions done was a real battle…I am actually pretty proud of myself for getting through it.  I am sure if you have got everything done to this point then you too will have overcome some significant difficulties…don’t let it slip now.

    One week to go everyone – let’s stay focussed on getting to the end.

    p.s.  Our next challenge will be in August and will be an exercise/training only challenge…if you are thinking about getting ready for summer, this might be one you think about signing up for.

    Gym Update #3 – Reception area changes

    In the next couple of weeks there are going to be some new cabinets/storage arrangements in the reception area as part of the work we started a few months ago with the move of all of the power/internet services etc.  These moves are primarily for storage – but also to enable us to keep expanding our range of products…people with keen eyes would have noticed all of the Rock Tape products, gym chalk, expanded protein line, skipping ropes (well, speed ropes really) and a number of other items we have added to the shop lately.  As always, we are trying make sure the prices we offer are AT LEAST as good as those you can find on shelves at other shops in the local area (try and buy Boomers at a Health Food store for $50 if you don’t believe me!).

    If you do need something, please ask at the gym to see if we have it – if we do, you can pretty much guarantee it will be a good product that does the job it was designed too AND that it is being sold at a pretty fair price…if either of these things aren’t true, be sure to let me know!

    Gym Update #4 – MMA Gloves

    We have a new order of the Large and XL MMA-style gloves on the way and I hope they are on the shelves by the end of the month.  These continue our recently updated design with the ‘open’ thumb which is an awesome solution for anyone who just ‘hates’ taking their gloves off in classes.  These mitts really do support ‘grappling’ activities so you can be sure that you can keep them on for all of your barbell, kettlebell and dumbbell work.

    Gym Update #5 – Gym Attire

    In preparing for the new changes in the reception area, we have stumbled upon a whole heap of ‘old’ t-shirts and singlets which we are selling at below cost price.  There is a range of gear there – all available for less than $15 (some as cheap as $5) so if you need some new kit to train in, check the racks in the gym.

    Footy Tips and DreamTeam

    Dream Team is still on hiatus due to the bye rounds but I can report that I moved up 3000 spots during the round to be back in the top 10000.  Has been such a frustrating fantasy season for me – I am currently 3rd on our Round 1 ladder in terms of points scored but 11th on the win/loss ladder…I actually don’t know how this is even possible (since it is all based on SCORING) but certainly need to get a ‘wriggle on’ if I want to play in the finals!

    Over in the tipping comp, St Kilda upsetting Geelong has made getting 6 from 6 virtually impossible…or so I thought!  We had 12 people – led by Brendan Corley who almost nailed the margin on Thursday night as well.  I have no idea what these guys were thinking to pick the Sainters but good on them I guess!  The leader board has tightened up a little with Alex Gowland and Aaron Thomas both moving to within four of the lead…

    Link of the week

    Bit of Hannibal this week…enjoy!


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