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    “The ONE” Challenge is Go, Concept2 Ski-ERGS.

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Awesome classes last week.  I actually missed a couple of sessions last week which doesn’t happen too often (family funeral on Tuesday, ski-erg assembly and installation on Thursday) and it really left me feeling a bit flat – I love watching the morning crew slog through the session then having a go later that day trying to see where the ‘really’ challenging stations are and how I get through them compared to the early birds…just missing that physical outlet really left me feeling a bit flat – particularly mentally – late in the week.  But – as they say – every day is a new day and every week is a new week and this week I am going to be back on track.

    We have a pretty cool challenge kicking off tomorrow and I thought I would take a couple of minutes today to reflect on a couple of the conversations I have had with people ‘thinking’ about doing the challenge over the past couple of weeks.

    As you may or may not be aware, this challenge has a ‘preset, structured’ component and an ‘independent, self driven’ component.  It is a given that you get through your 3x classes per week BUT when it comes to the diet and ‘extras’ components of this challenge, it is up to each participant to identify what they ‘want’ to work on and then they will work with one of the trainers to come up with an individual plan to help them achieve their goal(s).  From where I sit, this is a pretty cool idea and certainly offers a really unique ‘spin’ on our bi-monthly challenges.

    Chatting to people about it though, some people have been struggling with figuring out what they want to improve AND what they want to ‘give up’ which has made them a bit hesitant to participate.  And I get that in terms of the exercise stuff – after all, not everyone has a goal to do a pull-up (or 10) or be able to bench press their body weight (or double their body weight) or row 2kms in 8:00 (or 7mins).  To be truthful, I don’t have a real exercise goal at the moment (if you read the section on the challenge below you can see what I selected as my ‘exercise challenge’) but when it comes to the diet stuff I had no problem at all coming up with something to ‘give up’ – if pushed, I could have come up with quite a few ‘ONE THINGS’ to give up in fact…

    Digging a bit deeper though, it wasn’t coming up with something to give up that people were struggling with.  It was the idea of giving it up that was causing the conflict.  They are two very different things.  So you know what I mean the conversations would go something like this.  What about alcohol?  “Um, yeah – no – I have a couple of things planned this month so don’t want to do that”.  What about sugar?  “Um, yeah – that’s really hard with the kids”.  Bread and Pasta maybe?  “Yeah – I have tried that before and didn’t find it made much difference…”

    So – coming up with stuff is ‘easy’.  Coming up with stuff that would make a difference is easy.  Coming up with stuff that will make a difference and is something that ‘fits in’ with the rest of your life though?  Well, that’s hard.  But to make a change it is going to be hard – and to make a meaningful, lasting change it is going to be really, really hard.  And that is why these things are called ‘Challenges’ rather than being called “EASY’S”.

    My comment to everyone is pretty much the same as always.  You don’t need to cut out sugar and sweeteners, alcohol, pasta and bread or anything else out of your diet to make progress with your fitness, strength and body composition – in fact, I regularly to semi-regularly have all of those things (well, maybe not pasta but I am sure you get my meaning) and wouldn’t ever ask you or anyone else to give them up forever either.  But what I cannot promise you is that if you do take on the challenge of giving them up for an extended period of time that you wont find yourself eating less (and less) of those type of foods/drinks in the future.  And if you take on one of the challenges at the gym – like 28-Days Later or this new challenge ‘The ONE’ – that you wont realise that you can achieve a whole helluva lot in just one month or so and will find yourself making similar ‘pledges’ to yourself in the future whether it is inside the confines of the gym or otherwise.

    Remember, our challenges are about individuals challenging themselves to improve – maybe eat a little cleaner, train a little harder – for a short period of time.  But the outcome of each challenge is not supposed to be 5kgs weight-loss or some miraculous improvement in your performance in the gym – finishing a challenge is all about those non-tangible benefits that you get from doing a job well and finishing it, as well as the long term lessons you might have learned about how changes to your personal diet / exercise routine impacts on you!

    See you in the gym,


    Gym Update #1 – ‘THE ONE’ Challenge, June 2016           

    Our latest challenge – ‘THE ONE’ – is now up and it all starts tomorrow.  For anyone who is a bit tardy I have re-opened registerations (you can sign up here:  Register for ‘The ONE’ Challenge) and we will figure out a time to put you together with a trainer to ‘sort out’ your training plan.  For those of you who have had your 1-on-1 with a trainer, you should already have your training plan or it will be available to you in hardcopy format in the gym.  Remember – if you are unsure about any of the tasks you need to do to complete your ‘extras’, please ASK – don’t GUESS!

    I am really excited about this challenge on a lot of levels – mostly because it gives each participant so much control over the outcome.  Over the weekend I have written programs to help people with everything from ‘develop upper body strength’ to ‘help me do a ninja roll’…I just think it is awesome that so many people are chasing hard after such a diverse range of skills/goals.

    When it comes to the diet side of things, the most common one I have heard would have to be either ‘sweets’ or ‘alcohol’.  I have to admit to trying to ‘talk up’ someone who wanted to bypass ‘lollies’ into abandoning all sugars and sweeteners, natural and artificial but I guess that is my job!  I also had someone tell me that they are going to give up coffee for the month…words that would NEVER pass my lips!

    For anyone curious about my goals, I elected to cut out ‘sweeteners of any kind, natural and artificial’ from my diet.  This covers the red frogs that plague my weekends as well as keeping me on track when it comes to any post/in between meal ‘treats’.  For an exercise goal, I went with ‘improved conditioning’ and whilst I haven’t seen the plan Eden is putting together for me I did here the words ‘repeat bin runs’ so that does NOT sound like happy times!  I do need the work though (apparently!).

    Gym Update #2 – Ski Ergs Update

    Last week I said that the Ski-Ergs were ‘sorta’ go…this week it is pretty clear that they are all up on the wall and nearly ready to be injected into the classes.  Our ‘How To’ video is up on YouTube and the machines are ready for use in the gym…I wont be injecting them into classes for another week or so as we try to make sure they are all ‘bedded in’ and ready to go ‘trouble free’ so please, before a class, after a class, whenever you can, jump on and have a go!

    Gym Update #3– The Round 1 Shop – Yep, More Stuff….

    So – we have mentioned over the past couple of weeks that we are now stocking a range of Rock Tape products, speed ropes and lifting chalk – which is all goodness.  To this we have now added a new product from our long time partners at PROGENEX (makers of the best tasting, best MIXING protein you will find anywhere)…and that product is SINGLE SERVE protein.

    So – if you want, you can now get your favourite Progenex protein (including my favourite ‘More Muscle Cookies and Cream’) in a single serve sachet for just $6.  Just ask at the desk next time you are in.

    Gym Update #4 – Strength Testing Day

    Thanks so much to Eden for organising and running our 2nd ever One-Rep Max strength testing day.   I did see some pretty cool (cool = BIG when it comes to lifting stuff) numbers on the board as I wandered out of the gym around 2:30pm…so happy to see the amazing progress and great technique being demonstrated by the participants.

    I need to discuss this all with Eden of course but our plan remains to run these testing days every 6-months…so if you are keen on finding out exactly how strong you are, start getting prepped for the last weekend in NOVEMBER!

    Gym Update #5 – Hoodies are GO!

    As per the opening stanza, we have a new range of ‘RESILIENT’ hoodies in stock at a price of $45.  These are available in any colour you like (as long as it is black).  The hoodies are nearly all gone and there are no plans at the moment to get any more in…happy to discuss if you have a specific request!

    The hoodies are pretty warm and just the thing to wear pre/post session during these colder months.

    Gym Update #6 – Fitness vs Food App.

    So – I am handing this part over to fellow Round 1’er Aaron Thomas who has a favour to ask of everyone…if you are not sure who Aaron his, you can check out his profile here: Aaron’s Member Profile!

    Hey guys!

    My name is Aaron and I am in the process of designing an app and while I’ve been stressing about my target audience, I realized that I have the perfect sample audience staring back at me everyday at the gym!  I’m attempting to channel my inner Mike and write a small little post on my way of ‘giving back’ to fitness if you would like to call it that.

    However I need your help.

    I want to know what drives you AWAY from your goals at the gym.

    • Is it the lack of self motivation or motivation in general to work out at times?
    • Is it diet and finding it impossible to try to eat healthy when you got your hand in a bag of Smiths Cheese and Onion chips?
    • Is it not eating enough during the day that you become lethargic at night and find yourself eating enough tiny teddies to form an actual teddy in your stomach?
    • Is it Mike and Lloyd yelling at you so much, you can’t actually hear that well anymore? Don’t answer this.

    Any sort of responses is much appreciated, whether it be on FB or private message or you could staple your response to my head next time I’m at the gym!

    Your feedback will allow me to focus my idea on a specific subsection of the market to get the upperhand.

    Footy Tips and DreamTeam

    A pretty straight forward week of tipping this week with only the Carlton win over Geelong causing people to ‘trip up’.  A whole host of tipsters picked 8 from 9 with Nicole Hughes showing that even in her post-knee recon weakened state she can still pick winners from losers and leading the way!

    Not much change at the top of the ladder – the nameless person out in front actually extended his lead whilst young Jake Donald fell back a couple of places – mostly because his mum ‘forgot’ to log on to update his tips!

    Over in Dream Team there were big scores everywhere with a couple of unlucky teams cracking the 2100 point mark yet still LOSING…a couple of weeks back it seemed like no-one would score 2000 points ever again now suddenly that isn’t enough?  It is a crazy season.  Top scorers this week were Travis (Yangebup Pigs), Justin (Beeliar Bogans) and Andrew (Roos Stars).

    Link of the week

    This week’s link couldn’t be anything else – the Ski-Erg ‘How To’ video.  I hope you find it helpful – if not, please come back to me with any areas of improvement you might have:


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