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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great week of sessions last week – really enjoyed the 6-minute stuff on Wednesday and found the ‘wall ball clean/burpee combination’ in the last minute of each round during Tuesday’s class to be a real conditioning challenge.  We have some cool stuff lined up for this week as well – trying something ‘different’ on Friday so keen to see how that goes as well.

    So – we have a new challenge starting next week (specific details and a link to the registration are in the next section of the blog) and I wanted to have a bit of a chat about the “WHY’s” behind this particular challenge.  First off, you might have noticed that we have been trying really hard to get a nice, consistent rhythm happening with our gym challenges – we run the mega ’28-days Later’ challenge to kick off the year in February – 28 days of food and exercise discipline to get the year off on the right foot and to try and correct some of the ‘bad habits’ that we all get into over the summer ‘celebration’ months.  In December, we run a 12-days of Christmas Challenge – a challenge specifically designed to make everyone accountable for keeping their training going in the lead up to the silly season.  So those ones are easy.  In April, we run a bit of a ‘mega exercise’ challenge (like this years Elevator Challenge) which doesn’t include food/drink restrictions but does really push you to hit the gym and do a few things outside of your comfort zone.  In October, we run a ‘Ready for Summer’ challenge which is all about helping people lose a couple of kilos BEFORE they have to put on a pair of bathers in public for the first time that year, and in August we do a bit of a duplicate of the ‘April’ challenge – heavy on the exercise, no food involvement, all about ramping up your training as winter comes to a close.  Which leaves us with the challenge for June.

    We try to run a challenge every second month to help give anyone who thinks they ‘want it’ or ‘need it’ a bit of extra motivation to hit the gym consistently.  Running challenges is not a particularly easy thing for us to do as a gym and oftentimes just getting all of the trainers to clearly understand what is going on, what the rules are, how it all works is (or so it seems) challenge enough – then there are registrations to manage, sign-off’s forms to produce/create…not to mention developing the rules and ‘rhythm’ of the challenge itself…truthfully, a lot of the time running the challenges seems way more trouble than they are worth – then we run something like this years ‘28-Days Later’ challenge where participants dropped ‘almost’ 500kgs (483kg actually) and it all of a sudden seems more worthwhile than anything else we could ever do.  So, like I was saying, we try to run challenges every second month and of those challenges we then try to make every SECOND one (or three each year) have ‘some form’ of food/diet component.  Because no matter how much you train, if you don’t pay a little bit of attention/show a little bit of discipline when it comes to what you put in your mouth, well, you wont get the results on the scales/in the mirror that all your hard work in the gym should bring you.

    The ‘JUNE’ challenge has always been a ‘challenge’ for us though.  It is supposed to be a challenge that includes a diet component but we don’t want to keep ‘rolling out’ the same type of rules that we use for 28-days Later – doing the same thing all the time is more than a little bit boring – however doing something ‘different’ is not always that easy to do.  This year, Kirei suggested we try a challenge where we help people get better at ONE thing – the ONE THING that they wish they were better at – and that really struck a chord with me.  And from that simple comment at a team meeting back in late March, our new ‘THE ONE’ challenge was born…not just about getting better at one activity, but on working to change the ONE ‘bad habit’ that is impeding a persons progress.

    In my conversations with people over all the time the gym has been open, they continually reflect on the ‘ONE’ habit that they cant seem to break.  For so many people it is the mid-morning muffin and cappuccino at the office – everyone in the office is part of the ‘coffee run’ and 450 calories later they are set for the day.  Other people talk about eating chocolate after dinner whilst watching tv, others about the nightly glass of wine or beer with dinner…things they just cannot seem to get away from.  For me it is eating a bag of red frogs every single Saturday whilst sitting in the coaches box at footy.  Opposition kicks a goal?  Eat a frog.  We kick a goal?  Eat two frogs.  No-one kicks a goal?  Eat a frog just in case…I wish I could stop it and every week I promise myself…then somehow when the lollies appear I open the packet!

    The idea behind the challenge is to determine just HOW MUCH forward progress you might be able to make in one month by just making dropping that one bad food habit that you just KNOW has been holding you back.

    With the exercise part of this challenge, it doesn’t have to be ‘ONE THING’ that you want to get better at – you might not be able to do a pull-up (for example) and maybe you don’t care…hell, there are a lot of things I am unable to do and in most cases I am pretty relaxed about that fact.  Rather than getting better at one thing, you might want to improve one ELEMENT of your fitness – for example you might just want to be stronger…or you might want to be able to pedal the bikes faster for longer (increased aerobic capacity).  Or maybe it is something specific?  Maybe you want to be able to do a box jump onto the high box – or maybe you want to be able to do a pistol (one legged squat) or a hand-stand push-up?  In this category the only limit to what you could spend a month working on is your own imagination (I saw a lot of people attended Eden’s Butt workout last Friday night – building a better butt might be an example of a ‘THE ONE’ exercise challenge!).

    Much like with the food stuff, the idea behind this challenge is to determine just HOW MUCH forward progress you might be able to make in one month by really FOCUSSING HARD on a single aspect of your training for just 90 minutes per week (3x 30 minute sessions MAX!).

    I think this challenge has the potential to have as positive an impact on those people who participate as anything we have ever done – if it can create an environment that assists people in ‘breaking’ their ‘worst’ diet habit AND creates a pathway for them to really improve an area of physical weakness, then that will be amazing.  I know I am really looking forward to it…no more red frogs for me – all I have to do is really think hard about my exercise goal and how I am going to develop myself in this area (don’t worry, the trainers will do the ‘HOW’ for each of you guys!).

    See you in the gym,


    p.s.  Don’t forget about the ‘stuff’ coming up at the gym.  Strength testing day is May 29th and our latest challenge ‘THE ONE’ starts Monday May 30th…more details below.

    p.p.s  Don’t forget to check out the awesome new members profile on the website – it only went up last week and there is some awesome advice in there from Brendan.  Brendan’s Member Profile.

    p.p.p.s.  We have had a few instances lately where individuals doing their ‘own’ workouts have been in positions that cause a bit of inconvenience to group session participants.  I know no-one means to get in the way, but the priorities for equipment and floor space are as follows:  Group Classes #1, Personal Training #2 and ‘Other’ #3.  If you are desperate to do your own workout or need guaranteed access to equipment, the time to do that is during the ‘Open Gym’ times on the time-table.  I think we all know that ‘most’ of the time there is no problem and you can get whatever gear you like but as the classes run at pre-scheduled times they MUST take priority.

    Gym Update #1 – ‘THE ONE’ Challenge, June 2016           

    Our latest challenge – ‘THE ONE’ – is now up and you can register here:

    Register for ‘The ONE’ Challenge

    This is a unique challenge in that the ‘GOAL’ (well, ‘goal-S’!!!) will be set by YOU (in co-operation with one of the coaches of course).  The usual challenge ‘stuff’ will be there – this time, it will be set to be 3x group classes each week throughout the challenge – but in addition each participant will identify one food/drink habit that they are going to ‘Give Up’ and one exercise/physical element that they are going to improve during the month of June.  You will then spend time with one of the trainers working out your ‘PLAN’ to help you achieve your goals…with a follow-up session scheduled for 2-weeks later to make sure you are ‘on track’ to achieve your goals.

    We are setting up the challenge so that it costs the same as a 30-minute Personal Training session…so all of the sign-off forms etc that we have put together has all been done at pretty much zero cost.  For $35 you get access to the challenge PLUS 2x 15 minute consults with a trainer (the booking sheet for this is in the gym) and if you want a couple of Body Scans as well, you can have them for just an extra $10 (remember, these are usually $25 EACH!!!).  I’m really looking forward to it – and have already paid my money!  My intention for the month from a food perspective is to give up the red frogs I eat by the bucketful every weekend…every time I coach a game of footy I eat my bodyweight in red frogs and that is one habit I just have to break.

    Gym Update #2 – Fitness vs Food App.

    So – I am handing this part over to fellow Round 1’er Aaron Thomas who has a favour to ask of everyone…if you are not sure who Aaron his, you can check out his profile here: Aaron’s Member Profile!

    Hey guys!

    My name is Aaron and I am in the process of designing an app and while I’ve been stressing about my target audience, I realized that I have the perfect sample audience staring back at me everyday at the gym!  I’m attempting to channel my inner Mike and write a small little post on my way of ‘giving back’ to fitness if you would like to call it that.

    However I need your help.

    I want to know what drives you AWAY from your goals at the gym.

    • Is it the lack of self motivation or motivation in general to work out at times?
    • Is it diet and finding it impossible to try to eat healthy when you got your hand in a bag of Smiths Cheese and Onion chips?
    • Is it not eating enough during the day that you become lethargic at night and find yourself eating enough tiny teddies to form an actual teddy in your stomach?
    • Is it Mike and Lloyd yelling at you so much, you can’t actually hear that well anymore? Don’t answer this.

    Any sort of responses is much appreciated, whether it be on FB or private message or you could staple your response to my head next time I’m at the gym!

    Your feedback will allow me to focus my idea on a specific subsection of the market to get the upperhand.

    If you’re still here and haven’t deactivated facebook already, here’s a link to my usual blog:

    (Editors note:  Shameless plug Aaron, shameless plug!).

    Gym Update #3– The Round 1 Shop (and RockTape)

    After the details last week on Rock Tape, we have now added a couple of new products to the store – hand chalk ($5), speed ropes ($30) and Quest Bars ($4.50).  This is all part of a bit of concerted effort we have been making to ensure that once you are in the gym, you will be able to purchase anything you need to complete your training if necessary.  If there is ever something that you ‘wish’ we had, let me know and I will see what I can do about sourcing it.

    As part of this, remember from last week that we have now a retail agreement with RockTape which is allowing us to offer you all some of their cool products.  On the shelves at the moment is the 5cm tape rolls in a range of colors ($20), strength wraps for anyone struggling with their wrists during Body Work/Tanks classes ($22.50), knee sleeves for anyone experiencing knee pain when squatting ($65), ice rub ($19.95) and heat rub ($22.50) for sore muscles and ‘Rock Rub’ to help with blisters/broken skin etc from the pull-up bars and barbells.

    Gym Update #4 – Strength Testing Day

    Our next strength testing day is nearly upon us – this will be happening on the afternoon of May 29th.  If you are interested, you can come to the gym in the afternoon (we will start from 12:30pm) and test your best effort for Squat (12:30pm – 1pm), Bench Press (1pm – 1:30pm), Deadlift (1:30pm – 2pm) and Overhead Press (2pm – 2:30pm).

    There will be no cost associated with this event but it is strictly members only (so please don’t ask if your friends/family can come and participate).

    Gym Update #5 – Hoodies are GO!

    As per the opening stanza, we have a new range of ‘RESILIENT’ hoodies in stock at a price of $45.  These are available in any colour you like (as long as it is black) and we have both ‘pull-over’ and ‘zip-up’ hoodies in all sizes (the shelves are a bit down on sizes right now but will be fully stocked by Tuesday morning – half of the order is still outstanding and it will arrive tomorrow).

    The hoodies are pretty warm and just the thing to wear pre/post session during these colder months.

    Gym Update #6 – Ski Ergs Update

    The Ski-Ergs are ‘sorta’ on the way.  There is a bit of a back log of orders on these and it is looking like another month from now until they are in the gym and installed…I am sure once we get them I will be wishing that we never did…in the meantime, I just wish they had already arrived!

    Footy Tips and DreamTeam

    SIX players have picked 8/9 this week with all of them except ONE – the aptly named ‘Hot Pies’ (who I am guessing is Michelle) – having got the Geelong vs Collingwood result incorrect.  On the overall ladder, Jake Donald has retained his 2-point lead on top of the ladder with the chasing pack headed by Kristy Morris and Dani Elsum.

    Improved scoring in Dream Team this week with nine (9) out of twenty (20) participants cracking the 2000 points mark – including three LOSING teams…sometimes the fixture has more to do with the outcome than who you have selected I guess.  Congrats to Daniel (Woosha’s Pharmaceuticals) for topping the scoring for this week with 2164 points.

    Link of the week

    The attached details the recent changes to food labelling in the US – and perhaps gives you some guidance on what you should be looking for when you read labels yourself.  There are now separate line items for ‘Added Sugars’ (including corn syrup and corn syrup derivatives as well as artificial sweeteners of any/all types…together with revised details on serving sizes AND calorie info (and no, it isn’t just about calories in/calories out but at some level this still matters!).

    Have a read of the document and ask yourself what is in the food you are eating…and how does the standard serving sizes listed on the label of your favourite food (and your kids favourite foods!) translate to how much they are actually eating. – whats_different


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