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    RESILIENT, ‘The ONE’ Challenge, Strength Testing DAY

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Thanks for everyone who supported us last week by getting along to the gym.  I know it was the first week when it was ‘really’ cold for those early morning classes and (for me at least) knowing that I am rolling out of bed because a gym full of eager, hard-working people who are waiting to get at it really makes it more of a pleasure than a chore.  Please be smart on these early morning/late evening sessions though – be sure to leave the gym wearing a jumper and not walking through the cold air wearing your damp, sweaty training gear.

    You might notice that there are some new hoodies available in the gym next time you are there – and you might also notice that on the front there is one word – ‘Resilient’.  And you might wonder why it is there.  I want to try and talk about what I was thinking when I put these together and why the word ‘Resilient’ is featured so heavily.

    As I get older (and I am pretty old now it has to be said) I really have had to learn that in order to get the most out of every part of my life, I have to have the ability to put aside the thoughts, cares and worries that impact ‘the rest’ of my life and focus on the task at hand.  To be able to push ahead with one task even when other things aren’t going great – or to think about another extreme, to be able re-focus on things that might be ‘hard’ when there are other amazing things in my life I would rather commit more time too.  I guess those people out there who have a business they are trying to run and drive forward understand both of these points all too well.

    The example from my own life is a pretty simple one.  Every week day I train at either 12pm or 1pm.  Every day.  It isn’t always easy to do this and takes a lot of organisation of calendars and time management to clear up the time to get a gym session done.  Further, you then have to accept that whatever you might be working on when the ‘time to train’ comes around will just have to wait for you to be done…which might mean an impact on other parts of your life (mostly the part where you get go to SLEEP!) in order to get your training done.  Further, in order to train effectively, you also have to be prepared to mentally ‘close the page’ on your work and ‘crack in’ to the session…you have to be RESILIENT in order to stay in shape, stay fit, stay healthy.

    Other examples of being resilient in everyday life are also simple ones – saying a bit NO to party pies at the work morning tea, or NO to the leftover birthday cake that was brought into the office and sticking to your pre-packed meal.  Not giving into temptation is being RESILIENT.  And on the same subject, being resilient is taking the time to prepare your meals in advance so that there is always a healthy option throughout the work week when you are surrounded by ‘easy to get’ but ‘not so healthy’ meal options.  Meal prep is HARD WORK – when you are RESILIENT you are prepared to do that work no matter how unpleasant it might seem.

    I feel like I could go on forever here but being ‘RESILIENT’ is about being prepared to push through hard times regardless of outside circumstances (be they good or bad).  In the context of the gym being resilient can be thought of in a couple of ways – you are being resilient by finding a way in your busy life to get a session done.  You are committing to creating a fitter, healthier you by getting out of bed early, finding a time in your busy day or sneaking in a session after the work day is done – you are prepared to do hard things when there is an easy way (sitting on the couch watching tv and eating chocolate icecream – or chocolate and icecream! Is always an option).  Not only that, if you are training at Round One Fitness you aren’t exactly coming to the gym and spending 20 minutes on an elliptical trainer followed by 20 minutes of training on some ‘weights machines’.  The trainers are pushing you to do things you don’t want to do – hell, I know they push me to do things that I don’t really want to do – things that make you uncomfortable and challenge you both physically and mentally.  And you know every day you head to the gym that it isn’t going to be an easy day – that to get through the session it is going to be tough – and you are going to have to be strong in order to get to the end.

    So that’s the story behind the ‘RESILIENT’ hoodies.  I think they are pretty cool and have a bit of meaning for everyone who is tough enough to train at the gym along with the rest of us crazies!

    See you in the gym,


    Gym Update #1 – ‘THE ONE’ Challenge, June 2016           

    Our latest challenge – ‘THE ONE’ – will be released towards the end of this week.  This will be a unique challenge in that the ‘task’ (well, tasks!) will be set by each participant (in co-operation with one of the coaches).  The usual challenge ‘stuff’ will be there – this time, it will be set to be 3x group classes each week throughout the challenge – but in addition each participant will identify one food/drink they are going to ‘Give Up’ and one exercise that they are going to improve during the month of June.

    Rather than doing Body Scans on the first weekend of the challenge, this time we will be giving every participant 2x 15-minute ‘consultations’ during the challenge – the first one to put together the training program for the ‘area of improvement’, the second one will occur in the middle of the challenge and will be a ‘double check’ of progress, check of technique etc as required to make sure that progress is being made towards the end goal.  Assessment times will be available in 15-minute slots on Saturday May 28th and Sunday May 29th – the challenge will cost the same as a standard 30-minute PT session ($35) to participate.

    Gym Update #2 – Hoodies are GO!

    As per the opening stanza, we have a new range of ‘RESILIENT’ hoodies in stock at a price of $45.  These are available in any colour you like (as long as it is black) and we have both ‘pull-over’ and ‘zip-up’ hoodies in all sizes (the shelves are a bit down on sizes right now but will be fully stocked by Tuesday morning – half of the order is still outstanding and it will arrive tomorrow).

    The hoodies are pretty warm and just the thing to wear pre/post session during these colder months.

    Gym Update #3– RockTape

    We now have a retail agreement with RockTape which is allowing us to offer you all some of their cool products.  On the shelves at the moment is the 5cm tape rolls in a range of colors ($20), strength wraps for anyone struggling with their wrists during Body Work/Tanks classes ($22.50), knee sleeves for anyone experiencing knee pain when squatting ($65), ice rub ($19.95) and heat rub ($22.50) for sore muscles and ‘Rock Rub’ to help with blisters/broken skin etc from the pull-up bars and barbells.

    Gym Update #4 – Strength Testing Day

    Our next strength testing day is nearly upon us – this will be happening on the afternoon of May 29th.  If you are interested, you can come to the gym in the afternoon (we will start from 12:30pm) and test your best effort for Squat (12:30pm – 1pm), Bench Press (1pm – 1:30pm), Deadlift (1:30pm – 2pm) and Overhead Press (2pm – 2:30pm).

    There will be no cost associated with this event but it is strictly members only (so please don’t ask if your friends/family can come and participate).

    Gym Update #5 – Ski Ergs Update

    The Ski-Ergs are ‘sorta’ on the way.  There is a bit of a back log of orders on these and it is looking like another couple of weeks from now until they are in the gym and installed…I am sure once we get them I will be wishing that we never did…in the meantime, I just wish they had already arrived!

    Footy Tips and DreamTeam

    A couple of people – Jake Donald and Craig Sealey – have nailed 8 points for this week (in a week I found really, really, really tough).  So congrats to those two guys who missed on only ONE selection – and that due to an after-the-siren goal kicked in the Sydney vs Richmond contest on Saturday night.  This result has actually put young Jake (all of 9 years old) up into the lead in our competition…probably time a few other people out there (me included) to have a bit of a look at the selections we have been making!

    Another terrible week of scoring in DreamTeam with just Justin (Beeliar Bogans) and Trav (Yangebup Pigs) topping the 2000 points mark that has so long been considered as ‘PAR’.  I know that this is potentially the WORST Dream Team season that I can remember (and the most frustrating) and that somehow last week I moved up the overall ladder by 20000 spots…and this week, I dropped back down by the same amount.  Apparently there is another round of fixtures in a week’s time and hopefully no-one in our competition is forced to hit the ‘Team Delete’ button in order to preserve their sanity.  If footy tipping is stupid, fantasy footy is stupid to the power of ten!

    Link of the week

    Cool article here from Breaking Muscle about stress: .  If you are a bit lost when reading it, the key reason I posted it is because it talks about three (3) really simple stress management methods about half-way throught the article…skip right to the heading ‘What Activities are Best’ if you are struggling with the ‘point’ of the first half of the article.


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