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    Get engaged in your own outcomes, Easter Hours, April Challenge

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Thanks to everyone who got along to the gym this week.  I really enjoyed all of the bike interval (bike/barbells or bike/kettlebell) work that we did.  It was both nice to have a ‘break’ from trying to bang out 2million calories in (what feels like) 3 hours every day AND a great challenge coping with the quick transition between weights and cardio.  We have some cool stuff coming up this week as well – not least of which is the new ‘set’ of Body Work classes which are up on the white-boards and ready to roll from Monday.

    This week’s sermon is all about the choices we all make every day to either ‘engage’ or ‘not engage’ – and the impact that has on our mindset as time passes by.  I want to try and talk about my own family life and my footy coaching life as part of this – but if you kind of bear with me for a bit I will try to bring things back to the point I am hoping to make.

    A few people out there know that I decided over Christmas to stop being such an ignorant bum and to learn how to play an instrument.  So I dutifully headed over to the music shop and bought a guitar…and signed up for lessons.  But (as anyone who has ever tried something new) can attest, it is the stuff you do when no-one is watching that is the stuff that really makes a difference.  ‘Attending’ the lessons every week is not really ‘enough’ – you actually need to practice, you need to ask questions, you need to concentrate when you practice in order to actually ‘get it’ (mind you, if you ask my family I am getting worse and not better…and ‘knowing’ more things simply = more things I can now do really badly!).

    Footy is reaching the ‘pointy’ end as well.  Not in terms of finals and stuff of course but in terms of team selection for the first game (which is what all of the players have been focussing on for the last 5 months of pre-season).  Selection for the first game somehow seems more important and more meaningful than selection for round 2 or round 3 or round 17 – even though each game is worth the same number of points.  But the reality is if you are not selected for the game, there is only one place to look – the mirror.  Yes – you have been working hard for five (5) months which also means you have had five (5) months to ‘select yourself’.  I still love that Nathan Grima retirement speech from 6-month or so back (even though he has now ‘un-retired’!) where he talks about taking responsibility for your own destiny (fast forward to 5:10 to hear the part I am talking about though the whole thing is worth a listen!).  If only I was smart enough to understand that when I was 20 years old instead of wallowing in my own misery and blaming others for my own outcomes?

    It happens in the gym as well.  Not getting in as many sessions as you would like and pushed for time.  Come early and get it done before you start your day.  Saying that you are not a morning person is a real ‘whatever’ comment – you either want to get your training done/get the outcomes you say that you want to get or you don’t – it is a choice and one you need to engage with.  Getting to the gym but not getting the results you are chasing?  First look after your own ‘effort’ levels and second talk to a trainer about some extras you might be able to do.  Or some help with your food/diet.  Everyone gets great results – both in terms of body composition and just ‘feeling great’ during the 28-Days Later challenge but then 2-3 weeks later (which is all it is) are straight back into old habits and wondering what has gone wrong…the basic plan of being ‘good’ not ALL of the time but MOST of the time (28 days later gave you 2x cheat days in 4 weeks) is a good rule of thumb.  Sure – if you are happy with where you are at then you can be a bit more relaxed but results don’t come before work as the cliché goes…and when it comes to diet results don’t come without a little bit of attention to detail…

    Get engaged in your own outcomes.  If you want to get better at something, practice.  If you want to get better results, practice with real focus.  If you want ‘more than that’, you need to practice with focus and show real attention to detail when no-one is watching.  For those of us at the gym, this means (in most cases) having a little bit of discipline when it comes to what we put in our mouths and how much sleep we are all getting (refer to the link of the week if you need help here).

    That’s about it!

    See you in the gym,


    p.s.  Don’t forget to check out the April Challenge – sign up here:

    Gym Update #1 – Easter Opening Hours

    In yet another desperate effort to try and let everyone know what is going on over Easter, here are our opening hours for the upcoming long weekend:

    Friday 25th:  7:15am Boxing, 8:15am Boxing, 9:15am Body Work, 10:30am CLOSED.

    Saturday 26th:  NORMAL SATURDAY HOURS

    Sunday 27th:  NORMAL SUNDAY HOURS

    Monday 28th:  NORMAL Public Holiday Hours (8:15am Boxing, 9:15am Boxing, 10:15am No Rules, 11:15am Beginners)

    All of this info is up on the white board in the reception area.  We try to keep the white board up to date (by ‘we’ I mean Eden does a good job of keeping it up-to-date and the rest of us watch him do it) and if you have a bit of a look every time you go past!

    Gym Update #2 – April 2016 Elevator Challenge

    The next challenge is up and ready to roll – the April 2016 Elevator Challenge.  Details are as follows:

    4x classes per week for each week of April.

    3x cardio challenges each week during April.

    4x ‘extras’ (they are simple extras!) each week during April.

    The number of reps in the ‘extras’ and the number of calories in the cardio increase each week during the month – for example in week 1 there are ’30 reps’ of each exercise to do, ’40 reps’ in week 2 etc etc.  This is where the ‘elevator’ comes from – every week, we go UP!  So if you want to give your training a bit of a kick-along and really re-invigorate things as we head into Autumn, this might be just the thing – the gym challenges keep everyone accountable for getting into the gym and getting their training DONE!

    To participate in the challenge, click on this link and choose the option that best suits you:

    Option 1:  Participate + T-shirt + Scans.  If you want to have a go at the challenge AND want a unique ‘Elevator’ t-shirt AND want to do before and after body scans (those alone are worth $50) the cost is $30!

    Option 2:  Participate.  Participation only is $10.

    Option 3:  Participate + one-month membership.  Following on with some feedback from the 28-Days Later challenge, we have included an option whereby people can fully participate in the challenge (including scans and t-shirt) – including access to all classes in the gym for a month – for $99.   This one is really there if you have a buddy who wants to join you in the challenge but who isn’t currently a member of the gym.

    Gym Update #3 – New Gear – Next Steps

    As mentioned last week, a heap of new gear has already arrived and been installed this year.  Our current challenges are as follows:

    –       Assault bikes spares, repairs and everything else.  We had a batch of spares arrive last week which was kind of helpful – unfortunately not EVERYTHING arrived so we still cannot get two of the bikes functioning.  Please help us keep these going by letting us know when things aren’t working properly rather than just riding them till something ‘falls off’ and then shrugging your shoulders!  If it doesn’t ‘feel’ right and you are unsure, let one of the trainers know.

    –       Dead ball spares, repairs and everything else.  We are struggling to keep up with demand with the dead-balls (they split) but have found a new supplier who promises a ‘more reliable, long lasting’ product.  In the meantime, please don’t slam the balls on the concrete outside – ever!

    –       Ski-Ergs.  I have mentioned these a few times and we are inching ever closer to getting them in.  So everyone knows what I am talking about, please check this video:  Don’t worry, if I manage to squeeze them in it will be as if we are all living the dream, ski-ing around the gym on a pocket of air.  (Or at least that is what I took from the video…looks pretty easy right?).

    Gym Update #4 – Easter Night Market

    Long time Round 1’er Sharon B is trying to raise some funds to send her daughter off to Dance Camp in Sydney – and is running a stall at the upcoming Easter Night Market in Beeliar.  If you are keen to head along to the event (and support Sharon) the details are as follows:

    –       Where:  Beeliar Community Centre, 33 Lakefront Drive, Beeliar

    –       When:  Friday, 18th March from 6:30pm

    Link of the week

    A bit of a change of gears here – 6 techniques for better sleep.  Cool little video:


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