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    Pessimist or Optimist? How about ‘ACTION-IST’?

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Thanks to everyone for their support over the past couple of weeks.  It seems like ages since I have written a blog (it has been two weeks and the combination of weekend work, the start of footy season and the beach training session scuppered hopes of writing anything last week) and it also seems like so much has happened.

    It has been very exciting to have the power ropes back and getting used in our classes again – though to be fair I have just about had enough of them already!  It is easy to forget just how hard they are.  The new dumbbells have been seeing quite a bit of use as well which is great  – and I have programmed the next ‘block’ of Body Work sessions to use them a bit more.  On top of all that, there are so many new bumper plates in the power rack area that my head is spinning.

    Speaking of the Power Racks, when it comes to putting the plates AWAY there is a simple rule – ‘If the plate is BLACK, it goes on the RACK’ (see, it even rhymes!).  We have also been pretty happy with the arrival of the new multi-press and the way it has allowed us to ‘open up’ the upstairs gym area…it is now a machines and dumbbells area (there is a barbell there for deadlifts/cleans etc and a smith machine which gives you a limited bench platform) and gives anyone/everyone so much more space to use.  If you want to bench press, well, there are now FIVE benches downstairs…I get that this might be less ‘convenient’ but the walk down the stairs will do you good (or you could always just do DUMBBELL bench press if you are that desperate to avoid the walk downstairs).

    We are just two weeks past the end of the 28-Days Later challenge and as of this morning the number of emails I have received asking when the next ‘challenge’ will be has topped 30.  For anyone counting, that is more than 2 per day and just over half of the messages have been from people who PARTICIPATED in 28-Days Later.  People who already have the keys to the kingdom if you like – people who quite happily lost a kg per week (or a little bit more or a little bit less) with some pretty simple changes to their eating regime…but who are saying they want/need ‘Big Brother’ watching over them in order to commit to getting it right.

    On some levels I get it – really I do.  My own eating and drinking has really fallen away since the challenge ended (and little habits like eating red frogs whilst coaching a footy team look like they will never die!) and I really need to get back on track.  But this really is a ‘If it is to be it is up to me’ type moment – since I know that eating red frogs is bag, indulging in ice-cream more than once every week or so is not such a flash idea and ‘casual’ drinking (you know, the couple of drinks you have 3 or 4 days a week!) is BAD and it is up to me to not do it.  It is up to you to not do it.

    I was (re) reading the awesome ‘4 hour work week’ book by Tim Ferris this week (don’t get fooled by the title, like most books the titles are an exercise in marketing rather than a reflection of content) and he talks about there being no difference between a pessimist who says to themselves “Don’t bother doing anything – I will never get there anyway” and an optimist who says “Don’t worry about it – it will all work out in the end” as both approaches mean there is no positive change to what a person is actually DOING – and without change to the action there is no change to the outcome.  If you are frustrated with a lack of results and just decide that you are ‘never’ going to get there then stopping is never the answer.  Likewise, continuing down the exact same path you are already on is not the answer…tweak your training, tweak your food.  Continue to experiment – keep missing afternoon training sessions?  Switch to mornings.  Can’t lose that last 3kgs you are chasing – write down everything you are eating (what and how much) and figure out where the ‘leaking’ is.  It might be obvious, it might not.  Most likely it is something that you believe is ‘healthy’ that is contributing to your ‘downfall’!

    We WILL be having another challenge running in April (April 2016 Elevator Challenge) – but as per the  usual rhythm of the challenges this will be a participation based challenge (looking at 25 classes for the month with 3x doubles only allowed – full details next week!) but it wont include food or diet restrictions.  We are always happy to help here (simple eating guidelines) though and if you need help send us a note to  Challenge or no challenge though, the person in control of your results is YOU.  Take charge.

    See you in the gym,


    p.s.  If you are interested in some more nutritional ramblings, please be sure to check out the ‘Link of the Week’.

    Gym Update #1 – Easter Opening Hours

    In a desperate effort to try and let everyone know what is going on over Easter, here are our opening hours for the upcoming long weekend:

    Friday 25th:  7:15am Boxing, 8:15am Boxing, 9:15am Body Work, 10:30am CLOSED.

    Saturday 26th:  NORMAL SATURDAY HOURS

    Sunday 27th:  NORMAL SUNDAY HOURS

    Monday 28th:  NORMAL Public Holiday Hours (8:15am Boxing, 9:15am Boxing, 10:15am No Rules, 11:15am Beginners)

    All of this info will be up on the white board in the reception area.  We try to keep the white board (by ‘we’ I mean Eden does a good job of keeping it up-to-date and the rest of us watch him do it) and if you have a bit of a look every time you go past!

    Gym Update #2 – Multi-Press

    Our new multi-press has been covered in Red Leather and is in the upstairs weights room.  It is super cool, super versatile and for anyone trying to hit some hypertrophy in their training is a great solution.  After watching this video I think I might make a new one for Round 1 people (Pek – tor – rals anyone??) but it does give you the idea of how to do it!

    Gym Update #3 – Beach Training Update

    Cheers to everyone who attended our Beach Day a week or so back on the March Public Holiday (March 7th).  We had over 40 people complete the 10:30am session…as well as over 110 people in the gym that morning – not a bad effort by all of you guys to get your work done on a public holiday.

    Special thanks to Kirei who took the lead on organising the day/programmed the event and made sure that we were able to split ourselves between the venues and keep everything going…

    All of that said, we are going to play it by ear and potentially go for ONE MORE beach day this year before the weather turns…but if we do it we will be closing the gym and running 2x sessions down the beach.  One will be a ‘beach fun’ session and the other a session that is a little less targeted at ‘fun’.  I know it isn’t ideal to be talking about closing the gym for a morning but the challenges of running multiple venues multiple times (particularly as this means costs go UP whilst we don’t charge for the sessions so nothing comes IN) is all getting a bit much….We will let everyone know well in advance if we decide to go this way.

    Gym Update #4 – New Gear – Next Steps

    As mentioned at the ‘top’ of the blog, a heap of new gear has already arrived and been installed this year.  Our current challenges are as follows:

    –       Assault bikes spares, repairs and everything else.  We hope to have the next ‘batch’ of spares arrive from the US early this week and at the very least get back to 12x functional bikes.  Please help us keep these going by letting us know when things aren’t working properly rather than just riding them till something ‘falls off’ and then shrugging your shoulders!  If it doesn’t ‘feel’ right and you are unsure, let one of the trainers know.

    –       Dead ball spares, repairs and everything else.  We are struggling to keep up with demand with the dead-balls (they split) but have found a new supplier who promises a ‘more reliable, long lasting’ product.

    –       Ski-Ergs.  I have mentioned these a few times and we are inching ever closer to getting them in.  So everyone knows what I am talking about, please check this video:  Don’t worry, if I manage to squeeze them in it will be as if we are all living the dream, ski-ing around the gym on a pocket of air.  (Or at least that is what I took from the video…looks pretty easy right?).

    Gym Update #5 – Easter Night Market

    Long time Round 1’er Sharon B is trying to raise some funds to send her daughter off to Dance Camp in Sydney – and is running a stall at the upcoming Easter Night Market in Beeliar.  If you are keen to head along to the event (and support Sharon) the details are as follows:

    –       Where:  Beeliar Community Centre, 33 Lakefront Drive, Beeliar

    –       When:  Friday, 18th March from 6:30pm

    Gym Update #6 – Fantasy Footy 2016

    Our fantasy league is up and running again for 2016.  If you are keen to get involved (and we are keen to have you!) the invite code for the league is 2DCHKKLN – go to Fantasy.AFL.COM.AU to get started.  We have THREE SPOTS LEFT!!!

    Link of the week

    As per the comments at the top of the blog, this week we have a nutritional link/debate for you to have a listen to – a ‘Barbell Shrugged podcast’ – Eating for performance vs eating for health:


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