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    Challenge internal limitations, 28-Days Later, Food Prep

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Super week at the gym last week – especially that amazing session on Thursday when we DIDN’T have to ride those blasted assault bikes!  How good was that.  Of course, the party was over on Friday when we were all back smashing it out, but still – even a brief respite is a respite.

    The challenge is now in full swing and everyone seems to be doing a pretty amazing job – remember to keep your food records up to date and to ‘shop early’…get your food prep done, do your classes AND challenges early in the week and you will avoid the calamity of getting to Saturday morning and having 3x classes plus all of the challenges to do…if you have questions, please ask them – we want EVERYONE who started to finish and we want EVERYONE to get the most amazing results.

    As we head into what looks like being a really (REALLY) hot week, I just want to quickly talk today about the mental aspects of your training…and – as is my habit, I will use a bit of a team sport example to try and illustrate my point.

    As a lot of people know, I am back coaching again this year – helping out with the seniors down at the Perth Footy Club.  Now, a lot of people told me not to get involved at Perth because the club had a poor culture and had no chance of success…things that don’t exactly make a recipe for a fun time.  And when the ‘season’ starts in October and goes through till September, you want to be getting at least SOME enjoyment out of it.  Actually, it better be the thing that you love most in the world!

    What I have found down at Perth is quite the opposite of what I expected in a lot of ways.  The players train incredibly hard – we are generally on the track around 5pm and rarely off before 8pm – and as anyone who has played team sport can attest, a lot of the time at training in the preseason is spent doing unpleasant things such as repeat sprints and time-trials alongside what can be very repetitive skill repetition drills.  But they never complain – in fact most take the ‘thank you – may I have some more’ approach.  All up until this week that is.

    This week there was a very solid running block in the program on Wednesday night – probably the toughest one in almost a month – and the group pulled up pretty sore and sorry on Friday…but there was still a session to get through.  And enthusiasm was down.  And effort was down.  And everything was down really.  And pretty much as a consequence, a pretty miserable time was had by all.  Sure, everyone was sore, and everyone was tired, and everyone is mentally fatigued as they have been training hard for a long time with no real let-up, and it was hot, and, and, and, and.  Everyone’s mental state really impacted on their ability to get the session completed with a learning and development focus – when all you are doing is marking time until the end, it is like watching a kettle warm water – it seems to take forever.

    What happened really was that everyone (well, pretty much everyone) had a negative feeling about the session ahead and the work to do because they felt sore and it was ‘hot’.  And they allowed that limiting view to hold them back from achieving what they COULD HAVE out of the session.  And we are going to be in the same boat in the gym over the next few days.  It is going to be hot and when you arrive for the 5pm class (or 5am class most likely) you will walk out into the gym area and it will feel like a wave of heat is washing over you and you will immediately start thinking about how HOT it is.  I am here to tell you right now – “DON’T DO IT”.

    Don’t allow your self imposed limitations to impact on your effort and your performance.  Make a deal with yourself now.  Maybe tell yourself you will deal with the heat by have TWO water bottles and will drink water at the end of each round to keep yourself hydrated.  Then wander through the class and look at the chalk and visualise yourself doing the exercises WELL.  Don’t get dragged down by what you perceive to be a negative or challenging environment – focus on the reason why you are in the gym, be positive about what you can achieve and get stuck into it (all whilst being smart re- your body management).  Hell – if you have made the time in your day to get to the gym you may as well get something good out of it!

    See you in the gym,


    p.s.  If you are thinking of a healthy, active skiing holiday this year please get along to the ‘Snow Travel’ event being run by Attadale Travel.  I am sure Christine and Candice – who have been with us at Round One Fitness since we opened – will look after any members who make it along to the event.  All the details are on their Facebook page ( or contact the team on  Did I mention you could win a Club Med holiday just by attending the event???

    Gym Update #1 – 28-Days Later

    To all of my sugar deprived, 28-Days later brethren, the worst is over…and the worst is yet to come.  If you have made it through this far without a cheat day then well done – remember, you have two to use up so use them WISELY.  There has been a bit of debate on Facebook about people having accidentally eaten food with added sweeteners because they “didn’t know”.  That is fine for now but there really should be know excuses…before you eat something, read the ingredients.  If you don’t understand the ingredients or simply aren’t sure, just DON’T EAT IT.

    It has been great to see everyone committed to getting their challenges done as well…and I have already seen some big body composition change results posted on Facebook…if you stick at it, you will get there.

    Gym Update #2 – Beach Training

    Thanks to everyone who made it along to the beach day on Saturday…and thanks to Kirei and Elie for running it…and to Eden and KC for keeping the gym running whilst the event was underway!  Really happy with the support the event received and hopeful of getting in at least ‘one more’ beach session before the season is over…check the white board early in March.

    Gym Update #3 – Friday Night Knowledge Bombs

    Over the last 3x weeks Eden has conducted 3x different and diverse workshops that were terrific in terms of content and presentation.  Back on the 22nd of January the session was on foam rolling and rehab, on the 29th of Jan it was meal prep and managing food quantities and finally on the 5th of Feb was squat technique and mobility.

    What will it be this week?  Keep an eye on Facebook and think about heading along on Friday at 7pm…the more you know, the better you are able to arm yourself to do ‘stuff’ just a little bit better!

    Gym Update #4 – New Equipment for Upstairs!

    We have ordered a new piece of kit for our weights area (upstairs) – it is a chest/shoulder multi-press and the link to it is here:  I am expecting it to arrive in the next couple of weeks.  When this happens, we will be moving our existing bench press/incline bench press stations OUT of the upstairs area to create more room (we are looking to add two fixed benches to the area as well).  The idea is that people wanting to bench can always utilise the power-racks downstairs and this change will provide some additional space for the dumbbell training as well as another machine to support hypertrophy work in what is a more traditional ‘weights room’.

    Gym Update #5 – New Equipment for downstairs

    We are playing around with some ideas for new equipment in the gym at the moment.  Some of the things we are trying to make happen are:

    –       Upgraded dumbbell solution for the main gym area (obviously heaps upstairs).

    –       Additional bumper plates particularly 2.5kg and 5kg for smaller increment changes.

    –       Updated elliptical trainer for the cardio area.

    –       New cardio for the main gym/class area – ski ergometers.

    We would love to have your feedback on all the things we are planning…the challenge we face is squeezing everything in.

    Gym Update #6 – Casual Bookings (Including 10-pass Holders)

    So – over the past month or so there seems to have developed a whole heap of confusion over which classes casual gym users need to book for and which ones they don’t.  So we have decided to make it easy for everyone – if you aren’t a member of the gym, please book for ALL CLASSES.  We are headed into what is generally a really busy time at the gym so if you are a casual user please just call the gym on 9414 1141 to book in for any/all classes you want to attend.  If you are a member you don’t need to book.  We will figure it out and find a way whenever you come in! J

    If you aren’t sure when the classes are – or, more topically, when Body Work is vs when Boxing is! – check the timetable here:  Round 1 Fitness Class Timetable

    Link of the week

    This is a really simple ‘how to do meal prep’ article put together by – it is easy to read and really breaks it down.  This is for challenge people and non-challenge people alike:


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