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    Training LifeCycle, ANOTHER Special! :-), 28-Days Later

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Thanks to everyone for supporting us and getting along to the gym last weekend.  We had a pretty amazing week in terms of numbers and attendance – the biggest week since last April – and I guess it points to the fact that everyone is getting back from holidays and trying (and so many times just showing up is at least half of the job) to get 2016 off to a great start.  I have to say that a couple of the sessions last week were just phenomenal as well – with that 6-minute round thing we all went through last Thursday being one of my favourite classes EVER…except for the whole ‘assault bike to power clean to assault bike to power clean to assault bike to power clean’ station…that one can go to the bottom of the list!

    The new year always brings in some new faces (which is nice) and accordingly it always brings the ‘how many beginners classes should I do’ question.  So I thought I would try and answer it here.  It then got me to thinking about how that same question applies to some of our long-term clients and what their training journey might look like – so I thought I would try and answer that as well.

    First off, our Beginners classes are SUPPOSED to be about ‘teaching’ more than training.  Now – some of the teaching is about things like ‘when the bell goes ding you have to move’ so we almost always do a little ‘mini-circuit’ of sorts, but the reality is that Beginners is designed for new people to do somewhere between two (2) sessions and about fifteen (15) or so sessions before they give a boxing for fitness class ‘a go’.

    Do you have to move ‘onward’ to Boxing?  Well, of course not.  We are happy for people to stick with Beginners sessions for as long as they like – but moving to Boxing gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of time-slots and will give you a lot more variety when it comes to exercises…simply put, ‘Boxing for Fitness’ changes every day whereas Beginners is pretty much the same session every time you come to the gym.

    When you do make the leap to the Boxing classes, you will find you have some more to think about.  Paying attention during demos – and being brave enough to ask questions before the class – is super important.  I think it also goes without saying that arriving on time is a key pre-requisite to this.  As trainers, we want to support new people in their transition from Beginners to Boxing, but you have to keep in mind that in a class of 35 people all of the other people in the class are equally deserving of the trainers time and attention as you are – being new is a great reason to get extra help, but needing extra help because you were late or not engaged during demos….well, that isn’t a great reason (or even a good reason).

    Our boxing classes (usually) offer TWO (2) options at each station – a ‘Fitness’ option and a ‘Performance’ option.  You can switch between these from station to station if you like – but I guess from the perspective of the person who puts the sessions together I want you to WANT to do the Performance option.  Yes, it might be slightly harder but our escalations throughout each month are based around the Performance options.  That said, starting with the fitness activities and then moving on to do Performance when you find yourself regularly finishing the ‘fitness’ activities well before the bell is a good plan.  If you want more of an explanation about the difference between fitness and performance, well, there is a good blog post about it HERE!

    After you are hitting the performance targets, you might start to think about what other things you need to do in your training which will probably lead you to the realisation that the single biggest change to your fitness will come from getting a little bit stronger.  And this will hopefully (hopefully) lead you to push aside some of the doubts you might have about our Body Work sessions and give one (or two) of them a try.  There is a bit of a FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) around the Body Work sessions that they are ‘harder’ than boxing classes.  This simply isn’t true – but they ARE different.  You will find yourself doing some longer duration cardio work (maybe an 8-minute row for example) and some focussed strength work (back squats, bench press, etc).  Because you haven’t done this before doesn’t mean you should be fearful of giving it a go…and you will find that if you approach it with a positive attitude you will quickly get into the swing of it.

    So…where too from there?  You have been at the gym for 12-months (or more) now and are doing Boxing 2-3 times each week and making sure you squeeze in one Body Work session to get some extra variety/strength work in your training.  You are wondering what you can do to get ‘better’ and realise that it is some technique work – or maybe just a little more of a push – that is really what you need.  It might be that you aren’t comfortable doing deadlifts, or want to lift your cardio and know that you don’t have it in you to ‘keep pushing’ without supervision…so you engage one of the trainers to do a couple of PT sessions with you.  You might do a couple of sessions to fix a technical issue or you might love the one-on-one attention so much that you change your weekly regime so that personal training becomes part of it.  Or, you might even do a couple of sessions to get some help with an individualised 12-week training program (that may or may not incorporate group training sessions) and then head off into the unknown waters of training independently chasing after a goal you have set for a period of time.

    So – what happens then?  Some people love training by themselves and can do it for the long-term…most people though begin to find it a real struggle for motivation after 2-3 months and begin working some Boxing classes back into their schedule…oftentimes finding that they seem WAAAAAYYYYYY harder to do than they look from the sanctity of the power racks.  At this point though, you will be looking for a little bit more which should lead you to enrol in a couple of TANKS small group classes where you will be really challenged in terms of your strength and conditioning in a small group environment where there is genuinely nowhere to hide.

    It is this last phase where you will find pretty much all of the trainers who work at Round 1.  We all tend to do somewhere between two (2) and five (5) boxing classes each week, anything up to three (3) body work classes (I am including no rules here), one (1) TANKS session and 2-3 independent sessions (either strength or cardio based depending on their current training cycle).  And (despite my obvious bias) I think you would have to admit that the trainers who work at R1 are in pretty good condition…and they achieve it not by doing ‘extra stuff’, but by completing exactly the same sessions you guys go through, struggling to finish their calories on the assault bikes just like everyone else does!

    Good luck with your training – don’t forget the challenge starts NEXT SUNDAY – and see you in the gym!


    Gym Update #1 – Membership Special…TWO SPECIALS IN TWO WEEKS!

    OK.  Here we go…we had a special on last week and we have another one on this week.  So if you missed out on last week’s special on the 3-month package, this week we have something even better!

    12-months membership – either up-front payment ($780) or direct debit – will come with a bonus FIVE (5) x 30 Minute PT sessions for the next week only.  From tomorrow (Monday 24th) until next Sunday (January 31st) if you join for 12-months you will receive 5x FREE 30-minute training sessions.  That’s $175 worth of training for FREE.

    There will be one extra condition on cancellation of your contract – if you cancel early, you will have to pay for any of the PT sessions you used in full – but seriously, that is only fair I think. 

    Gym Update #2 – February ’28 days Later’ Challenge…It’s coming.

    This time next week we would have finished all of the weigh-ins for the 28-Days Later Challenge and be enjoying our last night of ‘sobriety’ before a month free of sugar, bread, pasta and alcohol…and (of course), a month full of GAINZ!!! J

    Registration for the challenge will be ONLINE ONLY and the easiest place to find the link is HERE:

    This year the challenge includes an exclusive 28-Days Later t-shirt, 2x body scans, and 10-days worth of eating plans…as well as the usual sign off sheet, video of the challenges etc.

    The requirements will be:

    Three (3) classes completed each week.

    Three (3) challenges completed each week.  Each challenge will require less than ten (10) minutes of additional time and have been designed so that they can be completed before/after a class.  The video explaining the challenges can be found here:

    Food restrictions (no alcohol, no food items with added sweeteners, no bread, no pasta) for all 28-days.  There will be provision for 2x ‘cheat’ days during the challenge.

    As you will see by reading the above, the classes/training requirements are not onerous here – and it is the same routine that enabled participants in the same challenge in 2015 to drop more than 300kilos…you of course CAN do more, but if your goal is to lose a few of the Christmas kgs and get 2016 off to a flying start, this will be enough to get your year started right.

    Good luck!

    (p.s.  Please read the link of the week article.  It will really help you with the sugar withdrawal feelings).

    Gym Update #3 – Casual Bookings (Including 10-pass Holders)

    So – over the past month or so there seems to have developed a whole heap of confusion over which classes casual gym users need to book for and which ones they don’t.  So we have decided to make it easy for everyone – if you aren’t a member of the gym, please book for ALL CLASSES.  We are headed into what is generally a really busy time at the gym so if you are a casual user please just call the gym on 9414 1141 to book in for any/all classes you want to attend.  If you are a member you don’t need to book.  We will figure it out and find a way whenever you come in! J

    If you aren’t sure when the classes are – or, more topically, when Body Work is vs when Boxing is! – check the timetable here:  Round 1 Fitness Class Timetable

    Link of the week

    So – a bit of an interesting source of info this week (Fast Company) and an article that, well, how do I say this – I am not totally convinced about the first 3-5 paragraphs.  BUT.  When you get to the bit about the way the author felt as he went through the challenge of taking added sugars/sweeteners out of his diet, it rings 100% true.  If you are doing a food challenge for the first time you MUST READ THIS to get an idea of what you are in for, particularly in the first 3-7 days.


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