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    Creed (and why you should watch it), Christmas Opening hours

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Some great sessions last week and that Monday session is going to live long in my mind as one tough class.  We have run a few of those now (2 minute rounds with double assault bike stations each lap) and they never fail to challenge…I have to admit I find getting the calories done to be OK – it is recovering in time to do the next station that is the problem!  I was also really pleased with the first week of the new ‘block’ of Body Work sessions – these classes have just become so diverse that the time really does seem to pass in a flash…I also really enjoyed the new setup with the cardio ‘up front’ followed by a strength block THEN a S&C block that utilises the same movement AND weight (but lower rep count) as for the strength.  Both saves time in changing bars/plates AND allows me to reinforce movement patterns.  Great sessions.

    I have a bit of a different blog for this week – I want to talk about a movie.

    Last weekend I headed off to the cinema (which doesn’t happen too often I have to say) with Vanessa and boy child number #1 to see ‘CREED’.  A few people have asked me about it since and have laughed when I have told them it is the best movie ever made – but it IS the best movie ever made and I am going to try and explain to you all why it is and why you simply MUST get out there and watch it.

    Sure, it is a sports movie and it is a boxing movie and we have all seen/read/heard the story it is telling one thousand times before – young underdog with talent learns tricks from wise old trainer and gets his chance in the championship game (or fight in this case).  So don’t go along expecting a flash of lightning from left field that is going to ‘shock’ you and create a new movie going experience – you aren’t going to get that.  But what you are going to get is a really modern take on this age old story – and a version of the story in which ALL of the main characters turn their backs on what is ‘easy’ in their lives to pursue their passion, despite the fact that doing so probably (well, definitely!) isn’t in their best interests.

    The main character (whose name isn’t Creed and I don’t think that is giving much away) turns his back on a burgeoning career in finance – going against the wishes of his mum – to risk it all in becoming a full-time fighter.  He really chooses to follow his passion despite the potential costs of doing so – his father died in the ring, he has a good job, comfortable future right there in front of him.  This isn’t like the original ‘Rocky’ where you have a guy who is ‘working’ as a ‘leg-breaker’ in order to pay the rent when the chance of a life-time is handed to him.  This guy makes a DECISION to give up what seems to be a sure thing – he gives up an easy life with an assured future to chase his passion.

    The other two main characters are the same – Rocky (and Stallone is great in this movie, really downplays all the ‘Yo Adrian’ impossible to understand rhetoric) gives up what seems to be a comfortable (albeit busy) life running his restaurant to help train some kid who lobs on his door-step…you get to see glimpses of the sacrifices he is making to re-engage in his passion – back unloading produce at the restaurant between training sessions with his new charge…you can see that he is really making a sacrifice for his passion.  The girl who plays the love interest is another great character who is chasing her dream/passion of a music career despite what we are told is a degenerative hearing condition that would seem to make ‘music’ as the least likely/appropriate career choice available…but she chases it anyway.  These sacrifices make it impossible not to be drawn into the fabric of the story and really makes you ‘pull’ for the characters.

    It is this willingness of the main characters to sacrifice comfort for passion that makes this film so watchable (re-watchable?  I already want to see it again!) and just leaves you feeling ready to take on the world. It is the first movie I have seen in a long, long time where the characters make such clear cut decisions to turn away from what is easy to risk it all and chase what they have been dreaming of.  Further, there are no half-way bets being laid – the character of Adonis (Creed) not only turns his back on his finance job, he moves cross country away from family and friends into a strange city to try and make a go of it…it really is inspiring.  And we can all use a little inspiration every now and then to help keep us on the straight and narrow – help keep us focussed on our training, on our diets, on doing a good job of work, on being a good parent/partner.  I could talk some here about how watching the sacrifices made in the movie might make it a little easier to roll out of bed when the alarm is ringing at 4am and a little more sleep beckons but that would just be adding to the cliche!

    Get out there and watch this new movie – Creed.  And if they are old enough, show it to your kids.  I promise that you wont regret it.

    See you in the gym,


    p.s.  Guys – if you want to bring your friends to the gym, great – we are thankful to you and happy to have them.  BUT – and please understand this – if they want to take advantage of the FREE 7-days of training they simply must go through the Beginners program (as specified in the terms and conditions of the Free Pass).  It really does make everything very uncomfortable when you arrive at the gym for your regular boxing or Body Work class with a friend who you have ‘promised’ a free session too when a staff member from the gym starts explaining to them about the cost of the class…Do the right thing – bring them through Beginners and help get them started the right way.

    Gym Update #1 – Christmas Opening Hours

    It is that time of year – and there will be a few changes to when the gym is open during Christmas week/New Years week.

    Monday, December 21st:  Open from 5am, closed at 7pm.  6pm session will be both BOXING and Body Work.

    Tuesday, December 22nd:  Open from 5am, closed at 7pm.  5pm session will be both BOXING and Beginners.  6pm session will be both BOXING and Body Work.

    Wednesday, December 23rd:  Open from 5am, closed at 7pm.  6pm session will be both BOXING and Body Work.

    Thursday, December 24th:  Open from 5am, closed at 1pm.   TANKS class available at 10:15am.

    Friday, December 25th:  CLOSED

    Saturday, December 26th:  Open from 6am, closed at 10:30am.  1x TANKS Class only (6am) followed by Boxing (7:15am and 8:15am) and Body Work (9:15am).

    Sunday December 27th:  Normal Sunday hours.

    Monday, December 28th:  Open from 5am, closed at 7pm.  6pm session will be both BOXING and Body Work.

    Tuesday, December 29th  Open from 5am, closed at 7pm.  5pm session will be both BOXING and Beginners.  6pm session will be both BOXING and Body Work.

    Wednesday, December 30th:  Open from 5am, closed at 7pm.  6pm session will be both BOXING and Body Work.

    Thursday, December 31st:  Open from 5am, closed at 1pm.   TANKS class available at 10:15am.

    Friday, January 1st:  CLOSED

    Saturday, January 2nd:  Back to normal class times.

    When it says that TWO classes (either Boxing and Beginners or Boxing and Body Work) will be running at the same time, a different trainer will be in charge of each class.

    Apologies to everyone who is welded to the 7pm and 8pm session times.  The decision to drop these sessions for six (6) nights was not taken lightly – it has been based solely on attendance at those sessions during the Christmas period over the past 5-years.  It seems that as most people are on leave, family time (and not gym time which is more than understandable) takes priority and numbers at the later sessions drop by more than 60%.  We have also found that opening for a short period of time on holidays such as Boxing Day enables those people who WANT to train to do so whilst also allowing staff to get some time with their friends/family as well…if you have concerns about our opening hours, please contact me at

    Details of the times will be placed on posters around the gym sometime in the next few days – please take a snapshot of the poster on your mobile if you are keen to take a copy home! J

    Gym Update #2 – Christmas Specials

    It is about this time every year where we start getting some ad hoc requests from people about Christmas gift ideas that Round 1 can offer…normally we kind of smile and nod and talk about our usual packages but this year we have tried to do something different.

    For everyone out there who is a casual user of the gym or has a friend who you would like to get to come along with you, we are offering a “Beginners Pack”.  It gives you access to 10x Group Training sessions, a pair of bag mitts and a set of hand-wraps (usual cost = $155) for just $99.

    For those of you who are already members we have a bit of a ‘bigger’ package – a 5-pack of 30-minute PT sessions plus a t-shirt/singlet (Hylete variety) and a snapback (usual cost of $225) for $175 (or a $50 saving).

    You can grab either of these via the website HERE or from Reception next time you are in the gym.

    Gym Update #3– 12 Days of Christmas (Go – Go – Go)

    Well, the first week of the challenge is done with (done for) and I have managed to complete 6x group classes and precisely ZERO of the Challenge circuits…so I don’t know if this is ‘so far, so good’ or “I am in big trouble” time really…all I know is that I need to get a few of those circuits knocked over before I am sitting down writing this blog late next Sunday avo.

    To be honest, I have been trying to focus on the classes first and for a very simple reason – in theory, I can do the circuits ‘anytime’ whilst the group sessions only run when they run…and whilst 70 sessions a week gives me a lot of options, last week I ran 36 of them…which kind of cuts down on the ones I can participate in.  Then you add in footy training (potential 8 classes) and everything else, finding time to train is hard for even those of us who spend hours in the gym each day.

    Stick at it – train whenever the chance arises – and I am sure you will get it done.

    Gym Update #4 – Beach Training and Christmas BBQ

    Our first beach training day of the year fell a little flat (to say the least) when we called it off due to the weather – which was a bit wild and more than a little un-seasonal at 7am when we made the decision.  We will look to re-schedule the event early in the New Year.  Unfortunately with staff leave and other such things, trying to do it again before Christmas is just not going to work – well, not unless we close the gym and I don’t really think that is a great plan (both Saturday and Sunday mornings are busy times in the gym).

    Stay tuned for dates come the new year – and if you are interested in coming along to events such as this, don’t feel that keeping it a secret is a good plan…we only had three (3) people indicate any interest in coming along to the beach training session and whilst we didn’t ask for registrations (it was a free session we were trying to include as a bit of a bonus for members) it is still nice to know that at least a few people might be interested in coming along.

    Gym Update #5 – Perkville        

    As from December 1st we are making a change to the way our Perkville system operates.  The points will still be accumulated in the same way – membership fees and gym check-ins – but when you use them (redeem them) you will only be able to use them for 50% of the total cost of the item you are buying.  For example, if you are buying a bag of Boomers protein for $50, you will be able to use $25 in vouchers but the other $25 must be paid in cash/eftpos etc.

    This is a bit of a reluctant decision on my behalf but we really do suffer a cash flow crunch when new deliveries of protein/gloves etc come in…we definitely want to keep the program and reward our members for their support but would also like to stay in business!

    Link of the week

    You guys simply have to listen to this PodCast from the Power Athlete crew with Dr Warren Willey – it is all about what food to eat, when to eat it and the impact of sugary foods on your hormone levels…check out Dr Willey’s website here or go straight to the Podcast here.


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