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    October Challenge is go, New Halloween Date, Rocky 4 Montage

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Awesome sessions last week.  Somehow I managed to get a class in every day despite also trying to get out and watch Marshall play footy…I know, I know, what a hardship (and it is good fun) but losing 5 hours out of a workday can leave me really struggling to ‘catch-up’.  5 hours??  Well, when it is a 45 minute drive each way (that’s 90-minutes) and they need to be there 1-hour before the game starts (that’s 2.5 hours) and the game goes for 2.5 hours (that’s 5 hours)…well, it is a LOT of time that seems to disappear in a puff of smoke.  The key thing when you have ‘extras’ in your life – and we are not far away from the craziness of December – is to acknowledge it, look at what can/cannot be achieved and simply acknowledge that a couple of sacrifices will have to be made!

    We have our latest challenge starting this week – and I spent a whole blog talking about it last week – but I do want to go back to the same well again today.  The main reason is – having watched a couple of grand-finals over the weekend – it is more clear to me than ever that opportunity comes at the interception of time and place…and this challenge in the gym gives us all a great chance to take advantage of an opportunity!

    Is it a long bow to compare a grand-final to a challenge in the gym?  Well, of course it is!  But as I was discussing with someone today (I think it was Trace!) every time we run a challenge we get two weeks in and I start having people ask me if we are doing one ‘next month’…and the answer of course is always ‘No – sorry, we do challenges every second month and the ones that include a food challenge only 3-times per year’.  They then go on to tell me how they wished they had done the challenge because it holds them accountable, that’s when they get their best results, yadda, yadda,  yadda – I am sure you all know what that conversation looks like/sounds like.  Maybe you can even think of similar things in your own life/work environment where you can see/feel the frustration of people who simply wished they had jumped in when the chance was there?  I sure anything you can think of will be more powerful to you than me talking about football games!

    And speaking of that, where does the grand final comparison come in?  Well, if all the players from West Coast or the Brisbane Broncos were to show up at the MCG or SFS respectively tomorrow, or the day after or the day after that, they will find that there is NOTHING they can do to change the outcome.  The opportunity that they had – and both teams had their chances – was finished when the final whistle blew.  They can return to the venue, but the time is passed and the opportunity they had is gone. And no matter what they do, no matter how hard they work, they wont get another opportunity to win a grand final for 12-months – and there are no guarantees on that one either.   The time they had is gone.  I guess some people are sitting there thinking that JT (Johnathan Thurston) had not one (1) but two (2) chances to win the game for the Cowboys?  Well, that of course is true – but he still got the job done before the final whistle!

    I know I have talked about this before (but am too lazy to re-read my old ramblings to check for when exactly) but I am a big believer in the time/place opportunity thing.  For me I have to remind myself of it every day – often if I don’t put my pen down/laptop away in time to do the 12pm class, I lose the chance to train.  And even if I can ‘fall back’ to the 1pm class, that might have been the time-slot I had set aside for some strength work, or some foam rolling, or some extra cardio…all in all, if I don’t take the opportunity I know is there for me, well, I might miss out all together.  And then what do I do?  Because missing one session makes it 10 times easier (mentally) to miss another one – just ask anyone who is trying to get back in the groove after sickness/holiday how they are finding their return to ‘normal’ life.

    This challenge will be amazing for everyone who fights through to the end.  21 sessions in 28 days will be brilliant.  Add in the extra circuits twice per week – that will definitely be good for you – and then add in the 4-week restrictions on added sweeteners and the health/weight loss benefits we consistently see from people who make that change (and really, really, really COMMIT to it!).  This is an opportunity for everyone to really make an improvement in their body comp in a short time frame – and not through a magic tablet or doing anything ‘fancy’ – just by showing a commitment to training and some discipline when it comes to what you put in your mouth.

    Get involved, Good Luck, See you all in the gym,


    p.s.  I am a bit excited about this week’s classes – the power ropes are back for the first time in nearly 12-months.  We will be using them in the driveway and will see how this goes!  Get excited – they are awesome!

    Gym Update #1 – Halloween

    There has been a change to the date of our Halloween bash.  I am so sorry about this but we will be bringing the party FORWARDS one week (to the 24th of October) rather than having it on Halloween itself.  Why I hear you ask?  Well, I am over in Sydney on a course on the weekend of the 31st and don’t want it to go ahead without me…

    Same party – new date – October 24th!  Get around it!

    Gym Update #2 – October Challenge Starts NOW

    Our latest challenges starts tomorrow – October 5th.  If you aren’t already registered, get registered NOW!  The link is HERE!)

    The rule to follow in WEEK 1 is simple – NO ADDED SWEETENERS of ANY KIND!!!  There have been lots of people asking about recipes and plans and things and that isn’t exactly how this works.  We have a healthy breakfast challenge starting in Week 2 and will be circulating some recipes to help you then…not just brekky ones, but some lunches and dinners as well.  Week 1 is about getting each of you reading food lables and taking responsibility for what you stick in your mouth…and if you order a chicken and salad roll and it has mayo on it and you don’t know if it has a sweetener in it or not – well, that means it probably DOES and you have a big cross for that day.  Get organised and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

    The videos for the two weekly challenge circuits were published to the YouTube Channel a couple of weeks back but please ask if you have any questions.  Other details include:

    –       Complete 21x classes within the challenge time-frame (Monday October 5th until Sunday October 31st).  Double sessions are permitted.

    –       As well as having a ‘food restriction’, each week of the challenge will include a food challenge!  An example of this is to ‘Eat a healthy, balanced breakfast every day this week’.   We have recipes ready to go to help you here that include some portion size guidelines.

    –       The October challenge will feature our first ever ‘SLEEP CHALLENGE’.  Now, we cannot regulate how LONG you sleep for, but the challenge will be a simple one – be in bed with the LIGHTS OUT and TV OFF at least EIGHT (8) hours before your alarm is scheduled to go off….shift-workers might need to have a chat to me on this one!

    The challenge forms are ready to go and the registration links will be emailed out during the week ahead.

    Keen on the challenge?  The registration link is HERE!

    Gym Update #3 – Perkville Update

    OK – so Perkville hasn’t been synchronising properly from around about September 20th or so.  I had a conference call with their team on Saturday and hopefully it will all be resolved ‘soon’.  If you aren’t using Perkville, you should be – it costs us real cash to provide you with a system that reward you with points – and therefore $ – for being a loyal and committed gym user.  Does it suck for us sometimes when we get in a $2000 order of protein and $1000 worth of product walks out the door for ‘free’ – well, of course it does!  But the idea is to reward you guys for being such amazing clients and offer you something that you can’t get anywhere else.

    When you do use Perkville though, please follow the ‘right path’.  Redeem the points yourself and either print the vouchers and bring them in OR store them on your iPhones and bring that in…that way we can mark everything as ‘used’/’unused’ and make it all work properly.  When you get the R1 team to ‘redeem’ the points on your behalf, this can never end well…if they muck it up and cost you more points than they should have, that can lead to a potential conflict over a service that is offered COMPLETELY out of good will…it costs you nothing to join or receive the benefits.  Please follow the processes and redeem the points yourself.

    Gym Update #4 – Summer Program – Monthly Beach training

    We are planning to include a monthly ‘beach workout’ in the planning for this summer – starting in November.  I would love some feedback here on what you would like in terms of details (day?  Time?) to help in the planning.  At this stage we are looking at a Saturday morning around 09:30am …the idea will be just to have a bit of fun and do something a bit different.

    Gym Update #5 – Beach Bodies#2 – Week 6 is Up

    Week 6 of the program has been published and should be accessible to all participants.  We are approaching half way and everyone should be well in the rhythm of the program by now…I know I am a demo video short for this week – it will be up by the time you need to do them!

    Gym Update #6 – Hylete Gear

    The gear is here.  It is as amazing as I promised it would be.  Get excited and get kitted out!

    T’s and singlets will be $35, the crops will be $65.

    Gym Update #7 – Water, Hydration and the ‘Change’ in the Weather

    With the weather warming up, just a reminder to make sure you are staying nice and hydrated before/during your sessions.  Personally, I like to try sipping on my water from around about 30-minutes before I start training…and I ALWAYS carry my water bottle with me throughout the circuit.  For those of you who train without water, well – you are just crazy.  You need to be regularly drinking to replace the fluids lost through sweat and enabling your body to keep performing well.  If you are dehydrated, you will not be able to work as hard and therefore wont get as much benefit from your training.

    If you are one of those people who leave their bottles out the front on the lockers, well – that’s fine…but if this restricts you from being able to regularly grab a drink then that is not a great plan.  And if you are regularly running back and forth to your water bottle and missing out on parts of your session, well, that is not a great plan!

    Keep your water bottle with you, drink from it regularly, train nice and hard!

    Link of the week

    Time to get started with the challenge – to get you going, here is the awesomely amazing training montage from Rocky 4 – out in the snow, running, chopping wood, manhandling horses…all set to a quite horrifyingly bad 1980’s soundtrack.  Get excited!


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