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    What weight should I use, $79 Special, Deadlifting with Kelly Starrett


    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Quick reminder at the top – our $79 for 10 sessions + a Body Scan Offer is in its last couple of days.  This is the best price we have EVER done this for (and I feel a little silly for making it so cheap) but just wanting to give everyone who was even thinking about trying out the gym a ‘membership’ type experience!  At less than $8 per session you could do two (2) or three (3) boxing sessions in a week and really get in the groove with your training…and the Body Scan?  Well, they are amazing and once you have done it once you will want to do it again – understanding where your fat/muscle etc is on your body can only help your diet and training.

    With Beach Bodies rolling, and the move to the scaled Boxing sessions…AND the introduction of some ‘real’ strength work into Body Work recently – I am finding more and more people are asking me ‘What weight should I be using for that?’.  I guess it is something that the TANKS crew have been dealing with for some time, but it is an issue that creates confusion for a lot of people.  What weight should you use and WHEN should you change it?  So this week’s blog heads a little more to the technical and tries to help answer this question for you.

    There are a heap of things that I can talk about here, but the first piece of advice I have for everyone is just to be ‘progressive’.  Every time you do an exercise, try to use a little more weight OR do a few more repetitions.  In this way, even if your weight selection isn’t quite ‘right’, if your reps go up so will the total work completed /total weight moved and in that way you will make your improvement.

    Hang on though – I can here the feedback now – I am doing the boxing class and you TELL me how many reps to do.  Are you telling me to do ‘more’ than it says?  Well, not exactly.  But if there is a Barbell circuit on the wall one week that tells you to do 20x Back Squats, you should probably use a heavier weight the next week when it says you only have to do 10!  If (on the other hand), it had asked you to do 20 reps again the second time, well, that is where you have some more decisions to make.  Did you complete the 20 reps ‘easily’ the first time you did them?  If so, you might want to grab a heavier bar.  If you were really pushing as hard as you could for those last couple of reps – or if you had to put the bar down, reset and go again in order to finish the 20, well, the weight you had was right all along and you need to repeat it at the same weight the second time (and again, assess how well you got through the 20).

    The next question of course is – well, I can’t remember what weight I used or how hard it was last time – all I know is that I always get the 15kg bar (for example).  My first answer to this is that even if the weight is ‘wrong’, you will get some good results if you work through the programmed exercises and focus on doing them well (technique) and with good power (intensity).  You would get ‘better’ results if the weight was ‘right’ – and for a lot of people that might involve taking a couple of minutes post session to jot down what they did and what weights they used.  Certainly the process of logging their training has been working well for the Beach Bodies crew – and whilst I understand it is ‘harder’ to do this for Boxing people you can still make a bit of a ‘mental note’ if you are thinking about it!

    So…for me to quickly summarise all of that, when you are completing the weighted stations (barbells, kettlebells), here is what you need to think about when you are choosing your weight:

    –       Select something that is going to really CHALLENGE you to finish the assigned reps for the assigned exercise.  You want those last couple of reps to be a real push.

    –       Once you have started, stop thinking about the weight.  Think about holding your technique and lifting/pressing the barbell/kettlebell with real ‘power’.  Push fast and hard!

    –       Make a note about the weight you used and how it felt when you are done.  Next time you do the same think, look to progress in terms of weight OR repetitions in order to achieve improvements.

    The other thing to remember – start the class / session with a plan – don’t wait till you get there and guess.  During the demos, have a think about what weight you are going to use.  Think about what you did last time and how it felt.  If it is the first time you have done the exercise, make a plan to start ‘light’.  If you have done it before, well – make a decision on what weight you will use and stick too it when you get to that station.  Making decisions about what weight to use (or whether you are going to take up the performance or fitness option) when you are 20 minutes into a circuit is not a great idea – that little voice in your head will encourage you to take an ‘easier’ option.  Make your decision during the demos and stick with it when you get to the station.

    Good luck!

    See you in the gym,


    p.s.  If you think you might be interested in the next phase of Beach Bodies, please check the ‘Beach Bodies’ update further down in the blog.

    Gym Update #1 – July 2015 Super Special

    As mentioned at the top, we have an amazing special for our 10-round passes this week.  For just $79 you will get:

    –       10 Round Pass (usual cost = $120)

    –       InBody 570 Body Scan (usual cost $35)

    No real conditions, no real requirements.  10x group training sessions AND a Body Scan for just $79.  The total value of the package is $155 – and remember, with our new scaled Boxing for Fitness classes every session really is accessible for all fitness levels.

    Terms and conditions?  Well, there is a limit of ONE per person and they will only be available until July 31st OR until we sell 100 packages, whichever comes first.  If you want one of the packages, please call the gym on 9414-1141 OR via our Self Service Portal (select ‘Buy’, then ‘Sessions’, then ‘July 2015 10-round + Special) OR just ask about it next time you are in the gym.

    Gym Update #2 – ‘Crazy 88’ Challenge         

    Our next challenge is scheduled for the month of August – the ‘Crazy 88’ challenge.  The challenge is a classes based challenge and involves the following:

    20x Classes between Monday, August 3rd and Sunday August 30th.

    Completion of Eighty Eight (8) reps of each of EIGHT (8) different exercises.

    There are no real ‘tricks’ here – there are 20 classes to complete (in 28 days) and a few extras to get done.  The only rule with the extras is that once you start work on the ‘88’ you must FINISH them.  You don’t (for example) need to do 88 pushups in a row – but once you start your 88 you need to finish ALL of them before you can move on.  You might do sets of 10, sets of 5 or sets of 2 – it doesn’t matter, as long as they are DONE.  The eight exercises involved will be announced on the morning of August 3rd via FACEBOOK (and of course they are on the sign-off sheets).

    Finishing the challenge will get you a Round 1 ‘Get it Done’ t-shirt…when you sign up you will also receive access to a Body Scan which you can use either as a ‘Get started’ motivator or as a post-challenge reference point.

    The cost of the ‘Crazy 88’ Challenge is $25 and you can sign up either at Reception or via the following web-link:

    Crazy 88 Challenge Registration

    Gym Update #3 – Raising Happy Men

    Hopefully everyone has seen all the posters/hand-outs around the gym for the ‘Raising Happy Men’ seminar being run by Vi Maharaj.  Vishal is a long-time gym member (and psychologist!) who has started up a company (‘Raising Happy’) aimed at improving everyone’s life experience – aimed at helping people be ‘HAPPY’.  The ‘Raising Happy Men’ seminar is the latest seminar Vi has put together and this one features John Worsfold as a speaker – it will be amazing to hear John speak about the relationship between ‘success’ and happiness and the key barriers to men being ‘happy’.

    I would encourage everyone (anyone) who wants to live a happy life to check out Vi’s webpage ( and think about getting along to the event on the 27th of August.

    Gym Update #4 – City to Surf Training          

    We are through 6-weeks of the schedule and 2-weeks away from our next ‘big’ run (Port to Cottesloe and back followed by coffees at the beach) on August 8th.  Really happy with the progress everyone is making and if you stick at it, you will blast through the 12kms at the end of August.

    If you are still thinking about the CTS but aren’t sure about ‘how’, you WILL be able to do running club for the next 2-weekends when we are based at Anning Park.  When we are all together on the oval it is a lot easier to modify the efforts/manage differences in running speeds/fitness levels than it is when we are out ‘on the road’.  So if you want to get started, next Saturday we leave the gym at 8am SHARP!

    Lastly – if you wanted to register for our City to Surf team, the link is here:

    Gym Update #5 – Beach Bodies 3-month Program – Week 9 is go

    Week 9 is up and ready to go.  Now – I thought this was the first week of our supportive exercises but I was wrong…that doesn’t kick in until week 10 (and goes for 4-weeks- 10, 11, 12 &13).  Week 9 sees the final continuation of the linear progression so now is the time to really try and push it and hit a new max lift.

    I have been working on a Beach Bodies phase 2 program for anyone who might be interested – please let me know via email if you are keen as the programming effort is significant and I don’t want to spend a heap of time working on things that people don’t want to do!  I am trying to set this second phase up as a ‘scaled’ approach which would enable people to maintain a linear progression OR move towards more supportive movements depending on where they are at with their training.

    Footy Tipping Results for Round 17

    The tipping this week was won by Clint and Glenn – both tied on 8 selections from 9, and both moved to within THREE points of the lead.

    The boys are making a real push for the top at the moment – Paul remains in the lead but now Glenn and Clint have entered the top 6 with Kim in seventh…it wasn’t too long ago that the top 5 participants were all girls.  So – to Shelby, Christine, Michelle and Danielle…let’s get with it and get back on top.

    Dream Team Results for Round 17

    Terrible Dream Team scores this week.  Only 2 players – Ash (NeverNeverLand) and ladder leader/last year’s winner Kim (Half Time Heroes) managed to crack 2000 points in a really low scoring round.  Popular players either being injured (Ablett), vested (Mitchell, Oxley) or just under-performing (Rockliff, Gray) had a big impact on scores.

    Only two weeks until finals – keep focussed on that and get your team ready for when the ‘real’ season starts!

    Link of the week

    A long link but a good link.  Some deadlifting from Kelly Starrett (‘How to be a supple leopard’ and ‘Mobility WOD’).



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