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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Thanks to everyone who trained at Round 1 last week.  I thought the sessions were great – highlights for me were the Friday boxing session (great variety, tabata punching efforts) and the Wednesday session where the ‘See-Saw’ walks were introduced AND we had those 4x 30-calories bike efforts to push through.  Both of those classes hit that sweet spot between ‘fun’ and ‘challenging’ for me – though if I had been asked to get on the bike one more time, the answer would have been a little stronger than a simple ‘NO’!

    From a gym perspective, we have been working really hard on setting up the scaled solutions within the Boxing for Fitness sessions (using the simple ‘A’ / ‘B’ designations) and have decided that we are going to stick with this (the scaling) for the long term.  As such – and as suggested on FACEBOOK during the week, we will be renaming the options as follows:

    Option ‘B’ is now ‘FITNESS’

    The ‘Fitness’ version of the programming has been designed for people who are new to training at Round 1, for people who are returning to the gym after a break AND – importantly – those people for whom just getting in and getting their session done inside the confines of a busy life is the priority.  In other words, the ‘FITNESS’ option is for people who are looking to get become fitter and healthier – maybe getting through 2-3 sessions per week (or 1-2) in the hope of looking and feeling a bit better.

    Simply put, the ‘Fitness’ options will be less technical – the focus will be on simple barbell and kettlebell movements as well as body weight exercises.  In addition, the cardio efforts will be less challenging than you might be used too – that’s OK – the idea here is to have you getting off the bike/rower and able to move quickly to the next station and get started straight away rather than being so exhausted you have to have a 2-minute rest every time you get off the bike.

    Option ‘A’ is now ‘PERFORMANCE’

    The ‘Performance’ version of the programming is like an upscaled/ramped up version of the Fitness activities.  The weights are heavier, movements more complicated and the challenge to your ‘energy systems’ (in other words, you will be doing more reps/distance in less time) are increased.  Who is the ‘Performance’ programming for?  Well – it is for people for whom their fitness routine is a big part of their lives and they are looking to get stronger, faster, better…yes, it is for Round 1 regulars BUT it is primarily for people who are actively trying to improve their current level of performance.

    My basic opinion of all of this is pretty simple.  You should do the programming option that you feel most comfortable/confident with.  Just because you have been coming to the gym for 6-months doesn’t mean you MUST do the performance option – if you don’t feel you are ready or your focus is to just ‘get to the gym’ in order to maintain your weight/feel good about yourself then ‘FITNESS’ is probably the path for you – it is a still a tough session, a great workout and will be more than sufficient to meet those goals.  On the other hand, if you want to become faster, stronger OR you are just finding that the ‘FITNESS’ options are proving a bit of a breeze and you are not feeling ‘challenged’, then maybe stepping over to ‘Performance’ is what you should do.  If you want to do some of the ‘Fitness’ options in areas where you are still developing, but push to do ‘Performance’ where you feel more confident – great.

    There is a bit of a downside to all of this – pre-class demos are starting to take FOREVER.  I know for me, that last Friday completing the demos for the 6am crew took nearly 10-minutes.  I mean, not only do we have to get through 10-stations or so worth of explanations and demos – with the two options in play, we now almost need to do it TWICE.  As such I will be making a bit of a change to the demos process moving forward – we will demo ALL of the ‘FITNESS’ activities, and simply EXPLAIN the ‘Performance’ options (on the basis that those people doing the ‘Performance’ option are experienced gym users).  At each station I will be asking for questions like “Does anyone want a demo of ‘exercise x’?” and I would encourage you to speak up if you do – this should mostly be people who are moving into the ‘Performance’ option for the first couple of times.  This is all about trying to make sure our classes start and end on time guys – 10-minutes of demos + a 45-minute session does NOT = 45minutes.  Please speak up if you need a demo – it is never too much trouble and this change in process is simply to try and get things moving quickly.  The exception to the rule is when we are doing something that is ‘really’ new to Round 1 and want to make sure everyone can see how it is done.

    Good luck!

    See you in the gym,


    Gym Update #1 – New Foam Rolling solution is GO!        

    It has been great to see so many people using the new BlackRoll rollers and balls – stick at it, it’s good for you.  Thanks also to everyone who showed up for this morning’s myofascial release session with Eden.  He has put a lot of time and effort into programming the session and everyone seemed to get quite a bit out of it…If you are wondering what to do with the rollers and how to maximise your rehab/pre-hab time, then $5 and 45-minutes on a Sunday morning will be well worth your while.

    We are struggling a bit with finding a time for this session – the one today was at 11am and whilst it was great for the foam rolling people it was very disruptive to those participating in the Beginners session…please watch FACEBOOK throughout the week if you are interested in attending next weeks class as the time will change.

    Gym Update #2 – Sunday Afternoon Footy

    Next Sunday afternoon from 1pm the Dockers vs Hawthorn game will be on throughout the gym.  Now, whilst in theory the gym is closed, we will be running a ‘dead bar’ program throughout the game.  The way it will work is that you will pick ONE of the teams and each time your team scores you will complete one deadlift OR one Power-Clean for every point that they scored.  In simple terms, goal = six reps.  Point = one rep.  Should be a lot of fun! J

    Gym Update #3 – Exercise Motivation Study

    One of our members – Melinda Nicola – is running a study at Murdoch University on exercise motivation…and would love some community participation.  The study offers you a unique opportunity to contribute to a study exploring people’s motivation to exercise.  The outcomes will help find ways to improve the exercise experience and contribute to the knowledge pool on exercise programming – specifically as it relates to encouraging participation.

    To encourage participation, Melinda is offering anyone who completes both phase 1 (online survey) and phase 2 (20 minutes on a stationery bike followed by a simple questionnaire to be completed at Murdoch Uni) the chance to win one of two $50 Coles/Myer gift cards.

    If you are interested, please contact Melinda via email on or go straight to Part 1 – the online survey at

    Gym Update #4 – Support for our City to Surf Team

    One of our members (the amazing Mon Wright) is a great physio and her team at Life Ready are a major sponsor of the City to Surf.  When she saw that we are putting together a team for the event, she put together a great physio support offer for our running team.

    We have already had a couple of runners talking about sore hip flexors – and I know my ITB’s are always a problem when I up the running – so this could be just the thing we all need to get us safely to the finish line.  Remember, it isn’t just about ‘doing the work’ – you need to make sure your body is fit and ready to do the work!  And this is (obviously) where Monica and her team comes it.  The details are as follows:

    Life Ready Physio Bicton

    1 Westbury Crescent, Bicton (Cnr Canning Hwy)

    P: (08) 6313 4010



    1 hour massage with a Remedial therapist $75 (usually $89)

    Initial Physiotherapy consult $79 (usually $89)

    Physio follow up $67 (usually $77)

    Private health rebates apply to eligible policies for both Remedial massage and Physiotherapy. HICAPS claiming also available at the time of service.

    We are Medibank and HCF members choice providers – members are able to claim up to 90% of the service through their fund.

    Now – one of our members took Monica up on the offer this week, and poster the following comments on Facebook:

    “I had a 1 hour remedial massage at life ready physio Bicton last night as per your mention of their offer for round 1 members in the blog. It was great and really worked through all my sore bits from the extra lifting in beach bodies and training for the crossfit comps. Can definitely recommend it for anyone needing a sports massage and only cost me $30 after my medibank contribution was taken off x”

    Gym Update #5 – City to Surf Training          

    Thanks to all the running club people.  We have got through the first 3 weeks pretty well and are ready for our first ‘longer’ run next weekend at 8am.  Don’t stress too much  – it wont be much more than 5kms or so and the pace will not be high!  It is not too late to join in if you are keen on doing the CTS run or just want to break up your training week with a little bit of running.

    Lastly – if you wanted to register for our City to Surf team, the link is here:

    Gym Update #6 – Beach Bodies 3-month Program – Week 6 is go.

    Week six is up and ready for everyone.  The linear progression continues so keep pushing those weights bit by bit.  Remember, I want your movements to be as explosive as possible – drive up hard and fast when you squat, exert as much power and force as you can.  If you move slow you’ll be slow!

    A few people still seem to be struggling with their training log updates – I am pretty much taking the approach that if your log isn’t there/up-to-date then I am not going to chase you, but that doesn’t really help anyone.  Keep in mind that pretty soon we will be moving beyond the linear progression and you will probably start to NEED some more coaching…without your log, it is hard to coach because I am not always in a position to observe what you are doing/lifting.  So – update your logs, ask questions, hassle me (and the other guys) and make sure you are getting the most out of the program.

    In order to share the file, from your Google Drive right click on your log, select the ‘SHARE’ option and enter my email address – – and in that way I can check your progress.

    Footy Tipping Results for Round 14

    Doesn’t seem right talking about tips and Dream Team this week.  I will note that we had SIX people successfully select all 8 winners and go straight to the leader-board.

    Shelby has skipped away from the field to take a one point lead over Michelle and Dani.  Paul has held ground – and is leading the ‘boys’ in 3rd place.

    Dream Team Results for Round 14

    Because of the tragedy involving Adelaide coach Phil Walsh, Dream Team results are unknown as of time of publishing.  The allocation of ‘average’ scores to those Geelong and Adelaide players who were named in the starting line-up of their teams will happen overnight and I will be able to report on the results tomorrow (Monday).

    Link of the week

    This is just amazing:


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