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    The ‘BUSY PEOPLE’ Win, Notes on Recover, Gym Jones Article

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great sessions last week.  The mini-sleds are always awesome and I am always happy to see them out – once I have pushed them for 30-seconds or so I am generally looking forward to them going back in the rack again!  I also loved the abs focus throughout the week – we have done more than our share of ab work in the last 3-weeks especially and I have really noticed the improvement in my Front Squats as well…strong abs = better lifts I guess.

    Going through the ‘In the Zone’ plan over the last week, I have really noticed how the more ‘active’ I am in looking after my training and diet, the better my results.  And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this applies across all elements of life.  When I am active in looking after the pool at home – regularly out there, cleaning the skimmer box out (massive tree directly over the pool), scooping, checking the chemicals, cleaning the vacuum bag and getting it going – everything is beautiful.  When my focus drops – and it only has to be for a few days – things start going awry.

    The parallels are clear at work as well – but particularly when it comes to looking after myself.  If I want good outcomes, I cant just leave things to chance.  When things go wrong, it is lunchtime and I have no idea what I am going to eat.  All I know is I am hungry and I need something.  This is not being active.  Being active is leaving home with food – with good food – and knowing when I am going to eat it.  Since I am doing the ‘zone’ thing and need five meals per day to make it work, it means leaving home with a LOT of food (3-lunch boxes).  Now, this seems like a pain when I am getting everything organised in the mornings but when I need food, have done the work already makes my life so EASY.

    The same is true of my training.  When I have my calendar ‘together’ and MAKE time to warm-up pre-session, MAKE time to train, MAKE time to do my extras then I get great outcomes.  I find my weights go up (in my lifting) and I train well in the classes.  I know ‘train well’ is hard to define but I think you all know what I mean – you know when you have had a good class and when you have had a ‘not so good’ class.  I also find that when I am not ‘active’ and focussed, the minutia of the session can get to me – how long are the rounds? what am I doing at this station?  I don’t really ‘like’ that exercise etc etc.  When I am active – when I am organised – everything just flows.

    The busy people win – there is no doubt.  If you want great results you need to become personally invested and be active in the process – be personally invested in your own success.  Get your food together yourself – don’t leave it to chance.  If it is important to you then you have got time – you have got time to do anything that you really believe is important.  And if you really want the things that you SAY you want – if you want to lose 5kgs, if you want to be stronger, if you want to be healthier – well get involved and do it.  Get active in your own success.  Don’t talk about time or ‘lack of motivation’ or how busy you are – get busy, become truly invested in achieving the things you keep saying you want and they will be yours before you know it.

    Good luck!

    See you in the gym,


    Gym Update #1 – A Couple of notes on ‘RECOVERY’

    A bit of a quick note on ‘recovery days’ following some feedback from the ‘Beach Bodies’ crew who have been pretty quick to tell me that ‘A boxing class is not a recovery day’.  Well – to that I say, it depends exactly ‘what’ a normal day looks like.  A recovery day is doing something that will help get you ready for the rest of the week to come…which means that sometimes a boxing class is a PERFECT recovery day.  Other times it will be the entire focus of your training.

    If you are training for a marathon and have just had your big Sunday run, a boxing session is a great way to get the body moving again on Monday without loading up on your legs.  It is also a great way to keep the body moving and mobile in between lifting sessions if you are doing Beach Bodies.  For other people (like me), doing a Boxing class is the focus of my training and I don’t necessarily think of them as ‘recovery’ –  except when I have come off a TANKS class or heavy Body Work session and just want something to get my whole body moving again without having to lift any really heavy weights.  A class gets my heart-rate up, gets me nice and active and unless (unless) there is a heavy focus on one exercise (we have those from time-to-time) I know I will not be adding to any soreness by completing one.

    Things are different when you are just getting started of course – doing boxing 2 or 3 times per week is more than enough to be your entire program…but if your training includes other classes and activities, well, boxing can be recovery.  So might a foam roller session, a swim in the ocean, doing some yoga…whatever gets you excited.  Me – I would rather hit the bags than pretty much anything so as ‘recovery’ – otherwise known as a form of exercise that will get you active and mobile from head to tow without further adding to your DOMS – Boxing suits me just fine.  And for those of you doing Beach Bodies, now it suits you as well (‘cos I get to write the program!).

    Gym Update #2 – Membership Feedback Competition

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the membership feedback competition (win a FREE 3-month Membership for telling us ‘what you think’) last week.  We received seventy one (71 responses) – or rather, responses from seventy one different people – and some great ideas, suggestions and feedback was offered.  We are all pretty open to this at any time as an aside – we want for the gym to be amazing! – so feel free to tell me how you are feeling any time!

    Anyway, to determine a winner every person who responded was listed (in sequential order based on the time of their response) in a spreadsheet and assigned a number from 1 to (obviously) 71.  I then used the random number generator you can find here to select the winning number…which was 16.  And that means the winner is Shaun Liang.  So thanks to everyone who participated and well done to Shaun who gets his next three (3) months on us!

    Gym Update #3 – Don’t Forget – there is a NEW TIMETABLE!!!

    As per last week’s blog, we have a new timetable out which was ‘official’ as of Monday June 1st.  The timetable features a couple of new Body Work class times – 5am and 4pm on Thursday and a new ‘No Rules’ session at 7pm on Thursday – as well as replacing the majority of Thursday’s old ‘one minute rounds’ with Boxing.

    While not much as changed, I would still recommend that you have a quick glance at the timetable before heading to the gym – you can view it here: .  We also have a heap of business card sized time-tables available for anyone who wants one of those.

    Gym Update #4 – June Challenge – ‘In the ZONE’ – Off and Running

    One week down with our Zone Diet challenge – here’s hoping everyone is sticking HARD to their block counts to get themselves the best results possible in 30-days.  ZONE eating is a great way to eat – you are eating balanced plates (protein, carbs, fats) with the right quantities for YOUR body size…no guessing required!

    If you are keen to have a go, the registration link is open for another couple of days:  Register for In the ZONE

    Gym Update #5 – Beach Bodies 3-month Program – Week 2 is go.

    The programming for Week 2 was released earlier today and (hopefully) you will be starting to see that the program will encompass everything you have learned to do during those hours and hours of TANKS and Body Work sessions and then a little bit more.  Week 2 will continue with the basic programming structure established in week 1 – but will continue to build on your base through mixing up rep ranges, acceleration, volume and intensity…as well as a few other fun things to help give you great outcomes.

    Remember to keep your training log UP-TO-DATE.  This means, update it EVERY SESSION.  We are in a linear phase at the moment and in order to progress you actually need to know EXACTLY (EXACTLY) what you did in the sessions previous…store the info IN GOOGLE DOCS and ON YOUR PHONE and reference/update it when you are training…don’t wait until two days later and try to remember.  Further, as of now I want you to SHARE that training log back with me so I can look at it whenever I like.  Right click on your log, select the ‘SHARE’ option and enter my email address – – and in that way I can check your progress.

    If you have seen what the Beach Bodies crew are doing and are keen to have a go at the program, the registration link is here:  Register for BEACH BODIES

    Footy Tipping Results for Round 10

    No results up until tomorrow everyone – there is still one game to go – I will update the blog tomorrow night!

    Dream Team Results for Round 10

    No results up until tomorrow everyone – there is still one game to go – I will update the blog tomorrow night!

    Link of the week

    Training through ‘pain’ with the Gym Jones crew:


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