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    SPARTA, Manage vs Control, ANZAC Day Hours

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    SPARTA!  Well done to the 50+ Round 1’ers who sailed through the Spartan Race yesterday with barely a care in the world!  Well – it was a little tougher than that, but I am pretty happy to say that there weren’t too many obstacles I saw people really struggling with.  In particular, I was so proud of everyone who has been practicing their rope climb and got UP to the very top of the rope.  Truthfully, with the exception of carrying that stupid sandbag up what seemed to be a vertical cliff face – I don’t want anyone to complain about a sandbag bin run ever again – most obstacles were more than achievable for gym regulars and on top of the sand bag carries, there were farmers walks, dead ball cleans, pull-ups and skipping…all things pretty common to gym regulars.  It was a great day for everyone and – whilst challenging – is certainly an event that pretty much everyone who regularly attends the gym could complete with a little bit of focus (and by increasing their running for 3-weeks or so).  In terms of giving you something to train ‘FOR’, the Spartan Race really is a great event and it would be great to see even more people participating in 2016.

    I have been a bit side-tracked by the Spartan race talk for a couple of days but did want to talk this week about the difference between managing your life and taking control of your life.  Obviously I will talk specifically about your training/diet decisions but I am sure you will all see how the applications can be a little ‘wider’ than that.

    I was talking to one of our members the other day who missed a week of training straight after Easter.  The reason why is pretty simple – he got into a habit of sleeping in a bit later over Easter (he usually trains at 6am) – and when the long weekend was over, somehow he “just couldn’t get out of bed” in the morning.  Now – it happens to all of us every now and again – our body sends us a message that we are tired, rundown and need some extra sleep and a day off…I get that.  But does it happen for a week at a time?  I guess if you are working through to 11pm on a project at work or up all night with one of the kids it just might…but that wasn’t what was going on here.

    Now – to be fair he was ‘managing’ his time.  Each night when he went to bed he was packing his bag and laying out his gym clothes.  He had a plan for breakfast.  He was setting his alarm.  But he just wasn’t controlling his time.  When the alarm would go off in the morning, somehow, someway that stupid sleep button would send him back to his pillow for another 15 minutes.  Then another 15 minutes.  Then it was too late to go to the gym so may as well have another 15 minutes.  And another 15 minutes.  His plans were laid to waste because he just wasn’t taking CONTROL – no gym today because he hit the snooze button and now it was time to go to work – and family commitments needed to take priority after work (which is fair enough – after all, that’s why he trained in the morning).

    Now, if you look up the thesaurus you will find that ‘manage’ and ‘control’ are synonyms of one another.  And I guess I am happy enough that is true.  But to me when I read those words, think those words, say those words CONTROL is just so much more powerful.  Manage is something that I used to do working for the bank – we would ‘manage’ problems, ‘manage’ people…everyone in a corporate role right now is nodding their head.  Control is something that needs to be applied to a wild horse – you can’t ‘manage’ it – you need to put every ounce of energy and focus that you have to take charge, to get it to bend to your will.  I know my life with the myriad of responsibilities and commitments I have created for myself has more in common with a wild horse than a problem at the ‘office’.  If I try to ‘manage my day’ to fit everything in, well – my training is going to get missed (and often!).

    I can’t manage things – I need to take control of them.  I am a twitter user and a couple of people who I follow (The Rock and Cory Gregory who is the founder/president of Muscle Pharm) are great follows because despite all of their professional success – not to mention the fact that both are in ‘fairly good’ shape – they both regularly post shots of being up in the gym early just because they have a busy day.  Or at the gym in their lunch break for the same reason – or after dinner for the same reason.  They are successful because they have taken control of what they want to do and what they want to achieve…they are strong and they take control of their lives and their responsibilities.

    Take control – See you in the gym,


    p.s.  April Challenge people – don’t forget to do your EXTRAS!  We are coming up (and FAST!) on the end of the month and you need to complete all of your reps before the calendar ticks over to May 1st.  Don’t wait until the last couple of days – make a big push THIS WEEK to get them all finished.

    p.p.s.  Don’t forget – ANZAC Day this SATURDAY.  As usual, Vanessa and I will meet any other interested Round 1’ers on the ‘Southern Side’ of the Fremantle War Memorial at 5:45am on Saturday morning.  Would love to see you all there.  Yes – this impacts session times…look below for the ‘ANZAC Day’ section.

    Gym Update #1 – April Challenge is GO

    Two and one-half weeks in and ALL IS WELL.  I have just SIX classes left to complete and the extras are all but done – it has taken a lot of organisation to get to this point but I finally feel like I have gotten things under control!  How are you doing?  Remember that if you are looking like being a class (or two) short that DOUBLE SESSIONS (two in one day) are allowed…maybe target one day next weekend to get an extra one in – or head along to a 5am class as well as your regular 5pm?  You can get to the end and it will be worth it!

    Looking at setting up a scanning day on Sunday May 3rd so that everyone who has paid for their two scans can get that ‘post – challenge’ scan done.  Remember that you MUST NOT TRAIN before a body scan.

    Gym Update #2 – ANZAC Day

    This coming Saturday is ANZAC Day and that means classes this weekend will be impacted.  To allow everyone to attend the Dawn Service, classes will follow the ‘standard’ Public Holiday program (Boxing at 08:15am, Boxing at 09:15am, No Rules at 10:15am and Beginners at 11:15am).

    Tanks sessions will be available at 8am and 9am rather than at 6am and 7am.

    Sessions on the Monday public holiday will be Boxing at 07:15am (members only, bonus class), Boxing at 08:15am, Boxing at 09:15am, No-Rules at 10:15am and Beginners at 11:15am.  Signs will be placed around the gym indicating the times.

    Gym Update #3 – New Gym Tags

    We have some pretty new gym tags in – they double up as bottle openers and the registration number has been laser printed on the back so it should never, ever need replacing.  You don’t even have to do 10-burpees to get one (but they do cost $5 each!).

    Gym Update #4 – Gymnastic Grips

    There is a new product in the gym – Gymnastic Grips.  These slide over your palms to protect you from callouses (and worse!) when you are doing barbell work/pull-ups/rings etc.  Great product and if you are a Body Work or Tanks regular it might be something worth investing in.  $15 at Reception.

    Gym Update #5 – New Lifting Equipment

    Thanks to the great support we have been receiving for our TANKS, No Rules and Body Work sessions (thanks everyone) I have been forced to add some more barbells and bumper plates to the gym.  We are often running out of 10kg bumpers – so there are more of them.  There are more 15kg bumpers and more 20kg bumpers as well.  There are also 4x new Force Barbells on the way.

    I know, I know – this is no big deal…but in case you were wondering, a good Olympic bar starts at around about $500 per unit (which is why I get grouchy when they are treated ‘recklessly’).

    Gym Update #6 – Beach Bodies 3-month Program

    Below is a reprint of last week’s ‘Beach Bodies’ announcement.  For those who have emailed me – don’t stress…you will hear back late in the month of April.  In the meantime, my advice is to start doing some Body Work and/or TANKS sessions…to do Beach Bodies you are going to need to be able to lift some weights and you will need to be able to train independently complete exercises including deadlifts, squats,

    I have intentionally hidden this down the bottom of the blog but I am approximately 50% of the way through a 3-month ‘Beach Bodies’ program that I am planning to run from June 1st until August 31st.  The program features daily programming – cardio, strength, core, plyometrics – and integrates some Boxing classes as well.  The program features separate programs for men and women (although there is some overlap of course) and a simple food plan – similar to the one used for the muscle plan but split up with different quantities for different body sizes.

    This is by far the most complete programming effort we have undertaken and will require a fair bit of commitment to complete from anyone who wants to have a go…the results should be pretty impressive though!

    The idea of the plan is to do the work over winter so that when summer rolls along, you will have already done the work…you wont be scrambling to fit into your boardshorts (or your bikini).

    If you have read down this far and might be interested in the program, please email me at and I will make sure you receive future updates.

    Footy Tipping Results for Round 3

    Well…from one extreme to another!  After two weeks of pretty much everyone struggling to pick a winner, everything has changed in round 3 with ELEVEN (11) people picking the card and another EIGHT getting just one wrong.

    Well done to everyone involved and good luck next week

    Dream Team Results for Round 3

    A better week in Dream Team with FIVE people cracking the ‘2000’ points mark (after only 1x 2000+ score in the first two rounds combined).  Top scorers were Damien on 2041, Travis on 2018, Justin on 2010 and Roly on 2005.  Happily (for me), my team remains undefeated atop the Round 1 ladder…I almost feel like manipulating the rules so that the grand final is next week and no-one else has enough time to ‘FIX’ their teams.  Good luck next week everyone.

    Link of the week

    On the back of the Spartan Race, here is a great link (courtesy of Radu Nicola) on pushing ‘beyond’ your limits!



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