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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Loved my training last week.  Was able to get three boxing classes done as well as two ‘No Rules’ sessions and one ‘Body Work’.  Happy days to get back on track after a week or so of being side-tracked by meetings (bloody work) and sickness and all sorts of stuff…

    This is a bit of a special time for Round 1 given that we first opened our doors in April 2010.  We are turning five and it has been a pretty amazing journey.  Certainly if you walked into the gym back on day 1 – disappeared for a while and then came back in tomorrow you would not recognise the place.  Way, way, way back then our heaviest barbell was 15kg, our heaviest dumbbell was 3kg and there was not a kettlebell (or sand bag, or deadball, or wall-ball or much of anything else to be truthful) to be found.  All of the weights that are now upstairs used to live on the rubber downstairs (and the ‘rubber floor’ was half the size it is now) but none of the ‘big’ dumbbells were there either…nor was the leg press, or the incline bench.  Things have changed.

    What else?  Well, the classes were ‘different’!  I wish I could write down what we did on that first day, but I haven’t got a record of it.  I know it would have been 3-minute rounds – warm up with the little dumbbells followed by one round of skipping, one on each of the bags (never used to write up combinations on the walls – or the barbell circuits for that matter – everyone just had to ‘remember’!), a round on the spin bikes and some abs/bridging to finish.  And we kind of did that for the first few weeks…

    Since I started ‘properly’ recording classes – in around June 2010 I think but the early classes don’t have dates listed against them we have run:

    200x 1-minute round sessions – 81x 90-second rounds – 298x 2-minute rounds – 47x 2:30 minute rounds – 247x 3-minute rounds – 166x 4-minute rounds – 116x 5-minute rounds – 7x 7-minute rounds – 16x 9-minute rounds – 228x Body Work sessions – 64x No-Rules classes – 242x Tanks sessions.

    None of that includes the sessions put together by Jason, Sean, Zara, Lloyd, Leila, Wes, Kirei, Beth, Eden or Elie because they are all recorded separately and I don’t have them on my laptop.  The numbers also don’t include all of the ‘test’ sessions (like the Body Work that was run on Easter Monday) when we run one-off ‘test’ sessions before moving a training style into ‘production’.  The numbers don’t include the 6-week, 3-sessions per week challenge squad program…or the ‘Starting Strength’ sessions for that matter.  Regardless of all that, it is more than 1600 DIFFERENT training sessions run at Round 1 in the past 5-years.  When I look at those numbers, even I am amazed.

    On top of all that, we have run 23x separate ‘challenges’ – these all kicked off back in November 2010…our very first challenge was timing how long it took to complete a Barbell circuit (which has been known internally as the ‘November Challenge Circuit) ever since.  Our first ever ‘classes’ challenge – the ‘Get it Done Challenge’ (the phrase ‘Get it Done’ was coined by Sean O’Neill way, way, way, back) ran back in March 2011 and had 38 participants….which back then felt like a million!  We had more than 100 people participate in our recent ’28-Days Later’ challenge which featured a combination of exercise targets and diet restricts and helped (well, hopefully it helped) participants drop more than 300kgs in body weight!

    Numbers, numbers!  This morning (Easter Monday) there were an incredible number of people in the gym with more than 50 people attending both the 8:15am and 9:15am Boxing sessions.  I can remember days back five (5) years ago when I would have two or three attendees at the first session of the day (which was 6am – thanks to Greg Cahill, Craig Paul, Corey Williams and Peter Brear!) and then I wouldn’t see ANYONE – not a single soul – until 5 or 6 people showed up for the 5pm session (there was no 4pm session but in theory there were classes at 9am, 10am, 12pm and 1pm…if no-one shows up to a class does it even happen??).  Slowly our 9am (it didn’t move to 9:15am for a while) session got busier (Vanessa Wilson, Julie Lacey, Di Hoogewerf, Amanda Dixon) and our evening sessions built up as well…in  November 2011 – some 18-months after we opened, we actually posted a monthly profit for the first time and whilst I wish I could say that had happened every month since then, it has happened more often than not.  If only I would stop spending money on new gym equipment! J

    When Vanessa and I opened Round 1 our idea was to try and get out of the corporate grind (I worked in the IT industry for nearly 20 years and just HAD to get away) and at the same time provide an outlet for people who wanted to try and make a change in their lives by becoming fitter and healthier.  We wanted to create a fun environment and we wanted our training sessions to be guided – we had both lived through situations where going to a ‘gym’ just didn’t work for us because rolling up and staring at a treadmill was not very motivating.  We wanted to offer a LOT of classes – I knew from work that planning to attend a gym session at 6pm was great in theory…but that didn’t mean I would get out of work in time…or if I did, it didn’t mean that the freeway would co-operate with my plans.  Hence classes at 5pm and 6pm and 7pm and 8pm.  We wanted to offer unique training sessions that weren’t available anywhere else – we had both done our fair share of the ‘standard’ gym group training sessions and the idea of doing the same class for weeks on end was just not appealing.  And we knew we wanted to give people the chance to hit things without having to constantly ‘partner up’ with someone they don’t know – who might be bigger or smaller, more or less skilled etc – because hitting something really hard is a great stress reliever.

    I don’t know if we have done all of that all of the time.  Certainly we run a lot of sessions and have run a great variety of sessions.  We haven’t always made the place FUN though…but I think we are in a pretty good place with that at Round 1 right now – hitting a balance between training hard and maintaining a fun, positive, supportive environment.  After all, gym time is supposed to be a good part of your life – something that helps make you feel good about yourself because you are doing something that is good for you…

    So – happy birthday to us.  Based on the past, who knows what is going to happen in the next 5 years!

    See you in the gym,


    Gym Update #1  – 5 Year Anniversary Special

    In case you haven’t been paying attention, we have a special on this week to celebrate reaching our 5th birthday – sign up (or re-sign) on a 12-month contract and you will also receive five (5) x PT30 sessions.  Now you can do these sessions with any of our trainers – but remember, the trainers cannot work 24 hours per day so if you want to train with someone specific, you are going to need to be flexible with your own times…if it is a set time that you need to train, well, you might need to be flexible with your choice of trainer!

    What are the terms and conditions relating to this?  Well – if you cancel the contract within the 12-months, you will need to pay for any of the ‘free’ sessions that you used…but I think that is just common sense.

    Why is Personal Training of benefit?  Well – for a heap of reasons.  From a technique perspective, having the undivided attention of a trainer for 30 minutes can really help iron out any kinks.  From a learning perspective, you will get the opportunity to do new things – or maybe some old things in new ways.  From an effort perspective having someone watch and push you and only you for 30-minutes can really lift your level of effort and your understanding of what your body is able to achieve.

    Get on board.  The sessions are normally priced at $175 so this is an amazing package…

    Gym Update #2  –  April Challenge is GO

    The April ’30-50’ Challenge is well underway now and it has been great to see so many people getting their extras done at the start/end of their daily class.  There is no ‘perfect’ strategy here – I have seen some people knocking the exercises off in sets of ‘5’ – others finishing off all ‘50’ reps of one exercise before moving on.  Personally I created a ‘block’ of time (45 minutes) and simply worked through the list of exercises until time was up.  I managed to finish ’25’ repetitions of every exercise on the list – a few I managed to finish all 50.  It doesn’t matter how you do them – just that you DO them.

    A little reminder as well – the reason people got such great body composition results in the February Challenge is because they cut out alcohol and added sweeteners from their diet…doing the exercise is not enough to effect lasting change to your body.  There is no point in slogging it out in the gym every day if your efforts at the dinner table are not at the same level.

    Gym Update #3 – New Gym Tags

    We have some pretty new gym tags in – they double up as bottle openers and the registration number has been laser printed on the back so it should never, ever need replacing.  You don’t even have to do 10-burpees to get one (but they do cost $5 each!).

    Gym Update #4 – SPARTAN Race Team

    The Spartan Race is in just TWO Weeks – Saturday April 18th.  As per the advice handed out at our training sessions, if you are doing the Spartan race practice your Pull-ups AND your grip work (farmers walks are best) leading up to the race.  And remember, whilst it is the ‘Spartan Sprint’ it still involves 7km of running.  Banging out a couple of bin runs every time you hit the gym would be a good plan leading up to the event.

    I am still struggling for a venue for this Sunday’s session…keep your eyes on Facebook during the week.

    Gym Update #5 – New Gloves, Weightlifting Gloves and Gymnastic Grips

    There is a tonne of new gear on order – bag mitts, mma gloves, leather gloves, weightlifting gloves and – a new product – gymnastic grips.  Everything has now ‘shipped’ so I am expecting it all to arrive in the gym in the next couple of days…

    Gym Update #6 – New Classes, Re-thinking the timetable

    I am still wrestling with the potential changes to the time-table and appreciate everyone who took the time to get in touch last week.  Again – I am still uncertain about what the changes might be (or even if there will be any!) but my thought process at the moment is:

    Mondays:  Move Body Work to 8pm and run Beginners at 7pm.

    Tuesdays:  As is.

    Wednesdays:  As with Monday, move Body Work to 8pm and run Beginners at 7pm.

    Thursdays:  As per Tuesday – run Body Work at 7pm and Beginners (NOT 1-min Rounds) runs at 8pm.

    This would all mean the end of B+, the addition of two additional Beginners sessions AND the moving around of two of our Body Work classes.

    Thus is not ‘happening’, but I would like everyone’s thoughts on it.  Please email me at if you have any thoughts or opinions.

    Gym Update #7 – Round 1 Footy Tipping Results

    A tough opening round for tipsters with ‘7’ being the highest score – well done to Gina, Christine and Clancy who are sitting atop the table at the moment.  (There are a couple of others up there as well but hard to identify who they are as they have registered with nicknames!)

    Next week’s games don’t kick off until FRIDAY night so you have until then to get your selection in for the West Coast vs Carlton fixture.

    Good luck next week everyone!

    Gym Update #7 – Round 1 DreamTeam Results

    The new DreamTeam competition is off and running and despite a pretty disastrous result for most participants, there are always winners and losers!

    This weeks top scorers were Cam Hobson (1897), Damien Kelly (1822) and Kade Mahar (1785).  Scores were terrible across the board with some of the bigger names either being injured (Rockliff) or simply not performing (Dusty Martin).  Back to the drawing board and on to Round 2.

    Gym Update #8 – Beach Bodies 3-month Program

    Below is a reprint of last week’s ‘Beach Bodies’ announcement.  For those who have emailed me – don’t stress…you will hear back late in the month of April.  In the meantime, my advice is to start doing some Body Work and/or TANKS sessions…to do Beach Bodies you are going to need to be able to lift some weights and you will need to be able to train independently complete exercises including deadlifts, squats,

    I have intentionally hidden this down the bottom of the blog but I am approximately 50% of the way through a 3-month ‘Beach Bodies’ program that I am planning to run from June 1st until August 31st.  The program features daily programming – cardio, strength, core, plyometrics – and integrates some Boxing classes as well.  The program features separate programs for men and women (although there is some overlap of course) and a simple food plan – similar to the one used for the muscle plan but split up with different quantities for different body sizes.

    This is by far the most complete programming effort we have undertaken and will require a fair bit of commitment to complete from anyone who wants to have a go…the results should be pretty impressive though!

    The idea of the plan is to do the work over winter so that when summer rolls along, you will have already done the work…you wont be scrambling to fit into your boardshorts (or your bikini).

    If you have read down this far and might be interested in the program, please email me at and I will make sure you receive future updates.

    Link of the week

    One of my favourite blogs this week…I listen to PowerAthlete Radio, subscribe to the Field Strong training online…what can I say – it is good stuff.  Have a look at John Welbourn’s ‘Lesson’s Learned 2014’ and you might understand why.  Lesson number#1 is my favourite!



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