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    Do you feel like there is something ‘MISSING’?, New Gloves, Rest Days

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    I am up in Bali for a friends 40th for a few days and am trusting that the last few days of training (I flew out on Wednesday night) have been as good as it all was at the start of the week.  I know that for me – struggling with this stupid knee injury which is sending shooting pains up and down and through my leg every time I move ‘wrong’ – training has just been hard and frustrating and generally driving me crazy for a good couple of weeks now and whilst I am not sure I actively ‘miss’ training I certainly feel like there is something MISSING from my ‘life’!

    Now – it isn’t that I find myself sitting around with time on my hands – it seems that there is always something to do – so the time I was spending training is always quickly filled.  In fact, after missing sessions for a couple of days you actually start to wonder exactly how you used to ‘fit in’ those sessions?  Or maybe that is just me?  But when I am not being active I just don’t feel ‘right’ somehow – something is MISSING.  It certainly isn’t my job – I have a great job and I get to work with a great group of people AND an amazingly committed group of clients.  It isn’t my family who are incredibly supportive of what I am doing and each other.  But when I am not training, something is just MISSING.

    It is kind of hard to describe and hard to define.  You know how you are standing out in front of the heavy bags and starting to put your hand-wraps on…and as you are reading the chalk scratchings on the walls your heart starts to go just a little bit faster?  Or you are down on the rubber staring at the Body Work white-board and trying to figure out in your head exactly what WEIGHT you should use for ‘THAT’?  Training is exciting.  It makes me nervous – maybe because I know it is going to hurt!  Maybe because I know that I am just about to find out whether or not everything I have done and everything I have learned (and maybe everything I have eaten!) in the last week/month/year/whenever is about to be tested…and I am not sure if I have all the answers ready so that I can pass the test?

    I can’t tell anyone out there how to do their job or run their lives or look after their family…I don’t have those answers.  What I can tell you though is that spending time in the gym is just good for you – both emotionally and physically.  It is good to find a way to get down to the gym with the intention to just ‘cut loose’ a few times every week.  Really swing hard at the bags.  Pick up some uncomfortably heavy things and put them down again.  Push yourself as hard as you can go on a rower or assault bike.  Training regularly and training hard makes you feel more vibrant, more confident – it makes you feel good about yourself.  It makes you think more about your diet (it is amazing how WELL I eat each day AFTER I have trained versus the somewhat ‘relaxed’ nature of my non-training days!) and contributes to a better nights sleep.  Everything is connected.  Train well = eat well = sleep well = happy, positive person.  Miss sessions = food mis-steps = poor sleep = tired, grouchy, irritable person.

    For me, maintaining a consistent training rhythm is so important to my overall well-being…it is important to my state of mind.  When I am not active, the time just seems to be ‘lost’ on other tasks…but my head is never quite right.  If I am not training, there is something ‘missing’ and I feel it not just with regards my physical fitness – but in every element of my life.

    See you in the gym,


    P.S.  Don’t forget to join the April Challenge.  The list of exercises are going to make it a fun month of training…and don’t forget that the next Spartan training session is 8am next Sunday…

    Gym Update #1  – Membership Referrals at Round 1

    When I mentioned our referral scheme to a member early last week, I was greeted with a blank stare.  But it is real and it really (really) works.  If you refer someone and they join Round 1 for 3-months, we give you an extra week on your membership for free.  If you refer someone and they join Round 1 on an ‘Unlimited’ contract, we give you an extra TWO WEEKS membership for FREE.  If you refer someone and they join Round 1 for 12-MONTHS, we give you an extra MONTH’s membership for FREE.

    Gym Update #2  – April Challenge is GO

    Our latest gym challenge – the April 2015 ’30-50’ Challenge is up and ready to go.  For the first time ever, there are TWO registration options:

    1/.Register for the challenge AND 2x Body Scans (1 before the challenge, 1 after) for a cost of $35.

    2/.Register for the challenge only for a cost of $10.

    As this is a ‘Get it Done’ Challenge, everyone who finishes will receive a ‘Get it Done’ T-Shirt…we never sell these so everyone you see wearing one in the gym – including any of the trainers – has ‘earned’ their shirt through finishing one of the challenges.

    So…what do you have to do?

    1/.Within the month of April, complete 20x Group Training Classes at Round 1.  All class types count (yes, including Beginners!).  You must complete 20 sessions and have each one signed off by a trainer.

    2/.In addition to the classes, you must also complete FIFTY repetitions of THIRTY different exercises.  You can break these up however you like – 10 at a time, 20 at a time, 2 at a time for all I care – as long as on the 31st of April you have done 50 reps of each of the nominated exercises you are DONE.  Now – don’t stress about me tricking you and including things that you just haven’t learned to do ‘yet’ – I have included ‘alternative’ exercises for anything that I think might be in that category on the sign off sheet and if you have issues with any of the others I am sure I can come up with a replacement for those as well.

    Keen?  The registration link is here:  April Challenge Registration.

    Gym Update #3 – SPARTAN Race Team

    Our next training session is Sunday March 29th – we will be learning rope-climbs on that day…wear some long socks if you don’t want to end up with ‘scabby’ shins!  8am start at Anning Park.

    Gym Update #4 – New Gloves, Weightlifting Gloves and Gymnastic Grips

    There is a tonne of new gear on order – bag mitts, mma gloves, leather gloves, weightlifting gloves and – a new product – gymnastic grips.  Hopefully everything will be ready to ship by the end of the month so keep an eye on the ‘shop’.

    Gym Update #5 – 2015 Crossfit Open

    Just a reminder that for the duration of the 2015 Crossfit Open we will be doing each of the WOD’s as they are announced each Friday night at 7pm.  The workouts have been both a great challenge AND a lot of fun so far…our plans are to head out to dinner together after the workout this coming Friday night.  If you are interested, just get to the gym in time for a 7pm start on Friday night.

    Gym Update #6 – Footy Tipping has Launched for the 2015 season

    I have started up a NEW Footy Tipping league for 2015.  So whilst in past years your membership to the Round 1 competition has just ‘Rolled Over’, this year if you want to be in you will have to rejoin.  The league name is Round 1 Fitness 2015 and the link to join is HERE:

    The password for the league is ‘speedball’.

    Good luck everyone!

    Link of the week

    An interesting article on programmed rest days:

    If you are doing Boxing and Beginners sessions, you probably don’t need to stress too much about this idea – however for those people out there who are combining Boxing sessions, Tanks Sessions, Body Work classes AND your own lifting…might be 5-minutes worth reading!



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