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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Before I start with the blog, please be sure to read down the list this week guys – there is some great info about the special Friday the 13th day we are having this week, the 28-days Later challenge, new gear and products in the gym…and please, please, please read the info/sign-up for Perkville.  Perkville is free for you guys – and it gives you access to credit you can use for products and services in the gym.  Perkville costs us (the gym) money everytime someone signs into the gym or pays their membership (whether they are a member of Perkville or not) so please sign-up and take advantage – if I am going to pay for something so you guys can benefit, I want you to actually GET those benefits…anyway, onto the blog.

    It was a big week of training last week.  9-minute rounds continue to roll on and I am loving them.  The session on Monday last week was possibly the toughest one yet (that strength circuit was a killer!) and I can really feel the benefit of this training method in the rest of my sessions.  That said, I got a fair bit out of each of the classes last week – the big abs blocks in ‘No Rules’ and ‘Body Work Class B’ were great as well – I haven’t done that many abs for a while….all up, I managed three Boxing Classes, one No Rules, and one Body Work class…I also found 40 minutes to complete the strength workout of the week and another 40 minutes to do a run-through of a Tanks session planned for two weeks from now.  A good training week personally – and when coupled with the 28-days Later diet rules should have me on the right track for a solid 2015.

    With my blog this week I just wanted to talk a little bit about progress – and whether you are making it or otherwise…and the fact that you need to be just a little bit responsible for it.  For anyone doing the 28-days Later challenge, you would have already experienced a few moments of ‘sacrifice’ this week/weekend (I know personally that adding some vodka to the lime and soda I had after getting home from watching the Crossfit competition in 40 degree heat was pretty darn tempting) but progress is not just about sacrifice and it is certainly not about short-term sacrifice.  It is about making smart decisions and training consistently over a lifetime, not over a month.

    Now – does all of this mean that I want you to train every day and never drink alcohol for the rest of your life?  Well – of course not.  But it does mean I want you to make smart decisions, have a plan in your life and stick to it.  It also means I want you to be focussed on the big picture and not on the ‘little details’…for the most part at least.  And this is something that I think needs explaining.

    I get a LOT of questions about training and diet and what to do / what not to do.  But specifically I get a lot of questions from people who want ‘a weights program’ or want a ‘food plan’.  That’s all good – that’s why I am here.  But for some reason prescribing 2-3 Boxing classes plus some ‘simple’ lifting (squats, deadlifts, bench press, rows, overhead press) means the question I get is ‘But what ELSE should I be doing?’.  And when I put down a breakfast of either oats or an omelette, chicken and salad for lunch and steak and salad for dinner with a couple of ‘snacks’ consisting of a piece of fruit and a couple of nuts the question I get is ‘But what about protein shakes – shouldn’t I be taking some supplements?’.

    The truth is you don’t need to do anything else (training) until you are doing the basics consistently and consistently well.  There is a reason we have written up a strength workout of the week plan – it gives you are really simple way to do your ‘weights program’ in such a way that with two sessions per week (together with some boxing classes) you will become stronger over the course of a few MONTHS!  But it is going to be hard and it is going to take a lot of effort and it is going to be lonely.  Barbell time can be pretty lonely time.  But if you are prepared to look ‘big picture’, then it is the right way to go about it.

    And you honestly don’t need any supplements until you have your diet dialled in nice and tight.  Just get into the habit of eating good, clean food that was last seen running, swimming or hanging from a tree/bush/vine.  Supplements can help when you have ALL of that right.  But if you have some of it right – except for the birthday cake at work twice every week AND the icecream for desert three times each week AND the Latte every morning AND the chocolate after the kids have gone to bed…well, supplements aren’t likely to do too much except leave a little less money in your bank account.

    Don’t get me wrong.  I WANT you to ask for help.  I WANT to help…and so do all of the other trainers.  But it is the big stuff that is important – that is what you need to get right first of all.  Once you are rolling with the big stuff then everything else will be easy to fix…but let’s get to that point first.  Do a couple of classes.  Lift some weights.  Eat some good clean food.

    See you in the gym,


    Gym Update #1  – Friday the 13th

    This coming Friday is Friday the 13th…and we are going to have a special ‘dress-up’ day at Round 1.  Now – you don’t HAVE to dress up (a compromise might be to come dressed in black??) but if you do we will be throwing some pics up on Instagram ( and awarding a prize to the ‘best dressed’ on the day (‘Friday the 13th movies from the original right through to number 8) AND a set of Sennheiser Adidas MX 685 Sports headphones.   All up the prize is worth just on $200 so have some fun and be part of it.

    Remember also – Lloyd will be running classes on Friday afternoon/night (including our SPECIAL ‘ZOMBIE WOD’ at 7pm)…and he is petrified of CLOWNS.  So if you are stuck for a costume, something like this might be a good idea!

    Gym Update #2  – 28-Days Later Challenge

    One week in and all is well.  Hopefully everyone is reading their food labels and developing a new appreciation for the multitude of ways sugars and sweeteners are ‘snuck’ into our everyday foods.  Now whilst they are ‘banned’ for the duration of the challenge, I am not saying that you can’t have (for example) canned tomatoes ‘ever again’.  But I am saying that you should understand exactly WHAT is in the food you and your family are eating and make your decisions backed by that knowledge.  Personally I KNOW that bacon is cured with sugar and salt – but once the challenge is over I will be back to eating it…I like Bacon!

    The new ‘EXTRAS’ video is up on YouTube – check the link here for what you need to do this week:

    Gym Update #3 – Grill’d Cockburn Gateways

    Anyone who has been to Grill’d would know that each time you order they give you a ‘bottletop’ – you put the bottletop into one of three containers to indicate which community organisation you would like to support.  This month one of the options is Cockburn Basketball Association – who provide a great facility for everyone in Cockburn (from the young to the elite to the old!) to get active and have some fun playing basketball.  Plus they are great friends of all of us at Round 1.

    If you are wondering which of the three ‘tubs’ to drop your bottletop into, please think about supporting Cockburn Basketball.

    Gym Update #5 – Crossfit Competition – Riverside Jam

    Along with everything else going on, we had a few Round 1’ers up competing in the ‘Riverside Jam’ Crossfit competition on the weekend.  We had three competitors in the ‘Girls – Beginners’ competition and they all did amazing…Taima Komene finished 11th (57 total), Hohi Wepa finished 7th and Renae Sealey 5th.  All three girls were up near the top of the leaderboard in each of the four events (WODS) on the day.

    Today (Sunday), we had four competitors in the Intermediate contest – Lloyd and JD in the mens, Kirei and Zara in the girls.  JD and his bleeding hands somehow found a way to complete all of the events (for sure I would have thrown in the towel!) and finished a creditable 35th in the mens division (out of 59 finishers).  Lloyd did even better and recorded our first top 3 finish for the day – 3rd place in the mens.  In the girls, Kirei finished one point short of a top ten finish in 11th and Zara put on a bit of a show with finishes of 6th, 5th, 1st and 1st in the four WODS and first overall on the day!  Go US!

    If anyone is interested in competing in the future, maybe have a chat to Lloyd or myself and we will keep you up to date with the events…

    Gym Update #5 – New Gear has Arrived – Bumper Plates and Barbells

    On top of the new wall-ball covers that arrived/were installed last week, I also rolled down to Rockingham Fitness ( and grabbed some additional Olympic Bars/Bumper plates last week.  This equipment is needed (actually, a bit more is needed) because this week we will be having another ‘try’ at implementing some ‘proper’ deadlifts in our boxing classes.

    Remember the very simple 5-step process for deadlifts:  Feet shoulder width apart with the bar over your shoe laces, hands grab the bar outside your knees, bend your knees till your shins hit the bar, shoulders back/back straight, stand up!  Our video going through this process is here:

    Be sure to check it out before heading along to deadlift later this week.

    Gym Update #6 – New Gear Part 2 – Gloves, Wraps, Backpacks and Hats

    On top of the new gym equipment, we also received a new delivery of bag mitts last week and a new order of hand-wraps is not far away.  We also have some new backpacks about to arrive (embroidery underway) and have changed the design away from the sling-bags for the first time in a while…the new bags are a little bigger/more expensive but the main reason for the change was simply to offer a different product to long-term members.

    I am also in the process of arranging some snap back caps featuring the ‘boxer’ logo that you will have seen on the back of our new trainer shirts…the samples look amazing and I hope everyone likes them!

    Gym Update #7 – Round 1 Dream Team has Launched for 2015

    Every year we run an AFL Dream Team competition and this year is no different.  Well – it is no different in that we are running a league…it will be different in that I will WIN!  Regardless of that, the League has been created and if you are interested in joining our code is FAN9U7RV.  The league (oddly enough) is called Round 1 Fitness.  There are 20 spots in the current league – if you miss out, send me a quick email and I will start up a second competition…

    Gym Update #8 – New Bikes are on the Way

    As mentioned over the last couple of weeks, some new bikes – Assault Air Bikes – will be in the gym soon.  These will replace EIGHT (8) of the Keiser M3 Spin Bikes (we will be keeping 4 for people who want to do some spinning).  We are hoping to sell off the Keisers – if you are interested in a spin bike for home, please send me an email to  So far we have potential homes for all eight bikes but I am sure a couple of people will pull out so if you are keen please let me know.  With regards pricing, I saw a spin bike with no screen (no access to rpms, distance etc) advertised through Nordic for $1295 yesterday…admittedly that is brand new but without the monitoring gauges how would you even know how much work you have done???  The keisers will be available for a lot less than that (around $400 should be enough based on current interest) so let me know if you are interested.

    Gym Update #9 – Spartan Up – New DISCOUNT OFFER

    OK.  I have been banging on about this for AGES and we now have 50 people registered in our team.  Which is AWESOME.  But I think we can do better than that.  Now we have reached the magical number of 50, the Spartan Race Team have given us a 10% off code to help attract MORE registrations…if you are keen to have a go – or have registered but have a friend who is keen to be part of our team – then please send me a note ( and I will send you through the discount code.

    To register, go to

    Our team name is ‘Round 1 Fitness’ – choose the ‘Intermediate’ category.  The team password is ‘speedball’.

    Email if you have registered so I can try and keep track of things!

    Gym Update #10 – Join PERKVILLE.  Join NOW!!!

    Perkville is awesome.  It is a rewards scheme that gives you ‘credit’ in the gym for every time you pay for your membership/every time you scan your membership card at the front counter.  You can then turn that ‘credit’ into TANKS classes, InBody Scans, Personal Training, Protein, new Boxing Gloves etc – whatever you want really!

    Signing up really is simple – go to , enter the same email address that you have registered at the gym and everything else is done for you.

    Free stuff at the gym just for turning up?  Sounds alright to me!

    Link of the week

    The Barbell Shrugged guys had a great podcast/article up with Tim Ferris last week – some great philosophies/commentary in the interview including Tim talking about taking the ‘minimum effective dose’ (of EVERYTHING!), starting off slowly in any new venture rather than ‘rushing in’ and generally making sure that you plan your days/lives so that you get maximum value out of every moment.  It is pretty cool.  The text/summary is here and the audio is here.



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