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    Training can be tough – Embrace it, be consistent!

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Well done to everyone who got a few sessions done last week.  It was HOT (as it often is in Perth in January) but knowing it is hot doesn’t make it any easier once you get started on your session.  I was really pleased with the way everyone just put their head down and worked hard even though conditions felt a little oppressive.  From a gym perspective, we are moving ever closer to the ‘end’ of the refurb project.  With the extra racks and wall-ball targets installed last week all that is really pending is the arrival of the new bikes.  We now have a quite amazing array of equipment to use – there really aren’t too many things we can’t throw at you guys these days – and it provides us with the ability to ensure that not only are we covering the basics in our strength program but we can also perform a heap of supplemental stuff to ‘help’ with the basics.  In a ‘standard’ week – no matter what else is going on in the sessions you have done – you should be doing some pull-ups or fence pulls, some bridging and core stability, some pushups, either pushing a sled or doing some bear-crawls, swinging a kettlebell, doing some squats AND some lunges (and hopefully some plyometric versions of them) as well as some pressing (overhead and horizontal) with a barbell or kettlebell.   And some short duration, high intensity cardio on the bike, the rower or even a run.

    This week – like every week in many ways – I ended up talking to one of our newer members (6-months or so I guess) who has been making an effort to do one Body Work class each week for the past 3 or 4 weeks.  Which I think is awesome by the way – whilst Boxing changes every day, Body Work is quite different again and presents a whole different challenge.  Anyway, back to the point, they were wanting to know when the day would come that they wouldn’t be the ‘worst’ person in their weekly Body Work class.  Funnily enough, I had never noticed that they were the ‘worst’ person (everyone seemed to be having difficulty with one element of the session or another), but perception is reality and the answer is really, really simple.  If they keep attending the session consistently, they will keep improving and will no longer be ‘the worst’.

    If you don’t want your dentist to start drilling into your teeth at your 6-monthly appointment, you need to clean them every day (twice a day).  If you want to become fitter and stronger then you need to be consistent in your efforts to get to the gym.  Further, if you are struggling with specific elements of your training, you need to consistently work to improve them.  There is no point in ‘wishing’ that you were better at the bike – spend 5-minutes riding HARD at the end of every class you do and you will quickly find that those efforts lead to a reward – you will become faster and stronger on the bikes.  Going back to my list of ‘every week’ exercises a couple of paragraphs back, they are all great (and SAFE) exercises to do outside of session times…don’t hang around waiting for the class to start – get started and moving and do something that you are trying to get BETTER at.

    The gym should be a place that makes you feel better about yourself.  Training is hard – particularly when you compare it to the alternatives that are generally (for most people) either sleeping in (morning sessions) or sitting on the couch (evening sessions).  Training makes all of us uncomfortable and makes all of us wish (at times) for an easier way out.  As I said the other day, the reason I need to be ‘coached’ is because without a coach there is no way I would do 1km rowing intervals even though I know they are good for me and my body reacts well to that type of training – without a coach I would just do what is easy but where would the improvement be in that?  If you are consistent in your efforts to get to the gym and are positive in both your thoughts (‘Cool – I haven’t done that before’ rather than ‘I wont be able to do that!) AND your approach then everything will turn out in the end.

    Back to the ‘when wont I be the worst’ question – well, if you are thinking that everyone else in the class is doing it better than you, just look a little closer.  Everyone is having a tough time of it and everyone is hoping that the end bell rings just a little sooner than it will.  And those people who get back inside from their bin run before you do?  Well, they are inside doing burpees and pushups and wishing that they were slower at getting back inside to start the circuit.

    See you in the gym.


    Gym Update #1  – Australia Day Party @ C.Y. O’Connor Beach

    In a couple of weeks Australia Day will be upon us and we would love it if everyone could join us for a bit of a get together / celebration down at C.Y. O’Connor beach.  Our plan is to run a bit of a workout down there from 09:30am until 10:30am, then follow that up with a bit of a celebration from 11am.

    It will be pretty casual – if you want to eat, bring down some steak/sausages.  If you want a beer, bring down some of them.  If you want to play cricket, bring down a bat and ball.  There is a grassed area down there, a couple of bbq’s and lot’s of white sand/blue ocean.  Bring your sunscreen, bring your kids – whether you want to stay for the day or just stop in for a hello and a quick swim would be fine with all of us…but as usual with these kind of things, the more the merrier!

    To answer the next question, Australia Day is a Monday this year and the gym will still be open until 12:30pm even with the beach-based training session happening at 9:30am and the Australia Day celebration starting at 11am.

    Gym Update #2  – New ‘Workout of the Week’ Boards are GO!

    Great response to our new workout boards in week#1.  I know they worked really well for me – I finished the cardio challenge (8 minute bike test) after a class one day, did the full body workout, the ‘squat’ day out of the strength workouts and finished the most revolting WOD ever in a tick over 49 minutes.  Will be as successful in doing everything every week?  I doubt it – but it is good to have some clear ‘what to do’ direction for those times when I have some spare time in the gym but there is no class running.

    I think it is a great initiative and I would encourage everyone to have a go!

    Gym Update #3 – New Gear is HERE!

    As promised last week, three (3) new racks were installed in the gym last week AND a series of 10-foot wall-ball targets have been put up.  We now have a heap of spots for pull-ups, fence pulls etc and – remember – each of these racks is a lifting station that is going to give us a LOT of flexibility in our programming moving forward.  It is great for our specialty classes but also for our boxing sessions – I can see torsonators installed in every station to add more variety to our sessions in 2015…

    Remember as well, we have some amazing new air bikes on the way so if anyone is interested in buying one of the existing Keiser M3 spin bikes from us, ping me at

    Gym Update #4 – Our YouTube Channel

    Over the past 6-months or so (maybe a bit longer) we have been uploading videos to YouTube (another one went up on Saturday the 10th Jan!).  Some are of our classes, some are ‘How To’ videos – they all have a consistent look and feel and whilst I am never going to be a great presenter (or great user of iMovie!) there is some pretty good stuff there and some really helpful information.

    Why am I telling you this – because I want you to subscribe to our channel and, when you find something useful that we publish, I want you to share it with the world!  Selfishly I want the time spent making the videos to feel worthwhile, and this can only happen when the videos we publish are actually VIEWED by people…so click on this link, hit subscribe, and share, share, share.  (Or – if you hate them, tell me that you hate them so I can do a better job!).

    Gym Update #5 – Spartan Up

    There is a Spartan Event – a sprint race (7kms, 20 obstacles) coming up next April 18th.  This has never really been my thing but I just have an idea that – given the 7km distance – we could get 200 Round 1’ers signed up and ready to race in the event…I was thinking we might arrange t-shirts, a ‘special’ Sunday morning training squad (to help everyone get through the running) and who only knows what else!  Now – a heap of people have noted on Facebook that they are keen – awesome.  If you want to save $45 on registration, then you have to do it THIS WEEK!!!  Go to:

    Our team name is ‘Round 1 Fitness’ – choose the ‘Intermediate’ category.  The team password is ‘speedball’.

    Email if you have registered so I can try and keep track of things!

    Gym Update #6– Join PERKVILLE.  Join NOW!!!

    Perkville is awesome.  It is a rewards scheme that gives you ‘credit’ in the gym for every time you pay for your membership/every time you scan your membership card at the front counter.  You can then turn that ‘credit’ into TANKS classes, InBody Scans, Personal Training, Protein, new Boxing Gloves etc – whatever you want really!

    Signing up really is simple – go to , enter the same email address that you have registered at the gym and everything else is done for you.

    Free stuff at the gym just for turning up?  Sounds alright to me!

    Link of the week

    First one is being being a little indulgent – our latest Round 1 video:

    Second one is about Dry Needling.  I have been having discussions with a few people about this lately and – rather than speak to me about it, if you are uncertain about ANY proposed treatment I really do recommend you discuss it with the medico (who is DOING the treatment!!!) before you get started.  This video from Gray Cook gives you some pretty solid background on dry needling for anyone interested:



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