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    Christmas Approaching (Get Organised), Dentistry Plus, Instagram Updates

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Holy hell – it is the 23rd of November and I feel like I am woefully under-prepared for the impending Christmas season…this weekend has been complete madness with running classes and winning football bets (thanks Stephen McGarrigle and the GAA!) and watching the Round 1’ers in the Crossfit comp up at Joondalup (they did AMAZING) on both days.  It has been crazy busy.  And as we all know, things only get worse with social commitments through December – I realised driving back from Joondalup this afternoon that I need to do a better job of planning out my weekend to make sure I find time to eat and train as well as meet my other commitments…else I might be seeing in the New Year a size or two larger than I am right now.  Hopefully the impending 12-days of Christmas Challenge will help be stay on top of things, but even so…

    Before I start on the blog ‘proper’, I just wanted to ask everyone to be sure to check out the following sections of the blog before closing their browsers today.  Firstly, the return of the ‘Friends of Round 1’ section has a great offer from Dentistry Plus over in Leeming (thanks Aran!).  Secondly, full details of the changes in membership pricing are included in ‘Gym Update #1’.  Lastly, the details of the special price for the Spartan Race I am trying to get a team together for (next April 18th) is listed under ‘Gym Update #2)…Sorry for including this stuff at the top, but sometimes I feel I have so much information to tell everyone that if I don’t put some details ‘up at the top’ that it will be lost in all the details that follow…

    Right.  As mentioned last week, we are going through a bit of a changing of the guard at Round 1 with some long-term trainers moving on.  Last week I spoke about Leila – who will be missing for a while to have bub number 4 – today, it is Sean’s turn.  Unlike Lils who is departing for a short time, Seany is off to start a new career and a new life in many ways.

    Sean is actually the first person who I EVER hired to work at Round 1.  I had heard through friends that there was a young guy – a ‘gun basketball player’ – who was looking for part-time work and might be someone worth talking too.  I chatted to Sean by phone a couple of times and he came down to the gym to see me – I was still working full-time in my IT job when all this happened and trying to put the gym together in any spare time I had.  I was up on a ladder painting the boxing frames one day when Sean arrived for his ‘meeting’ in shorts and a basketball singlet.  For those who know him in 2014 this might sound unfamiliar but he was quite shy and quiet and didn’t really have a lot to say.  And he might have been 65kg’s (maybe).  Throughout our conversation, Sean’s main concern seemed to be that getting a job might involve him have to purchase a t-shirt…apparently he had to do that at a previous job ($22 was the amount he quoted if I recall) and when he left he didn’t get the money back – which apparently wasn’t fair.  His other concern was getting a job that would allow him time for shooting practice at Melville Rec every morning because – again, believe it or not, basketball was his entire life! But what the hell,  I wanted some junior staff, he had a good sporting background which I was keen on and he was a friend of a family friend – so he was ‘in’.  From his perspective, I guess I promised him a gym t-shirt at no cost, so he was keen to start.  Of course the opening of the gym was still a couple of months off but that meant extra time working on his jump-shot!

    When Sean did finally start work – again, this might sound unfamiliar to people who know him today – he was actually too shy to run classes.  Not “didn’t like it”.  Would NOT do it!  Talking to people as they came in the door was actually asking a lot.  After a couple of months of ‘pushing’ he finally agreed to get involved in taking classes one Sunday (back when a busy Sunday session had maybe a dozen people in a class though he will claim that I threw him in the deep end)…it has been an amazing journey to watch from that time forwards really.  Suffice to say, these days he speaks with confidence in group situations – he speaks with confidence and honesty and authority.  He also uses that great sense of humour he has to make everything seem just a little more ‘fun’ than your heart of hearts knows the reality will be.

    Sean has been an amazing employee.  He has really embraced Round 1 as a business and his fun, friendly personality has been a big part of what our gym is about (at least, what it is supposed to be about).  Whilst I wont miss picking up his protein shakers from any/every possible resting point throughout the place I will miss pretty much everything else.  He is just a great guy – a great friend.  When one of your staff moving on leads to tears from your children, well, I guess that says it all.  It has happened twice to me now – first when Jason moved down to Margaret River to be with some girl he barely knew, and now that Sean is off to try and make his life outside of the fitness industry.  There is just nothing better than going to work every day and having that mean you are getting to go and spend time with people who are your friends – people who you genuinely care about.

    Seany, I am going to miss you mate.  You have been a big part of my life for nearly 5 years now and I am going to miss you.  I am sure everyone else will too.

    See you in the gym.


    Friends of Round 1 Fitness – Super offer from Dentistry Plus

    With Christmas coming up, inspiring us to get in shape, it’s awesome to see a huge number of our members that have been visiting regularly and sweating it out. Given that we all want to look our best this time of year, we were pretty excited recently when one of our regular members, local dentist Aran Moorthy, from Dentistry Plus in Leeming, extended a VIP offer for all of our members.

    Exclusive VIP offer for Round 1 members only!

    All members of Round1 Boxing Fitness Gym can receive 10% of all dental work at Dentistry Plus Leeming. This discount applies anything, whether it’s just a checkup, a feeling or two, porcelain veneers or any other dental work you may require. If you want to find out more about Dentistry Plus, you can check out their dental services here. Just remember, Aran – who trains at Round 1 at 6am a few times each week – said that to claim your discount all you need to do is mention Round 1 fitness to the receptionist for the discount to apply.

    BONUS: Take-Home Teeth Whitening Offer $199

    Aran is also offering a take-home teeth whitening kit at a price that is less than half of what many dentists round town are offering. Far superior to over-the-counter formulas you can get from the chemist, these can make a massive difference to the whiteness of your teeth.

    Gym Update #1 – Membership price rises – Coming in Early December

    As mentioned last week, from December 8th onwards (two weeks away) there will be some small rises in our membership fees for casual sessions, PT Sessions, 12-month Memberships (including FIFO) and Unlimited Memberships.  3-month packages and 10-round pass prices will remain unchanged.

    In simple terms, the changes will be as follows:

    Casual Class – Increase to $15.

    10-round pass – No change

    3-month membership – No Change

    12-month Up-front membership – Increase from $715 to $780

    12-month direct debit – Increase from $65/ month to $71.50 per month OR from $30/fortnight to /$33 per fortnight)

    FIFO – Increase from $550 to $600 (same % change as 12-month contract)

    Unlimited – Increase to $77 per month/$35.50 per fortnight.

    PT:  Up to $35 per 30 mins, $60 per 60 minutes.

    Remember – if you have an existing membership you will NOT (NOT) be impacted by the pricing changes.  The only time that there will be an impact is if you are on a 12-month or FIFO contract and your membership expires/needs to be renewed.

    As part of the change, I will also be offering people the option of receiving $70 worth of PERKVILLE points in lieu of receiving a Round 1 Pack (gloves, bag, wraps, towel) when they renew their membership…that way, people will be able to use the points to get whatever they want from the gym.

    Gym Update #2 – Spartan Up

    There is a Spartan Event – a sprint race (7kms, 20 obstacles) coming up next April 18th.  This has never really been my thing but I just have an idea that – given the 7km distance – we could get 200 Round 1’ers signed up and ready to race in the event…I was thinking we might arrange t-shirts, a ‘special’ Sunday morning training squad (to help everyone get through the running) and who only knows what else!  Now – a heap of people have noted on Facebook that they are keen – awesome.  If you want to save $45 on registration, then you have to do it THIS WEEK!!!  Go to:

    Our team name is ‘Round 1 Fitness’ – choose the ‘Intermediate’ category.  The team password is ‘speedball’.

    Email if you have registered so I can try and keep track of things!

    Gym Update #3 – December ’12 Days of Christmas’ Challenge is coming soon!

    The next ‘GET IT DONE’ challenge will be commencing on MONDAY December 1st.   As with other ‘Get it Done’ challenges, completing the challenge will mean you are entitled to a Round 1 ‘Get it Done’ T.  In each of the last two weeks I have announced two ‘hints’ to help prepare everyone for the challenge:

    Hint number 1:  You will need to complete 20 Classes between December 1st and Christmas Day.  This challenge will be NO JOKE.  Tanks will count, PT will count, Challenge Team will count.  Starting Strength will count.

    Hint number 2:  Each day, you will need to complete a ‘RANGE’ of activities ‘in order’.  For EXAMPLE, 12 of one exercise, 11 of another, 10 of another etc.  These ‘extras’ will be designed such that they will not take more than 15 minutes.  You will need to complete the ‘EXTRAS’ on twelve occasions for the challenge to be completed.

    Hint 3:  Your true love wont be bringing you ‘5 gold rings’ – they will be asking for “5(00) metres on the rower.

    Hint 4:  Your true love wont be promising ‘7 Swans-a-laying’ – they have a bad attitude and will be asking for ‘Seven Scorpion Pushups’.

    Two more hints this week.  The format will be very ’12-days of Christmas’.

    Hint 5:  Your true love wont be presenting you with One Turtle Dove – but you will be doing One Bin Run.

    Hint 6:  10 Lords a leaping?  10 lords a burpeeing more likely!

    As said last week – this challenge will be NO JOKE!  Never have we run a Get it Done challenge that needed less than 25 classes…this time we only want 20 but it might just be the toughest one to finish ever.  You CAN do it.  And if you are looking to lift the bar in the run-up for Christmas (to make up for all the ‘bad behaviour’ that you will be indulging in) this will be just the thing.  Plus, the ‘Get it Done’ t’s are cool.  I have two of them – both hard earned!

    Gym Update #4 – Life Plan / Muscle Plan

    One week to go, one week to go!

    Next Sunday is promising to be chaos with all of the power cuts in Cockburn Central (Western Power are saying that the gym will be down ALL day!!!) but please don’t stress.  We will still be scanning on Thursday and Friday nights this week, and if you miss out (you might be able to sneak in between classes during the week) we can always set up some time on the following weekend…

    With regards the ‘celebration’ dinner, I am trying to organise an ‘EARLY Sunday’ dinner (from 4:30pm) at the new Lone Star restaurant (so everyone can get their steak and salad of course!) on November 30th…the idea would be that we do our scans on the Thursday/Friday nights plus Sunday morning then all get together on Sunday avo for a bit of a group ‘thing’.  I will put the same details on Facebook but if you feel like emailing me (which also works best!), the will work just fine.

    Gym Update #5 – Gym Refurb Project

    No progress here unfortunately – the turf still lies dormant (though you might have noticed the move of the tyres etc outside?).  Hopefully some more news to share next week!

    Gym Update #6– Join PERKVILLE.  Join NOW!!!

    Perkville is awesome.  It is a rewards scheme that gives you ‘credit’ in the gym for every time you pay for your membership/every time you scan your membership card at the front counter.  You can then turn that ‘credit’ into TANKS classes, InBody Scans, Personal Training, Protein, new Boxing Gloves etc – whatever you want really!

    Signing up really is simple – go to , enter the same email address that you have registered at the gym and everything else is done for you.

    Free stuff at the gym just for turning up?  Sounds alright to me!

    Link of the week

    This might be a bit cheeky, but our website has just had a bit of a refurb and I would love for you all to check it out and let me know what you think:

    Further, the photos you see up on the site (top right corner) are coming directly from our Instagram feed – if you want to check out all the great shots we have been putting up there, you can watch them cycle past from the Round 1 site or go directly to Instagram at



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