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    Injured – well, let’s find a way to move forward, 12-Days of Christmas, Kelly Starrett

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Well, another week down.  It does feel like that sometimes – I managed to do 5 classes (3x boxing, 1x body work, 1x ‘No Rules’), 2x separate rowing sessions and 2x strength sessions (1 day power cleans, 1 day deadlifts) – but somehow it all just seemed to be ‘just another week’.  Nothing remarkable achieved – no sessions missed, but no ‘over the top’ achievements.  No real ‘lazy’ stuff – but with exception of the ‘9-minute rounds’ day nothing really memorable either!  I guess we are all just living the life at some point – trying hard to be good, eat well, train consistently and just stay healthy and strong.  This stuff is all ‘fun’ at one level – but at the same time it is hard work.  Not sure I would ever change it but even I have to admit to sometimes wishing there was just an easier way…I mean, my left knee is sore – I train.  My back gets sore – I train.  I want ice-cream – I eat steak, sweet potatoe and broccoli…it can all just get hard on occasion.

    My knee really has been playing up lately.  It has ‘history’.  I played footy from the time I could walk until I could no longer run – if I could still play now I would.  I can see Vanessa shaking her head as she reads that but only because she knows it is true.  And if it wasn’t for Round 1 I would definitely be playing masters or finding a touch footy team or playing social basketball or…well…something.  And the fact I am not is good for my knee (it doesn’t ‘like’ sudden twists and turns – don’t believe a surgeon when they tell you a knee recon leaves you with a ‘normal’ knee – it leaves you with a reconditioned one which is kind of like a reconditioned car motor) but whilst gym is better for it than ‘sport’, it does still gets sore just in the normal ins and outs of life and gym and other things.

    What are you going to do though?  My knee gets sore.  Other people have sore knees, or backs, or shoulders, or elbows – let’s face it, we are all training hard firstly because we like it – but also because it helps add strength and flexibility to the muscles around our less than perfect joints which makes the other things we want to do (having a kick of the footy with the kids, playing an occasional game of netball) that much less of a ‘stress’ on our bodies.  And I guess because it is summer time (well, nearly) and we want to be able to strip down to our boardies/bathers at the beach.  The question is – how sore is ‘too sore?’  How much is ‘too much?’  At what point do you say ‘I need to find something else to do here?’  And who should decide?  Should you decide or should your doctor/physio decide?

    I am probably the worst example of anyone here – I tend to take the “stuff it if it can’t take a joke” approach to training when my knee hurts.  Which on occasion has led to ‘problems’ surprise, surprise – but more often than not everything has turned out ok and training with my sore knee – together with a bit of a prehab and recovery plan – has actually helped things along.  But the reality is, if something hurts, you really should STOP DOING THAT EXERCISE NOW.  There really are no shades of grey here – if something HURTS, then STOP.  Or – a better idea is just to do something else.

    The question is, what ‘something else’ should you do?  Well, ideally, you have had a session with a Dr or Physio and they have suggested that you do squats rather than lunges or whatever it might be – but if not, the quick answer is ‘just do something’.  If your knee hurts, even dropping down and doing some situps is a great solution – it might be a totally different muscle group but if there is pain, maybe just using a different muscle group is exactly what you need?  Or maybe you could use that time to work on your pull-ups, or do some extra punching or whatever it is…in short, it probably doesn’t matter what your short-term solution is – as long as it involves doing something.

    Long-term?  Well discussing a plan with the trainers and – if necessary – engaging physios etc is a great idea.  Because remember, your long-term plan should not be to modify.  Your long-term plan in most cases should be to join back in fully.  Swapping from push-ups to squats to get around a shoulder injury in the short-term is great – in the long-term, you should be targeting a return to ‘full’ training.  You should WANT to do the workout exactly as it has been planned – exactly.  Modifying for injury should (in most cases) be a short-term solution whilst you recover – not  long-term solution to a problem that you have never quite gotten to the bottom of.

    Injuries?  Be smart.  Do your rehab and recovery.  Get good advice.  Keep training hard.  If you have a sore shoulder, you have a great opportunity to work on your legs (strength) and even really boost your cardio fitness.  If you have a sore knee then it might mean more boxing and upper body, less squats and lunges.  If you have a sore back, it might mean some bike riding, core strength and seated/lying activities – but there is ALWAYS something you can do.  One thing is certain – if you stop training and ignore the issue, not only will your knee/shoulder/back keep getting worse, you will see the good training habits you have worked so hard to establish just fading away – and then you really will be ‘back at square one’.

    See you in the gym.


    (P.S.  If you do have a sore back that you are managing, please (please, please) look at this weeks ‘Link of the Week’.)

    Gym Update #1 – Life Plan / Muscle Plan

    We are now one week into month 3 – the final month.  I don’t really want to say too much about the Life Plan/Muscle Challenge this week…I feel like every week I am riding you guys to do your training, watch your diet, do better and do more.  In my defence I really just want each of you to get the results you have been working so hard for – and I know that letting things slip at this late stage could undo what is now 10-weeks of hard work.

    Stay focussed – you have done an amazing job so far – and remember it is only three more weeks.  If you are interested in being part of a potential ‘End of the Line’ celebratory dinner over at one of the new places at Gateways (Lone Star anyone??) then let me know and I will start working on the admin side of it all.  Please email to with ‘Life Plan/Muscle Challenge – WIND UP’ in the subject line.

    Gym Update #2 – Gym Refurb Project

    Still struggling a little to schedule in the artificial grass installation – it is a bit frustrating as the grass was paid for a couple of months back but clearing the schedule at the gym is a real challenge…unfortunately when there is equipment all over the floor – and we need to replace the floor – it gets a bit tricky!!!  Nevertheless, I will be continuing to push ahead with this and make sure we get the new solution in sooner rather than later.

    Gym Update #3 – Starting Strength/Challenge Team Kickoffs

    Well done to everyone who got through the first week of the new ‘6-week’ training groups.  The Starting Strength crew have learned how to use the power racks, how to squat and how to bench press.  They have also slogged their way through 3x escalating body weight circuits based around pull-ups (or fence pulls), pushups, squats and situps AND 3x cardio challenges.  Feedback has been great and looking forward to the week ahead.

    The Challenge Team have done 3x strength sessions (Squats, deadlifts and bench-press) and had education sessions on double skips, barbell snatch and kipping pull-ups.  They have also completed 3-separate WOD’s (2 short duration, one medium duration) and 3x cardio challenges (one running, one rowing, one riding!).  Again, the group seems to be progressing well and it will be great to see how they go as things step up in the coming weeks.

    Gym Update #4 – New Gloves here this week

    Our new gloves – both bag mitts and leather gloves – will be in the gym in the next day or so.  The new leather gloves have a cool new Round 1 logo on the mitt (right on top of the glove where you punch) which looks super cool…there are also 5-pairs of ‘bright pink’ bag mitts coming in (these are a trial colour) which will be available for sale but not as part of the members packs…apologies for this but with such limited quantities I need to make sure they go to the people who want them the most – they will certainly stand out.

    We are also looking at getting some new training shorts in stock – more details as I have them.

    Gym Update #5 – December ’12 Days of Christmas’ Challenge is coming soon!

    I mentioned our latest ‘Get it Done’ challenge will be commencing on December 1st.  As with other ‘Get it Done’ challenges, completing the challenge will mean you are entitled to a Round 1 ‘Get it Done’ T.  Over the next few weeks, I will try to release some simple details related to the challenge so that come December everyone will be ready to go!

    Hint number 1:

    You will need to complete 20 Classes between December 1st and Christmas Day.  This challenge will be NO JOKE.  Tanks will count, PT will count, Challenge Team will count.  Starting Strength will count.

    Hint number 2:

    Each day, you will need to complete a ‘RANGE’ of activities ‘in order’.  For EXAMPLE, 12 of one exercise, 11 of another, 10 of another etc.  These ‘extras’ will be designed such that they will not take more than 15 minutes.  You will need to complete the ‘EXTRAS’ on twelve occasions for the challenge to be completed.

    Gym Update #6 – Join PERKVILLE.  Join NOW!!!

    Perkville is awesome.  It is a rewards scheme that gives you ‘credit’ in the gym for every time you pay for your membership/every time you scan your membership card at the front counter.  You can then turn that ‘credit’ into TANKS classes, InBody Scans, Personal Training, Protein, new Boxing Gloves etc – whatever you want really!

    Signing up really is simple – go to , enter the same email address that you have registered at the gym and everything else is done for you.

    Free stuff at the gym just for turning up?  Sounds alright to me!

    Link of the week

    Fast fixes for lower back mobility issues with Kelly Starrett:



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