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    Perth Fitness Expo, Life Plan kicks off on August 31st

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Just a quick mini-blog this week.  I still wanted to put ‘something’ out but with the Perth Fitness Expo on all weekend it has been a bit stressful trying to find the time to do all of the ‘extras’ that needed to be done – let alone manning the stall!  Just on that, a special thank you to everyone from the gym who rolled up to see us – and apologies to anyone who came past but I didn’t have time to speak to them (Ian Board, Crystal Denhert, Kim Searle, Bridget Crane, Piotr Jorek – I know I saw all of you guys but didn’t get to chat!)…it got a bit busy.  The Expo really re-inforced to me what an amazing tool the InBody 570 scanner is, and how fortunate everyone at the gym is to have such regular access to it.  There are people up at the Expo who quite literally ‘live’ in the fitness industry who were amazed at the detail the InBody tells them about their body composition – all of us can access that data whenever we would like to.  Anyway, enough about the InBody – I am sure you guys are all sick of hearing me bang on about it by now (and if you want to use it, it is always in the gym!).

    With regards to the rest of the Fitness Show, it really does reveal the best and worst elements of the industry in so many ways.  There are some new and innovative takes on ‘old’ ideas, some genuinely unique equipment/utilities and every type of supplement, weight loss ‘product’ (shake, tea, powder, whatever) and exercise gimmick under the sun.  I think all of us know that all you need to get in ‘shape’ is a bit of open space to move in and some fresh food to eat (for me, having a heavy bag and a barbell would obviously make things more interesting!) but simple is often the best.  Being at the show made me think about all of this and where our gym started and where it is going.

    I think the way Round One Fitness has grown almost organically makes it a bit of a unique place – as we have added more people we have added more equipment – the place was certainly pretty basic when we started it up, and whilst it has grown from a ‘equipment’ perspective, the circuits are still scrawled on the concrete walls in chalk, when the instructor is going through the class plan at the start of a session he/she is often interrupted by the sound of weights being dropped on the platforms out the front, when it is hot we all make jokes about ‘Bikram Boxing’ (though the fans do their best – who amongst you can remember when we had only 4 fans?  Who can remember when we didn’t have ANY??) .  Our gym really has been built by members and I am sure I will see a heap of people in the gym this week who are as much to blame / credit as myself, Vanessa and all the staff (past and present) with the change and growth in the gym over the past 4-odd years or so.

    We have some changes planned for the gym over the next few months that involve a fair bit of investment and change to the lay-out of the place – what I am really hoping is that nothing we do changes the character of the place , that it remains a great place to both train and catch up with friends and that we don’t get drawn into looking for training gimmicks or short-cuts in order to be ‘successful’.

    That’s really all I wanted to say this week.  I guess I should also mention that the new Life Plan will kick off with a food ‘HOW TO’ talk at the gym on Sunday, August 31st.  I know that is City to Surf day but am thinking if we start at 3pm everyone will have heaps of time to get back from the event, get cleaned up and get to the gym.  The August Mini-Challenge is ticking along – I am loving the extras (they are giving my ‘free’ time in the gym a real purpose) so make sure you push all the way through to the end with that (two weeks to go).  The new supplies of Progenex and new bag mitts (all sizes) will be in the gym in the next week or so…that’s about it for this very busy weekend.

    See you in the gym.




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