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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    It was nice to get back into some classes last week.  My ribs are still pretty sore but I have found that if I am a bit more careful with my movements then I can avoid those ‘stabbing pain’ moments that made the previous week or so difficult to ‘get through’.  Somehow when I do a class I manage to push myself along just a little bit harder/faster than I can when working out by myself – I just feel like training with and around others helps me get more out of my own session.  So even though I am not quite 100%, it was great to be back doing some ‘proper’ sessions in the gym.

    As we move towards the new Life Plan kick-off (on August 31st), I thought it might be a good week to ramble on about the impact habit has each of our lives – and ways we can identify what is happening.  In the awesome book by Charles Duhigg – ‘The Power of Habit’ he talks about how every habit consists of a ‘cue’, a ‘routine’ and a ‘reward’ (and yep, I did have to go back to the book to remember them – sorry!).  Don’t worry – the book talks a lot about how we need habits in our lives and most of them are positives – and it is ‘habits’ that allow us to get to work every day, get to sleep every night and generally just live a productive life.  There are probably a few habits each of us have though that are holding us back from achieving the things we SAY we want.

    I speak to a lot of people at the gym who tell me that they eat well – ‘most of the time’.  They go on to tell me that their weakness is snacking on ‘treats’ after dinner each night.  What happens is, they eat their meal, tidy the kitchen, put the kids to bed, sit down to relax in front of the tv…then hunt in the fridge for chocolate (or whatever else they might be able to find).  They then take the ‘treat’ down to the couch and snack away until the tv show or movie or whatever is finished, at which point they pick up the remains of the chocolate and return it to the fridge (or more likely put the wrapper in the bin).  If you break the scenario down, the ‘CUE’ is sitting down to watch tv at the end of the day, the ‘Routine’ is the looking for/eating the chocolate, the ‘Reward’ is – well, what exactly?  I guess it is the taste of the chocolate?  But the real ‘Reward’ is the disappointment and regret they feel in ‘slipping’ from their diet commitment.

    Then there are other people who talk to me about the struggle they have coming to the gym consistently.  There is a lot of ‘life gets in the way’ stuff and I understand that – those aren’t the stories I am talking about.  It is the times when you plan to come, but have had a stressful day at work and make the decision that being home with a beer/wine in hand would be a much (much) better way to end the day than driving to the gym, getting parking, getting changed, training…If this is happening to you, then SOMETHING in the chain of events that is the CUE to your behaviour, SOMETHING that is triggering you to go directly home without collecting $200 (going to the gym).  Maybe it always happens on days you have a meeting with a particularly frustrating client or co-worker?  Maybe it always happens on days when you skipped lunch so are feeling down on energy in the afternoon?  The trick is – identifying the cue, acknowledging it and moving past it.

    As we move closer to the Life Plan – when you will be challenged to change your habits as they relate to diet and training, to become more consistent and disciplined, it is important to think about the habits in your life now, the ‘cues and rewards’ associated with them and how those habits are compromising your progress.  Think about your own habits.  Are the ‘Rewards’ they are bringing you really things you are looking for?  If not, it might be time to replace them with something a little more in tune with your goals?

    See you in the gym.


    Gym Update #1 – Fitness show is on THIS WEEKEND

    The Perth Fitness Show ( will be held up at the Convention centre this coming weekend – August 16th and 17th.  Round One Fitness has a stall up there – opposite Lorna Jane – and we will be up there doing Body Scans and trying to take everything in.

    We are running a show special on the Body Scans – just $20 (usually $25 for members, $35 for non-members).  If you are a member and you want a scan done up at the show, we will do it for you for just $15.  Whether you want a scan or not though, if you head to the show, please come and say hello.

    Gym Update #2 – August Mini-Challenge is GO!

    Well done to everyone who is having a go at the mini-challenge.  It has been great to see so many people doing their ‘extras’ – either before or after class – and I am sure each of them will really reap the benefits of their commitment by the time the month is over.  I have been struggling through it – classes are hard with my stupid ribs…but chin-ups are worse.  I have found though if I just do them a few at a time it is bearable.

    There seems to be some confusion on how to record the results?  All I have been doing is writing up a ‘C’ (for class) when I do a class, and writing up an ‘E’ (for ‘EXTRAS’) when I finish all my reps.  I am happy for you to use whatever method works for you though.

    A reminder of the challenge rules:

    –       Complete 3-classes every week.

    In addition to the classes, each WEEK (not each session, each WEEK!!!) you must also complete:

    –       50 Kettlebell Clean and Press

    –       50 Push-ups (chest to ground on EVERY ONE!)

    –       50 V-Sits

    –       50 Goblet-Squats

    –       50 Kettlebell Swings

    –       25 Pull-ups

    Want more info?  Check the blog from last week.

    Gym Update #3 – New Life Plan/Muscle Plan both start in September

    Late in August we will launch the newest Round 1 ‘Life Plan’ – along with a new ‘Muscle Gain’ challenge.  The launch will be at 4pm on August 31st when we will present a ‘Paleo Eating – How To Do It’ session followed by registration for the ‘Life Plan’/’Strength Challenge’.  Participation in both the Life Plan/Strength Challenge will cost $55 and included in your registration fee will be FOUR (4) InBody Scans (usually valued at $25 each) AND:

    –       Life Plan:  Monthly eating plan + Diet Restrictions + Exercise Guide

    –       Muscle Gain Plan:  Weekly Exercise guide

    I will continue to trickle feed information about the two challenges over the next month or so, but the key things to understand now is that the kick-off date is 4pm, Sunday August 31st – costs are $55 – and we will be completing monthly assessments on the InBody Scanner rather than using callipers.

    Gym Update #4 – R1 Members doing Amazing (and Charitable) things!

    Our members are amazing and at the moment a couple of them are doing amazing things.

    First off, Blake Henry has been growing a beard to support Motor Neuron Disease.  He has been growing it since the start of winter (and it looks like he has been growing it since birth!) and his goal is not to shave for the three (3) months of winter and raise money along the way.  It is an awesome cause and Blake is doing his little bit to help those people (and their families) who are being impacted.  The link to his supporter page is here:

    Meanwhile, Dale Morgan has joined the ride to conquer cancer and has committed to riding 2000kms and raising $2500 in The Sunsuper Ride to Conquer Cancer.  As Dale – a cancer survivor – wrote “Cancer has touched too many families and taken too many lives already. We need to take action against this disease.”  All of the money raised is immediately invested by Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research (renamed in November 2013 from the Western Australia Institute of Medical Research) in life-saving research.  If you can help Dale reach his goal, please donate at his supporter page:;jsessionid=652FBE24D3C4C82F3CDA98A1D6E4868E.app258c?px=1412761&pg=personal&fr_id=1142

    Gym Update #5 – New Gear on the Way

    As noted last week, there is some new gear on the way.  A new order of hand wraps (black) and medium bag mitts will be with us soon.  We are also waiting on some heavier kettlebells, some more deadballs and some new wall balls.

    Gym Update #6 – Perkville Rewards Program

    Our members rewards program – is running along beautifully.  Make sure you check your points balance on the perkville website and let us know if there are any discrepancies.  The key to the system is the email matching…it just has to be character for character perfect for it to work.

    The usual ‘how it works’ paragraph is below, but did you know if you refer a friend to Round 1 via Perkville, when they show up and have their email address (again, make sure it is ‘right’ when you refer them) added to our database (not when they join the gym, just when they ‘show up’) you will get another 50 bonus points?

    The way it works is that for every single membership dollar you spend – either an ‘up-front payment’ or via the direct debit system – you get one point.  Every time you come to the gym and SCAN YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD (which is what I call checking in – please don’t think this is a ‘facebook check-in’ – you get TWO points.  Those points then turn into Round One dollars – for every 200 points you earn you will get $10, or, if you wait until you have 400 points that is worth $25.

    What can you spend the ‘money’ on?  Well, anything you like.  An ‘InBody’ Body analysis.  Personal Training.  New gloves.  Protein.  Whatever you like!

    Sign up at – all you have to do is register at PERKVILLE with the same email address you have registered at Round One Fitness.

    Gym Update #7 – AFL Dreamteam and Footy Tipping

    Dream Team first this week.  First off, I just want to say I am VERY annoyed by anything/everything related to North Melbourne.  I have two North Melbourne players – Greenwood and Dal Santo – and one was a late withdrawal (leaving me with a big, fat ZERO) and the other gave me a pitiful 39 points.  Thanks a lot.  So I am OUT of the competition in the first week of the finals for the 3rd year in a row – not happy.  Moving on are Kade Mahar (an amazing 2500 point score) and Kim Devereaux who caused an upset from 8th place – those guys will face off against the losers from the top 4 match-ups (Lloyd and Dale Godsell) whilst Justin Vanders and Roly (the defending champ) have the week off.

    Over in the tipping, Trav Goncalves pulled out an amazing 9 from 9 – having faith in both the Tiges and Eagles (the two results that seemed to trip up most people).  That has pushed him up to 2nd overall – just one point behind Brendan – with Kristy a point further adrift.

    Good luck next week everyone.

    Link of the week

    We have an awesome new supplement in stock in the gym called ‘Cocoon’ from Progenex.  I don’t like using this spot for promoting gym products, but it is a great product that really does do what it says…and this review says what it does better than I can.

    Oh – and if you were reading the article and wanted to know who in the world is Christmas Abbot, well this video kind of shows you:

    See you in the gym!



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