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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great week of sessions last week.  I am really happy with the way the new schedule for Body Work has worked – the rotation on sessions between each day of the week over a 5 week block has really added some ‘variety’ to my training life.  I have actually found myself happy to do more than one BW session in a week lately – whereas under the ‘old’ system the ‘threat’ of having to complete the same workout twice in 3 days was enough to drive me back to my desk…The boxing classes have been fantastic as well – having a look back through some ‘old’ plans during the week I was quite amazed at how much more challenging our sessions are these days…I guess that’s a good thing?  I tried to look at it from a programming perspective – just how improved the progressions are, how integrated the classes are within weeks and from one week to the next – but there is no getting away from the fact that classes in 2014 are a LOT harder than those in 2011.  Or 2012.  Remember though, it isn’t about ‘how many’ – it is about doing things as with good technique (and therefore safely) and doing as many as YOU can given your current state of strength and fitness.

    Along the same lines as this, I have been doing some work lately on a ‘Round One Fitness’ “Culture Statement” which tries to define what the gym is for – why we exist I guess and what we aspire to be.  When I get it ‘right’ I want it up on the walls for everyone to see…I thought I would share it in ‘current state’ this week:

    Why we exist

    Round One Fitness was created to help people who are seeking to live a fit and healthy life, but need individual guidance – through group training sessions, small group training and personal training – in order to achieve those goals.

    Why we feel training is the key to success

    For people to maintain the highest standard of living possible right throughout their lives they need to participate in a challenging fitness program at a minimum several times a week. The core to achieving long-term success in fitness is a combination of interval training and strength training – these two things are at the heart of our training programs and the key to sustainable health and fitness over time.

    Our mission statement

    We Help Change Lives

    Round One Fitness exists for one reason – To constantly challenge and lead our members to achieve the highest level of sustainable fitness they can reach. We have an obligation to our members to provide a safe training environment with dedicated knowledgeable staff, striving to help as many clients as we can reach their full fitness potential, achieve their goals and beyond.

    Our philosophy:

    – We provide leadership and guidance in fitness through our training sessions.

    – We train EVERYONE as an athlete regardless of their age or current level of conditioning.

    – Every client is treated as equals. We never prejudge potential by the current condition of the client.

    – Interval training RULES.  Interval training is the foundation of our training model and we encourage all of our clients to include our interval sessions – Boxing for Fitness and BodyWork – within their training regime.

    – Upright, holistic, full body is our constant approach.

    – You can’t out train a bad diet. We teach nutrition by the art of reduction. We do not believe in diets, we believe in seeking a healthier life through better food choices.

    – Cardio training only works if intensity is present.

    – We don’t train to absolute failure – we DO train to challenge.

    – Lift heavy, lift often.  We encourage all of our clients to add strength training to their weekly program.

    – Everyone has problems – and we will work to help them resolve them in any area of their training / diet that is required.

    – Each athlete is challenged at their current level of fitness – scaling or modifying as required – whilst training collectively to leverage the most out of the group training environment

    Our core workout format (approximately 50 minutes per session)

    – Dynamic Warm-up (3 minutes)
    – 30-40 minutes of interval training.  Minimum of 8 minutes of each session should be strength focused.
    – Core exercises (2-5 minutes)
    – 3-5 minutes foam roll / stretch

    Beginners Sessions:

    Our Beginners sessions are designed to focus on TECHNIQUE – punching, core kettle bell, dumbbell and barbell movements, rowing, push-ups and squats.  Everyone is trained as an athlete and ensuring our clients have strong, basic movements is the primary reason for running beginners classes.

    Our Rules for Coaching:

    – Our sessions START and END on time. Our clients have lives and we are grateful for their time and money.

    – Our coaches will focus on the group/client assigned to them exclusively. They will not use their phones (except as a timer if needed) and will keep conversations limited to those who are part of their training group.  One exception to this rule is to assist another client who might be doing something that will result in injury.

    – Our coaches know the names of our clients and are interested in helping them.

    – Every client is thanked every time they workout with us. We get paid because they pay us – we are grateful for their support of Round One Fitness.

    – Our coaches are INVOLVED.  We are not rep counters: we are professional coaches. We look to continually engage with our clients when they are training and assist with their movements, focusing on correct technique and continuous improvement.  We don’t stand with our arms crossed acting as if bored. We don’t sit down on the floor cross-legged counting reps. We don’t lean on equipment while coaching – we pay attention, coach closely and offer guidance and feedback.  Our goal is to stay connected with the client for the duration of their session.

    Anyway – that’s what we think.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the current state of our draft and any feedback you might have.  Please share on FACEBOOK or via email to me on

    See you in the gym.


    Gym Update #1 – 6-Month Life Plan

    A huge (HUGE) congratulations to everyone who made their way to the end of the 6-month Life Plan. I think it is pretty fair to say that everyone who started the challenge ‘had their moments’ when they slipped off the wagon, lost motivation, found it all too hard…but to those dedicated souls who, despite that, jumped back on the horse and made their way to the end a huge ‘Well Done’ from me and everyone else at Round 1.

    What were the learnings?  From my side, pretty simple.  The most immediate impact with regards to weight loss came after month 1 – pretty simple stuff really, cut out ALL bread/bread products and be super strict on sugar and alcohol…if you follow the rules then the weight comes off.  The second primary learning is that the biggest ‘overall’ drop in skin-folds came between month 3 and month 5 when the weights programs were introduced – if you want to achieve more than weight loss, then adding some dedicated strength training to your program is really important.

    I will be putting together graphs showing the changes for everyone who finished the Life Plan over the next couple of weeks.

    Gym Update #2 – InBody 570 Body Analyser

     We have completed around 100x scans now and results continue to be mostly positive.  The information that each scan gives you about your body composition – quantity of muscle/fats/water (and where!!) – is quite amazing and can really help you target your training (especially your EXTRAS).  If you haven’t done the scan yet ($25 members, $35 non-members) then I would really encourage you to give it a go – it enables you to see EXACTLY where you are at (no BS potential) and paints a pretty clear picture of what, where and how you should be looking at trying to improve.

    Gym Update #3 – New Gear on the Way

    We are still waiting, waiting for our new gloves etc to arrive in the gym.  The gear was shipped a little over a week ago and I can only hope we see it in the next day or so.  Our new hoodies have also shipped – cant wait to get them in as well.  Keep your eyes out for them…

    Gym Update #4 – Perkville Rewards Program

    Just a quick reminder about our rewards program – PERKVILLE.  You can sign up for the program at and – as long as you use the same email address that you have registered with Round One Fitness you will automatically start earning points.

    How many points?  Well, 1-point for every $ you spend on your membership, packages (10-round passes, Tanks Passes) or personal training.  And 2-points every time you come to the gym and scan your membership card.  For every 200 points you earn you will get a $10 voucher for the gym – or wait until you consolidate 400 points and you will get a $25 voucher.

    Gym Update #5 – AFL Dreamteam and Footy Tipping

    Congratulations to Tim Smith and Kelly Burdett who both managed 8 out of 9 in a weekend of footy that included a few upsets.  The up and down results of our leaders has seen Bomber hold onto his one tip lead, BUT the challengers are coming with 12 tipsters within 3 points of the leaders.  Sadly, I am not one of them!

    Over in DreamTeam, some amazing individual scores (come on down, Jackson Macrae!) have really impacted on this week’s results.  Top score for the week belonged to Half Time Heroes on 2214, second was Lloyd’s Gym Gods on 2207 and 3rd was ‘Snake Eyes MKIII’ on 2176.  Unfortunately for Snake Eyes, given this weeks match-ups, that score was a LOSING one.

    There is a split round over the next two weeks of the season so remember that when entering your tips.

    Good luck next week everyone.

    Link of the week

    Train like a girl:

    See you in the gym!



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