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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Welcome to another week.  Before I start with the blog this week, I just need to get something off my chest.  As I posted on Facebook earlier in the week, apologies to the 7pm Body Work (Monday and Wednesday) crews…I may have been just a touch TOO relentless on you.  Marvin Dressels – back to back 1500m rows (sub 5:30 each time) was probably harsh, given the class called for one 500m row.  John Simunovich – pulling DOWN on you with a power band whilst you were doing pull-ups was probably a little unnecessary. Shannon Vadala – I maybe should have let you do those sets of 40 decline pushups without pushing down (hard) on your back.  Gab Gessner – perhaps that last set of 24x 50kg squats was un-called for.  Shaun Liang, making the entire group start the tabata thrusters again when you changed bars just MIGHT have been unfair.  Blake Humphries – I admit I kind of encouraged you to change bikes – but then punished everyone when you did…and everyone else I did something else too, well, I am truly (really) sorry!

    Now that’s out of the way…

    The change in the BodyWork scheduling that has meant we use the same SET of classes over 5-weeks but roll them between the ‘days of the week’ seemed to get off to a positive start.  We have always (always) changed our Boxing for Fitness class every single day – I have an excel workbook of around 1400 of them for anyone who is ever curious to have a look.  Body Work though – usually only runs once a day (twice on Tuesday and Friday) – has traditionally been the same session plan for the entire week.  The new plan means I don’t write any ‘extra’ session plans, but rather than use the same plan for a week the plans roll from Monday in week 1, to Saturday in week 2, Friday in week 3 etc.  In this way, anyone who wants to do multiple BodyWork sessions in the one week wont have to do the same session twice.  Of course, we wont know if this is a ‘success’ for a few weeks yet but feedback to this point has been positive and it is something I believe is worth persisting with.

    In this week’s blog, I just wanted to touch on something that I think is particularly relevant to anyone who is trying to complete the ‘ELEVATOR’ challenge this week.  It is something I have found out (the hard way) at times in the past 6-months and something I guess we have all experienced in one way or another throughout our lives.

    Living your life in ‘BALANCE’ – work, family, friends, fitness, hobbies – is an ideal, but at times it is not just a dream, it is simply just not appropriate to your circumstances.  Sometimes you simply have to focus in on a singular goal and SURGE.

    I guess every business owner and accountant can relate to this around EOFY.  Every teacher when they are writing reports.  Every person who is part of a sporting team around finals time.  Every student when exams are upcoming.  And everyone with family when their kids are sick or involved striving towards THEIR goals.

    There are times when you simply have to FOCUS in on one thing and go for it.  If you want to (or HAVE to!) achieve something ‘important’ in your life, you need to put ‘balance’ aside.  BALANCE is for your ‘NORMAL’ life.  When you are desperate to complete something, or determined to achieve a goal, you just need to really go for it and ‘Get it DONE’.  Sure, this might mean other elements of your life take a back-seat for a week or so (or a couple more if it is REALLY important).  It might mean missing one of your kid’s sporting events to get some extra work done.  It might mean missing out on a work meeting to see your kid’s school assembly.  And it might mean missing out on some sleep and getting out of bed half-an-hour earlier to get your ‘EXTRAS’ done to complete the June Challenge in the gym.  Whatever it is, there are times in life when you just have to grit your teeth, focus hard on the immediate goal and SURGE!

    If something is important to you, you can’t use a torch-light to make sure you can see it clearly – you need a SPOT LIGHT.  You need to be able to look at things that are important to you with a laser focus – and really make sure you get the most from your efforts.  If you are not prepared to make a sacrifice (or two) and really FOCUS on your goal – really surge towards the outcome you want – then the results you want will be the ones you deserve (and not the ones you are dreaming of).

    See you in the gym.


    Gym Update #1 – Get it Done ELEVATOR Challenge

    It has been super to see so many people having a crack at the Elevator Challenge…and this week the elevator really starts going UP.  We are now up to SIX (6) classes, 6km Bike (g16), 6km Rower, 60 Pushups, 60 Situps, 60 Goblet Squats, 60 KB Swings and 60 Back Extensions…you have made it THIS far – make sure you get yourself to the end.

    Just a ‘by the way’ comment, if you really want to benefit from the challenge – when you are doing your ‘EXTRAS’, really ‘HAVE A CRACK’.  Casually rowing 1km per day whilst chatting to someone is not the way you ‘Get it Done’.  It is not the way you build strength and power and improve your body composition going into July – it is just getting a tick in the box for a job ‘done’ rather than a job  done ‘WELL’.  To add to the challenge, I would further challenge you to this – if you are doing your rowing in 1km intervals, each interval should be completed in LESS than 2mins (boys) and 2:10 (girls).  And the bike 1km intervals should be completed within 2mins (boys) and 2:10 (girls) – yes, the times are the same and no it is not a typo.  Those times should be achievable for everyone who has gotten this far in the challenge if you have really been giving it your best.

    Give it your ABSOLUTE best and you will be amazed at the outcome.

    Good luck everyone.

    Gym Update #2 – InBody 570 Body Analyser

     We have completed around 50x scans now and I have been particularly happy with the results so many people are achieving.  If you haven’t done the scan yet ($25 members, $35 non-members) then I would really encourage you to give it a go – it enables you to see EXACTLY where you are at (no BS potential) and paints a pretty clear picture of what, where and how you should be looking at trying to improve.

    Gym Update #3 – The Versa Climber

    The pain of the Versa has been experienced by most of you by now…start getting ready for a mini-challenge in the last couple of weeks in July – the race up the Washington Monument.  It is the ‘lowest’ of the target distances on the Versa Climber presets and is just 169m.  I think a ‘good’ time will be around abouts the 4minute mark.

    Get climbing – and get ready for the mini-challenge.  We will do age-group based prices (I haven’t worked it through yet) of free ‘InBody 570’ Body Scans.

    Gym Update #4 – New Gear on the Way

    Got a terrific update on our new gear that is on the way – MMA gloves, Bag Mitts (XL’s especially) and new ‘SHARE’ gloves will all ship early this week – Long sleeve hoodies will ship LATE in the week (probably Friday).  The long sleeve hoodies will be the same design as the short sleeve ones – Round 1 on the breast, Boxing for Fitness on the back – and will be the same price ($45).

    I know, you would think that because they have less material in them (no sleeves) the sleeveless ones would be cheaper but that isn’t the way it works! J

    Gym Update #5 – Perkville Rewards Program

    OK.  We had a little bit of a hiccup with Perkville last week with points not being credited from the 9th of June through to around about the 18th – we have been working with both suppliers to make sure all points that were accrued ‘in the interim’ are back credited…hopefully I have managed this but it has not be the most straight forward of processes particularly with check-ins…nevertheless, it is all back up and working now.

    I have had a couple of people ask sheepishly if they can use their Perkville points for Personal Training, for InBody scans, for a new set of bag mitts….the answer is YES.  You can redeem the points for ANYTHING in the gym.  If you want to use them for a discount on protein powder, that is definitely what you should do…redeem the points and just bring in the redemption certificate on your phone (or a print out) and we will happily accept it.

    Gym Update #6 – 6-Month Life Plan

    Only a couple more weeks left in the 6-month Life Plan – and whilst I am still signing ‘some’ sheets, there is no doubt that the addition of the conditioning on the rowers/bikes/treadmills has taken out a few more participants.  That’s fine – don’t get down or depressed about it…but you MUST stick with the eating habits you have worked so hard to develop.  Stay away from the bread – just don’t eat it.  Stay away from the sugar and artificial sweeteners – just don’t eat them.  Seriously monitor (and limit) your alcohol…and up your fresh meat and veggies.

    Gym Update #7 – AFL Dreamteam and Footy Tipping

    The winner this week…is ME!  Hooray!  Hooray!  I guess Shelby and Ray also got 8 out of 9, but enough about them.  I won this week.  At long (long) last, the right teams have won games and I won the weekly tipping.  In the overall tipping competition, ‘BOMBER’ has moved 1 point clear from ‘ToffeeMan’ with Ben Mac close behind.

    Over in the Dream Team league, the Footy Gods made a point of ensuring that I didn’t have more than one success in a weekend – with two players subbed off before half-time and another 3 or 4 well below their average I had no chance against MagpieMan (well done Dale).  Top scores in our league this week were recorded by Lloyd’s ‘GymGods’ (2159), “Kade’s Kings” (2157), Roly’s “Bourbinators” (2143) and Dale’s ‘MagpieMan’ (2140).  Great scores by those guys and congratulations to the other Round 14 winners.

    Good luck next week everyone.

    Facebook Highlights

    Some great stuff found on Facebook this week.  We have managed to continue with the posting of a few more photos (don’t forget to check our Instagram account at round1fitnessgym for even more pics) as well as a few links I think are pretty worthwhile:

    The amazing Elise Bevan:

    Save 10% on Spartan Race using code ‘R1F’:

    Throwing a jab:


    Link of the week

    Overestimating exercise and Underestimating food consumption?  Modern society?  No way that could be happening!

    See you in the gym!



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