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    InBody Scans, Elevator Challenge, Versa Climber 100m – Have a go!

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Welcome to another week.  My whole body is just super sore – legs hurt (a lot), back is sore, chest hurts…it has been a hard training couple of weeks.  For me the biggest change-up has been an increase in the amount of running – last week it was in Monday’s class, Body Work and (a lot) in No Rules and I did all three…it is funny, no matter how consistent you are with your training every now and again you find yourself doing something that – for whatever reason – you just haven’t done for a while.  I guess the message I have gotten (loud and clear) is that maybe doing a little more running and a little less rowing might be a good idea for a while?

    We have had our new InBody 570 Body Analyser in action for a few days now and I thought I would use this weeks blog to detail what information it will provide you with.  Before I started on that, I thought I would explain WHY I got it in and the reason I selected the InBody for Round 1.

    Doing the LifePlan, I have see the monthly skinfolds/measurements as a really strong ‘message’ for people about their diet and training.  Really strong.  Unfortunately, the skinfold results seem to be influenced by the person DOING the test (yes, we have a documented process but callipers are still callipers) and this makes the process a very ‘single point sensitive’ – basically, each person has to be measured by the same trainer each time to ensure ‘true’ consistency.  So what I am saying measurements are good and provide great info – but inconsistent measurements cause nothing but confusion and dissatisfaction for the person undergoing the test.

    When assessing the various tools on the market, the InBody is really the only device that does not use ‘empirical’ data as part of its processing.  It doesn’t use averages, it doesn’t distinct between males and females, it doesn’t need ‘age’ as an input in order to work.  Now – I have turned those things ‘ON’ in the data collection regime because it makes the report ‘pretty’, but I have scanned myself as a 21 year old female, 63 year old male and 42 year old male (which is the correct input of course) and each time the report spits out EXACTLY the same information.  It outputs a heap of detail based on YOUR body, not based on your body whilst taking into account the average body of someone who is your age/sex.

    So – what does it tell you???

    Well, the idea is that it gives you information ‘Beyond the Scale’ (c’mon, I have to use SOME of the marketing lingo!) but what does this mean?  Well, it means it tells you how much of your body is FAT and how much is MUSCLE and how much is ‘something else’!  What is something else?  Bone mineral content, water content (both intra and extra cellular) and skeletal weight.  It also compares the composition of each of your arms, each of your legs and your trunk to give you some idea of specific areas of your body that could do with a training focus.

    It really is quite an amazing process.  To see not only what your percentage body fat is, but also what the QUANTITY of fat is, what the QUANTITY of muscle is and WHERE it is located is quite amazing.  It further tells you what your weight SHOULD be and whether you should be targeting fat loss or muscle gain (or both!) to achieve that weight.  It gives specific, detailed information that really helps in assessing where you are at with your training and diet.

    How long does a scan take?  Well, around 5 minutes or so is ALL the time it takes.  BUT – you can’t do it after training – the results jump all over the place after a training session.  It really is a matter of just arranging a time with a trainer (or asking at the gym when you get in there) and getting the scan completed.  You will walk away with a detailed report about your body composition and an explanation guide that will (hopefully) help you understand the results when you get home and cant quite remember what was explained to you after the scan.  The information it provides really is quite amazing.

    All of that said, the scanning is not a free service (though I wish it was).  Each scan costs $25 for members (or you could use your Perkville points??) or $35 for non-members…and that is because the machine cost just a touch under $30K to get in the door and I have to pay the lease somehow!  So how often should you get the scan done?  Well, I would think 3-4 times each year OR as a before/after snap-shot if you are instituting a major diet change/training change to ascertain whether what you are doing is effective or otherwise.  Do I think everyone should do it?  Well – it is actually pretty interesting (I know that for me and the rest of the staff it has been a real topic of interest and has helped each of us plan our training moving forward) but it really is up to you.  There is a difference to thinking you are in ‘shape’ to getting specific info that you have 17.3% (or whatever) body fat percentage with a visceral fat rating of 6.  It provides great information and it is worth thinking about giving it a go.

    See you in the gym.


    Gym Update #1 – Get it Done Challenge

    It has been super to see so many people having a crack at the Elevator Challenge…and this week the elevator really starts going UP.  We are now up to FIVE (5) classes, 5km Bike (g14), 5km Rower, 50 Pushups, 50 Situps, 50 Goblet Squats, 50 KB Swings and 50 Back Extensions…so the challenge is definitely ON.

    What advice do I have?  Well, not much really – apart from focus on eating well AND getting in a little bit of stretching/rolling…doing that for 5-10 minutes every day might be the difference between ‘Getting it Done’ or falling by the wayside.

    Good luck everyone.

    Gym Update #2 – The Versa Climber

    I hope everyone has had an opportunity to try out the new Versa Climber by now.  To get started, it is a pretty simple process – Press ‘Quick Start’, Press ‘Volume Down’ (several times) and then press ‘Units’ (to change from ‘feet’ to ‘metres’).  Try and see how fast you can get through 100m.  1.47 is the best time I have seen (which is really cranking) and it certainly is a challenge just pushing hard to the end.

    Gym Update #3 – New Gear on the Way

    We have a bit of a retail ‘update’ underway at the moment.  There are new bag mitts, mma gloves and long-sleeve hoodies (in either grey or black – simple design) as well as new hire gloves on the way.  Hopefully have all of the gear in the gym by the end of the month.

    Gym Update #4 – Perkville Rewards Program

    Perkville is super awesome.  As things stand right now, there are more than 30 people who have accumulated enough points for  $25 voucher to use at the gym…now, that could be used to pay for an InBody Scan, or, get yourself some new bag mitts, or, NEARLY pay for a 30minute PT session…and just for doing what you have always been doing.  Paying your membership and coming to the gym every day.  I would love it if everyone was on-board with the program…it really can be used to save you money and (hopefully) improve your experience at Round 1.

    Gym Update #5 – 6-Month Life Plan

    The Life Plan is in the HOME STRETCH.  It is just over a week into month 6, and (I hope) those new diet habits are well and truly entrenched by now.  If not, well – stick at it.  Don’t concede to  temptation at this late stage and if you haven’t got the results you want to this point, have a think about exactly WHY?  Have you been 100% in sticking to your diet and exercise?  Have you been getting your lifting done?  Have you tried the month 6 conditioning sessions yet?

    When you are chasing results, deciding that it is too hard and just giving up is not the response – refocussing and increasing your commitment is the way to break through a threshold!

    Gym Update #6 – AFL Dreamteam and Footy Tipping

    Well, in the two weeks since I have tallied Footy Tipping scores, Brad Mahar has successfully picked 9 out of 9 in each round.  Alas, this week, he is nowhere to be found with Mel Johnson sitting atop the leaderboard with 8/9 at this late stage.  Overall, Toffeeman and Bomber are locked together on 82 points with Ben McManus a point further back on 81.

    Over in the DreamTeam, the top scores so far this round are Roly’s “Bourbinators” and my own “Round 1 Bulls”…hold the presses!  Roodelicious is equal on points with Bourbinators on top of the Round 1 ladder.

    Good luck everyone.

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    Link of the week

    For anyone who is looking for a cool app with links to workouts, paleo recipes and other ‘training’ information, I have been using ‘PocketWOD’ for a few weeks now and have found it a great tool.  It also includes a ‘Toolbox’ that includes a ‘workout diary’ and allows you to record your lifting efforts, as well as several different timer options that support countdowns, intervals, tabata (customisable work-rest) and “EMOTM” capability.  It is super cool.

    Find it in the App Store of course but they have a web presence HERE where you can see the sort of stuff they do as well as buy training gear, supplements and all of the other stuff you might expect.

    See you in the gym!



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