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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    I have hijacked the blog this week. Why? Well, some of you might think it is just because I get sick of listening to Michael, and some of you might think it is because he is busy with footy and I am just being awesome and helping him out. Some of you might even be right.

    So what do I have to say that is different to Michael?  Well probably not much – but that isn’t really the point of being a guest blogger.  There are always a lot of comments, every week, from many Round1’ers that what Michael had to say, resonated with you.  So it seems that there are many of us thinking along the same lines, but sometimes we need to hear someone else speak out loud what is easy for us to silence, when it is only the little inner voice telling us the same thing.

    For many of us, a lot of those messages from our ‘inner voice’ can be silenced very easily or quickly turned into a negative thought process instead of the initial positive one. Very quickly we let ourselves believe that inner voice telling us it is ok to only do 9 reps instead of 10, it’s ok to not try and use the heavier kettlebell, to skip the class or to have the extra glass of wine or chocolate or whatever. I am one of these people. I find it very easy to listen to that voice telling me it’s ok to do all of the above.

    For me, this voice is louder than the one telling me that I don’t need to have that chocolate frog, or that I do have time to jump on the bike before class, try the heavier kettlebell, etc etc. My biggest issues in the gym are, like lots of other people, the voices that go on in my head – it has taken me a long time to work out that some times those voices in my head speak a lot of crap and I shouldn’t listen to them.

    For me, this is why I do the classes.  It means that I don’t have to listen to those voices and can just do. Just do. Get there, join in, just do. Don’t over think it; don’t worry about anyone else for 45 minutes of my day and just do. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the opportunity to train with others who are all there for the similar reasons.

    This doesn’t mean that there aren’t days that I struggle to drag myself in there, or that I don’t feel 100% when I walk into the gym. But I have learnt to just get into it, and pretty soon, I have got through the class and had a go, worked up a sweat and leave the gym feeling much better than when I walked in. A large part of that is due to the positive influence of others in the class with me, and I like to train with people who I know will be this positive influence. Will they encourage me to keep going to the last minute, will they challenge me to pick up the heavier kettlebell, to not skip reps.

    All of this of course leads me to ask this question:  Am I being a positive influence on others too?


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