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    Injured? How will you react? Life Plan Month 5, Links, New Gear

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Hey hey!!  We are nearly a ‘full’ team again at Round 1 – Leila is back from leave, Sean is back from leave…all we need now is Elie to get a clean bill of health and come back to work and all will be good with the world.

    I loved my training last week.  Great classes and (as always) great people to train with.  A highlight for me was the positive response to the first ‘trial’ of a ‘partner’ session last Tuesday…we have run them on weekends for a while but never mid-week.  For anyone who hasn’t done one before, don’t stress – you don’t need to hold hands with someone else (or even hold the pads for someone else whilst they work-out!) – all that happens is one person must complete an exercise ‘sequence’ whilst their ‘partner’ does something else.  For example, one person might be punching on the heavy bag for as long as it takes their ‘partner’ to complete 10 pushups and 10 jump-squats…it is quite remarkable how the idea of having someone ‘waiting’ for you can really inspire greater effort in so many people.  Anyway, I am not sure it is something we will do every week but it is certainly another ‘variation’ we can throw at each of you from time to time – if you find yourself at the gym when a partners class is running my advice is to embrace it, encourage your partner with your efforts and just have a real crack.

    For those who know about my ‘third life’ (if my family is first and Round One is second, then football is third!) you might be interested to know that the program at football is just starting to ramp up as we head towards the National Championships.  The champs this year run from mid-May (our first game is vs South Australia on May 24th) until early July.  The players have been training well, the coaches all doing a great job and everyone involved in medical, strength and conditioning, admin, selection etc all doing more than pulling their own weight.  But in the last week or so we have had some setbacks in the form of injuries.

    At training on Thursday, one of our players – just 17 – tore his anterior cruciate ligament in a really simple drill at training.  There was no contact involved.  We are training at the WACA so the surface of the ground is amazing.  He simply changed direction and his knee gave way and right in that moment his life has probably changed quite a bit.  It isn’t that he can no longer achieve his dreams – he can.  But the chances of him being drafted into the AFL this year took a massive hit – there is no hiding from that – and just to get back and playing at the level he was before that training session is going to take an ENORMOUS amount of dedication and effort.  And whilst we all hear about AFL players who experience this every year, it is worth remembering that they are professional athletes – being paid to recover with doctors, physios etc all paid for by the club…outside of that environment things are a little bit different!

    This week I also spoke to three different Round 1 members who had been / have been ‘knocked out of action’ with their training due to injuries – one a knee, one a shoulder.  And whilst they say that they ‘want’ to keep training so that they don’t lose any of the progress they have made over the last six months or so, each of them are struggling to do classes because of their injuries and reluctant to do anything else.

    Both the young footballer trying to reach the elite level AND the Round 1’ers are in pretty similar situations right now.  They need to work twice as hard as they otherwise would in order to make progress…and all the while doing things that are certainly not their ‘ideal’ or ‘preferred’ type of work-out/exercise.  So this also adds a real mental battle to the equation – how are you going to push yourself harder than ever whilst operating in a training environment which makes you feel isolated AND also whilst doing exercises you would probably rather NOT do.

    From a trainers perspective, I guess it is pretty easy for us.  It is pretty easy for me to say that if you are struggling with a shoulder problem, then you have a great opportunity to work on your legs and core – your training will consist of some bike and running, a lot of squats and lunges and some limited kettlebell work depending on the exact nature of the injury.  You might also be able to do some deadlifts (so long as they don’t ‘pull down’ on your injury) as well as some arms, maybe some back (rows)…again, depending on the nature of your injury!  You could certainly push the sled to get your conditioning up.  Still want to join in classes?  Well, it’s possible, but you might not be able to punch with your sore arm.  Replace punching with skipping, replace punching with squats, replace punching with bike etc etc.  Alternatives are always there if you want them – not sure what will cause your injury to flare up?  Just ask your physio at your next appointment.

    What about a knee injury?  Well, you might still be able to do classes without much impact – it depends on whether the body rotation associated with punching causes it to flare up or not.  If you can’t, well, bikes are usually great for knees – fixed range of motion and all that – but if the physio has said no, jump on the KrankCycle and use that for your cardio…that, after all, is why we just invested in it!  Beyond that, bench press, overhead press, good mornings, deadlifts, rows – all possible.  Most kettelbell exercises that don’t involve a squat will be fine.  We do all these things in the classes you have participated in – so you know what to do…it is just a matter of doing it.

    The thing is – whether you are trying to play elite sport or simply trying to stay ‘fit’ (whatever that means) that it is likely you will have occasional injury-related setbacks.  Likewise, if you become sedentary and spend all day laying on the couch I suspect your back will start playing up and that will be equally restrictive.  Given that injuries WILL happen from time to time, it is worth thinking about HOW you might deal with it when it happens to you?  Will you react by doing nothing – just ‘wait’ until it feels better and then (well, maybe then) coming back to the gym and trying again?  Or will you react by seeking treatment and focussing on doing the exercises you CAN do until you are ready to return to full training?

    As everyone who has been doing the April Mini-Challenge or the Life Plan can tell you, it is possible to go to the gym and train without necessarily doing a class.  If you don’t do a class – or do a modified version because of your injury – it doesn’t mean that you are soft, or slack, or lazy – it means you are committed to your training and just doing what you can until you can join back in fully again.  Hopefully – unlike my young footballer – your injury is not so serious that you will be ‘OUT’ of group training for the next nine-months or so…but regardless of timeframes, the decision on how you react and what you do whilst you are on a ‘modified’ program is one that is really up to you.  Further, it is an issue worth thinking about/preparing yourself for NOW – before it happens.  That way, in the event that you are unlucky enough to cop an injury – you are already mentally prepared to just ‘keep on working through it’ almost from the moment it happens – you have prepared yourself well in advance for the event and your body/mind already knows what to do next!

    See you at Round 1,


    Gym Update #1 – 6-Month Life Plan

    We are fast approaching our next ‘measuring day’ – which was SUPPOSED to be this coming Friday (May 2nd).  There is a bit of a problem with this date though – I am going to be away on camp with the State u18’s so I wont be able to measure anyone.  Sooo…I am proposing to do measurements instead this WEDNESDAY (April 30th) and the following MONDAY (May 5th) – both days between 4pm and 7pm.  For those desperate to measure on a Friday I will also do any ‘extra’ measurements (by apt only) on Friday May 9th between 4pm and 7pm…I hope all of that makes sense.

    To clarify, measurements will be:

    –       Wednesday April 30th – 4pm till 7pm

    –       Monday May 5th – 4pm till 7pm

    –       Friday May 9th – 4pm till 7pm (by appointment only)

    Please don’t come outside of these times guys.

    As mentioned last week, there is a need to complete a ‘real’ weights program in the month of May – primarily four (4) exercises:

    Dead Lifts – Bench Press – Squats – Overhead Press.

    Thanks to everyone who attended the workshop this morning (April 27th) and I hope you got something out of it.  A super big thanks to everyone who contributed to the Youth Focus appeal (see Gym Update#2) by making a donation for attending the workshop – we raised an extra $149 from running the session which is an incredible result.

    Now – if you missed the workshop, if you haven’t done Starting Strength, if you are still concerned how you are going to do the exercises, well my suggestion is that you access one of the other trainers (Sean / Lloyd / Lils / Beth / Z) for a 30 minute personal training session so they can cover the basics for you.  Yes – I know that will cost you $30 to do that but to be truthful the time and money spent to understand how to do these fundamental lifts correctly will be something that is really valuable to you as you go down through this journey.

    All of that said, the rules for month 4 still apply for ONE MORE MONTH:

    Training Rules
    3 Classes per Calendar Week (Must be signed by trainer)
    TWO (2) Barbell Circuits per Week (Mark with BB on the sheet)  Details of the barbell circuits have been included on the challenge sheets.
    Diet Rules:
    NO PASTA permitted – AT ALL!  One serve of rice permitted each week (Mark on sheet with a ‘R’).
    Breakfast cereal allowed only ONCE per week – PORRIDGE (Oats) is the only acceptable cereal.
    ONE SERVE of Sweets – Lollies, chocolate, cool drink (soda), icecream or biscuits/cakes etc PER WEEK.
    No product with ANY added sugar or sweetener except as part of your ‘Free Eating day’ OR your once per week serve of ‘sweets’.
    No bread – At ALL!
    No more than THREE (3) pieces of fruit on any given day.  No Fruit Juice AT ALL.
    Five (5) alcohol free days each week – and only two (2) drinks allowed on the other days.
    Two (and ONLY 2) days during the month when you can eat/drink outside of the ‘rules’.
    Prehab Rules
    TWO (2) x 30 minute walk/stretch sessions per week.

    Good luck (and stick with it).

    Gym Update #2 – 30 Hours in 30 Days

    As mentioned last week, Vanessa has put in a great effort to ride 30 hours in 30 days to raise money for the team at Youth Focus – they are working hard in the community to support at risk families / kids.  There are only a couple of days left in her challenge but the donation site is still up and running – if you have a couple of $ you can afford to donate to her efforts I am sure the team at Youth Focus would really appreciate it…and I have to say that even I am a little bit impressed at the effort that Ness has put in so far.  The link to donate is HERE:

    Gym Update #3 – April (Mini) Challenge Week 5

    The April Mini-Challenge is nearly done – we are up to the last week and in order to ‘finish’ you need to knock over a few classes (and circuits) this week…as mentioned last week, it has been to see so many people running, riding, lifting and swinging after each class. The rules for the challenge are unchanged for these last few days:

    –       Complete three (3) sessions per week.

    –       At the end of each class, complete 1x Bin Run (or 1.5km bike in G16), 25x Squats (weighted – girls min 30kg, boys min 40kg), 25x Pushups and 50x KB Swings (girls min 16kg, boys min 24kg).

    Gym Update #4 – Bags and Shields

    The arrival of our new uppercut shields and  couple of combo bags is imminent.  With the shields, I have gone a bit of a different way this time and tried to just order the foam inserts…from here, I will be trying to get some new ones made/sourced locally to help with replacement costs/timeframes in the future.  As a few of you have noticed though, a couple of the shields are damaged so there are a couple of complete units being delivered as well.

    Whilst adding ‘replacement’ gear is not really all that cool, personally I get a lot more enjoyment from my training when the gear I am using is well maintained and therefore easy to use.  The new shields will make a big difference in my opinion.

    We also have paid for a heap of new ‘improved’ deadballs that I am also expecting will arrive this week…I have dropped back on the deadball activities in the classes lately due to the large number of 12kg balls that have been split/damaged – the arrival of the new (replacement) stock will see these exercises re-enter the program over the next few weeks.

    Gym Update #5 – Retail Gear

    The next two weeks should see the arrival of:

    –       Additional bag mitts (all colours and sizes).

    –       New hand-wraps (all colours).

    –       New sleeveless t-shirts in white and red.

    The sleeveless t’s will be pretty simple – some will have a ‘large’ Round 1 logo in the middle on the front of the shirt, others will have a small Round 1 logo over the left breast.  These are the first ‘training’ shirts we have gotten in for some time and will be available for $20.  As with the sleeveless hoodies, I have only ordered in a few in each size so when they come in please be quick to grab one…

    It is a bit of a catch 22 with the clothing and attire we order into the gym – I want to have it there for people but at the same time we aren’t really a business that can sustain ‘heaps’ of stock – both from a financial and ‘storage space’ perspective.  If you ever miss out on something I am usually pretty happy to do one-offs.

    Gym Update #6 – New Retail Solution

    We have recently bought a new retail / pos system to try and make the ‘store’ run a little more efficiently.  As with all new technology, I am sure getting it in and working will not be without its share of headaches – please bare with us as we get it all working and bedded in.  With everyone still away (Sean is back next week) I probably wont get really stuck into getting it working until the Easter holiday weekend…it is something to look out for though.

    Gym Update #7 – AFL Dreamteam and Footy Tipping

    As I finish this off the last game of the round is still underway – but I think it is safe to say results in the R1 DreamTeam league are all but decided!  Roodelicious (Leigh) is the current high scorer – just ahead of Bourbinators (Roly) and (Brenno’s) Corley Chargers!  Most of the games this weekend are pretty close – scoring is a bit lower this round than last – and once again our league is performing pretty well when compared to others…

    Over in the tipping competition – as always happens when the two local sides both lose – chaos reigns.  Glenn Howley and ‘The Wilsons’ (I assume Nessy and Dave??) will both top the weekly ladder with 7 correct…after that, there is a whole, whole heap of people on 6 with most people missing on the West Coast and Fremantle games as well as failing to predict that Brisbane would score their first win of the year.  Overall, ‘Toffeeman’ – whoever that is! – has taken a 1 point lead over Ben McManus on top of the table!

    Facebook Highlights

    A good week of links on FACEBOOK this week:

    Think outside the gym:

    Dumbell Toe-touch crunch:

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    Great Food/Recipe site:

    Bacon Jam:

    Moroccan Lamb:


    Link of the week

    Well, we are 4-months in and I am still being asked by people doing the ‘Life Plan’ “What can I eat for Breakfast?”.  Well, since my bacon and eggs answer is not really all that inspiring, how about everyone have a look at this site and choose something for yourself!

    Personally I will pass on the ‘crispy liver hash browns’ but each to their own!

    See you in the gym!



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