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    Habits can be good (and bad), Easter hours, Lots of new stuff

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great sessions last week.  The ‘ZUU’ inspired stuff (Coils, Hindus, Kick-throughs) are always a challenge and it was great to see so many people really pushing through to the end.  This week is a new challenge again – that great conditioning tool (the sled) is back in force and there is a little bit of a ‘back’ focus throughout the week – meaning some rows, split rows, fence pulls, reverse grip pull-ups etc etc.  This week is also sees three (3) public holidays in the course of one week (Good Friday, Easter Monday and ANZAC Day) – so be sure to check out the ‘Easter Opening Hours’ section of the blog (below) for info on exactly when we will be open.

    Last week I wrote a pretty long post about food, diet and generally the easiest way to stick to a plan.  Now – without wanting to seem completely selfish these blog entries generally take me the best part of four (4) hours to write and last week there was a total of one comment on Facebook and zero via email.  What am I expecting?  Well, I am not sure but I do want to feel that there are more than one (1) or two (2) people who are interested before committing such a big chunk of time every Sunday to writing it. So – can I ask a favour this week – if you read the blog and find it useful, please either click the ‘Like’ button on the associated Facebook post, make a Facebook comment or send me back an email to  I actually find writing it a little cathartic and will probably keep doing it regardless…but if people aren’t really interested in it or feel it is a ‘waste of time’ I will drop back to fortnightly or monthly or whatever.  I guess what I am looking to understand is ‘Do you read it and do you find it helpful’.

    This past week was a particularly difficult one for me with regards my own training and diet – Lils headed off to Phuket joining Sean on leave – which meant that in addition to working each morning and Monday/Wednesday night, together with footy on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday night – I was in the gym all day on Monday, Thursday and Friday.  Once upon a time I was pretty organised with this – but I found that I really am in the groove of grabbing a snack at 4am before heading to the gym, cooking myself some brekky at 9am or so, training at lunch-time and then having ‘lunch’ around 3pm when I pick up Dempsey from school.  So much for that plan!

    So, on both Thursday and Friday I found myself at work around 4:45am with no food for the day…and six classes to run.  With work/footy at night as well, I was quite literally left with no plan to train…and doing a class starting at 9:30pm is clearly not an option because there is no-one around to run it!  So…what to do?  And how will I get my act together next week?

    Habits are amazing things.  They are both good and bad!  And sometimes even the good ones – or what you think are good ones, can contribute to your downfall if the circumstances around them change.  For me, this meant two days where I was up and working by 5am with no way of eating any food until after 3pm in the afternoon.  Clearly not great.  Not even close to great.  You would think that after it happened on Thursday I would have gotten my act together for Friday – but of course I didn’t get home until after 9pm on Thursday night and was tired and ‘decided’ I would get my breakfast/lunch organised when I got up the next day…this was NOT a good plan.  Each of you would understand that when you need to leave home by 4:30am in order to get to work on time, adding meal preparation into the pre- 4:30am window is a really bad idea.  It turned out to be a really bad idea.  I was tired the next morning, struggled to get out the door to get to the gym for the 5am class and just took the “I’ll be right” approach…by 9am I knew I wasn’t going to be right and knew I should have sorted it out the night before – of course, by then, it was way too late and a day fuelled by water and black coffee was the result.

    Habits.  It all comes down to the habits you have formed and making sure you create ones that support your lifestyle – and more than that, being able to acknowledge those habits that you HAVE formed so that when you need to make a change you can do so relatively seamlessly.   Find yourself working late more often?  Time to start coming to sessions in the morning.  Boss away so you need to start earlier?  Change your schedule so that you can find a way to come in the evening.  Partner getting stressed out because you are at the gym during that ‘time’ when the kids are getting fed and ready for bed (between 6pm and 7:30pm in most houses)?  Change things up and come at 8pm.  Having a cappuccino at 10:30am every morning in the office?  Swap it for a long black or a green tea or even a bottle of water – remain part of the ‘coffee’ group but change your drink.  It all comes down to the habits you have formed, your ability to recognise them and ‘work through’ those changes you need to make in order to stay on track.

    Me?  Well, this week I am in the gym running classes from 5am until 2:30pm each and every day.  Let’s see if I can do a better job than last week of modifying my behaviour, getting my diet sorted out and still find a way to get my training done.  Wish me luck!

    See you at Round 1,


    Gym Update #1 – Easter Opening Hours

    There are a LOT of public holidays coming up in the next couple of weeks:

    Good Friday (April 18th) – Classes at 7:15am, 8:15am, 9:15am (All Boxing), 10:15am (Body Work).  No Beginners will run on this day – the gym will remain open until 12pm.

    Easter Monday (April 21st) – Standard public holiday hours (refer to the website) with the addition of a 7:15am session for Round 1 Members ONLY.

    ANZAC Day (April 25th) – Standard Public Holiday hours (refer to the website – first session at 08:15am).

    I will put some signs up around the gym signifying the changes…as per my usual advice, if you are ever unsure just take a quick snapshot of the sign with your phone and you will always have the details ‘at the ready’.

    Gym Update #2 – April (Mini) Challenge Week 3

    The The April Mini-Challenge Is underway – and it is great to see so many names up on the board, so many people running, riding, lifting and swinging after each class.  But, lets face it – it wouldn’t be a challenge if there wasn’t a challenge so it is time to up the ante.  The NEW rules for the challenge are still pretty simple though:

    –       Complete three (3) sessions per week.

    –       At the end of each class, complete 1x Bin Run (or 1.5km bike in G16), 25x Squats (weighted – girls min 20kg, boys min 30kg), 25x Pushups and 50x KB Swings (girls min 16kg, boys min 24kg).

    After all – since everyone has already been doing their squats and swings with the lighter weights everyone should be ready to progress!  Right?  Right??

    Just another reminder that if you want to do your reps BEFORE a session rather than after, that is just fine with me!  Done is done for the purposes of the mini-challenge.

    Gym Update #3 – 6-Month Life Plan

    Month 4 is now well underway and it has been great to see so many people getting their barbell circuit completed.  As noted on Facebook during the week though guys, splitting the circuit in ‘half’ – doing one set at a time – is not acceptable.  You need to finish both efforts through the circuit to comply with the requirements of the plan.

    Hang tough with your diet – it is usually around now (a week or so into the new month) – that people start to have some slip ups.  Now is not the time for this guys – if you want good results at the next weigh-in, you need to be consistent throughout the month.  I would encourage you all to think twice about the things you are eating and really have a think about whether or not eating ‘that’ is aligned with the goals you are trying to achieve.  Phrases such as ‘It was only a little bit’ really need to be wiped out for a while – if you want results you have to earn them…changes to your body composition don’t arrive in the post.

    The rules for the new month are as follows:

    Training Rules
    3 Classes per Calendar Week (Must be signed by trainer)
    TWO (2) Barbell Circuits per Week (Mark with BB on the sheet)  Details of the barbell circuits have been included on the challenge sheets.
    Diet Rules:
    NO PASTA permitted – AT ALL!  One serve of rice permitted each week (Mark on sheet with a ‘R’).
    Breakfast cereal allowed only ONCE per week – PORRIDGE (Oats) is the only acceptable cereal.
    ONE SERVE of Sweets – Lollies, chocolate, cool drink (soda), icecream or biscuits/cakes etc PER WEEK.
    No product with ANY added sugar or sweetener except as part of your ‘Free Eating day’ OR your once per week serve of ‘sweets’.
    No bread – At ALL!
    No more than THREE (3) pieces of fruit on any given day.  No Fruit Juice AT ALL.
    Five (5) alcohol free days each week – and only two (2) drinks allowed on the other days.
    Two (and ONLY 2) days during the month when you can eat/drink outside of the ‘rules’.
    Prehab Rules
    TWO (2) x 30 minute walk/stretch sessions per week.

    Good luck (and stick with it).

    Gym Update #4 – New Gear is on the way

    Very excited to announce that some more training equipment is on the way to the gym.  There is a whole heap of stuff that has been ordered…arrival times will vary – but here is what to look out for.

    A new piece of cardio equipment – a Versa Climber – will be in the gym soon.  This is a really high-end piece of equipment that provides one of the best workouts ever.  Most of the AFL clubs I have visited have a couple of these and use them for ‘off legs’ conditioning – they work really, really well.  Have a look at one here:

    A couple of new Concept II rowers.  I want to continue to use the rowers more in the classes (See ‘Do you even row’ for more reasons why – and another couple just makes this possible.

    The new combo bags and shields we have been waiting for have finished production and should be available soon.  I know that I am particularly keen to get the new shields up on the walls.

    Gym Update #5 – New Retail Solution

    We have recently bought a new retail / pos system to try and make the ‘store’ run a little more efficiently.  As with all new technology, I am sure getting it in and working will not be without its share of headaches – please bare with us as we get it all working and bedded in.  With everyone still away (Sean is back next week) I probably wont get really stuck into getting it working until the Easter holiday weekend…it is something to look out for though.

    Gym Update #6 – Medium Bag Mitts

    As mentioned on Facebook during the week, the medium bag mitts are again in stock – along with some new colours (purple and yellow) in small and medium sizes.  Another order of gloves is already in production so hopefully we don’t suffer a similar lapse in supply in the future.

    Gym Update #7 – AFL Dreamteam and Footy Tipping

    Exciting week in DreamTeam.  The mighty Bourbinators – last years’champs – have been defeated by a solitary point by the Beeliar Bogans.  The result looks like it was decided on the late withdrawal by Paul Chapman from todays Essendon team.  Magpieman was the high-scorer of the week with an amazing 2212 points!

    Over in the tipping competition, chaos again reigned with no-one selecting all nine winners.  The best result in our competition was SEVEN correct – six people achieved that result let by Melinda Soltoggio.

    Facebook Highlights

    A good week of links on FACEBOOK this week:

    Great photo from Live Lighter – – which reminded me of some of the things in this book!

    A year without sugar:

    The Dynamic Duo of Shoulder Impingement:

    Adventure race for teens:

    The Humour Code:

    The Death of Steady State Cardio:

    Grass fed vs Grain Fed:


    Link of the week

    Girls link this week – a bit of training motivation.  To be fair I am sure the male members will probably enjoy the link as well.

    See you in the gym!



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